Monday, December 31, 2007

I need a vacation

Christmas vacation was nice. But I need another vacation to recover from that one. So does Wulfa. She's been haulin' butt to get to lvl 39 and now she has to stay there. Dammy wants to get a mount at the same time and he's only lvl 33. I understand. It would be hard to hear your mate crow about her new wolfie when you still have several lvl's to go before you get yours. But Dammy wants 500 gold by the time he reaches lvl 39. No problem, but exactly how am I supposed to contribute when I can't get any xp? Run Wailing Caverns over and over again. The greens that drop Zujoo can disenchant. Anything higher than that and he has a bit of trouble getting the soul dust etc. that sells so nicely on the AH. And the light leather does add up eventually. 120 light leathers=30medium leather=6 heavy leather=1 thick leather. But I decided that it would be better to just play an alt while Dammy catches up. So I rolled a Blood Elf paladin. She's pretty and dainty and light as a feather. (We don't mention that in front of 'Wulfa. She might get jealous.) I really like the Blood Elf starting area. Probably because it's new (I got Burning Crusade for Christmas :). But I'm finding it difficult to adjust from hunter to pally. I can't rush into an area rife with mobs and expect to get out alive (although being able to heal myself is awesome). It takes soooo long to kill things compared to my hunter. Granted, little Faerylyss is only lvl 9. We haven't even started on the talent tree yet. And that's another ball of wax-which path do I take? It was overwhelming researching hunters and how best to play them. Do I really want to start over and delve into the paladin world? On the plus side it's really cool to buff other players. If you're not a character that can buff and you see one that can, don't run zigzag and jump up and down and do other weird stuff. They might be trying to buff you and if you persist in butterfly behavior they can't click on you (I just had a bright thought: I bet there's a way to target the nearest friendly person. Sigh at self. I should have thought of that sooner).

Little Orclette has spotted the laptop and has decided that it's her toy. She also thinks that wires are the coolest thing ever and that my brother's XBox 360 is shiny-and-she-wants-it-now!!!-cry when mommy pulls her away. Shoes are great to chew on (shudder when I think of where they've been). Have I mentioned that little Orclette can crawl now? Life will never be the same :)


Sunday, December 30, 2007

And ding! 33

Klaki stopped in yesterday to wish me and wulfa a happy new year and a merry belated Christmas. I was so stunned it took me like 5 min to figure out where I knew the name from. I had to scan my entire guild list first :P.

Speaking of our guild things have livened up a bunch recently. I had started a practice of congratulating people who I recognize if their level was greater than the level I saw them last at. But Saturday R----- and I spent the whole morning chatting, and now we are both trying to help Beowulfa level her LW. She is at 228 now and I'm trying to focus on doing quests that involve killing skinnables. R------ is also trying to get people to use his jewelry and stuff. So I volunteered my fingers.

I'm on a pvp server.. so I don't mind when the alliance come through and kill everything. Even when they kill of my quest mobs and my innkeeper and my flight master. But when Ally priests mindcontrol all of the city mobs and make them walk off the cliff and get bugged, so they won't go back to their starting points...... yeah that sucks and you suck and someone should please ban/gank/destroy you.

So once some kind GM comes back and removes my quest mobs from halfway down the cliff... or the server resets, and I turn in my 4 quests, then I'm finally done with 1k and I'm headed to Desolace.


Friday, December 28, 2007


Druids aren't the only ones that hibernate. I'd been hibernatin for a few weeks while my cousin Zujoo grew up. But now I'm back. I picked up an awesome hammer that gave me ~23dps, 11str, 4stm and a 2.5 attack speed. My wonderful guildie Darkkon called his cousin(alt) and had it crafted just for me. And I'm using this new axe!... new stuff all around. I think +48 str, +54agi, and 13.69% crit is pretty good for my season. I also found a great shield off of a night elf druid guarding their crappy treasure north of the Stonetalon MOuntains.

Oh I didn't mention that? Yeah some lazy blood elf with a grudge against night elves told me to kill Ordanus(he's a centaur night elf.. you know 4 legs, normal torso) and she would reward me. Her reward was telling me that the night elves had this 'awesome' treasure trove in the north west. Yeah right... it just had a ring, some bleh heavy mail gear, and a shirt that was okay. I'm still wearing the shirt. The other stuff I sold to a goblin.

I also spent a great deal of time in Ashenvale hampering the plans of the Burning Crusade. Aparently some really low level demons thought they'd try to become the next Mal'Gannis or something... I don't know. I didn't wait for them to start handing out blood-water to drink. I walked in and explained to them what nature's fury was. Incase you don't know nature's fury is me killing you with one blow and a full windfury crit to the face.

They died pretty easily, the infernals were annoying, the missfigured blueguys with axes were not, the lashers were easy. However I was a step too late. Apparently they had already infected the local water and the elementals had water-rabies. They had to be put down. I did this switfly and gained 4-5 elemental waters in the process. Yay for gold. I also found out about a group called the Earthen Ring. They do stuff. Not sure what... the troll was yammering about this and that and had a some gold or something he was going to give me. I nodded and nodded and grabbed the stuff and ran. He's boring. I think the shaman in Splintertree only sent me to him because I had annoyed him(the shaman) and he figured he would annoy me back with this boring troll.

I'm done with helping Ashenvale, I've helped and helped and helped and still no parades for me, no nice comfy chairs nothin. Screw them... I'm going to go handle the centaur menace in Thousand Needles.

Oh as I packing to leave for Needles I stopped by the trainer, you'll never guess what I learned... LIGHTNING CAN CHAIN. Yeah so now I've got this bouncy new lightning to play with... gonna play ping shock pong on some centaur faces.

Have fun,
Kill Alliance,


A little shiny yellow thing . . .

Bah! The little yellow dots drive me nuts!

There is a new addition to the Dammerung clan. His name is Arthes, which I have been told is very similar to the name of the really bad guy who did some really bad thing in the WOW lore. This was not intentional, I just wanted him to have a name similar to Arthur, legendary king and knight. Arthes is a hulking Draenei paladin who's having fun bashing and hammering things. He decided to pick up herb-garthering, which brings me to the main point: I hate the little yellow dots! Yes, it means there's an herb waiting for me to pick up. Yes, more herbs=good things. But I find myself following the dots no matter where I was headed or where the little dot is located. So I end up in the most out-of-the-way places. I can't stop-it's like the color red to a bull. Bah again! It's like BBB with his trees. Just one more! Sorry, after this I'll stop. Really!

Dammy made a Draenei hunter, a little dainty thing called Kylii. We decided we'd create opposing genders for ourselves, just for the fun of it. They're also keeping Angie company. She was getting pretty lonely and a bit jealous of all the relatives Beowulfa & Dammerung have. So now we have the Angie Clan, a subsidiary of the Clan Dammerung. :)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

A post!

So Beowulfa recieved the Burning Crusade as one of her many christmas presents. As a side note, she also recieved a picture of a chick with a pet lion. Sort of like Angharad. Anyways, we're poking Drenai characters in a "ooo that would be cool" kind of way. Since it was her birthday present and all... and if the characters were not BElf or Spacegoat then it wouldn't be using the present! So we're going to at least get them to 10.

And BElf's are too... pretty in an ugly way. I don'ts like them. She doesn't like them(much?).

I said Spacegoat. She quickly created a male drenai priest(this morning). We talked about it at lunch and she's going to make a paladin instead, I think. I slightly warned her off of priest because I've heard they solo about as well as a warrior heals.

I'm.... undecided. We have warrior, paladin, mage, priest, shaman, hunter. I've been told I need to be something tankish. So mage and priest are gone. I'm defining tankish in the we don't raid, and mostly just mess around, so shaman and hunter get to stay in. But I've already got a shaman and would feel bad if I accidently liked an alliance shaman more than a horde shaman so we're getting rid of shaman. Warrior.... just... it... I just can't do it right now. Paladin...well she's a paladin now so thats out. So I'm stuck with hunter. The pet can tank just fine for a two person party. I suppose.

But I REALLY wanted to be a druid. A spacegoat druid. Just so you know.

I hear killing tree's as a druid is FUN times. I hear tanking as a druid is FUN TIMES. It certainly sounds a lot more interesting than tanking as a warrior. Even if you are an awesome orc with an ugly green helmet who can kill SM mobs in just yer underpants.

Too bad them spacegoats aren't in the Cenarius in-crowd. Or whatever that druid guy who started the druids is called.

BBB and that pretty rogue who's name I cannot spell cassie something. Anyways, him adding her to his blog showed me how to add Beowulfa to mine! yay! No more posting under Dammerung for her. I had been wanting to know how to do that and didn't ask and well it was nice that he did that.

Brk linked to this hunter's website and I've added her to Beowulfa's links. She's cool but I don't remember the name other than its something about a hare and she did the same thing I did when I started: attack button spam for the win!

I really badly want Dammerung to be level 40.

I really badly want the following characters to exist and be level 40+:
My non-existant Druid alt. I would do herbalism/alchemy.
My troll hunter alt. I would do herbalism/skinning.
My undead rogue alt. I would do mining/skinning.


Well thats it. I have posted. My sad posts are not very well thought out and tend to ramble but 1500 times someone has read our site for at least 1 second. So thats something. Maybe that tells you something about what the internet does to your mind.

Dammerung who desperately needs to get back to a document he's writing for work.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

How life rolls

I currently have the following key bindings:

1 = The really fast mana inefficiant healing spell highest current rank
2 = Lightning bolt highest current rank
3 = Earth Shock highest current rank
4 = Lightning shield HCR
5 = Flame Shock HCR

Middle Mouse Roll up = Mana Stream Totem
Middle Mouse Roll down = Macro:
/cast bloodfury(orc racial)
/cast Strength of Earth Totem HCR
Middle mouse click = The fire totem that shoots bolts of fire for low damage at mobs.
Shift-M-Mouse roll down = Ghost wolf(1sec cast)
Shift-M-Mouse roll up = Healing Wave HCR

My current fighting style goes something like this:

1) Cast lightning bolt at mob
2) Throw down mana and SoE totem, for elites use the recast icon of bloodfury to know when my totems wear off.
3) Mob gets in melee range, begin beating.
4) Save earth shock for runners or for mob spell casters
5) Use key binding = "1" if needbe
6) If I a haven't used ES and I don't need a heal and my lightning shield is down then recast.
7) Mob dies at this point hopefully
8) Recast LS and pull next mob OR cast a large heal and then sit down and regen mana.

A very crowded recap of spells I have gotten recently.
Windfury has sped things up a lot. Totems have a large agro range(30 yards right? or is it 20), I've often agroed 3-4 mobs if I'm in a tight place and forget how large. I am going to start using Totemic Call to get my mana back on all the totems I leave behind. I also am going to start always carrying Ankh's now that I have reincarnation. Astral Recall has been cast about 5 times per hour(yes I know it has a 15 min reset but I use is SOOO much that I swear it goes 5 times in 60 min), I love this spell. Far sight I used once to see what it did, I'm sure it is useful to someone. The resistance totems would be more useful if I was fighting a lot more elementals then I am. The poison removal totem I got a few levels back is PRICELESS. Stupid spiders. I haven't really used the Grounding totem as I simply did not have training cash for a long while, I will probably experiment with it but I have a hard time believing it will be added to my totem rotation while soloing.

Leveling mining(80?) is a pain. /whine.

Leveling skinning(212?) is so easy. /cheer

Leveling cooking(175) happens.

Leveling first aid(0) needs to happen.

Leveling fishing(140?) is on hold as I am 7 levels behind Beowulfa.

Two posts in one day... work must be slow. I wish I was getting windfury crits instead of working...


Taking a moment to describe a windfury crit for all of you non-shaman out there. Imagine that your average white damage looks like 80-100. Then you trigger windfury, you get 2 extra immediant blows. Now imagine they all crit: 220, 220, 220... BLAM you just did 660 damage when you normally would have done 80-100. Nice ain't it. They don't always do this... usually it looks more like 80, 100, 90. But extremes make better examples.

The difference between RP and XP.(RAMBLE)

Before I start. Let me say this: Windfury windfury how I love thee, you make me so happy, windfury! When you crit, I start to cry, tears of joy pour from my eyes! Windfury Windfury how I love thee, you make me so happy, Windfury!

Okay, now that that painful example of why orcs are not named Byron or Tennyson is out of the way, I can get on to my main subject.

I love the way Shaman characters look. I love the idea of the totems, the mail, the crit based combat, the extra hits. I mean I'm a combination of the bard in FFXI and a barbarian from dnd. Huge axe, aoe buffs with 2 min durations. I love the idea that I'm a wandering diplomat between us(races with skin) and them(the elemental races). I even love the playstyle(WINDFURY) again. Reincarnation was always my favorite WCIII hero ability, doing 600+ damage in 1 white swing at level 30... its only happened once but when it happens you stop EVERYTHING and think... did I really just do that? This is what I mean about RP. I mean thinking my character looks cool, feels cool, acts cool.

But RP doesn't automaticly convert to xp. My warlock looks stupid(dresses on a mail orc), he acts stupid(I hate casting), he feels stupid(I hate demons).... but he auto converts time into xp without almost any effort(comparitively). Today's post is me rapidly putting down thoughts, it is not a kirk or ego post :p(You guys are the standard for well written posts for me).

I want to level faster, but if everyone levels super crazy fast then leveling doesn't have anything to is just pressing a button and getting a cookie, which is fun sometimes but not worth paying money for. But why do I want to level faster? Because I play with and talk with people who are higher level than me. I want to be able to talk about the same things, and do things with them. I think WOW does this very very well. They speed up the leveling game so that -everyone- is level 70. Then you can start other segments of the game and spend your time with those people who you talk so often with.

Wait a second I was just complaining about how long it takes to level... then I thought about the other timesinks out there. FFXI was easy to level in... if you had a -great- party the entire time. If you didn't then you spent a lot of time de-leveling, yay joy fun. And you couldn't solo almost at all. So I want to qualify: within WOW I get frustrated when I compare my leveling speed with a hunter, but I do not want to play a hunter or a warlock, and I do not want to have Blizzard code me a win button. The solution? Stop comparing. So I will stop my tears and wander over there---->

Alright now that we are over here away from the crying sobbing baby that is me when I -start- writing. Some ideas for those of you leveling:

1) Music(everyone already knows this)[it helps]
2) Small short term goals[pretty awesome golden hammer!][then windfury]. Short term goals help you get past then next 10k xp. Without staring at the remaining 1million to go.
3) Don't compare your leveling speed/time/methods with other people. Even though guides are handy, for me and others they mostly derail us and suck out the enjoyment.
4) Read the quest text, try to care about the poor sod who you are doing something for. Then you have a reason other than XP to mindlessly kill tons and tons of melgrim centaur. Because you -really- care about the Gelkis and their plight.
5) Beowulfa got me this one: Try and change zones every 1-2 levels... just for a change of scenery. Level 23-24 Stonetalon, level 25-26 South Barrens, Level 27-28 Ashenvale, level 29 Stonetalon, level 30 Thousand Needles. as an example.

Well I think that this is all for now. When I get home tonight more socializing. Hopefully I will start leveling again on Thursday night, have to catch up with Beowulfa who is level 37.



Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

'Twas the morning of Christmas, when all through the house,
The children were active, disturbing a mouse.
The stockings, all hung by the chimney with care,
Gave ample proof that Saint Nick had been there.
The children all jumped with glee from their beds
And pounded our door, as we lifted our heads.
And Mother, who was rather irritable said,
"It's four in the morning, now get back to bed!"
Then Mama in her gown and I in my cap,
Settled to bed for a four hour nap.
At eight that same morning, there arose such a clatter,
I sprang to my feet to see what was the matter.
Away from my bed, I jumped like a flash,
It had come from the kitchen, and there I did dash.
The tree was alight, the candles did wink
And the light from the kitchen caused me to blink.
Then what to my wondering eyes should appear,
Then my children looked guilty, and close to tears.
My daughter, Molly, so lively and quick
Gave a gulp of her throat and a lick of her lips
And with these two gestures she began to explain,
As her story poured forth, this is how it came:

"We was just a' breakfast fixin'
An' I did the cookin' an' Joe did the mixin',
An' Joe gave the pancake batter to Paul,
An' Paul tripped and dropped it! Dropped it all!"
And she was right, for there on the floor
Were batter and broken dishes and more.
Then I gave a sigh, and smiled as I said,
"Let's get this cleaned up before Mom comes from bed."
As they cleaned it up I went, on bare foot,
To the fireplace, swept up the ashes and soot,
I lighted the fire, and then I went back.
They were sweeping the last of it into a sack.
The tree, how it twinkled, the presents, how merry
The paper and wrapping as red as a cherry
And each little gift was drawn up with a bow
And the window revealed the fresh falling snow.
But I could hear Mama's pattering feet
And the children still needed something to eat.
So I went to the kitchen, and filled each belly
With some lightly browned toast covered in jelly.
Then Mama came down and as she drew near
She said very softly, "What happened in here?"
A wink of my eye, and a nod of my head
Soon gave her to know she had nothing to dread.
With a great many words the kids went to work
They emptied each stocking and turned with a jerk.
Then focused their eyes on the gifts on the floor
And the wrapping and bows piled up more and more.
And though, on Christmas it's the giving that counts,
The spirit of getting is what this amounts.
And so my final words to say:
"Merry Christmas to all and to all a good day."

(from the TeenInk website, I have no clue how to paste a URL, written by Joel F.)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Who got me into Wow . . .

That would be Dammy. He brought out the inner nerd in me. Before I met him I would have described myself as athletic, bookwormish (it wasn't me that read through that dictionary for fun), and so NOT a gamer. Then Dammy and I met one fateful day in a bookstore and my doom was sealed. He started asking me to try various games to see if there was one we could play together. I was on a roll, not liking any of them, when he introduced me to WOW. I was instantly hooked by the character creation screen. I started playing around with a dwarf, finally settled on a warrior. I called her Adalwolfa. (I created a priest while Dammy wasn't around and promptly got her killed and have since avoided the healer types.) I look back and sigh about how much I didn't know about WOW and about gaming lingo. I still have to ask for translations as I'm reading through guild/general/trade chat. But I'm officially a nerd/geek/ whatever you call the gaming type. I was at my wonderful bookstore the other day, chatting it up with fellow employees, when the subject of WOW came up (probably because of the recent commercials). I started animatedly discussing what my character(s) had done recently and blah blah blah. I noticed one of the guys was staring rather amazedly at me. I asked him what was up and he said, and I quote, "I figured you for the jock type, but you're more of a nerd than I am!" Heehee.

Christmas update: My mother, whom Dammy described as the orc warrior, has now referred to herself as an orc warrior. Rather proudly. Turns out she reads our blog, or at least the parts where Orclette is mentioned. And when I told her the story of my fellow employee calling me a nerd she commented that she is the original jock in our family, which, considering she watches over little orcs in the water hole, referees their little gnome-head soccerish games, and teaches their orc mamas how to stretch into weird positions/contortions, is true. My brothers still haven't figured out that you can't "win" WOW. My gnomish-engineering dad has asked probing questions about the game (darn it can't remember any of them-some of them were funny). And I went to the movies for the first time in ages. It is so hard to get a good babysitter (especially when the baby's mother is rather paranoid). We saw National Treasure: The Book of Secrets and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Asked my producer-in-training brother when the third one is coming out (they so set it up for another movie) and he said he didn't know because there was a writer's strike going on. I had heard about the strike but didn't know any of the details. He filled me in, I proclaimed the whole thing stupid, and then he told me the last writer's strike lasted for two years. Two years of no sequels? fewer movies? I think some fledgling writers should jump for the opportunity to write the big-time movies/shows since the old-timers are off striking. But that's me being selfish and wanting to see the third National Treasure soonish rather than laterish.

Merry Christmas Eve!


P.S. Kestrel had asked the question "Who/what got you into the game of WOW." I tag everybody!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas christmas so far away.

Waiting on christmas is slow and boring.

A thought I had while waiting. Imagine if you are a new raider, and you guys just down [X] mob and all the plate wearing people rejoice as this awesome plate item drops. You are just happy to be here and not doing anything so you scroll over to click on pass and BLAM your daughter reaches forwards and taps your mouse button and GAH YOU ROLLED NEED!

Oh crap you win the roll. So here you are... a new raider and you've just accidently NINJA'd on an awesome rare epic amazing item you can't use.(In this example you are a Shaman).

So in my mind, the Shaman goes like this:
"oh crap guys... oh crap oh crap.... I didn't mean to... what do I have to do to pay for that.. how can I make up taking something that is rare and hard to get?"

Shaman offers to pay all plate repair bills, and forfeits all DKP or other similair gear point systems.

Anyways... my silly morning daydreams aside, what measures does your guild have in place for accidents like this? I mean accidents do happen, even if the one I've given is a bit of a stretch. If you have any measure of trust in your guild then you can't just boot someone when an accident like this happens. Unless you do. Who knows.

Bleh leather gear is 99% agi and only -1% str(made up numbers). I want more str! 12% crit is just fine at my level. I also got this AMAZING +11 str 22.? damage level 29 hammer with 2.5 second delay(swingtime?) from a guildie who has blacksmithing. 2handed maces is near 100/145 skill and I actually do damage now.

Note to self...don't skill up on xp mobs :P

Well that is all for now. See you tomorrow likely.


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Newest high damage: 353! I think

Level 28... still need about 25k to get to 29. Shaman is fun again, but such a complete change from warlock. I've been frustrated with how careful I have to be. No more dot dot dot, while my pet holds agro. Warlock and Hunter are indeed easy mode. I critted for 353 last night. I think thats my highest ever. Flurry is loverly.

Played a lot of HALO... went from bad: 1 kill - 12 deaths on average to "good" 6kills 8 deaths on average. My brother complains about having to carry the team. Of the roughly 50 games I've played this weekend we've won about 48. These numbers are all estimates but I can only recall losing 2 games. He's level 50? and a general. I don't play halo so I don't know how good that is. I asked him if he has the season three gear and he looked at me like I was stupid.

Trying to explain WoW to someone who has never played an rpg... is difficult. I was asked about 10 times today "So how do you win?".

Ooo they are back from shopping.... got to go... dinner with Prettyorc while grandma watches Orclette!

Kestrel asked "What got you into WoW?"

Starcraft...which led to Warcraft III. I stopped playing WC3 and was spending a good deal of time with FFXI and FFX when I heard about it. At first I dismissed it as bleh. Then I started reading about the blue xp bar and the rogue combat system... coming from the relatively sparse FFXI guild abilities I was intrigued by the immense number of options. The final kicker was the ability to solo and a weekend of HORRIBLE parties in FFXI.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Late post.

Sorry for the late post. Our cave has recently been a lot more crowded than I'm used to. My warrior brother is up visiting us, and also Beowulfa's clan. Her father is a very numbers oriented magical engineer who works for Thrall and helps audit/estimate the safety of the D.C.R.O.P.(Drenai Cityship Replication Otherworlds Project). His coworks talk about silly things like visits to the moon. Her mother is a no-nonsense Warrior who works at the local Y.O.T.A.(Young Orcs Training Association) and guards the swimming pool. Because I guess warlocks in ogrimar are too lazy to cast Unending Breath on kids swimming. Her brother is a thin Orc who is -very- good with a Kodo Bone Guitar and wants to be a lead singer in Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftain. Well not really, he backup sings for a band that sounds sorta like certain paladins who like body-to-body combat.

Her other brother is my kinda Orc. He plays goalee for his local Gnome-kicking-game and also likes to beat things with sticks. He's one mean drummer.

I'd write more but I'm tired and distracted.

Orclette has mastered the rocking horse scoot. She can get off a bearskin blanket faster than you can blink accross Arathi Basin as a mage. She's on the verge of getting a -real- movement spell and is leveling so fast you swear she's on permanent blue bar.


Going to start playing Dammerung again. I finally got approval for his 10g respec back into Enh. and got him some bags(Zujoo stole his.). Zujoo is level 32, and will deffinitly level, but Beowulfa prefers Dammerung and well.... I need a break from leveling a clothie. They will probably swap back and forth a few more times but for now... no competition.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Shadowfang Keep

So Dammy suggested that myself and brother-in-law Honestbear (he really should have gone for Honeybear-it woulda been soooo cute!) do Shadowfang Keep. Apparently it dropped plentiful greens and some blues and Honeybear (I think I'll call him that for my own amusement) would be getting xp since he's still way young in seasons. We get there, I go in and the music starts playing. It was awesome! So I get all set up for a great run. And then I notice how shut in and close everything was. Stairs and turns galore. But that's ok, we'll survive. But then Orclette draws major aggro from Dammy and suddenly I'm the leader, with no clue about where to go and feeling more and more claustrophobic. But I can easily handle everything in here, so we forge ahead. The first couple of bosses were fairly easy so I gained confidence in my leadership abilities. Then we get to the large wolf boss (no clue what his name was) and we kill him, no problem. Then I notice Hnoeybear's lifeforce is slowly being sapped away so I turn around and there are all these little minions rushing around! So I kill them and save his hide and we move on. I wish I could say that with the next boss I was more cautious but I'm a hunter, my pet is total BM, and I had uber-confidence. And it was only the boss and two little wolves with him. So I send Susan in, kill the boss, and find myself and Honeybear surrounded by six little wolfies. I ice trap one, start helping Susan out, and then five aggroed me and my health bar was a bit low, I had already used a healing potion while fighting the boss because I had several little doggies beating on me willy-nilly, so I feigned death. Considered staying there but Susan is just sooo hoss. She was almost done killing one so I got back up, made sure she had major threat, and helped her finish off the little wolfies. Honeybear had died almost immediately since the elite wolfies were his level. Bah. Complete failure as guide and mentor to this young Tauren. But I really only saw three mobs in that room. Blame it on tight corners. But Honeybear returns, we progress, and I let him decide how to handle the last boss (I figured since I had totally let him get beat on that this was fair) and it went smoothly. No problems whatsoever.

My impressions of SFK? I AM NEVER GOING BACK THERE AGAIN. It was built to keep out enemies with the twisting stairs and tight corridors. It was not built for the ease and comfort of ranged attackers. I couldn't see a dang thing. And I came out of it feeling like I do when forced to get one of those cat-scan thingymajigs. The saving grace was the theme music, which I really enjoyed. But yeah, never coming back.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Random Babblings...

Edited adding stuff down at the bottom.

Googled myself to see if I could find the wordpress site I've been playing around with...

I couldn't find it but here it is:

I also found out about Technorati:

It is sort of cool looking your self up.

Beowulfa this lady has a nice site AND has a guide for leveling LW. Since you had mentioned it.

I -really- like TJ's random text posts on the upper right of her page, so I've been poking at Wordpress thinking how I want to get something like that.

I am a procrastonater, I am lazy, and I tend to think "ooo I wish I knew how to" instead of "Okay I'm going to read and learn how to". I've started more projects then I can remember and finished... one?

This said there are several projects I -really- plan and am working on completing.

In RL:
1) Get a character to 40(and then to 70). Even if its boring and feels like work sometimes.

2) Keep up with my work at work where they pay me real money. Enjoy my job as it really isn't bad and it pays the bills.(this isn't a project but I list it because it is something I have to make certain I pay attention to).

3) Learn enough about webpages/webhosting/httml/css and other words that are just words but don't mean anything to me(yet). Eventually I'd like to FULLY design my own website, handle all the code for the archives, have a forum(even if empty), have two columns of blog posting(so that me and her can update indepentantly of eachother and not cover up what the otherone writes), have a calender of -events- not of posts that we can update.

4) Learn Spanish, transfer to an EU server and play WoW in spanish to facilitate learning more spanish. This one is going to happen as soon as we take a spanish 1 and 2 class.

5) Learn another programming lanuage other than RPG. This one is a pipe dream most likely because of my other projects.

6) Finish getting my Bachelors. I have my associates and I have a lot of hours logged in school and I had good grades(if you remove 2 semesters I have about a 3.8), but I haven't finished it because I quit school for 3 years, then I got married and had to get a real job(one that would pay for another person and let us live in something other than an 30 year old 1 bedroom apartment).

In WoW:
A) Like I said above get a character to 40.(at 31 yay)

B) Make 200g(at 160 now so this should be easy.... ie: one night)

B.5) Make 1kg(enough for both of our level 60 mounts)

C) Get a character to 70.

D) Make a lot of gold and decide if I really want to play warlock at 70 or not.

E) If not, then level 2nd character, this time with the benefits of a level 70 alt.

E.5) If yes, then get 7k hps and other things needed for Kara. Also start working on getting a pvp set. Decide which to focus on.


Tonight. Follow the map below. That is where we'll be. This is mostly for Pretty Orc Huntresses who get lost easily :P.

Some more rambling and fodder for a post I hope to do in the future:
Characters I have had:

Felkennen level 32 Derf paladin holy spec on Silvermoon(highest ever)(first character)
???? Level 24 human rogue Silvermoon
Dammerung Level 16 Orc shaman Silvermoon(second character ever)[deleted]
Oddness Level 18 Gnome Warlock Silvermoon
???? Level 12 Tauren Druid Silvermoon
???? Level 19 Undead rogue[deleted] Silvermoon
Foodoo Level 10? Troll Hunter Silvermoon(deleted)
Oddfoo? Level 15 Night Elf Hunter Silvermoon
???? Level 17 Tauren Warrior Silvermoon(deleted)
???? Level 14 Gnome Rogue Silvermoon(deleted)
Dammerung level 27 Orc Shaman Ele specced on Emerald dream
Zujoo level 31 Orc Warlock on Emerald Dream

I did not include the 15 or so toons that never made it to level 10. Or the characters on Etrigg I had that did make it to level 10 but were deleted.

All my toons are/were on silvermoon but we changed servers(and I got a new account) because my wife was/is using my old account and my brother wanted to play on emerald dream and I really had not made any 'ingame' friends on Silvermoon. Due to the desire to have people I know ingame I've been tempted several times to change to a server where I already knew people from: blogging/real life. But just like Ego says this rarely works as often the people you socialize with are not the people you would like to play with.

Why did I add this huge chunk to the bottom of my post about 4 hours after posting? Because like often happens in the IT industry... I'm waiting on emails....and they haven't arrived yet.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Combined We are twice as ORK!

I hate hate hate removing people from my blog roll. But I had too many that I just didn't read often enough.... or who didn't post very often. /sigh. So I cleaned it up and added two new ones who I read a lot, or who post a lot and I want to read more.


He's my new hero. Renoobed will probably pity me.

This guy!

Dammy asked me to comment on TJ's posting about triplets, probably because I'm a mom and it was a mom thing so I'm an expert, right? Or so his thought process probably went. I only have one little orc so I really have no perspective on what it would be like to have triplets or twins but my thought is that with multiples you have twice/triple as much non-existent time to do things and it's twice/triple as hard BUT you only go through the pregnancy process once, the infancy stage once, the toddler stage once, and then they go off to school and YOU NEVER EVER HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN. I thought it would be wonderful, when we found out about Orclette, if it could have been Orclette & Orclette or Orclette & Orcson (I knew I was having an Orclette so Orcson & Orcson wasn't an option).

Some thoughts:

I like doing events. I like "Okay Friday night we're doing ". I like "dang it we need cash lets go farm 10 stacks of: ". So raiding and premade BG/arenas... oooo yummy. PUG? Why?

Me and Beowulfa need to make friends ingame, and out of game. We're new to both communities and suffering from the lack of friends. Our guild is nice and helpful but... well we are a guild made up of: solo warlock, solo warlock, duo warlock/paladin, solo hunter, solo druid, guild leader, solo warlock, myself(mostly solo), Beowulfa(mostly solo), my brother(99% solo). And when I say solo I don't mean chatty people who solo play but talk on channel... I mean soloers who like to listen to music and quietly farm. I like them but more and more I find myself wishing for a chattier guild. And one where I actually have friends. We joined this server/guild because my brother(Udacha, Emerald Dream) wanted to play on the same server as his friends.... except now he only plays FFXI and while they are friendly they aren't friends.

Anyways enough with the sob story... if I was serious I would be spending more time trying to get a PUG to meet others in game. Instead of planning on turning on '24 hours' and grinding to 40 solo in Desolace.

But since I'm day dreaming: I want a guild that has weekly PvP action, one to two raids or instances, and a LOT of talking on channel. Oh and I want this on both Etrigg(Kangee) and Emerald Dream(Zujoo, Dammerung)

Hmm, what I would like from a guild. Female guildies who have kids and can commiserate and celebrate all things hot-WOW-mama-ish. People who are fun to group with and can handle crazy hours and me having to pop off if Orclette wakes up. One with a really knowledgeable hunter who would think it was too cool to have me, really still a novice, pester him/her with questions and not think I was a noob (Wulfa got called that recently. Asked Dammy what it meant and was post-name calling really mad at that dude).

Some things I wish WoW had:

1) On the guild screen a little button labled: "Calender" Where an officer could add an event and request signatures from people who are going to participate. Or one next to each name where a guildie like myself could say: available days at time.(ooo I could use the info screen for this).

2) A personal logbook type thingy where you could write your goals for the day/week/month. Insert a few appointments that occur outside WOW. Write down random thoughts, or a snippet of a thought that, once expounded and enhanced, would make a really cool post.

3) A chat last feature. I would love to be able to log in and type: /g [last] and see the last 10 comments on my guild channel. Especially when changing characters a lot when moving items around.

4) Faster birds.


Wulfa & Dammy


I'm rich! Oh, wait . . .

Darn it, Zujoo needs money again and Dammy wants to respec his shaman. There goes another 10 gold. Bah. Yeah, I'm richer than I ever have been in this lovely game but I'm also the financial provider to two needy orcs. It's true they supply me with most of my auctionable stuff but they don't have to work very hard to get it. I, on the other hand, have started having dreams about playing the AH. This is not a sign of overplay, anything I've done that day is fair game for my brain that night, but it was rather weird to wake up and remember dreaming about soul dust. So, to get back to what I was saying. I wake up and scan the AH. I check my mail, put the stuff Zujoo sent me on auction, and then an hour later check back to scan again. Put the stuff that expired on at a slightly lower price that what it was before (unless prices recently skyrocketed) so it will sell. I try not to undersell too much. It's a good way to have the bottom drop out from under you. This process, even with our awesome Mac with its high speeds, takes a while. I also am the banker for our extended orc family. I currently have 4 total bank slots and need bigger bags for 3 of them. To top it all off I don't have an alt doing my banking and auction house stuff. I seriously considered it, I even made a warrior name "Bankerchic." But then I never made it to Orgrimmar because I liked playing warrior too much. I'm concerned that if I make a bank alt I'll end up liking that character and stop playing Beowulfa. I like doing all my duties as Beowulfa. Talk about roleplaying-it makes me feel like The Matriarch for the entire Dammerung clan. So I decided to keep things the way they are. It means more travel for Beowulfa and more time looking at the backside of the flying things than I wanted, but hey, that's life.

To continue on with AH, I had an awesome thought. I'm just beginning to read up on how to play the AH and make serious gold and so far it seems quite laborious. So, my thought was that some entrepen. soul would start a brokerage firm within WOW. I don't know if this would be legal but they do sell WOW gold in-game so perhaps it would be. It would take away the necessity of having a bank alt (or spending serious non-exciting-playing-time with your main character, like me), do away with having to regularly scan the AH to make sure you were putting your sellables on for competitive amounts, and you would regularly receive tidy sums of gold in the mail. No mess, no fuss. And the brokers would be rich. Probably outside the game of WOW as well. If you put that much effort into organizing a brokerage firm I think it would be wise to charge in US dollars as well as WOW gold. Unfortunately I have neither the time nor know-how to pull something like that off. My little Orclette draws far too much aggro and I don't see that changing anytime soon. She's going to be a very active little orc. Also a very vocal one.

On that note I have a gripe to share with all the orc mamas (and tauren, undead, troll, blood elf, night elf, etc. mamas). Especially those who rely on their own bodies to supply food for their little darlings. Caffeine, according to the books, should be limited to no more than 1-2 cups of coffee a day. Obviously the writers never had the experience of waking up at 2 a.m. to a screaming baby who, when comforted, decided that RIGHT NOW was an excellent time to take a look-see around and see what was going on. They never had a 5-month little orclette, on the verge of crawling, who is so very excited by everything she sees and wants to touch and grab EVERYTHING in sight and is just too cool to take a nap. We haven't gotten farther than this stage but the signs of an over-active toddler who gets herself sooo worked up that she has to let off a little steam by falling into hysterics are all there. /gripeoff. Whew. Apologies to all you Wow dudes who don't have kids and have no interest in them. But you try going without your coffee ritual and see how you feel (I love coffee soo much that orclette might just be an only orc child. That was the hardest period of my life).

Monday, December 17, 2007

On turning 30

We've been messin' around Arathi Basin, Susan and I. Having fun, beating the snot out of the Alliance. But I'd been thinking that it's about time we go into the outside world again and sharpen up our skills. Breathe the fresh air, flex our wings, that type of thing. Susan completely agreed with me (no, I can't speak raptor but we got that spirit bond thingy that lets us communicate). So we left Orgrimmar and the Arathi Basin and took a good look at our quests. Nothin' seemed too exciting but we traveled to a Thousand Needles and messed around a bit. Dinged 30. Felt sad about that. Gettin' old. Still felt a bit lost but we were starting to get the feel of huntin' again. Dammy suggested we go to Ashenvale so we trotted up there and started knocking out green quests. Come up against a lvl 35 warlock and for some reason I saw 55. Dang nabbit, I thought, I'm a gonner. So I played dead. It didn't work. That warlock came up and started immolatin' and all sorts of other curses on me. Remember I thought he was lvl 55ish so I didn't even try to fight back. Right 'round the time when he finished me off I realized that he was only 4 seasons older than me (we'd reached lvl 31). Felt a bit foolish for not fightin' back at that point. But life goes on. Got to 32. Almost killed myself trying to take on 5 lvl 26-28 beasts at once. Angie had inspired me, you see. Yeah, I know she's a Night Elf but we go back a long way. Anyway, Angie had been regaling me with tales of taking on 4-5 mobs at once and I thought I'd try it. Only thing is I had forgotten she has bestial wrath for Boru and some other skills I don't have. Plus she has this really cool tiger mount. Jealous. I need to get myself to 40 fast. Already got my wolf picked out. Going with the Dire one.

I would elaborate more on Susan and myself's adventures but my little Orclette is firing some screamin' arrows at me so I got to attend her.



Character burnout(a survivors story).

Level 29 how I hate thee. Level 28 was great, lots of pvp victories and milestones. Lots of NEW and SHINEY. Level 28 was a blink. Level 29... dragged on and on. Level 28 we did WC and never died(our warlock Zujoo is awesome at CC) and got lots of loot. Level 29, we did Razorfen Kraul and died 3 times(our warlock Zujoo sucks at CC) and got 2 greens(one from the escort the goblin quest). Level 28 the allies I ran accross would /salute or /laugh. Level 29 I never even saw the stupid hunter or the rogue, I did see the paladin and his level 70 friend and tried to make them feel bad by not even fighting back, the mage I never saw either. Level 28 I played with smart horde and we won a lot in BG. Level 29 I was told that Having huge zerg fights over the farm was more fun then trying to control anything else.....

I spent most of yesterday planning my Nightelf/Drenai hunter/druid/warrior/rogue/paladin on Etrigg(the server Angharad is on). Zujoo wasn't fun... Zujoo was frustration.

I mentioned this to Wulfa and she said that what she does when this happens is put headphones on and find a quiet spot and grind until it all goes away. Oooo rabbittrail. I am COMPLETELY envious of nightelf druids who have awesome irish/scottish music on their computer, I ended up going to BBB's site over and over and clicking on the music and dancing to Ramblin' Rover with Orclette in my arms.

Anyways, so last night I hunted down a cd-player and some headsets and put Jem in and slaughtered Demons to the tune of "who made up all the rules... we follow them like fools... who are they?... where are they?...". And suddenly DING! It was over. I had Siphon Life(how I love thee). I had a long quest that dragged me all over the map(would have been a LOT shorter but "the coast west of Southshore" does not mean the coast between Southshore and the Arathi Highlands. I killed 11k xp worth of Naga before I looked at the map and slapped myself. At somepoint my brother started downloading WoW for his laptop and life got -really- laggy. So I did not complete the quest. I have both halves of the Tome and am on my way to the Wetlands to kill dragonmaws for some wands I think.

Music. Is. So. Underated. By. Me.

I am going to have to get a good solid solution. Maybe some non-half-broken headsets, and a iPod or something like that instead of an archaic walkman style cdplayer.

Not sure if Wulfa is going to post today or not. We'll pretend I wrote this sunday.


Friday, December 14, 2007

Wailing Awesomes.(Ding 29)

Our motley group did WC thursday night. Downed all the bosses with ease. WoWWiki says a level 30 5man wiped once on Verdan the Everliving. I think they must have been trying to wipe because he died in about 10 seconds. Mutanex was a pain to me... only because I didn't know he was immune to EVERY shadow spell I had. It took me 1/2 into the fight to realize this because I usually fire and forget. He lasted about 20 seconds. And I'm not exagerating. CoA lasts 24 seconds ... I have a good idea of how long fights last.

There are several reasons that WC was so fun:

1) Beowulfa was able to party with us even though we didn't have a sitter!

This is so awesome you don't even know. This let us know that we can play as a couple without NEEDING a sitter. It was so very very nice.

2) Two hunters and a warlock make a fun party.

Absolutely no healing but everyone is already familiar with not pulling hate off the tank(Susan). Also lots of DPS and CC.

3) CC practice.

Humanoids AND elementals? More please! I got a lot of practice. Banish triangle, Seduce moon, fear star, offtank diamond, kill skull. And if we do it again we'll add: icetrap square. Although the first elemental I banished was hillarious. I'm screaming(in text/party chat): DON'T ATTACK GREEN HE'S IMMUNE. And Honestbear, his boar, Susan, and Wulfa are all spamming creating the following text: "immune, immune, immune immune" for the entire 20 sec duration of the spell. Eventually they learned to -not- attack banish-phased triangle mobs. Also after the first quarter of the dungeon without much explaining(no voicechat and limited chatting in party chat) everyone learned which mobs were seduced and avoided them as well.

4) Loot

Honestbear(my brother who shares rent with us) is a level 19 hunter and scored the 9+agi shoulders, a 15dps dagger with 6agi and the venomstrike. I got about 2g in trash loot and about 5g in disenchants. And this is before HB and Wulfa send me their trash greens.

All in all a good good night. Susan is scary good as a tank and Wulfa tears through mobs.


WC brought up something I had not thought about and was curious. The icons for mobs. I've heard of Blue Square for ice trap, and Moon seems obvious for which mob to sleep. Are there any standard icons most raiders use? or is everything pretty much on a case by case basis?

If there is consistant icon use at 70 I'd like to train my reflexes early. If not then I'll just go with what I have now:

Skull: Kill me first

Moon: Sleep or Seduce

Blue Square: Ice-Trap

Diamond: Off-tank

Triangle: Banish

Red X: Kill me next or fear.

Star: Off tank next

I would love input. Currently though I'm just estatic that I can easily CC 3 mobs with a fear/seduce/banish chain. And still do -some- damage with DPS and Anwena.

Some comics I found funny:


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone! This is my favorite holiday. Winner by a landslide. The cool, crisp air, the turning colors, the second ice storm-that-threatens-to-wipe-out-power in my first year here. Bah humbug. We lost power for a little over a week last year. But that's not what this post is about. It's a merry, cheery post. I was going to be a total history nerd and look up the history/origins of Christmas and tastefully weave it in. But I'm too busy. Orclette loves me way too much to give me time to research. So instead I'll just rhapsodize and share what our holiday traditions are.

I'm one of those people who finish the Thanksgiving feast and then hop up to put up the Christmas decorations. Dammy is not, so this causes friction. But I eventually have my way and the tree is put up and fluffed (hee hee. I was rather shocked when I learned an alternative definition of that word), ornaments hung, candles bought and put up. Lights we hung inside this year as it's been too nasty to hang them outside. I bake when Orclette allows. I love baking. It's rather therapeutic. We try to find a rich neighborhood and drive around looking at the impressive light displays they put on and dream of owning a house that big someday. I buy little presents throughout December and give them to Dammy/Orclette just to warm up my gift-giving skills. I love shopping in the crowded, hectic malls at least once. I love working in retail this time of year (people are generally nicer). And although this year Orclette doesn't really know whats going on, next year I hope to be doing all those rather sappy Christmas crafts that I happen to love doing. Baking and gaining poundage.

And, finally, Christmas Day. Wake up early just like a little kid. Wait for Dammy, Mister Sleepyhead, to finally wake up so I can open presents. Make calorie-laden, sugar-bustin' breakfast. Start on Christmas Dinner. Play with presents. Eat. Play some more. Eat desserts. Feel sad about Christmas being over and begin planning the next one. Yeah, I love Christmas.

So this might be considered totally lame of me to ask, but what are some of your Christmas traditions? Do you couples who play consider in-game presents to count as real, tangible presents? Do you log in on Christmas Day? Just to check on stuff? Perhaps you play? Well, I did. Dammy wouldn't wake up, Orclette wasn't born yet, so I had to have something to distract me.

Anyway, Merry Christmas again, Happy New Year to those of you who are able to stay up past 9 p.m. and actually celebrate that holiday, and Seasons Greetings to cover all the holidays I didn't mention.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Some thoughts on PvP

Knowing the real number of marks you need is important. The stupid trinket(+4stm +20? spell penetration) is 30 marks not 20. Trotting all the way out to the stupid WSG vendor in Barrens just to find out you don' have enough marks is demoralizing.
Behold a shiny map!

The yellow is where I like to stay, I'm pre-emptive defense, and able to quickly run forwards and escort a flag runner if I need to. The red dots are where my team-mates should be if they would magically obey my thoughts. You would stay in Zone defense 90% of the time. Unless chasing an enemy with your flag. When escorting he second the next wave of escorts arrived you would take out anyone near bye and head back to your zone.

Last night I stayed in the flag room and hated the walls for screwing with my camera. This was a tactical necessity as no one else would.

I wish there was a magical score that would say: Zujoo caused 80% of the damage on 90% of the alliance flag runners.(Not that I did but yeah) Because when you -really- are playing defense... you can get some horribly low damage numbers and if yer slow you won't even have flag returns to prove you were helpful. At first I was thinking well, they should just keep track of the damage done to people holding the flag(and the healing) in a seperate column. But then what if you heal/damage someone who is healing/damaging the flag holder. Bleh.

It all comes down to: Sometimes playing defense makes you look like yer doin NOTHING. But being awake and fearing the rogue that took your flag and seducing the priest that came with him and dotting both of them up while Realreal stabbitates them.... priceless.

Speaking of:
Realreal the rogue, from last night was one of the best rogue's I've played with. Both offensively and defensively. Only thing I would ask for is more communication.

I didn't see Flaca last night... I gained 6 marks in 2 games last night. I think these are related.


When your wife says "Honey, I need to cuddle...." Your brain needs to register this right away. Not after she's gone to bed. /sigh /fail /regret


/regret some more.
More pvp goodness!:

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Story x 2

I could not decide what to write about. Both Beowulfa and Angie had had noteworthy adventures. Which to write about? I posed this question to Dammy, and like the ever-helpful orc that he is he suggested I write about both. So today is 2 for the price of 1.

We have discovered Arathi Basin. I hate trying new things, so it took Dammy awhile to convince me to try it. I blame this reluctance on the very first dude I partied with. (I can't remember which character was unfortunate enough to meet him.) He offered to run me through Deadmines. Because I hadn't yet tried this partying thing I agreed. Things went well for awhile although I was not sure whether I was supposed to help him kill things or just stand back and let him rip through everything. Then I had this little box pop up and it wanted me to roll dice for an item. I could press need or greed (I didn't know that closing the little box meant you passed). I, not knowing any better at the time, pressed need. Immediately I received a nasty little whisper from my escort informing me that I shouldn't have selected need since I didn't need that item. I endured his company for a little while longer and then left the party. I refused to party after that for a very long time.

But this is not what I meant to write about. Beowulfa discovered the Arathi Basin. Dammy advised me to head towards the Blacksmith. Within a very short time period the place was swarming with Alliance and Susan and I promptly got ourselves hacked to pieces. We joined the surge of Hordish peoples trying to reclaim it and got ourselves knocked out again. After that we joined an assault on the Lumber Mine and let me just say it was not pretty. The Horde side was not organized and we quickly got out-resourced. The second time around Dammy suggested I try to get the Lumber Mine first. Susan and I got there, claimed the flag, and waited. And waited. And finally there was a lone Alliance person whom Susan made short work of. Back to waiting. Lay an ice trap here or there. 3 or 4 Allies make a run. I cry out for help, get knocked out, revive in the Lumber Mine graveyard, and help my fellow Hordies demolish the Alliance. And then we waited. Yawn. Look at resources. Cool! About 300 ahead of the Allies. We capture another flag and it's over. Definite win. Leave the battleground and I am almost at the bottom of the damage stats. Bah. But I did maintain the flag at LM for my team, no matter how UTTERLY BORING it got.

Overall I really enjoyed Arathi Basin. It's more open which is to a hunter's advantage. The Horde side seemed a bit more organized than in WG. And I've already won 3/4 games compared to 2/10 in WG. I think I'll be coming back.

I have a mount! I've been longing for this day since I first saw the nightsabers the night elves can buy. I almost cried when I bought her, all white and striped and pretty. I immediately got on and bounded away. 60% movement increase. Got back on the ground and my Cheetah speed seemed soooo slow. Now I'm looking forward to lvl 60 when I get an even faster mount. But in the meantime I'm thinking of buying the black mount as well. Color-coordinate with Boru (I will know how awesomely paired they are even if other players will never see them together). And I look totally cool riding my white cat with my little parrot flying behind. I wish we could name these animals as well as our pets. I've gotten just as attached to them as to Boru (well, almost).

Until next time,


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Its late.

Dear Flaca, Human Priest of Malfurion. You are the new personal bane of my existance. I wish you many many dead priests.

3games: 6marks in the first 20 min. 1 mark in the last hour and a half.

Freakin healers. They had two priests. One of which, Flaca, I've met before. She's almost unkillable. She makes others unkillable. She shrugs off fear, shrugs off dots, and cleanses her entire raid effortlessly. Me and a mage hunted her down for spite(just once)[because she was in our base](alone)[and we were tired of her healing our targets] and it took us 3 min to kill her...and we were both focused on her. GRRRRRR. She is a LARGE reason for why the alliance came back from 2-0 to win that last game. Of the 7 or so WSG games I have played on this character... she was thwarting me (a lot) in about 5 of them. I saw her in all 3 of my losses.

Flaca, I salute you....and I dearly wish some twinks would come kill yer mangy human priest hide.

14 of 20 WSG marks.

5 of 30 AB marks.(Focusing on WSG for now)

A question.

I asked this question on the WoW support forums but would be interested t know if anyone here already knew the answer:

Can you play WoW in spanish using the US version or do you need a UK key?
You need a EU account and need an EU method of payment and need to download the EU version of the game.

My question is located here so that I can find it when I get home to see any answers that were posted.

Warlocks even dot their t's.

I hit level 28 last night yay. I've been leveling slowly the last couple of days because Saturday went badly in RL, Sunday we had much needed us and baby time, and last night WSG distracted me.

I played three games. I don't remember the first one. The third one I vaguely remember. But the second one? It had an epic feel to it. After ages at 0-0 we got distracted with killing the other team and saw them JUMP to a 2-0 lead. Several hordies quit out. A few more joined. And Patchy and Cattwinkle(both of their names may be wrong...they are both hunters though), start talking to eachother on /bg.

Someone scores for us.... suddenly its 2-1. Then they grab our flag, we flood back on defense and kill the runner, and another ally grabs the flag, we kill her, and another...who gets away and is sprinting for their base and "Patchy picks up the horde flag", and for the first time that night a hordie gets out of their fortress alive with the flag. He begs/orders 2 healers to stay with him and says "the rest of you get the flag back". I tried about twenty times to cross midfield. Two bluecow hunters(billyray and ???) and a gnome mage(Imakewater) were -always- waiting for me. I think I killed at least one of them each time. I know I dotted them to Stormwind and back. Cattwinkle and two others get accross though and after waiting a bit for a 4th they assassignate Mornetta(derf pally annoying). We're 2-2. and I've climbed from 5th to 3rd in the damage charts.

We stay 2-2 for a long time. I kill 2-6 runners personally(only 2 I know were -entirely- me). Now I know that if I'm between you and your flag, and you have my flag. You die. Unless you have a teammate absolutely murdering me beforehand. I'm hard to kill 1v1 due to my high hps for a caster, and I SWEAR to you.... if its just you and me. You -will- be seduced. You -will- be feared. You -will- be dotted. If I don't kill you, I will cause your death.

Anwena is freakin ownage. She solo's a cocky rogue who saps me, and while I'm capping runners she's pausing them long enough for me to cast fear.

We rack up an impressive string of deaths. Oh I'm 2nd on the damage charts now, trying desperately to get to the alliance fortress and still having to deal with the stupid two hunters and a mage crew. My teammates Patchy and Cattwinkle are organizing the finishing run. At this point they are trading off holding the flag while the other tries to get ours back(I was busy dying to 2 hunters and a mage....). The Alliance has our flag in their graveyard, with 4 defenders.

I try 3-4 times to get up there and only make it once. That time I dot/fear the flag holder and health drain but I can't out do the healer -and- keep from dying. I die.

Then they kill our flag holder! Holy crap we're gonna.... and our flag is returned to our base. I don't even remember who did it. It is 2-2 still and we haven't lost. Someone else grabs their flag and starts running back, in our flag room there is a huge battle going as 2-3 people grab our flag with 3-4 allies escorting. We kill one, another picks it up and so on. But like all extended fights in our flag room. We win. And since they were fighting us.... we score. Game over.

At level 28. I am 2nd in overall damage.... with 66k+ damage, 81 hk, 13 finishing blows, 31 deaths. Cattwinkle(I'm butchering yer name man) leads the horde and the board, with 84k+. Patchy fell behind because he spent extensive time holding the flag and keeping it safe in our base.

Overall, I got 7 WSG marks last night. And 1 AB mark. I greatly prefer AB but I want the staff and the trinket(+4stm +20 spell stuffs) from WSG so I'm farming marks.

That is about it for the day but I would like to touch on one issue. Warlocks are not over powered. Hunters ABSOLUTELY own me. I have yet to beat one in a one on one situation. A good priest who has her prots up already and is paying attention will take me YEARS to kill. Paladins are annoying. Mages and rogues.... well if they see you first and you are distracted at all... Shaman and their stupid tremor totem. Grrr.

And I'm not a complete noob. These aren't twinked out players. I have good gear(I'm missing about 5-7 stm I think that I could have at my level and 1 awesome wand). I use all my class skills, but still these people often kill me. PLEASE STOP SAYING I"M OVERPOWERED JUST BECAUSE I"M ANNOYINGLY PERSISTANT. Dots suck, but you only notice them though because some warrior or mage took away half your hps and you are running away watching your hps drip. Fear/seduce suck. But so do ice traps/sheep/priestfear/slowing totems/charge/sap. And in pvp its NEVER 1v1. If yer buddies aren't helping you, you die. Warlocks aren't OP! Teamwork is!

Oh and possibly hunters. GRRRRR. Oh and healers who heal hunters..... and mages who help hunters... and them FREAKIN HUNTERS.

/rant off

Well thats it, I have work to be doing,


Edited adding that green bit. What it was before didn't make sense.

Monday, December 10, 2007


I have dinged 40! Finally, after two years of playing, my hunter can wear mail. But I'm not talking about Beowulfa. I'm talking about my Angie.

Angie was the third character I created in WOW. The first was a human priest who got herself lost and killed inside of 2 minutes. She got deleted. The second was a dwarf warrior who lasted a bit longer. Then I decided to roll a Night Elf Hunter and I fell head over heels in love. Playing a hunter was soooo fun! Then I got a pet. A nightsaber cat that I named Boru. We rolled through those early levels together having loads of fun. I decided to learn the cloth trade and so made my first gold pieces by selling bolts of linen cloth. I graduated from the island and made my way to Ashenvale. There I stayed throughout my pregnancy. To this day when I make my way over into Ashenvale I get a bit of stomach queasiness and I can smell doritos, the only food I could safely eat at the time. Then I put Angie in an inn and let her rest, in the meantime creating new and different characters. I never could entirely leave her, however, and came back every once in a while to level her a bit. I became a more adroit hunter and began to notice that Boru did squat damage. It took forever for us to kill anything. I stopped playing Angie altogether and concentrated on my other characters. I still couldn't delete her, however.

One day I mentioned Boru's problems to Dammerung. He asked if I had bite and claw turned on. I had no clue what he was talking about. Then he asked where I had spent my talent points. I replied that they were kinda scattered all over the place. He said that I should redo my talent tree. "You can do that?" I asked in surprise. This completely flummoxed Dammy. How had I gotten to lvl 38ish without knowing this? Infused with hope I went back to Angie, respecced her to BM, and learnt Boru claw, bite, and dash. We went out on our first hunt and WE COMPLETELY OWNED ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING WE CAME ACROSS. So we set our sights on lvl 40 when we would be able to wear mail and get ourselves an awesome mount. Dinged 40 and spent 20-35ish gold on training and new armor. Looked at my talent tree and decided to get bestial wrath (or is it rage?). Went on a hunt, got confronted by 4 lvl 39 ogres. Put one into a freeze trap but Boru looked like he needed major help. Pushed the wrath button, healed him up a bit, added intimidation, and stood back in awe (well, I fired a few arrows) as my pet demolished his enemies. How did we ever live without this skill? I AM BEAST MASTER. /dance.

So Angie and I will be going on many more adventures together. I anticipate at least a year in getting to 70, however, because Beowulfa just demands my attention. So needy. But this time around I've already taught Susan bite and claw, I'm totally BM, and I have so much more gold than Angie ever did that it's not funny.

So we decided, Dammy and I, to come back to our original look. We just couldn't agree on color scheme/layout so until we figure out how to create our own website we figure on sticking to this one.

FOR THE HORDE! (And occasionally, FOR THE ALLIANCE!)


Edited. I changed the color for my own sake. Blue is what I use for RP stories and her posting in it confused me. I'll prolly wipe due to wife agro after doing this.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Ding! And a short story!

So I hit 24 last night and now have drain mana(yay) and corruption's next level and sense demons. I also went from +25ish stm and +23ish int to: +45 stm +38 int with 1 quest(back), 1 limited vendor(belt), 1 drop(gloves), 1 guild bank(off-hand), and 3 auction purchases (pants,shoes,wand). Once I hit 28 I will have +49stm and +49int. Not bad for someone who won't spend more than a gold on a green item and more than 5g on a blue item. I'm also fully trained, and my demons are as well. I soloed the quest to kill the gnome on top of the waterfall in Stonetalon Mountains which I thought was pretty impressive as he was level 27 and surrounded by level 21-23's. Course I'm a lock so its less impressive. I also died to alliance rogues 3x. Twice to the human rogue on horseback and once to the gnome rogue wandering through on robo-chicken.

Belmont! Take this down. I want those who come after me to understand why I have done what I did. Gan'rul summoned me a week ago. He felt it was time I learned how to control yet another of your accursed kind. I suppose its better you be put to the uses of the horde than wander free. How I hate dealing with you. Yes write that. Anyways, he said to seek an artifact of great passion. No, I did not immediately know what was needed! Erase that! So- BELMONT! Erase the bit about me collecting still beating hearts! You know I did no such thing and if you continue to fabricate I will feed YOUR still stupid brain to Graz'rast. He said I should ask old Blind Cazul. That man is far wiser than I thought he was.

Cazul knew instantly of an object that had been filled with passion, but he did not tell me what it was, instead he had me seek out Zankaja. [a momentary pause]Yes she was a looker. STOP DRAWING PICTURES! [mumbled casting](screaming of a imp in agony). Her mate Dogran? Dogface? I do not remember the cowards name. He was missing. She requested I find him. I traced his steps and found he had been captured by the quillboar. No shame in that, enough numbers can overwhelm anyone. And they breed like gnomes. Imprisoned and wounded I would never be able to bring him back without healing him first. Which obviously isn't something I'm good at. [snicker]..... (more imp agony). I found a troll witch doctor and retrieved a potion that would work. Immediately I set forth for the bristleback settlement. Leaving few if any alive Graz'rast and I cleared the tents and found Dog. No I did not bring you. You are almost useless. Now shut up and write.

But the spineless coward was more worried about how he looked.... he thought being crippled would make him useless! I had just been sent by a BLIND man to find him. Archimonde! Even the amazingly backwards trolls have a tribe led by a man with one arm! We are not the Alliance! We do not demand that our warriors be pretty, perfect shiny beings! We're the Horde! We overcome crippling injuries! I argued with him but he would not listen to reason. He cared more about his vanity than his mate. She would have taken him back, and if she didn't well.... there are good orc women out there. But the fear of rejection was too much. So I left, taking with me his pendant. Obviously the only passion in it was from his mate. But it was enough... and now I have added Anwena to my arsenal against the Alliance and the Legion. Now, put down that pen and go let Graz'rast chew on your head. He's hungry and you are useless. GO!

Testing testing 1 2 3

Trying out a new layout thing.

If you were paying attention between 2-3pm CST then you saw our site layout change.. flicker flicker flicker as I tried different ones. Then I found one I liked and called Beowulfa. Then I dutifully changed the "ugly" and found one she liked. Then I cried and asked her to let me find another one......

end result.

We like this one. But the colors will probably change. And I still don't have a final "its okay" from PrettyOrc.

I linked Apathy in my blog roll. Not huge on the grammer, but thats because he specced DEEP into the common sense tree with a good helping of reality.

Mystic stuffs. Fun blog about a paladin I think. Fun anyways.

Blessing of Kings. I like it. Well written very paladin.

We also moved my comic links into my links and added a Beowulfa section. She has linked Porthos(yeah I know thats not how he spells it but I love three musketeers).

I didn't realize how good life was under nananananapppblosghdfljkdh in november. Now all of them(points at his links) suddenly stopped posting and I sadly don't get daily updates. /cry

I need to remember that the greater than and less than signs are NOT usable in html and make things dissapear. Brackets Dammerung Brackets.

Heh I'm a 'bad' warlock. I don't have improved life tap and I don't have that green talent to the right of it. However I have 5/5make-it-land and solo mobs 5 levels higher than me without need for eating(well not always).

Today was supposed to be blue text story day but my brain froze up last night. Hopefully Beowulfa won't have to work tomorrow and I'll have time to nap and brainstorm.

Go look at Zujoo and give me gear suggestions, course I'll probably be level 29 by the end of the weekend but ha! I can still buy stuff and wear it this weekend. Also check out Beowulfa's new neck gear. She owns.

BLEH! I was linking myname to some weird cartoon I had copy pasted. BLeh bleh bleh. SO totally fixed.

Being generous in WOW

Orc hubby and meself were discussin the other day how to be giving and generous people in WOW. We firmly believe in the "give and ye shall receive" principle. This brought up an interesting question: how would one "tithe" in the game if we were truly roleplaying and playing Christian orcs? (hee hee, can orcs be religious? They're rather bloodthirsty.) We tossed around a few ideas but none really struck us as brilliant. I feel it would be somewhat weird to walk up to a person and ask if they wanted anything. I don't know about anybody else but I'd be looking for the strings attached to the offer. So suggestions on how to be kind and giving orc brutes would be appreciated. Anyways, the other day a fellow orc asked if he could enchant a few items of mine for free. Thinking that he probably wanted to sharpen up his skills I agreed. Loaned him my items, he gave 'em back, and then, remembering our previous discussion on generosity, I tipped him a gold. He whispered, "bro, it's free." I replied, "I know, but I like to tip anyways." He reposted with "haha, ic." End discussion. Looked at my armor to see what he had done and couldn't see any difference. I don't think he enchanted them. After a brief moment of "well, shucks!" I laughed at myself. First time in trying to be generous and I get nothin' for it. But that's what being generous is, I think. Giving without thought of reimbursement. I bet that orc got a good laugh, though. A gold for free!

Switching gears. I thought I was rather ignorant of the whole computer/internet/gaming world. Most people know more than I do. But there's a group of people who know so much less than I do it's not funny. Homeschooling moms. I can't make this a sweeping statement as I certainly can't do a proper survey but it's true of the homeschoolers in my smallish town. (I'm hanging out with homeschoolers even though my orclette is nowhere near school-ready 'cause I was homeschooled by my most-awesome mother and it's the easiest way for me to meet people. Plus it's heartening for them to see that homeschooling can work). When I mentioned I played an RPG only one knew what I was talking about. Only a couple were familiar with the concept of chatrooms. They did express amazement at the concept of spending money for a non-tangible item (heh, like WOW and WOW gold). I actually must amend my statement to they are unfamiliar with the gaming/fun side of the internet. All of these ladies are very intelligent and creative. They just did not grow up with computers/internet. Shows what a huge generation gap there is and that sometimes parents really don't know what it's like. (sigh. My mother is very computer savvy so I never could use that one with her.) But is it wise not to familiarize oneself with what is fast becoming a necessity in America? I might bring that up at the next homeschooling meeting and see what the ladies think.


P.S. I'm behind on reading all my fave blogs so I just read TJ's post about the ice storm in Maryland. I would like to comment that if she thought that was bad (and I'm sure it was) she should try driving in Houston, TX, when for the first time in 10 years they get snow flurries.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Trying to sound grownup.

"Warlocks were once mages, or in case of the orcs, Shamans, who, in pursuit of ever-greater sources of power, abandoned their studies of the Arcane or Nature and delved into darker Shadow-based magic."-WoWWiki I find this, funny? Ironic? I don't know the word.

I am level 23 now. Still cheerfully burning things down, but now I am back in Stonetalon mountains. This zone has grown on me. The first time I came here I hated it. I hated the color. I hated the burnt trees. I hated it. Now, I find it soothingly empty. After leveling two characters through Barrens in a month. Bleh. So crowded, so loud, so many alliance. Sure in Stonetalon I'm flagged and am occasionally oneshotted with a 730 damage green warlock spell. But that is rare and the relaxation of quiet channels and no large alliance raids killing all my npc's is nice.

The orcish warlock quest for Anwena, introduced me to a cowardly selfish orc. I'll talk more about him tomorrow I think. When I described this quest to Beowulfa, she said this quest was obviously written by a guy. I don't know about that but yeah, I did not like it Sam-I-am I did not like it. And maybe that was the point. I know some authors try to make you feel sad, angry, or frustrated. I know stories don't have to have a happy ending. But I do not have to like all stories.

Stories. Like video games everyone gets different things from stories(and also water is wet! Ha bet you didn't know that!). I like stories where the heroes are good, help others, and are more or less nice. They don't have to be bubbly joy joy but if they act like jerks or are selfish, well I don't like them. And if I don't like the heroes of the story. I don't usually like the story. C.S. Friedman(I think) wrote a trilogy about a guy who kills his own family. I still don't like that guy. Although I applaud Friedman for causing me to physically shake with rage and anger and shock after reading the first two chapters. I won't read that series ever again, and I very rarely recomend it(usually only to friends I know who like dark stories like that).

Pratchet's Vimes and Carrot are examples of heroes I do like. Carrot is the extreme. So good so perfect he's not believable even in a story(which is why he's funny in the story). Vimes is the middle. He's good. Solidly good. Which isn't to say he doesn't -want- to torture the bad guys... but he doesn't. He helps people who are socially helpless. I'm not talking about the prisoner in the dark forbidding castle. I'm talking about the social rejects who slide into the corners and are quietly forgotton. Vimes feeds them, guards them, talks to them. He isn't rude. Thrall is like this to me. Thrall sends grunts out to learn from the other races. Even the xenophobic quillboar and centaur. Thrall gives the humans a second chance. Thrall makes allies, and the enemies he has are ones who either blindly hate him or hate him because he doesn't hate humans.

I like Thrall. I don't like the queen of the night elves. "They killed Cenarius." Wait they did? Really? Well who was it that summoned the freakin burning crusade to this world in the first place? You! Cenarius wouldn't be dead if the night elves had never used magic. Globally applying past actions to a race is bad. Not all the orcs killed Cenarius(heck most of the ones who did are probably dead now), not all the night elves overused magic.

I was saddened when I read somewhere that the Drenai do not forgive the Orcs for their genocidal demon induced campaign. This was a horrible thing the Orcs did, not saying it wasn't. I had just placed the Drenai up on a pedestal and presumed they were so freakin awesome and nice that they forgave everyone and were just helping the humans because of where they landed. ;P Obviously I did not read their story very well. But I value forgiveness, over correctness.

Yeah done trying to say things that are interesting.


p.s. Ego is a girl chick? Huh. It is odd how names make you think certain things. People called her Ego, I think Ego is a guys name, I read 'his' posts for a month, I finally read one where she refers to her gender and am surprised? Why? Because my mental image of who was on the other side changed. From a scholorly guy in glasses posting from a library full of ancient tomes and treaties on WoW to..... a scholorly girl in glasses posting from a library full of ancient tomes and treaties on WoW. Small change huh? But enough of one that I said out loud "Ego is a girlchick?". I was just as surprised when I realised Kestrael's character was a guy, but that was a Beowulfa posting day. Again the name thing. Also changed from girl to chick because guy/chick boy/girl. Ego is far to awesomely sophisticated to be a 'girl' its either woman or chick.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My five :P

Some clean up stuff first.

1)Beowulfa tricked Lance into tagging himself see his blog here:

2)Ding 22!
I now have my succy, Anwena. She's okay I guess, currently she dies too fast to be worth using.

3)I picked up Atlas, QuestTracker, and Auctioneer 5.0. I also on Saturday picked up Omen.All of these addons make me very happy. QuestTracker probably the most. It gives me focus and points me -almost- directly at where i need to be going. Atlas was almost a dissapointment as all it does is give instance maps with the one I have. /sigh Auctioneer 5.0 is wierd but OOO SHINY. Omen is exactly what I wanted. I very simple threat meter. This allows me to really dance along the aggro line when soloing anything 5 levels higher than me, without actually crossing over and getting myself killed.

4) Pebbles der mage of Datheroc server: "oooo pebbles is playing! I remember him he's good"

5) Rune of Perfection. What does spell penetration do exactly?

6) Beowulfa I think you want:
Sentinels Medalion +8agi +5stm Neck slot 140 honor and 20 marks.
Also possibly the:
Sentinels Blade +7agi +3stm 21.2 dps one-hand dagger 465 honor and 30 marks
Protectors Band +6str +6agi +4stm Ring 140 honor and 20 marks

I want:
Lorekeepers Staff
Rune of perfection
Lorekeepers Ring

Granted you might want to save the marks until later. But all of those items would be sweet now.

7) One of these days Beowulfa. I'll buy you this.
Some Warlock things:

Wow I LOVE soulstones. Love love love. If the recast is almost up I'm always tempted to just kill myself purely for the regen.

Talents. I just finished up the things I KNEW I wanted. Now I'm unsure. I currently have 5/5 in Insta-cast-Corruption, 5/5 in targets-resist-affliction-less, and 2/2 in get-mana-back-and-cause-less-threat. I was thinking of spending on the more-damage-from-curse-of-agony, next but like I said I'm not sure. Any suggestions?

What should I practice? Hunters practice trapping and kiting. I can practice kiting a little bit I suppose and I practice threat management now but what else?

Also, if anyone knows of a quest that gives a good +shadow damage item please let me know. I've found that I'd rather things die faster than live longer. Although at next level I'm giving up +11 shadow damage for +7stm +6int and +10000LLG*
Things I have learned playing games(BBB notice I let her post first! ha!:

1) People tend to have a pat answer. "Does Signet increase your xpr?"... "No." "Can a paladin do damage?"...."No.""Are hunters any good in PvP?"..."No."

Often their pat answer is based on a vague amount of research someone did once two years ago. After learning this from video games I noticed this isn't just a gamer trait.

"Are republicans greedy big business people?"..."Yes.""Are democrats tax happy hippies?"..."Yes."

2) Do not worry too much about having the best now. If you save up for the future, and work towards it you'll be better off in the long run. Having blues at level 20 doesn't help much when you are level 70. Having a huge house and a brand new car is worth less then saving and being a millionare when you are 50.(This could also be: Having a car at 16 is worth less then not having any school debt when you are 28).

3) Helping others makes you happier than it does them. Hurting others makes you more bitter than it does them.

4) Sometimes its best to go to bed and do it tomorrow. Replace Sometimes with Usually.

5) What is most important about life is the relationships you made. Not the drops you get.

Yeah, so thats it.


LLG* = looking less girly