Friday, June 26, 2009

Way too Exciting a Day

Thursday was looking to be routine, dull, normal. After lunch I bundled the Orclette into my van and started towards the in-laws house. On the way I noticed some weird noise reverberations going on. So I start looking around to see what the cause of this noise might be.

And the passenger side rear-window is completely gone.

After inspection it looks like the window was not a victim of vandalism but it imploded.

Apparently this is a common occurrence in NM.


Anyway, bro-in-law is taking it to the car dudes so they can tell me how much the window will cost to replace (it was tinted, I'm thinking it'll be expensive) and whether or not my other windows are at risk of an implosion. Until I hear back the Orclette is not riding in the van-no way is a window imploding on her. So we're housebound.

Have I mentioned I hate NM?

But all things considered this is not such a big deal. One window. With precautions, such as opening a window a bit, imploding windows can be avoided. Why no one thought to warn me of this ... grrrr. And grrrr.

I want today to be boring. No more exciting events! Unless they're happy! Well, my vacation starting next Friday is happy. My doctor's appointment on Monday is not happy. I don't likey doctors and I'm a compulsively honest person so I'll probably tell the doctor that I'm planning on going out of town and then she'll give me A Look because I'm 8-months pregnant. Now, I don't particularly care what she thinks (unless she says that something is wrong) but I don't want to have listen to a lecture.

I hate NM.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Eating Sprees

I was asked if the Orclette has started going on eating sprees. What's funny is that I was just contemplating writing a post, well, at least the first couple of paragraphs, on that very subject.

I bought a family-sized box of Raisin Bran on Monday. I'm a stickler for serving sizes so when I say I only had 2-3 cups that's an accurate statement. My Orclette ate her way through the rest of the box by Wednesday night. I never give her big bowls, but she'll go through what I gave her and ask for more. I try to feed her other foods-stuff like strawberries, organic cheese, broccoli (accompanied by reduced-fat ranch dressing of course), chili, etc and etc. She'll pick at them, eat a few bites, and announce that she's done. So I'll clean up her tray and try to take her out of her chair. "No no no! cereal!" And because I'm a big softy and Raisin Bran isn't unhealthy I give her cereal. Sigh.

Other funny Orclette stuff ... she's probably ready to be toilet-trained. But I've decided to hold off on major life stuff like that til Damm comes back because soon enough I'll have my hands full simply juggling two kids. Anyway, she'll get a distressed look on her face, clutch at her diaper with both hands, and waddle towards me like a penguin saying "a diaper! a diaper! wet!" So funny :D

We are having oatmeal this morning because I don't particularly feel like driving to Walmart this early in the morning. And as I just told you we are completely out of cereal. And almost out of chocolate-but that's my fault not the Orclette's :D I'm not a big fan of oatmeal. To get it good-tasting I have to add way too much sugar, honey, and other sweet stuff than I normally like to add to my morning repast. But it's cheap, relatively healthy, and it's the only breakfasty thing we have. I really need Damm to get back so I will have someone to send out on errands.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Baby is growing up and life changes

I think the Orclette has decided that naps are for little girls. She has skipped her previously never-skipped afternoon nap for 4, 5 days now? Of course she might just be going through a phase and I hope that's the case, but she's done everything else WAY before the baby books say it's "normal" so I'm resigning myself. And trying to figure out a new afternoon schedule where I still get some downtime. Fun stuff.

Life changes ... tomorrow is my last day of working at B&N. After that I'm unemployed. I haven't been unemployed since I was 13. I'm not sure how I feel about it. On the one hand I will no longer be tied to a schedule or responsible to employers. On the other I will no longer be able to say "oh I work ____." Since I have/will have 2 kids the inference is that I'm a stay-at-home-mom. And I'm not comfy with that title. Of course I'm currently a student and most likely will be for a long time to come so I don't have to worry about SAHM status yet. But it will be weird to be totally reliant on just Damm's income. My income hasn't been a major factor for a couple years now but I still did make some money. Entertainment money mostly. Anyway, it'll be weird.

It's humid. Swamp coolers don't really work when it's humid. I despise and loath swamp coolers. I will not miss them when we finally leave this barren wasteland. However, I have no desire to move out of our apartment. I thought I would-nice cool air (think 68 degrees fahrenheit) has always been a priority to me. It still is-I do everything possible to make my apartment cool even though the swamp cooler isn't really working. But it's only 2 months out of the year, I like our location, I like my back porch, and I really don't want to go through the hassle of moving again. So as long as next summer Damm doesn't decide he can't stand swamp coolers here we will stay. And there are such things as portable AC units (not the window kind). I'm thinking we'll be investing in one of those.

9 days to wait before we leave. Hehe-guess what? My parent's house is kept at a blessedly cool temperature. And stores in Houston know how to properly AC a building. Heaven ... and of course daily life will be easier on me because the Orclette will have two grandmothers, one grandfather, and two uncles at her disposal. The uncles may act tough but they melt when she starts smiling :D And I have a friend who adores children. I don't know why-I certainly do not adore children. I have come to accept that I will never understand some females' driving need to be around babies and to have babies.

The only problem with ignoring the Orclette so that I can write a post is that she manages to get herself into so much trouble. Not physically, just "You're not allowed to touch/do that!" trouble. Kids are fun, aren't they? :D

Monday, June 22, 2009

Out of Food

The Walmart is 5 minutes away. The Albertsons is maybe 3. They're opening a Walgreens that's 2 minutes away if the traffic's bad. And all of those places were too far away yesterday. So this morning the Orclette and I are enjoying the very last of our Raisin Bran cereal dry. In case you were wondering, milk makes it better. Dry ... it's just very dry.

But yesterday was Father's Day. Happy FD to all of you dads out there. The Orclette and I had lunch at Damm's parents house to celebrate his father. I spent most of the time thinking about what I could do for Damm when he gets back to celebrate all the holidays, including this one, that he's missed. I'm thinking the most expensive restaurant I know of in Las Cruces. The plates start at $25 so I'm hoping the food will be decent (one never knows) but the atmosphere is rather casual-it's called the Cattle Baron or something like that. Cowboys and horses. But I have until November to think about it.

Good news: Mother-in-law looks like a shoe-in for the choir director job at the local Christian school. Soooo. There's this choir director camp thingy in Houston July 6-9. So we're leaving July 3, arriving early July 4 at my parent's house, and thus I get to celebrate July 4th and Orclette's birthday with my family AND spend an entire week in Houston seeing friends and family. Oh yeah, I'm excited. Then the trip proceeds pretty much as planned and we get back July 21 or 22. Just in time for me to start being on high alert for possible contractions and to see my doctor for the first time (hehe). Although my mom doesn't get here til August 3 so #2 better not get here before then.

Researching your favorite author can bring up some cool factoids. Like Elizabeth Peters (a pseudonym). The authoress has two children named: Elizabeth and Peter. Hence Elizabeth Peters :D And under the name Barbara Michaels (I think her hubby's name was Michael) she has quite a few I've never seen at the library so Amazon here I come ... and a few under EP that I hadn't seen either. She's also got some non-fiction ones (she's got a PhD in Egyptology or something like that) that I'm thinking about reading. Those are under Barbara Mertz.

10 days to get ready for the trip. Too long for me, way too short for mother-in-law :D But then she has quite a bit to keep her busy and meself ... well, I have countdowns. Countdown to the trip, countdown to seeing Damm, countdown to being not pregnant, countdown to when I can start exercising for reals again, countdown to when Damm gets home for good (well, at least for the next 3 years). So I'm ready to go today :D And in fact it's pretty much all I can think about.

Although we are Out of Food. And that means Walmart. And that means going before 8 am so I don't have to combat the absolutely nutty crowds that habitate that place CONSTANTLY. And that means a list must be made and the Orclette gotten ready. Myself gotten ready. Ok, mind is off trip.