Thursday, July 28, 2011

The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain.

The rain in Texas is incredibly different than in New Mexico. In NM it'll rain for maybe 15, 20 minutes and then it's over. Everything is muggy, if you have a swamp cooler it feels like it's continually raining in your house, and then the sunshine starts. I don't like sunshine after the rain. I'm actually not a huge fan of sunshine; my house has sunlight-blocking curtains over all the windows and I keep lights off if I can manage without them. It's like a nice cozy bear den.

In Texas, which is where we are at the moment (visiting my parents) it rains for a good long while. Frequently it even stays dark and overcast after it stops raining. And because Texans would never hear of having swamp coolers (because in this humidity it wouldn't work at all, whereas in NM it just doesn't work during the summer months. Works fine in spring and fall. Yeah, it's totally wrong) the house stays nice and cool, and it even gets a wee bit nippy.

I'm also soaking up all the green. To me this part of Houston looks like a cross between a swamp and a forest. I love it either way. Green, green everywhere. And rain. Wow, have I missed the rain.

So I'm thinking going back to NM is going to be incredibly hard. It is every time, but I have been particularly missing the green and the rain this year. Thank goodness I still have a couple weeks left to enjoy the scenery:)

Coming up next post (if I have time to write it): My kids love the water. I have some cool photos of them playing and taking swim lessons (the Miniorc's new favorite word is "splash"). I made it into some of the shots as well, although I think I'll leave those out. No makeup+bedraggled hair=one interesting orc female.