Friday, July 18, 2008

Dear Matt Rossi


I know I don't want to play one. I know I hate them every time I try.

But every article you write makes me want to make a fresh little warrior that I KNOW I'll hate.



Hay Low Warez!

So I don't -really- play halo...I act sorta like bonus points that respawn around the map for the real players. But I love space marines + aliens...and between the following link and SC2 I think the future is looking very very bright....mostly due to lasers and booms.

Wulfa's coming home

Well tonight the wulfa should be back and pouring love on all you poor people who've had to put up with me.

Last night got my Druid another level. 53. Slowly slowly up the ladder I go.

Edjid my new lock tagged level 6 even though certain bigger locks made fun of his name :P.

Also the bedroom was completely cleaned up and looks all shiny. Someone please tell me how fans get so dusty so quick. Bleck. I had to vacume our ceiling fan very thoroughly due to the several feet thick layer of dust it had.

The sun up here in missouri is very very painful. Even though it still isn't hot outside. As long as I stay out of the sun I can wear a the sun I feel like I"m baking. And its only mid 80's low 90's. I just don't understand it.

I want to play the lock. I think I'll tell wulfa and ishvi that I'll play the druid only if they party with me...and I'll spec healing. And I'll play the lock the rest of the time. Yeah that sounds good.

Thursday, July 17, 2008



My week has been extrodinarily free. Tuesday I got home and it was just me... with no resposibilities. Wednesday I was off and no one but me was home until about 5pm. Tonight The house is mine and no one will be home.

I've had free time galore. And what have I done? I played wow for an hour. I voluntarily cleaned out the fridge(finding out in the process that the glass cover to our veggies compartment wasn't able to handle medium-hot water[shatter combo]). I went for two seperate hour walks. I read my favorite parts of the first three Wheel of Time books. I helped a co-worker solve a problem he was freaking out about. I paid the final payment on my car.

Oh and I sat and stared at the wall a bunch.

Mostly I'm incredibly surprised at my disinclination towards playing WoW. Its like going to a bar and finding out that not only are you sober but the alcholol doesn't do anything for you and you think you'd like to order water.

I'm sorta shocked. I didn't even check my email or my webcomics on wednesday. I just sorta zoned.

Not that not-playing is a bad thing. I was just surprised at how easily I did it. Especially considering how much I was looking forwards to this week for the sole reason of playing WoW. Heck before Monday I had plans to get to 52 monday(3hrs playtime), 54 tuesday(6hrs playtime), 56 wednesday(6hrs playtime), 57.5 thursday(4.5hrs), 59 friday(4.5 hrs). It was going to be my own little marathon.

As it was I'm level 6252. Barely. However I did finish picking up all the broken glass from around my kitchen. Dang glass shattered in my hands...not touching anything else but water like a car window....a million little pieces.

Tonight... we'll see. But right now I'm not expecting anything other than me sitting on the floor throwing a plastic ball at the wall.

P.s. I'm not spell checking this post. I've adopted an anti-button clicking postition.


I completely forgot to update the blog, to sign into wow, or to check my gmail for the past two days.

I spent that time walking outside, sleeping in, doing work-related junks, and reading bits and pieces of The Eye of The World and The Dragon Reborn.

More makeup posts to come later.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Kara Round 2

It is amazing how much funner a run can be when your hands aren't shaking and you aren't about to hyperventilate. Your DPS improves too. And you remember to stand really close to Midnight's butt so you don't get charged. AND. I discovered the one thing that will completely turn your Kara-and-beyond life around.

Take a nap.

I'm serious. Take a nap, and you will be alert and eager when the run starts. You'll be less likely to make stupid mistakes. And when you finally do need a swig of caffeine it still affects you because you haven't been hyped up on it the entire time.

Ok, so, if you haven't gathered this already, I went into Kara again Saturday, with a group made up of the Sidhe Devils, Blood for Blood, and (I think this was their name) Disciples of Delusion. And another hunter was there. Wasn't sure how I felt about that at first, since I can be a greedy little hunter who doesn't like anybody rolling against her, but having another hunter there actually amped up the fun. I spent most of the time asking huntery questions, we divided up assignments, AND I had the opportunity to see that you can pull aggro from a pally tank. It just takes a bit. And with my traps backing his, we kept our blue square securely ice trapped until the rest of the group was ready for 'em. And the absolute best part of the night: Opera, Wizard of Oz. I was told to scare beast, couldn't find that particular skill 'cause I never use it, then couldn't find the wee beastie I was supposed to be scaring. They died despite of this, and guess what dropped? Wulfa's first purple! Beastmaw Pauldrons! I was dancing up and down inside, although I'm too dignified (snort at self) to really do that.

Ok, rest of the run was fun but went down pretty easily. Did Chess for the first time and I'm still not sure what happened. We won, though. Saw Illhoof for the first time. He's chaotic and fun, although Nas died because we weren't fast enough killing the demon chains ... for which I have a macro. I can write macros now! I have 3! This may not seem very exciting but I am a complete and total computer noob and macros were, for the longest time, geek speak to me. Hehe. And then, Prince.

Prince warrants his own paragraph. I can't tell you the mechanics of how we fought him because I completely missed that part. You see, there is this pole. I was instructed, along with the rest of the casters and healers, to stand on that pole. 2 minutes later I was still trying to get up on the pole. That is why I don't play video games. I can't do the jumpy thing. I completely failed at Zelda. I finally did get up on the pole and whispered my fellow hunter to see what I was supposed to do. Shoot, and then shoot some more was what I was told. We wiped. We came back. It only took me 5 tries to get up on the pole. We wiped again. Came back. I walked up onto the pole. Turned out that our 10th wasn't able to connect properly, TripleB said we should probably call it. I hopped down. He says, "Well, maybe we could 9-man it ..."


It took me longer than the first time to get back on. That was finally accomplished, Prince went down, I didn't have to get back up on the pole. Whew. Question for you fellow hunters: does your pet not attack Prince? On the 1st and 3rd times Boru stayed by my side the entire time no matter how many times I told him to attack. I did check to see that I was pressing the right button, btw. That was the first thing I thought of. It was very frustrating, especially when the other hunter's pet was out on the battleground, nobly dead.

So, 2nd time through Kara recap: There's a pole. *Snicker* I now have a whole new subject of bad jokes/puns running through my head. And this following quote, although it was made the following day: "I had the wuest to kill Prince!" It was really funny when it was typed. Still makes me chuckle.

So, my mommy and little brother are coming today, so I will be MIA for much of the week. I'll be there Saturday, however, so don't be giving up my Kara spot. I have 33 badges now and am hungering for more, because Dammy won't let me go shopping til I have 100. And there are lots of purple shinies .....