Saturday, January 12, 2008


Level 37 now. 40k of 60kish needed for 38. Spent a great deal of time trying to get accross the Burning Steppes last night. I eventually made it but died several times in the process.

Wulfa is working on her dragonscale quest.

Dangermouse? makes me want to play an undead badly. But not badly enought to start over again. Ever since hitting level 35 when I look at my alts I think "I have to do those levels again?" and I suddenly have no wish to play anyone other than Dammerung. See below

I really want to have a full set of Ancient(level 38-41 mail) gear at level 40. But no one is selling any of it with str. /sigh. I see lots of "of the whale" "of the eagle" but no "of the bear/boar/tiger/strength". I wish gear like this dropped a little more predictably... I'd offer to pay my guild mates to farm me this. I know I could build a full set of str mail, but I'm wanting a matching set to -start- my mail wearing career.

Fishing is at 218ish and cooking is at 225. I just started on the cooking quest, but as it requires killing Tanaris mobs it is going to wait a while. Alchemy is stuck at 187 as I have not leveled up herbalism enough to collect herbs from the areas I'm in. I think I may start leveling herbalism just for that reason. It is currently at 100.

At 39 while waiting on people to post the 'Ancient' gear I want I think I'll be doing a lot of pvp and collecting honor.

Well thats it... Rl calls.

Go to Pike's place. Follow the links to nina and felsomethingorother. They hit it on the head for me. I can COMPLETELY empathize with people who want to be 70 as fast as possible(especially if like Matticus they've already been there and done that). But for myself, like I've complained many times before. XPing is boring. And now having read their articles I think I may spend the evening playing my level 6 druid. Muahahahha.

Friday, January 11, 2008

My turn

I am level 40! Woot! There, I've finally used that word.

So we did discuss our gold goals and alchemy and all that sort of good thing and Dammy decided that I didn't need to wait on him. His precise words were, "I want you to be my sugar-mama." Harrumph. I already am his sugar-mama. It took me about 5-10 minutes to ding 40 (can you imagine how hard it was sitting at 39 when I was that close?) and I had Bestial Wrath. /dance & smilies. Flew back into Orgrimmar, trained mail and all the other stuff, bought my wolfie, a pretty dire mount that I shall call Wulfie (absolutely no play/pun on my name intended. Not.). We fell in love at first sight. Moved on to the AH and bought myself pretty new armor for decent prices. I kept my agility-only 3 less than what I had with my +agility leathers. So I was pleased.

Went out to play with my new toys and found myself in Tanaris. (I wandered over there from 1k Needles because Gadga-whatchamacallit has a flight point that's soo much closer to the Shimmering Flats). I immediately started panicking because there were all these Alliance people running about. Laugh at self. It's a-what are those little green men? I'm having a complete blank. Anyway, Susan and I decided to try out the mobs surrounding the city. They're all 1-4 lvls higher than myself so it takes me awhile but they're all giving me thick leather which I need (and scorpid scales!) And then I come up on a basilisk. Now, I have new armor and all but I'm still a squishy compared to Susan. So it's imperative that lvl 43's (I was lvl 40 at the time) not come near me 'cause I will take a beating. So we're slowly killing the basilisk, I'm making sure I don't take hate away from Susan, when Susan stops attacking and the basilisk starts coming toward me with half his health remaining. Dangnabbit. I shoot him with my stun to give myself time to prepare. I lay down my frost trap. It doesn't hold. I try the disengage button (that probably was not the best choice but I was thinking on the fly). It didn't work. What to do? Ooh, what's this button? Scare beast? I tried it. And the basilisk ran away from me! /dance of joy. It kept running around in circles until Susan woke up and made short work of it.

So I know I probably should have known how to use scare beast before this but there are so many options. I just never got around to using it before. I'm now a fan, let me assure you and I have moved it to a place of honor with my other tricks, right alongside Mend Pet and Ice Trap. I think I've used all the other tricks hunters have at level 40. Except for one: Distracting Shot. I tried it once a looong time ago and it didn't do any damage so I never used it again (please remember I was a total newbie, rather than just a newbie, at the time). But last night Dammy and I were in the Swamp of Sorrows (totally depressing place) and he, at level 36, was aggroing EVERYTHING. And his health bar goes down so quickly. So I needed to pull mobs off of him, and what do you know, Distracting Shot does just that. So now I have used all the cool tricks hunters have. At level 40. I'm waiting eagerly for that snake thingy.

I dinged 41 last night. Blue bars are awesome. And I have the go-ahead from Dammy to continue leveling so I can be his sugar-mama. I hope that's not an offensive term, now that I've used it several times. So Wulfie, Susan, my little Dragonhawk, and myself are gearing up for more adventures. /maniacal laughter. We're going to take over the world.



Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day where the posts wouldn't stop.

Search "old-blind crippled dog story"... in google...

and you can find us!

I have decided that once I hit 40 I will start leaving my LFG flag turned on when I sign on with more than an hour to play. Just to start getting an idea of partying.

Meg and "that guy" posted their key bindings. And I figured I would as well(Because I felt like it):

1 = Lesser Healing Wave rank 2
2 = Lightning bolt rank 6
3 = Earth Shock Rank 4
4 = Lightning Shield Rank 4
5 = Flame SHock rank 3
6 = Chain Lighting Rank 1

The rest are mouse bound:
Scroll up = MS totem rank 1
Scroll down = SoET rank 2 and Blood fury
Scroll click = ST rank 3
Shift-Scroll up = Healing Wave rank 6
Shift-Scroll down = GhostWolf(yay for 2 talents and 1 sec cast times)
Shift-Click = Grounding Totem

I tend to only use totems if I'm low on hps/mana or I'm in for a long fight. Otherwise fights end too quickly to bother. LS does around 90-120 damage now and the extra 20 str doesn't change the duration of fights by enough for me to bother. I would love to fight things that took forever though..... to bad I don't have enough survivabilty.... any fight which lasts long enough usually means I'm dying too quickly... which is sad... because totem buffs own.

Should I get gear enchants at level 40? And if so... should it be +str? or what? No No I shouldn't... they cost too much and I'll be replacing the gear too soon anyways.

Last post for the day... I swear.



Its me Dammy again. I've been spending the last week picking up gnome-car-litter in the Shimmering flats. Lots of turtles,bugs,birds,lizards.

An alliance warrior in his 44th season tried to take out one of the guards to the Tauren outpost in Thousand Needles. Myself and younger shaman saw him lead her into a dark canyon and we came with. The Tauren lady was very grateful for our healing and escort back. Maybe next time she won't wander off by herself every time a single guy comes along.

Shortly afterwards I met a duo of hunters who were roughly 5 seasons under me. They were also on litter picking up patrol and together we cleared the race track of a bunch of animals and junk. That is until suddenly out of thin air daggers stabbed me in the back... as I tried to spin around and defend myself I noticed my friends were already dead..... and suddenly I was floating in the grey nether. I meandered back to my body and when I came to I was surrounded by a friendly mounted posse of alliance-killing-machine's in their 70th season. Turns out my hunter friends were part of this gang...and they protect their peeps. We went back to trash pickup cheerfully protected by their buddies.

I also learned from a friend of mine(Raviss) that Gadgetzan is a LOT closer than the Tauren outpost and he escorted me over there to tag the flight point.

Tonight... my RL avitar gets to work out and eat and then I finish killing buzzards and turtles and take myself on a long walk over to Stranglethorn and Swamp of Sorrows for a trio of annoyingly long quests.

Well I think thats it. Next up a Wulfa post and hopefully some leveling rejoicing from yours truly on Saturday.

A night spent sulking.

Is this what being in a disfunctional raid is like?

"You're getting to kill things more than me!"

"No you are!"

"I keep having to lead the newbies and don't get to do the cool stuff"

"No *I* keep having to do that you get to spend all your time killing things!"

"No I don't I have to work!"

"Work free of newbies!"

"Fine I'll just take the newbies and GO TO BED!"


"I don't want to kill things anymore I think I'm going to cancel my account"QQQQ

My brother didn't work yesterday(because he was on call or something last night), so he spent all day playing WoW. So Wulfa got to spend all day watching a baby while someone else was sitting in the living room playing games. So she was frustrated and envious by the time I got home. I was tired and fussy. After the standard get home/eat/cleanup, I started playing WoW(it was my turn). She was able to start playing as well but then drew orclette agro when orclette woke up. And about then our world fell apart.

Pent-up frustrations on both sides. Lots of QQ. Lots of sulking.

Also throw in an orclette who was too tired to play/eat/sit but would burst out screaming at the sight of bed(she eventually ate again and then was content to burble and squirm for 20 min while her parents alternated scowling at eachother and grinning at her).

In the end I was so tired of all of it that I offered to stop playing all together(I say I offered... I was mad at the time and right now it sounds like me being passive agressive) so that I wouldn't be playing when she watched the baby.

This morning there was a lot of appologizing all around. She explained why she was frustrated, I explained why I was, we both agreed to try and act more like adults and less like the 3 year olds we are inside.

Oh and I asked if I could post this as this was what we did last night. And she said sure...minus some editing.

For those keeping score... someone has a new doggie(in WoW)... and someone else is 5k xp from 36(with about 4 complete quests and 3 almost complete ones and 3 ones to start next).

Another post to come later on today I think.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Waiting and waiting . . .

I'm still chillin' in Orgrimmar waiting for Dammy to catch up so we can ding 40 together. To be fair he is working hard leveling up alchemy and herbalism (he was inspired by Mrs. BBB) and also fishing to supply his alchemy needs. This requires a fair amount of time and time he doesn't have in abundance. So I'll be waiting for awhile.
In the meantime what am I doing to help us reach 500 gold? I'm running Ragefire Chasm and Wailing Caverns. Over, and over, and over again to obtain greens for my warrior alt who is currently my banker (thanks to Og for that wonderful idea) and also has enchanting. Disenchant all items, sell them, and I come out golds richer than I was. But again, this requires me to run WC over, and over, and over again. I tell myself it's like a marathon and that we've done before. But then I remember at the end of a marathon you get a lovely massage. You get all the eatable goodies. You get to proudly stalk around 'cause you just completed a marathon. You get a fabulous post-race meal of huge bacon cheeseburger and steak fries topped off with a Dairy Queen blizzard. But running WC infinite times? /whimper.
I have a confession to make regarding Ragefire Chasm. My pet died. I know, the shame of it. It's level 17, 18? 20 if you want to solo? The story: I decided to practice my flying leaps and was quite beautiful flying through the air, landing amidst 3 mobs. I started practicing my sword moves waiting for Susan to catch up with me. It was taking longer than usual so I glanced at her health bar and-ohmygosh! She died! In her eagerness to reach me she went into the lava. Poor Susan. So there I was, rezzing my pet whilst 3 ugly dudes were beating on me. She finished them in short order though.
Orclette can say "da-da-da-da" now. Dammy is quite proud of her. At the moment, however, she is wailing dramatically and giving me the most heart-wrenching looks. So I must attend to my little drama queen (she really is a drama queen . . . but that's another story).


Whistles quietly and points at his mini-post in the comments.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Lets try and organize!

Ideally this post will be about the following topics:

1) A short review of last year.
2) A declaration of some goals for this year
3) Shaman mounts?

Hopefully I won't rabbit trail too much.

So I started this blog on 11-7-2007. I believe my stated goals at the time were to have a shaman blog and to fish or something like that. A ponytail got upset at being called icky and I suddenly had two hundred meeelion people visiting.

I don't have a best post but my most commented on post was either that first one... or the one a few days ago about party setup.

I am now level 35. The highest I've ever been. And I've played on and off since 2006(feburary or so). As of today I"ve had 2,145 visitors total. Not sure if you guys are all unique or if I just have one persistant stalker. I had 89 posts last year(blogger counts my first 5 posts of this year as last year). And I managed to not miss a day posting. I think. Other than sunday which was this year anyways. Okay I'm done. All in all 2007 was a good year. I got an orclett. I hit one year anniversaries on Beowulfa and my job and living in this state. So yay.


Get the hell out of debt. Debt is like slavery. Its evil and it eats away at your goals for your life... want to go on vacation? BEEEP rejected! You get to pay a student loan instead. Getting loans of any type(this includes credit cards) was the worst decision we've ever made.

In WoW, get to 39 by febuary. Get to 40 by march. I only play about 10 hours a week at this point. And before we hit 40 we have these goals: 500g, 300 LW, 300 alchemy. I think we're at 230g and 250 LW and 150 Alchemy at the moment. Alchemy has taken 1.5 hrs to get this high, but I know its going to slow up soon. Gold is stuck at 200-250g because we're spending it to raise LW and alchemy and on myself leveling.

5) BBB mentioned mounts. *I* thinks shamans' shouldn't get a special flying mount. Instead we should get a spell called Air Walking..... that works the same but costs a component and requires you to have the air totem thingy(which you dang well better have by 70/80). The spell would work like water walking... it is dispelled by combat, can't be cast in combat and as a special new bonus can only be cast while standing on the ground. Also you should have white/blue orbs circling your feet. (Oh and the spell costs the same as purchasing flying riding skill...with the upgrade costing the same as purchasing the flying riding skill elite version)

This is themey....fits with our current spells in how they work, and is -exactly- like having a mount just not requiring any mountyness. Anyways thats my 78 and a half pennies.

The Ratshag link will be fixed soon pointing at the fishing post that made me want to start.
Whee fixed.

Also, hey BRK when you say ice traps work on more than one mob..... do you mean they work like Ice Nova(ie: one mob triggers it and the mobs in an area are frozen) or more like if the mobs are all standing in the same spot and run on top of the trap blammo freezums!?(lacking link because I"m lazy).

Monday, January 7, 2008

Totally Non-WOW(now with a Sunday post!)

I frequently laugh at myself. Even more so when I have the privilege of working at my grand institution of a bookstore. Sometimes I even get to have a laugh not directed at myself. So, all the interesting and funny-at least to me-things that happened at my bookstore over the weekend:

#1. Customer has an order. I notice last name is Sweeney. I ask, "Do you get teased at all for your last name?" Blank look. "Sweeney Todd?" Still a blank look. "The demon barber of Seville?" At this point she's getting a worried look on her face. Having come this far I decided to risk one last query: "The new Johnny Depp movie?" Nope. Nothing. Note to self: don't ask about people's first/last name. Just don't.

#2. I'm old. Not quite at the age that hobbits come of age but old enough to think, when a cute just-starting-college guy comes through my line, "Oh, what a cute kid." Yeah, kid. Bah.

#3. Not everyone is as young as they look. I was talking to a particular young gentleman as if he were young teenageish age. When he pulled out his wallet to pay he flashed a credit card. Unless they're giving out cards to young kids nowadays that was a whoopsi on my part. Fortunately he didn't seem to notice.

#4. When an elderly lady (70's, 80's) remarks that she has been an avid reader since the first grade DON'T respond with: "Oh, you must be out of books by now!"

#5. This isn't from this weekend but I still consider it one of the funniest bookstore moments ever. I was working on a project, going back and forth from our back room. There was a group of 40ish women in the Romance/Sexuality section. No big deal. We don't care what you look at/buy. But then they started giggling. Like teenage girls. And they started looking around as if they needed help. So reluctantly I headed over there and asked if I could help them. One of them motioned me closer, looked around to make sure no one was nearby, and whispered, "I need a book on how to talk dirty." Whoa. I was a unmarried-homeschooled-Christian brought up young lady at the time and I could come up with several tasty phrases. And she was 40!

I have more little stories but my Orclette is needing serious mommy-and-me time. I hope you enjoy my tales-from-the-bookstore.


P.S. For those of you who were wondering (this includes Dammy) the old lady, after I made my sterling comment, gave me a LOOK. But she seemed fine after that. And if you were wondering about #5 and whether there was a book out there for her, the answer is yes. There are quite a few books written specifically on how to "talk dirty."

Edited by Dammernoob: Below is my sunday post :P

So I was too tired yesterday to post, and my bratty younger brother borrowed(stole) my mouse because he "forgot" and left his somewhere.

Anyways A1RSHIPS!111!!111!!!!

Also, I picked up alchemy and herbalism(and tossed mining and skinning). I LOVE herbalism, and I like how alchemy meshes with my fishing(yay for oily blackfishes or whatever they are called). What I don't like is now that I'm using the fishes I never seem to find any of their pools.

Beowulfa got a little bit hurt when I said that she was taking over my blog. It isn't true. I love that she posts and that she writes better than I do. She lends me an air of respectability. So everyone say that she is awesome! Or I'll talk to you and rot yer brain.

Tomorrow I have a real post coming. It will be about one of two things: last year wrapup or plans for the new year. Also Jabari I'm working slowly on a post of things I've learned in our little group building exercise.

Well thats it,

Hopefully I won't get in trouble with someone for this "Sunday" post. She can be aweful scary sometimes with that bow.