Saturday, April 25, 2009

Because she got busy and never read the comments until just now:

I get forced to post. Woe is me and all that jazz :P

Here is the link she refered to:

Tell me if it is broken and I'll fix it.

Finals are looking pretty good. I might get all A's after all. If I don't screw up any of the finals too much.

Everything is ready financially and legally for me to leave(on the homefront I mean).

Sorry about bailing on the story writing. I have the next two to three plot posts done in my head but not on paper and haven't really had time.

Contrary to most of what I've read Wulfa posting I'm not in that great of shape. I'm going to be able to ship ...but just barely thanks to my lack of running. I just haven't been able to consistantly run out this month. Which is mostly my fault I know. Busy people always say that you can make time for the important things. Sigh.

Ever see the panda kungfu movie? Thats me.... I eat when I'm stressed... or at least I did before coming to NM. So while I haven't gone nutso and eaten tons I've found it very difficult to be responsible and not eat like crazy. I'm getting better on that front but slowly.

I -haven't- gained weight but I haven't lost any since Jan. I'm full of small trickling worries that explode into huge torrents if given any attention at all. So I repeat facts to myself like:

I've got all the finances down so Wulfa is going to be okay.
I'm -at- the running mark and the addrenaline from being about to leave will enable me to make the run time just fine.
Wulfa and Orclette are going to be JUST fine... they have grandparents in town, an uncle in town and several friends. People do this all the time and their families are fine.
I've done good in my classes all semester. The final will not kill me and ruin my grades forever.
I usually calm down once things start happening... I'm not going to get to basic and flip out and get sent back.
I'm NOT going to turn into a pink elephant with purple spots and get forced to be an accountant for the rest of my life while wearing green snail shoes.

That last one ... its the worst.

A few blog things:
Grats on the kid Herk and Sony.
TJ the shower head is your responsibility... the guy can't be held guilty in that case.
The blog roll doesn't represent my reading choices at this moment. Since I don't play WoW anymore I'm only intrested in funny antidotes(spelling) or nifty RP stories. I no longer read about talent builds or gear sets or boss fights or peoples stories about how they fought that boss. So at somepoint I need to trim the tree back to the game design/xycd/writing blogs and the friend blogs.

A few news things:
DnD 4.0 is looking way better than I expected. I will probably end up getting it.
Robert Jordan's next book(written by Sanderson) will be out soon yay!
G.R.R. Martin is doing a tv version of his series... not sure where I stand on this.

And thats about it. I've been told I -will- post a last I'm leaving now post before I leave so see you guys then.

Friday, April 24, 2009

I finally found it

I knew there had to be a webpage out there that compiled all of the mother-written blogs out there. I've just had no success finding it.

I found it this morning.

Out goes all my old blogs that NEVER EVER update and in comes all the fancy new blogs. There's even one written by a military wife. Which I am now.

I only get interested in what other mothers think when I'm pregnant. All the blogs I just removed from my google webpage? Added during the Orclette's pregnancy. I imagine I'll be adding even more when Damm leaves, school stops, and I retire at long last from B&N. Which, by the way, is a certainty this time. I haven't turned in official notice but I have let the hiring manager know that after July I won't be working with them. That's going to be a sad day.

Ok, what other weird things do I do when providing housing for a squirming, kicking infant? This time around I get cravings. Mostly for unhealthy foods, such as fries dipped in ranch, Blizzards from Dairy Queen, pizza dipped in ranch (I lurve ranch dressing). I tend to get reclusive, which didn't stand out as much last time since I had to stay home 11 hours a day anyway (only one car which hubby and brother used to get to work which was an hour away). Ummm .... I do get the urge to redecorate, but that's a common thing, the whole "nesting" urge. I get creative and come up with and also complete all sorts of crafty projects. We'll see how that goes this time around with an almost 2-year old ready and eager to help out.

That's it. I can't think of any other odd quircky things I do that are exclusive to the pregnant state.

And today I have my last quiz. Next week I turn in my last paper. Monday the 4th we have our last tests. And May 5th, early in the morning, Damm will be going to MEPS and then off to S. Carolina for basic. I know I mention that a lot but 6 months is a long time and I haven't had to do it before. Endure would probably be a better word, although I'm planning on being way too busy to simply endure. We're getting Orclette's "big-girl" room ready. We're buying new toys for her (Big-girl toys). Once I find out whether it's gonna be Brendan or Charis I'm sure I won't be able to resist buying stuff for them either. And of course we'll be redecorating the apartment.

And I'm stalling, trying to think of more things to write so I don't have to work out. I like working out. But lately doing it early in the morning has been challenging. Ok, 'nuff stalling.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Last Paper.

This will be for my English class. Want to know what our topic sentence needs to address?

"The current conversation of race in America."

I asked my brother what he thought that conversation might be and he replied back (we communicate mostly through texting) that that was a bit vague, could I be more specific? I called him and tried to explain it, and once he understood what my teacher meant (which takes a while, just read some of my previous posts on the subject-ALTHOUGH, once I got used to the jargon he speaks, I have not had any more issues and have actually had fun in the class) he was very helpful.

Basically we think the current conversation of race is this: if you're Caucasian, you're too scared to talk about it except, perhaps, to point out that we, as a nation, wanted a black man to be our president. Whippee progress! Otherwise, what with PC and the possibility of being sued in court for defamation (or whatever it would be called), you keep your mouth shut. (As an aside: I think perhaps we are now overly sensitive about racial slurs, but seriously, who could blame the various ethnic groups about being a bit riled up after the hell they had to go through?)

Also I don't think racism is the issue anymore. I think it's culturalism. A young black man wearing "ghetto" or "thuggish" clothing is going to put me on my guard. But then, a young white man wearing the same clothing would get the exact same reaction. An Italian wearing a nice suit traveling in packs: Mafia. Businessman in nice power suit: doesn't really matter what color skin he possesses, it's the message he's sending via body language and clothing. That last actually doesn't fall under culturalism.

And of course, I could be completely off-base. I've never experienced racism. Sexism, yes, and culturalism (I was an American traveling in Europe, near France. Nuff said). But I have never, that I can recall, been looked at funny or slighted because of my skin color. Except perhaps that one summer I got myself a nice red burn and couldn't go outside for a week. So everything I've said comes from what I've observed. But as a dude in Obama's book said, we'll never understand [the mindset/thought process/etc. of the African-American peoples in America].

So at that point I mentally went through my list of friends to see if any of them possessed darker skin than I. And I discovered that all my friends are white. Mostly of the very white, they can't stay out in the sun types. I've not avoided different ethnicities, they just don't show up in the circles I currently move in. Which, now that I've come to think of it, are middle-aged suburban white church-going women. Except for J and I [J is my new friend, a year younger and married, and both Damm and I get along great with J and her husband]. Hmm.

The only place I've lived where I have noticed the ethnic groups mixing is in Virginia Beach, Newport News area. I always attributed it to the fact that as a naval base, you get a lot of people who have traveled quite a lot and therefore understand the futility/imbecility of judging someone by their skin color. I don't know whether that's true or not. Monett was called "little Mexico" because we had a small Hispanic population that lived in the poor side of town. I was warned against going there. There were no black families in Monett that I can recall because it was a KKK area. Houston there was quite a bit of diversity, but where I came from the attitude was definately an "us" vs. "them," at least when referring to the Hispanic population. And in Las Cruces? I haven't seen any racial tension. Although I think churches tend to stay segregated ... not on purpose, you understand, it just happens to work out that way. Granted I have only been to two churches-but both have been overwhelmingly frequented by us lighter-skinned peeps.

Anyway. I am just musing over the "current conversation of race in America," trying to get ideas, coming up with questions, etc. I have no idea whether any of my ideas are correct or if I'm totally off-base. Again, I've never experienced racism so I don't really feel qualified to talk about it, but talk about it we must.

Anyway again. I think I'm done with musing.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Celebrate! No, wait, I have classes all day ...

Today is our 3rd wedding anniversary. Damm woke up at some insanely early hour so he could run the 4 miles to school. I woke up at 7 but the Orclette refused to wake up so here I am ..... typing a post, waiting for the little princess. To be fair, we think she was running a small fever last night and she did NOT sleep well at all.

Anyway, Wednesdays are our very longest days. Damm isn't done til 7:30/8 p.m., I'm not done til 6ish p.m., and I work the next day so I can't stay up late. Plus our babysitter has choir practice ... I'm not saying nuthin 'bout that. Must retain calm demeaner.

So basically no celebration this year. Tax return hasn't hit yet so we don't have any extra monies anyway, well, not until Damm leaves. And then I will be rich :D hehe. But we're already planning a long weekend away once Damm gets back so I'll think we'll celebrate the anniversary, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Damm's birthday, etc. at that time. And I think we're exchanging gifts ... I'm lobbying for a new ring to match my engagement one (my actual wedding ring cost $20 at Walmart. We were running out of funds at that point). I know what I'm getting him and he doesn't and he reads this blog, so, I can't tell.

And my little princess is making awake sounds.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Cuteness of Orclette

Of course she's always cute, but sometimes it just overwhelms you ....

like when she wakes up, throws her arms around you, and says "lulyu" which means "love you" . .

when she starts naming all the things she knows before you've had your coffee and wants you to repeat the names after her .....

when she starts dancing whenever music comes on, no matter what it is .....

when she arrives at her pa-pa's house and before we get inside she starts telling me "bye-bye" ....

her now knowing that saying "Rory" and pointing towards the t.v. means I'll turn on Gilmore Girls-I'm not sure that's a good thing .....

she now is immitating Luke from the Gilmore Girls and holding out a hand instead of waving when she's saying bye to someone (mebbe she watches a bit too much of the show ...) .....

how she loves to hug you and then pats your back gently ....

and she loves backing up to adults and telling us that she has a "diader" which means dirty diaper ....

And the list goes on.