Friday, December 14, 2012

Random Thoughts

'Cause my brain is unwilling to form coherent ones at this moment.

We bought a new bed. It's one of those memory foam ones, very nice, very glad it was on sale (cause otherwise we wouldn't have been able to get it). I'm eagerly waiting for tomorrow because I don't have to wake up at five. I can wallow in the sheer awesomeness that is my memory foam bed.

I hurt my knee. I did weights yesterday and forgot to stretch and roll on my foam roller. Bah.

11 days until Christmas. We've gotten all the gifts but I need to send some out. They might be New Year's gifts instead at the rate I'm going.

My brothers will be flying into town soon. I'm very excited since I haven't seen them for over a year now.

The Hobbit was released today. We're going to wait a bit to see it. My patience for dealing with long lines has dwindled. I must be getting older.

My house is messy. Must clean it before Christmas Day, especially since Damm's parents will be here on the 26th and I work that day. And the rest of the week too. It's not too bad, actually, for working in retail. No weekends.

And that's it. Have a lovely weekend, and don't get caught in the madhouses we call stores.