Saturday, January 26, 2008


Working on a secret project can't tell you guys yet. Its a secret.

Making a note to get Dammerung mongoose enchants at 49 and other twinkish things.... basicly planning on self twinking him off of the auction house.

Life is good but busy in our little cave so Wulfa has not had a chance to post. But she will and she has some great stories.

Bah no comments on our pictures :p. Too tired to really think, so wrapping this short post up here.

Good night and good hunting.


Based on this:

I've done a bunch of site changes. I added a brief description of the blog up top where my quotes were and I've added an about us section on the left. Our character list was moved from the bottom to the left bar and I moved Beowulfa's blogroll above mine. I moved the google search back to the top and added some of our characters to our character list. I may have gotten the names or links wrong and that will be fixed later.

Also I am going to unpublish the post about the comments being no longer moderated and this post will serve in its place.

I'm tired so hopefully in the morning I'll look at this and it will look correct.

P.S. The green stuff is NOT the secret.

Friday, January 25, 2008

I just wanted to write something.

You know how you hold certain people up on an object for holding things up? And then you see that they are playing your class, or on your old server, or shopping at yer bookstore?(Megan/Og/the blond guy from oceans 11/12/13)

Well Megan the pvp guru is playing a level 38(probably 70 already) shaman I think. And I'd really love for her to stop at 49 and pvp for a while and write a long detail blog about enhancement shaman pvp at that level. Just for no reason... not because I play a level 41 shaman currently :P.

Og is on my old server silvermoon! On the horde side! /glee... I think og is new to the community but he's got brains and I dearly wish I was on his server so I could ask him if he'd let me farm him things to sell. Not sure how badly that would mess up the whole getting gold without help plan but yeah.

That blond guy apparently has relatives that live in the big town near me and he's shopped at my bookstore. Yeah thats a bit of a stretch but I badly needed 'some' sort of non-wow connection.

I have the attention span of a fly when I'm not farming. When I am farming I can sit and kill elementals for HOURS at a time and never get bored. But leave me reading blogs and I'll want to play 8 different classes over the course of 10 min and I'll swear each time that this is obviously the only class I've ever wanted to play. I was pondering rolling another alt(which I can't do because wulfa had to roll another character simply to let my characters catch up) last night and then I said screw it I'm just going to go farm. I killed elementals for about 30 min before someone and her pet Susan asked to join me and we had to go do quests and things. In the process I ding'd 41 and discovered Stormstrike.

Now those of you who read the comments will notice that me and Jabari had a long discussion about this where I had thought it was on a 2 min cooldown and wasn't worth it. Wow was I wrong. 80 mana and I get an instant 2 blows(which can crit and WF) and +20% to my ES and LS and other nature things. Now fights go like this(for level 40-43 mobs):
Time Mob health Actions
1) 0.00 100% Attack and close
2) 0.01 100% Stormstrike
3) 0.02 75-80% Earth Shock
4) 0.07 25-30% Frost Shock
5) 0.08 5-15% Recast Lightning Shield start chasing down running mob.
6) 0.10 0% Mutter about not getting off a 2nd stormstrike

Of course in the process of this I've spent about 50-60% of my 1800 mana. But the amount of burst I get from 2 axes and this spell rotation seems insane to me. If a mob isn't 3+ levels higher than me I don't use totems.

I've also started changing my totems... for mobs with dps class types I tend to use Stoneskin/Healing/Grounding... for high hps/healing class types I go with SoE/Mana/Searing.

My axes are frustratingly fast(1.8/1.9) but for now I think I'd rather have axe 1 over axe 2.
Axe 1 = ~1.8 speed 30.?dps 8str and other stats
Axe 2 = ~2.6 speed 22.7dps 7str

My off hand axe I don't have a choice on. Its the only one I could find and its better than my 1.5 dagger. I'm trying hard to get more str/agi gear...but I'm not going to give up str... all my slots should have SOME str on them says me.

Anyways...yet another long rambly post from me. Life is looking good for Dammerung though.

See you guys later.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A catalog of pictures.

I think she's HOT. NO, not Susan.....Beowulfa.

This chick is annoying and talks a lot.

Gah he's mean and ugly looking.

So much so that I had to show him from a different angle so you really could get a feel for his new axes that he STORMSTRIKES with :p.


And thats all folks. I sweet talked someone into spending 30g on my axe and now I have to farm scorpids till its dull(the axe.... we all know farming for drops NEVER gets old).

Anyways, tomorrow through Sunday is Serayamuij turf so back to the bluebar I go.


We're on a roll . . .

I've got the doldrums. Serious doldrums. Little orclette takes about 3 naps throughout the course of the day. The first one I spent writing my first post, checking auctions, in general tidying and cleaning up my WOW life. The second one I logged onto Wulfa. Didn't feel like doing any of her quests or grinding. Logged onto Aethel. Nobody from the guild was on and once again I didn't feel like doing anything with her. I logged onto some of my alts and NOTHING. So I created a druid on Aethel's server. I occasionally like to try and expand my horizons, much like forcing oneself to read War and Peace, which it turns out I thoroughly enjoyed. Plus it's fun to whip that one out every once in a while to try and impress. It actually fails more often than not. Who knew I ran around with a literary crowd? Anyway, my druid is lvl 7. And then I got bored. Not with the druid, but with the NE starting area. I've been there too many times to count and probably should have rolled a draenei . . . so I logged off the druid. Logged back onto Aethel and Wulfa, scanned and put more stuff on auction. And then orclette finally woke up (we're on the third nap now) and I had an excuse to get off. Why do I need an excuse to get off? Because my playing time is limited and guarded zealously. I hate to squander it. So there you have it. I have the doldrums.

Long Rambly and likely to get me in trouble.

So... some people who are awesome, did something spiffy this week. And digging through their spiffy I found:


Which shocked me because I thought that someone was a mage or something. And was astonished to find out that I hadn't added her to my feed reader.

And I found this guy!

And Kinless I missed you as well somehow. You've been added to my feeder and I'll update my roll at some point.

So very many of us!

So my self created angst rages on. I am entirely envious of the ease with which hunters and locks level. Every other character I have immediantly falls behind if I'm leveling with 'Wulfa or jerkfacebrother ;P.

I need to stop whining. Life is better than I think it is. Dammerung is awesome now yes. And one of these days his weapons will actually be fully skilled up. And mounts own.


I'm using flametongue on my dagger currently because it is way too underskilled and I kept seeing windfury do: 1, 10, 10. Which made me cry. But I plan to go back to WF/WF once the skill ups are complete...unless I find an offhand axe before then.

The last 3-4 levels I've started using SoE and Mana totems every fight and Searing and Binding on longer fights or caster fights respectively. I like it a lot that mobs last long enough for me to use the totems and actually get a benefit. Also I've taken to following the advice I was given and finding a likely spot and just pulling the mobs to my totems.

Last night me and 'wulfa were in the Badlands killing wolves on our way over to the southeast corner. I had just finished off a wolf and I saw this ally casting MC on me... I nature shocked him and started to charge and on my way in I saw "??" under his name... my first thought was joys I'm dead no matter what happens... but I was able to close and start chopping and he dropped to about 75% and I'm not exactly sure what happened next... I know he ran away a tiny bit and I think he was about to do the 'priest fear' on me when this HUGE RED RAPTOR starts chewing on his face. His casting bar changes over to trying to 'fear' the raptor and fails. I see him bubble... and he starts a heal and the bubble goes away and my shock ends his heal right about the time that the raptor and the arrows finish him.

Turns out he was a level 51 priest(he wasn't ?? to wulfa). But still, myself(level 40) and wulfa(level44?) killed a level 51 priest who HAD THE INITIIVE while we were busy fighting wolves(level 40's). This isn't as impressive as pike slaughtering that higher level hunter 5 times straight but I was pleased.

According to the shedual(intential misspelling) I'm supposed to play Dammerung tonight. We'll see. I'm very tempted to just play Serayamuij and catch up with Aethelwolfa. Both my characters being 3-4 levels lower than hers is starting to get old. Darn her and her extra playing time. :P

Well thats about it... make sure you've read her post below. I found it hillarious(both her and my brother's bluecow have this problem). MUHHAHAHAHA.


Soooo tired . . .

Dammy and I have been staying up late , killing mobs together and it's beginning to affect me. The cut down on sleep, not the playing with Dammy. And Orclette never sleeps in, doesn't instinctively know that her parents need more sleep . . . because it's so cute and it's happening right now I'll share what my little Orclette is doing: she's trying to drink out of my travel mug. She's got the correct end, at least (and it's empty, by the way).

But today will not be about Wulfa. It will be about Aethelwolfa, my stocky little dwarf.

Aethel recently received her tabard. I'd heard that it was pretty-white stars on a dark blue background with a white border. I was excited to try it on, see how it contrasted with my red hair. I put it on, turned Aethel around, and-oh my. Oh dear. How?

You see, dwarven women have big bosoms. And guess where two of the stars were located? You guessed right. Smack dab on the kahoonies. They didn't even look like stars anymore 'cause they were sooo stretched out. Now I know that our guildmistress wouldn't do that on purpose-she's way too sweet. But how did she miss that! Then I recollected that she's a Night Elf. Tall, slim, regal, not too much in the way of bosom. And sure enough I ran across a fellow NE guildie. She looked wonderful. Tiny little stars were glittering amonst a deep blue background. Tasteful. Pretty. I gave Aethel another look just to make sure I hadn't imagined it. I hadn't. Bah. I'll wear the tabard, to show solidarity and all that, and it really is pretty. But if you ever come across a dwarf with big white stars stretched across her chest, yeppers, it's me.

I don't have anything that'll top the tabard story. And my little orclette has come across my mouse. Bah.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

On getting xp.

Having a full blue-bar is simply amazing. Really. At low levels it goes so fast that you don't realize how awesome it is. But if I had wanted to I could have gotten from 10/70200 xp to 70200 xp in an hour and a half WITHOUT turning in quests last night. Which blows my mind considering how long level 38 took.

Instead I spent last night pleasantly questing with 'wulfa. The wyrmkin in the swamp were getting a bit uppity and it looks like they were also dealing drugs, I collected 10 samples of Smiling Goblin(also called Happy Dragon or Dream Dust). Turning in those samples got me a nice chuck of xp with the local law enforcement in Booty Bay. At least thats what he said he was.

We also collected antique artifacts that floated up from the troll temple nearby. Beowulfa wanted them for something and we got her 10 of them. I think I'll have to go get 10 more as she's greedy like that.

Speaking of greedy.... we're out getting crab legs and crab meet for me to give to some guys I know... and she keeps asking me why *I* am looting *her* mobs.... which is flabergasting. WE'RE KILLING THESE THINGS SO I CAN GET THINGS OFF THEM. [sudden sound of female orc beating down male orc]

*groan* I 'er... need *wince* to ... appologize... for [a few moments spent gasping for breathe]... my rude *grimace*.... behavior...*sob*

A short visit to a holy priest
Anways, we cheerfully killed monsterous crabs and murlocs galore. Yay us. And that Dragon Somnusnores didn't kill us once.

Also: Cooking 264ish. Yay me!

Well tonight I can't go questing or xping until I've spent time working off my fat gutt from sitting idle so long. But after that... THE DERVISH OF DOOM VISITS DEATH UPON THE DYING BADLANDS!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The picture says it all.

The armory hasn't saved the new me. So let me do some translating for those who can't read a picture of an orc :P.

20% more movement speed
~60dps/~30dps(but the axe and dagger still needs serious skilling up)
+115str from gear now
~+15 agi
~1300 armor.

And from my "extensive testing" in the 5 min before I logged off :P... I rock the house now. I bring a flurry of world ending doom and death and choppity and slicety. I am the desert. I am the tundra. I am the element that kills you!

Okay. Now that that is out of my system, I'll go back to whistling happily and staring blankly into my happy place. See you guys a bit later with a post about getting xp.

On lazy worthless gnomes.

If DAMMERUNG had been played you would have had tons of posts. But Serayamuij hates everyone.

I noticed(once I came back from this weekend of crazyness) that some kind blogger had taken the time to post a bunch of comments on my blog. About something that I won't talk about because its -that- evil.

Well let my try talking about it. Apparently he did this to a bunch of other people as well I think. Well... people who offer multiples of 100 silver in exchange for multiples of 100 pennies SUCK. I don't support this and am frustrated that I must now moderate my comments to avoid this kind of nasty.

I like my Shaman more than my warlock, I like horde more than alliance. So why do I want to play Serayamuij more than Dammerung?.... I like the guild better.

One there is no level 70's. And none of the people seem to be power-soloing-level-fast-golems. So we might catch up before 70.

Two I'm actually helpful. Already our little group(we're not a clicke, cliche, of those things because we're not evil)...anwaysy our little group is possibly the richest in the guild and the highbies(level 40 people) can USE my Alchemy 124 elixirs and potions.

Three they talk more. A lot more. And the leader is very talkitive.

Which makes me cry. Because I -really- like Dammerung more. But I know that the way this is going... I'm going to turn into an alliance by virtue of guild. Something has to be done!

/marches off to his lair to plot.

One Among Many had these suggestions for a blue shaman name....:

(in order... badly translated then transliterated)

(had to go with army instead of horde because babel fish hates me and two semesters of russian can't fix that)



I think I like the last one best. Not making a blue shammy though... too enraptured with Dammerung and too busy with Serayamuij.

Well... not yet anyways. Evil people trying to trick me...

Monday, January 21, 2008

On being a dwarf hunter

This weekend has been exhausting. In RL, as Dammy briefly mentioned, we got a new vehicle. I'm proud to announce that I am now a soccer mom. We have a lovely white minivan. Worst part? Dammy loves it and for our next new vehicle (which is hopefully not for many years) wants another minivan. I have to admit it's nice, way nicer than our old one. But I won't wax eloquent on the benefits of it. There is only so much one can take, which I found out this weekend at my lovely bookstore. I bored several fellow employees to tears.

*As an aside we're currently watching Resident Evil 3 simply because we saw the other 2. I don't really like zombie movies, but Milla (sp?) is pretty cool. But they bring in Hitch's concept of flesh-eating birds. Yuckie.

So being a dwarf is interesting. I'm closer to the ground and slightly more ponderous. For the first time ever I have two pets, one in the stable and one with me. I made the mistake of naming the boar. Her name is Scytha.

Dammy has been pushing me to get to 20. I started Friday at lvl 14. As of this writing I'm at 18, halfway to 19. We've been a major contributor to our guild's bank-tab fund, which is awesome. It can be good to come in just when a guild is getting off the ground. We had a very good weekend at the AH, raking in about 20+ gold selling eggs, various meats, and enchanting mats. We were run through the Deadmines by our lovely guild members. I've never been through before. Not my favorite instance.

I've figured out the proper use of wing clip. You clip 'em, then run backwards and fire off a few shots which hopefully will finish the mob off. This saved me several times, the most notable when I sent Scytha off to attack what I thought was a croc a couple levels below me. Turns out it was a lvl 22 croc which, at lvl 17, is sorta hard to kill. But I AM HORDE AND I TRIUMPH! Oh whoops-I'm Alliance. FOR THE ALLIANCE! I still don't view the little hordies running through our areas as enemies . . .

Woot. It seems like such a long time since we've done a proper post, when really it was only a few days ago. But I'm out for now.

I AM DWARF! HEAR ME ROAR! (or rather, belch loudly after quaffing a large quantity of ale and resume singing about gold. It's a rather lovely song, you might have heard it before:

"Gold gold gold
gold gold gold
gold gold gold

and the chorus is even better:

"Gold, gold gold gold
gold gold gold gold.") :)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bleh... well at least its something.

Aethelwolfa dinged 17. Serayamuij is 16. We're hoping to have 20g by tomorrow morning if auctions sell.

The horde on this server awe me. They're so ... everywhere.

Dammerung should have a huge blue bar built up. He'd better.