Monday, April 4, 2011

Blah Blah. And blah blah blah.

Several times I have composed a post in my head, only to dismiss the possibility of writing it when I contemplated how much work it would take to type it. Today I am forcing myself to sit and type, because that's what everyone says to do when you have writer's block.

Except I don't think I have writer's block. I have end-of-school-itis. 26 days and counting til this semester is over and summer begins. Since I don't have to take summer classes, summer will truly feel like a vacation, and will leave me eager to begin the fall semester. That's a good thing. One of these days I'll post our fall schedule so you can gasp in horror.

I shouldn't be freaking out. Compared with other final weeks, these final weeks are rather easy. Some 1-2 pg. papers, one 2-3 pg. paper, and one 4-5 pg. paper. Plus a ten-minute speech. Two tests that I know of, but they're not comprehensive. Previous semesters I've had four 8-10 pg. papers, a speech to prepare, and a chemistry test to cram for.

But freaking out I am. I got a 26.5/30 on my Egyptian test. My previous test for this class I got 30/30. The way the professor works his curve my grade is still an A, but come on. I feel like I'm slipping. And I don't like speeches, no matter how frequently I give them.

Don't you wish you were back in school? You could freak out with me, and experience all sorts of interesting stress symptoms, such as a racing heart rate, panic attacks, and Sherlock Holmes-esque lethargy crises. It's a total rush, I tell you.