Thursday, August 14, 2008

Well at least I seperated the rabbit trails out.

Cakelin asked what I(any of her readers) would do first in Wrath(along with a ton of other questions): The answer is a bit of a toss up. Go to Borean Tundra... or roll me a DK.

Caitlin... cake...cakelin! I'm on a diet. Its not my fault your name sounds like cake :p

So I'm sitting here at work. Actually working and thinking all the time about Snowboots.

Snowboots is a almost two feet tall from ground to back(tails don't count). Snowboots is about 4 1/2 feet long with out the tail but including the front... "paws".

Snowboots is my speckled white Scorpid(scorpion for non WoW players). And the reason I"m playing my hunter again.

I never thought I would actually like a scorpid pet. I mean bugs and me are not friends. But I needed the next rank of claw so I tamed Snowboots. And after the first kill I knew Dots(my cheetah) would never come out of the stable.

Yeah I'm not the first to find this blogger. But Megan pointed at an article of his and I'm really glad I checked it out. Very nice clear website(if a bit white for my tastes) with an awesome commenting tool.

I like getting a level every time I log on. If I log on and don't get a level for two nights straight I stop wanting to play that character. Not sure what it is about that lovely yellow glow but I like it.

Last night I got 2! I'm stoked and want to play my hunter bad now.

Icecream totally counts

So we're on a diet. We don't need need to be on a diet but we are trying to drop a few pounds-me 5 and Damm 10-15. And our efforts had stalled, mostly because the cafeteria where Damm works has lovely, tantalizing desserts and the smell of the best fries I've ever tasted constantly assaulting my nose. We weren't gaining weight but we weren't losing.

So I decided that we needed a jump start, something to kick us back into weight-loss gear. I decided that we were going on the South Beach Diet since it's one of the saner diets out there (and I've read/perused most of the diets that have been thought up) and actually livable in its final phase. If you notice a lot of "I's" and not "Damm and I" that's because he likes to do what I'm doing and he really doesn't care as long as the scale is being nice to him (Wulfa thinks (his co-workers think he's hen-pecked), he doesn't and doesn't care what they think but it bothers me).

So basically the diet consists of mass quantities of lean proteins, loads of vegetables, low-fat cheese, nuts, and I think that's it for phase 1, which is what we're doing. I decided beforehand that I was keeping my chocolate and coffee morning routine because I've tried to go without it before and it wasn't pretty. 'Sides, it's sugar-free chocolate and creamer, and South Beach is all about sugar-free. Damm is going to have his American cheese even though it's probably not allowed. We've also bought some of the S.B. snack and meal bars and I'm not going to check and see whether they're allowed-they taste good and have a bit of carbs in them which make the days go by smoother. And the final thing that probably was not what the founder of S.B. had in mind when he said "sugar-free" is the sugar free pudding that we have at lunch. It's the one thing I've looked forward to this week, the one thing that makes this diet possible for me. And yesterday the cafeteria was out.


So instead of the above we went to Braum's (icecream place) to see if they had any sugar-free icecream. Turns out they did and we ordered the larger size. Delicious, smooth, creamy, probably only tasted good because we've been having chicken and vegetables the entire week (which is my fault-I only bought chicken). It sooo hit the spot. And our weight was down this morning. So, icecream is totally allowed! :)

And to date I've dropped 2 pds and Damm 3.5.

And on Saturday we're ordering a pizza each and hitting up Dairy Queen for blizzards.

And on Sunday it's back to lean protein and vegetables.

And why do I ever think diets are a good idea?!

Just figured I'd edit this so you would know that I wrote a post down below about hunters its small... you might not see it if I didn't tell you.

On Hunters.

Go do something for me.

Go level a survival hunter to 40. Let him sit for a month or three while you play something else... come back and play him for about 10 min.

You notice the difficulty your pet has holding hate off of your awesome crits? You notice how to kill a mob you have to burn half your mana?... Good

Now respec Beast Master. Watch as your pet destroys things while you save your mana for BW and that thing that looks like a kodo's mouth. Maybe the occasional trap or heal.

The difference is night and day.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Guess What!!!

Guess who haz a dragon!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just to clarify:

My new dragon is a beautiful Violet Drake. My gryphon has been sent to a lovely retirement home where he shall be given the best of care. Violet and I are inseparable.

And some more late-breaking news: I have a new pet! A warp stalker that earned the name Suki. Reason for acquiring: I'm a hunter, and I wanted one. Nuff said! :)

Oh my gosh the pain ....

So I've probably mentioned that I love anything with vampires, werewolves, faeries, etc.?

I've just begun reading City of Bones by Clarissa Clare.

I love it.

It's a trilogy. The 2nd book has been released and I will be buying it.


Why?! Why why why must the publishers put me through such pain?

Resistance is Futile

When I first met Damm his sense of style was non-existent. Since we had no money to spend on the type of clothes I wanted to buy him (non-Walmart clothing) I put the clothing transformation off into the future.

Recently I've been buying him nicer shirts. He's steadfastly refused to let me pick out the style of his jeans, although he does let me pick the color (I usually pick the color that the nice male models that they have plastered in front of, oh shoot, forgot the store name ...... but it has HUGE GIGANTIC portraits of half-dressed young males ....).

This past Sunday he ripped his jeans and had to buy new ones. To my surprise he let me pick out his jeans for him. Relaxed Fit Bootcut jeans (he usually buys the roomiest, baggiest jeans available). And this morning he paired it with one of his nicer black shirts.

Darlin, I thought you and the rest of the world (including your mother) should know.

You are HAWT.

P.S. You almost were delayed for work. I have admirable self-control, however.

Some thoughts:

Please read the following:

Now that you are back. I have to agree. I really do.

I mean sure... it can be incredibly helpful if you are building a machine and someone comes along and says "hey man that screw is loose...if you tighten it you'll get more torque".

But when you are creating something artistic, the critics... well... they don't matter. Because you -will- fall on your face. You will write a horrible piece of lit that shouldn't ever see the light of day. But if you listen and hear someone tell you it was crap... most of the time you won't do it again. People tend to not bounce back from negative responses and try again. People tend to avoid the negative. So if you are a tender artistic soul.... don't listen... no matter what they say they aren't right.

That said I'm sure there are hard boiled tough experimenters who listen and filter. Maybe. I think though that those souls have simply developed a good circle of councilers and they 'look' like they listen to critics...but they are simply being polite....and thinking about cookies.

Anyways, I figured I'd share my thoughts on this.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Ye Olde Tattoo Shoppe

So it happened. I was asked to blog about my tattoos. I wasn't sure, at first, how best to do that. Show a few pictures, say what they mean, leave it at that? Or include why I got the tattoo, what it means to me? I wasn't sure I wanted to do the latter because describing why I got my tattoos, all of them, is not something I've done before. It also meant that you'd be taken on a small biographical Wulfa journey. In the end, though, I decided to do it all. Show a few pictures, tell you why, when, and how, and then answer a few most-commonly-asked questions. Hold on to your hats :)

My first tattoo was probably the one I shouldn't have gotten. The conditions weren't right. I was 20, and had just gained and lost my first boyfriend. He had decided he really liked the dudes better. It was not an amicable parting-I think that's the first and only time I've screamed all of the cuss words and insulting phrases in my vocabulary at someone. Anyway, I wanted a change. I was angry, a bit lost (who wouldn't be? a guy chooses another guy over you-does something to your self-esteem). I decided to get a tattoo. I knew what I wanted-the letter C, representing Christ, my only foundation and the only rock that didn't ever move on me, on my ring finger. The tattoo shop we (best buds and I) went to didn't tattoo on the hands and neck, however, because they couldn't guarantee the work. So I got it in the middle of my chest. It didn't hurt as much as I thought, and in case you were wondering, my parents were not amused.

Next tattoo I got on my 21st birthday. I wanted one and I had money. I chose a unicorn because they had been one of my favorite images for years-representing strength, nobleness, purity. It was originally done in black and white, and I later had it colored in.

Since the unicorn turned out so well I decided to get another animal tattoo. I picked the eagle because it represented America and for everything she stands for. The fact that I'm a history nut also helped sway the odds in favor of the American Eagle. Later I had the words "Semper Fidelis" added to emphasize my loyalty to the USA-which is, in my opinion, the best country in the world despite her many faults. I have no Marines in my family that I know of.

At this point my memory of what came next gets fuzzy so I can't guarantee the accuracy of the rest of the post :) My absolute favorites are the ones on my forearms.

Fire (chinese characters) and joy (arabic).

Wind, free, and a pretty flower :)

Fire and Wind I chose because to me they represented passion, fierceness, wisdom, and those are just cool. Joy and Free I chose for more personal reasons. As a teen I battled anorexia, bulimia (you can have both, though it is not as common), and the compulsion to over-exercise (not remembering the clinical name for that right now). During this time period my mental state could only be described as depressed. My physical state was constantly on the edge of breaking-I had plantar fascitis, fallen arches, I tore both my calf muscles, I suffered numerous knee injuries. I eventually recovered, and swore never to return to that mindset/lifestyle. So I had joy tattooed on me to remind me never to forget that I should be joyful and not depressed. I chose free to symbolize my freedom, and that I never had to go back, that I was not doomed. And the flower is just pretty, it doesn't mean anything, although it does show my favorite color, purple :)

My next tattoos were the stomach ones. In case you were wondering, they were excruciatingly painful. And just so you know, I wasn't going to have kids. I didn't like them and avoided them whenever possible. So I never considered the possibility of my beautiful tattoos stretching out. The first one was a panther, positioned so that he seemed to be climbing down my stomach. The second part was a half-circle of roses below the panther. Conclude what you will.

The next tattoo gave me pause. I knew what I wanted-a Celtic Knot (my favorite author, Stephen Lawhead, has written quite a bit about the Celts in fantasy form and I, like most other people, though they were cool) . It was blue/black, very pretty. I knew where I wanted it. I wanted it in the trash-stamp area. But because that's where every girl gets her tattoo I wasn't sure I wanted it there. In the end, however, I decided that I had flaunted convention enough and that it didn't matter where I put it. So I have a trash stamp :)

Next up: the only tattoo that didn't hurt. I had to ask the artist if he was putting the needle against my skin-I really couldn't feel it. It's a fleur-de-lis on the back of my neck, chosen to represent the friendship between two of the best friends I've ever had and myself. It was small and cheap, we could all afford it, and it was pretty :)

The latest addition is a small K, to represent Damm (his real name begins with K). My friends bought it for me during my bachelorette party. It's on the inside of my right ankle-I didn't want it appearing in any of my wedding photos, and I didn't want to upset my mom on the eve of her only daughter's wedding.

All told I have 13. I think. I have to recount often to make sure :)

Some of the questions people ask me:

#1. Would you do it again? Yeah, I would. It's possible I would've chosen different things to symbolize what I meant to form a more cohesive picture-as it is my tattoos don't really go together.
#2. What did your parents say? They don't like my tattoos. They love me. We don't talk about them.
#3. Did it hurt? Umm yeah. With one exception.
#4. Would you let the Orclette get a tattoo? Not until she was 20-that's when I got mine. I would ask her first to search the Bible for herself and to ask her Creator if it was ok. I did that at the behest of my dad (after I had already gotten a couple ...). I would also counsel her to get it in a location that would be easy to hide-wearing long sleeves in the middle of summer isn't fun. I would tag along to make sure she chose a good artist who practiced safe habits. I would probably pay for the first one and get one myself :)
#5. What's your next tattoo going to be? Something to represent my Orclette. Something with fire, as that's what her given name means. No idea yet on what, though, and really no money to pay for it at the moment.
#6. What's your favorite tattoo? A co-worked had the word "Worth" tattooed on her forearm to remind herself that she's worth it. It's my favorite hands down.

So, there you have it.