Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas all.

Our family is happily waiting Christmas morning. Well kinda happily. The munchkins are being overly hyper :P... the Daddy(me) is being overly sick...the wulfa is being overly worn out from a long workweek.

Still tomorrow should be good for everyone. We've got a lot of activities planned out and thanks to numerous friends and family the munchkins have a LOT of presents to open. Wolflette(yeah we don't really play orcs anymore) is almost slobbering with excitement.... Miniwolf is cheerfully oblivious and just wishes his mommy would let him play with the tree ornaments.

Speaking of being sick. Since we got done with finals.... Sat Dec 10th ish... I've been sick every day excepting two of them. It hasn't been the same sickness...the first week was a fever with dizzyness...this week has been flu-like chills/sweats with loads of headache, coughing and nausea. I really want to simply be well again.... this has been too much.

Well thats everything from me for now.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

What's in a name?

Before I start on my planned post, let me tell everyone that Miniorc woke up at 2 a.m. this morning and stayed up til 5 a.m. I'm waiting for my crankiness factor to go sky-high. Currently the coffee is keeping it at bay.

I was shopping with a friend yesterday and I was telling him that I hate it when people call me "dear" or "honey" unless they have major gray hairs. I don't reach 5'2", and frequently bigger people, unknowingly or not, do that whole looming/power thing. It's why I want a monster truck that someone would have to haul me into. Power, people. When you trivialize my name, you assume familiarity and a sort of power over me. And when I'm the retail guru helping you find a book? You don't have that right. But I can't really say anything, because most of the time they seem like nice people, and I don't want to turn nice retail customers into annoyed retail customers. They start to yell.

And I know not everyone feels like I do. But we have names for a reason, and I'm kinda sensitive about mine.

For instance, my middle brother is named a cool name. A good friend of my parents called 'em up and told them that she had had a dream and God told her to tell them to name him these particular names. My parents had already been leaning toward those exact names, and so his name was created. He was named by God, people.

My youngest brother's name means "old friend". At the exact moment of birth a song by my mom's favorite artist, "Old Friend", was playing. How cool is that? And he really is like an old friend to everyone. He picked up two strays (from his school) for Thanksgiving and brought them home with him.

And me? My dad picked out my name. He choose it because it was pretty. That's it. No story, no words from God. And my mom put one of those filler middle names in my name. My dad didn't believe in middle names. This lack of backstory prompted me to launch on a massive search that would find some cool meaning to my name. And also that summer when I was thirteen and copied the girl's section of the baby name book. Bruce Lansky, in case you were wondering. He's got a lot of baby name books out. The coolest meaning I came up with was "captivating waterfall". I like the captivating part, but I'm not sure about the waterfall part. I did do research on those words and their origins as well, trying to dig deeper meaning out of it. I'm not sure where I put all my copious research, which is sad.

And my kids? They each have five names. All carefully researched and chosen for their meaning and how well they fit with the other names. Orclette's is rather battle-driven, since I knew she was going to be a girl and I didn't want her to be at a disadvantage. And she does have a fiery temperament and loves her Jedi sword.

Miniorc's is also martial, but a bit more tempered than Orclette. And it shows. He's the quieter of the two. He's my survival baby. He had a cord wrapped around his neck that sent all the nurses in the maternity wing into a frenzy and made my mother's face drain of all color. Fortunately, I was on an epidural high and didn't realize what was happening. And yes, he was perfectly fine.

See? Both have stories, even though technically not about their names. But stories are comprised of words, so they are important too. My birth? My mom didn't cry. That's what she remembered. She thought she was abnormal.

And the final chapter to this rambling about names. We decided that I would retain my maiden name. Changing one's name to the husband's is a leftover from our patriarchal society, in my opinion. Why couldn't he change his name to mine? The Bible does say a man will leave his parents to be with his wife. Never says anything about the wife leaving her parents. I was willing to hyphenate, but Damm would've also hyphenated his, and that would have caused a ruckus in his family. I wouldn't call them patriarchal, but they're close. So I am still me. With my name given at birth. I retain my identity, and I don't feel that I would have if I had changed my name. Probably seems weird to some, but there you are.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Retail Workout. And Christmas.

This is my second day of three of 8-hour workdays. I usually get put at our customer service desk, which means I'm always moving. Tiring, but a great way to burn calories.

We are done with Christmas shopping and the kiddos are excited about getting to open their presents on Christmas Day. Are you done? Or are you braving the malls and stores to get those last items? It's not too bad at my mall. I've seen so much worse. But of course if the item isn't there you can't order it. Some people seem to think you can. I guess Next-Day Air ... but that's usually more expensive than the gift itself.

We ordered a Christmas meal from Albertson's. I pondered learning how to successfully bake a turkey, but then I decided that it would be too much work since I'm putting in lots of hours at B&N. I'll make the desserts, but that's fun and not too much effort.

I'd like to volunteer somewhere for something Christmas related, but we simply do not have time. And little children complicate the whole volunteer thing. Maybe when they're older. Get that idea of "giving is better than getting" into their heads. Other traditions I'd like to establish is going to a Christmas Eve service (traditional, preferably-I like the pomp and circumstance occasionally) and then finding the rich neighborhoods to view their Christmas lights. The theory is that they're loaded with money and can actually afford to put on a good display.

Christmas Day I'll put on Christmas music and allow only Christmas movie watching. We'll open presents whenever I get up, which will be ridiculously early because I love Christmas morning, both the getting and the giving:) We'll eat too much, go for a pre-dessert stroll, enjoy the day, etc. Then the next day I'll be at B&N bright and early, scouting everything that went on sale for Christmas next year (and get some Christmas 2011 shopping done:). And of course actually working and helping people find stuff.

That's our Christmas. What are your traditions? Habits? etc.?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Little girls scream. Little boys munch on boogers.

**This was totally supposed to be edited before it was posted. Then I got sick and nearly DIED due to a small head cold :P... the nearly dying may be a bit exaggerated. Anyways this wasn't the whole post and it looks horrible and ick.**

Alliance vs Horde. Battleground speed vs. guild. Story vs. Friends.

Differences in kiddos. How she's very screamy and princessy and he's very cuddle based and grimey.

Serious posts. Change in blog overarching themes. Things like this. As we have grown more comfortable with our schooling and personal development you can see the change in how we write. You see me dealing with my very real lack of a political foundation. You see both of us working through our organizational failings. You see us posting more of our history love. You get our endless exercise posts. And our fiction and our wow slides to the back burner. Does this make you more likely to skip us in the reader? Because we've changed from the themes you came to read? Or have we always been more of a friends blog that you read out of genuine interest in the mundane life boogers that we post? These questions are rhetorical and come out of a self introspection I recently had. I've found that I can tell who I consider my real online friends because I am still interested if they tell me that they spent the day at the library cleaning gum off the bathroom stalls*. Because I'm not going to skip their post if it isn't interesting.

Responses and my own lack of them. Developing community.

Monday, December 13, 2010

On the road again ...

At least I'd like to be. We've had two days of idleness-last Friday (day after our finals were done) and today. I worked all weekend, but between the days of idleness and Damm and I both being sick, a lot of t.v. has been watched and a lot of books read these past four days. And that's ok. Growing up I remember watching quite a bit of t.v., and when my mother started a book she became absolutely useless until she finished it. I got my love of reading from her.
But I'm done. I've never done well with too much empty time. I remember one summer I checked out a bunch of Victoria Holt books on cassette (this was over ten years ago:) and copied the girls section out of a baby name book. I like names. And I don't like being idle.

So after I finish the series by Julie E. Czerneda (my new favorite scifi author) I've got a bunch of projects I want to do.

Item one: go through our file cabinet. I save everything, including highschool papers. So it should be interesting.

Item two: go through all the clothes-again-and get a box ready for donation. The kiddos are growing, and clothes I bought last week no longer fit. Fun fun. Plus I get a 20% off coupon from our local thrift store for bringing in a donation.

Item three: Organize and pack this semester's paraphernalia. When I become rich and famous, my notes from the Fall 2010 semester are going to be highly sought after. Origins of my brilliant mind and all that, don't you know. Actually that would be back in grade school, but I don't think my mother kept any of those papers/notes/projects.

Item four: Organize our book shelf. This one probably won't happen, as it has been on my to-do list for several years now. It's fun to dream, though.

Item five: run a lot. Although I'm running (hehe a pun) into a problem with my right hip flexor on long runs. Apparently I need to fix my form, run on flat surfaces, and strengthen my hamstrings. I've never had a problem with form previously, Las Cruces is made of gently rolling curves, and my hamstrings should be super strong from the Spinning classes I've been doing. Oh well. I'll figure it out.

Enough boring stuff. I won't go into the list of school supplies I'm looking forward to purchasing for next semester, although who doesn't like comparing/contrasting pens and highlighters? And folders? And notebooks? And post-its? Isn't it fun? Almost as much fun as going to school.

Yeah I know I'm a nerd. Very old news. It started when my mother took me away from the newspaper kicking and screaming because I was eating it. True story (I was one at the time).

Friday, December 10, 2010

Some things should not be forgotten.

"And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend, legend became myth ..."
(Galadriel, LOTR)

(Warning: the images contained in the first link could be considered too graphic; I know that my dad was unable to access it at work.)

This semester our history-the United States history-has been made painfully real. Things that should never have been forgotten are now not spoken of; a past that contained bloody secrets has been remembered as an era of glory.

This is a website dedicated to remembering the lynchings that took place in the United States for 100 years, starting with the end of the Civil War. Almost every state could boast a lynching, or, as it was also referred to, a "black barbecue". People made postcards of the pictures taken of the hanged black people, many of whom had been tortured with the aim of producing exquisite pain. It was a point of pride to have attended a lynching.

This is a video of Billie Holiday singing a poem that had been written about the black lynchings, called "Strange Fruit". This is the actual poem.

The United States was never made to fully face what it had done to the black race. While I do not believe that we should be held responsible for the actions of previous generations, neither do I think that the atrocities committed should be swept under the rug and put out of sight. As George Santayana said, "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

***If you have any reaction to the information presented, please feel free to leave a comment. When I mentioned to my professor of Civil War history that I was thinking of doing this post he expressed interest in knowing the reactions I got. I am aware that the American Civil War is still an issue that can provoke extreme emotion, so I would request that all responses be civil.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Four 8-10 page research papers. One 5-minute presentation. One film review. An empty printer ink cartridge. Half a tree's worth of paper used in printing all materials for my research papers (I'm kidding, at least I hope. I'm not purposefully wasteful).

That was my finals week. And I'm done. done done done done done.




Ok. I'm bored now.


I'm finally done with school this semester. I might actually take time to visit with guildies tonight. That is so awesome.

So I'm writing my "I'm done post". Wulfa has about an hour or two more before she turns in her final paper and writes *HER* "I'm done post".

School had its ups and downs this semester. We averaged about 3.5 posts a week. I don't think we had any major posts of earth rattling importance. We dealt with black widows, election thoughts, and a lot of time management. We played WoW more than we thought we would and less than we had in previous semesters. We didn't have any complete and total emotional breakdowns(we did get very very close several times though).

ROTC provided a great deal of financial security and a HUGE amount of stress and frustration.

Orclette started gymnastics and that has turned into a great huge amazing success. Oh and she's effectively potty trained at this point. Also a happy new thing.

Mini-orc hasn't really started talking yet but looks more and more like a little person and less like a baby.

Wulfa survived. We both adapted a lot and gained tons of skill points in the time management area. Turns out you CAN do this kind of stuff and not go psychotic. It's just uncomfortable and hard. Much like anything else worth doing in life.

Oh and I got decent grades while keeping my PT up which I wasn't sure of my ability to do so.

All in all it was a good foundation semester and we hope to use the lessons learned to set ourselves up for a growing semester next semester. A few days of break then we start our christmas break schedule and all the things we're going to do before next semester.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Glowing New Year.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

From an email.


You're a 19 year old kid.
You're critically wounded and dying in
the jungle somewhere in the Central Highlands of Viet Nam.

It's November 11, 1967.
LZ (landing zone) X-ray.
Your unit is outnumbered 8-1 and the enemy fire is so intense from 100
yards away, that your CO (commanding officer) has ordered the MedEvac
helicopters to stop coming in.

You're lying there, listening to the enemy machine guns and you know
you're not getting out.
Your family is half way around the world, 12,000 miles away, and you'll
never see them again.
As the world starts to fade in and out, you know this is the day.
Then - over the machine gun noise - you faintly hear that sound of a
You look up to see a Huey coming in. But.. It doesn't seem real because no
MedEvac markings are on it.
Captain Ed Freeman is coming in for you.

He's not MedEvac so it's not his job, but he heard the radio call and
decided he's flying his Huey down into the machine gun fire anyway.
Even after the MedEvacs were ordered not to come. He's coming anyway.

And he drops it in and sits there in the machine gun fire, as they load 3
of you at a time on board.
Then he flies you up and out through the gunfire to the doctors and
nurses and safety.

And, he kept coming back!! 13 more times!!
Until all the wounded were out. No one knew until the mission was over
that the Captain had been hit 4 times in the legs and left arm.

He took 29 of you and your buddies out that day. Some would not have made
it without the Captain and his Huey.

Medal of Honor Recipient, Captain Ed Freeman, United States Air Force,
died last Wednesday at the age of 70, in Boise, Idaho

Below is an quote from
explaining how this email was true.

Captain Ed W. Freeman, United States Army, distinguished himself by numerous acts of conspicuous gallantry and extraordinary intrepidity on 14 November, 1965, while serving with Company A, 229th, Assault Helicopter Battalion, First Cavalry Division Air Mobil (ph).

As a flight leader and second in command of a 16-helicopter lift unit, he supported a heavily engaged American infantry battalion at landing zone X-ray in the Idrang Valley, Republic of Vietnam. The infantry unit was almost out of ammunition, after taking some of the heaviest casualties of the war, fighting off a relentless attack from a highly motivated, heavily armed enemy force.

When the infantry commander closed the helicopter landing zone, due to intense direct enemy fire, Captain Freeman risked his own life by flying his unarmed helicopter through a gauntlet of enemy fire, time after time, delivering critically needed ammunition, water and medical supplies to the Paceeds (ph) battalion.

His flights had a direct impact on the battle's outcome by providing the engaged units with timely supplies of ammunition critical to their survival without which they would almost surely have experienced a much greater loss of life. After medical evacuation helicopters refused to fly into the area, due to intense enemy fire, Captain Freeman flew 14 separate rescue missions, providing life- saving evacuation of an estimates 30 seriously wounded soldiers, some of whom would not have survived, had he not acted.

All flights were made into a small emergency landing zone within 100 to 200 meters of the defensive perimeter where heavily committed units were perilously holding off the attacking elements. Captain Freeman's selfless acts of great valor, extraordinary perseverance and intrepidity were far above and beyond the call of duty or mission and set a superb example of leadership and courage for all of his peers.

Captain Freeman's extraordinary heroism and devotion to duty are in keeping with the highest traditions of military service and reflect great credit upon himself, his unit and the United States Army.

Below is his medal of honor citation from:


Captain Ed W. Freeman, United States Army, of Boise, Idaho, who distinguished himself by numerous acts of conspicuous gallantry and extraordinary intrepidity on 14 November 1965 while serving with Company A, 229th Assault Helicopter Battalion, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile). As a flight leader and second in command of a 16-helicopter lift unit, he supported a heavily engaged American infantry battalion at Landing Zone X-Ray in the Ia Drang Valley, Republic of Vietnam. The unit was almost out of ammunition after taking some of the heaviest casualties of the war, fighting off a relentless attack from a highly motivated, heavily armed enemy force. When the infantry commander closed the helicopter landing zone because of intense direct enemy fire, Captain Freeman risked his life by flying his unarmed helicopter through a gauntlet of enemy fire time after time, delivering critically needed ammunition, water, and medical supplies to the besieged battalion. His flights, by providing the engaged units with supplies of ammunition critical to their survival, directly affected the battle's outcome. Without them the units would almost surely have gone down, with much greater loss of life. After medical evacuation helicopters refused to fly into the area because of intense enemy fire, Captain Freeman flew 14 separate rescue missions, providing lifesaving evacuation of an estimated 30 seriously wounded soldiers-some of whom would not have survived had he not acted. All flights were made into a small emergency landing zone within 100 to 200 meters of the defensive perimeter, where heavily committed units were perilously holding off the attacking elements. Captain Freeman's selfless acts of great valor and extraordinary perseverance were far above and beyond the call of duty or mission and set a superb example of leadership and courage for all of his peers. Captain Freeman's extraordinary heroism and devotion to duty are in keeping with the highest traditions of military service and reflect great credit upon himself, his unit, and the United States Army.

Monday, November 29, 2010

One of these things is not like the other.....

Her: "You should change mini-orc's butt"

Me: "I might if you give me a kiss, or a suggestive hug, or a butt grab...."

Her: "I bought you crackers...."

Just sayin....

Give Texas A&M ONE play back........and we're the undisputed Big 12 South champions and 10-2.

Just one freakin play.

So why the $%^& are OU and OSU ranked so much higher when we destroyed OU and that ONE PLAY is what seperates us and OSU?


Our three losses are to the following teams:

#14 Oklahoma State 10-2
--lost due to 5 turnovers but the worst was the one that let them kick a game winning field goal with seconds left

#7 Arkansas 10-2
--Lost when the razorbacks intercepted a game tying touchdown pass. 4 interceptions

#12 Missouri 10-2
--No excuses they wiped the field with us.

We beat the following teams:
#9 Oklahoma 10-2
#14 Nebraska 10-2

and I've got to go to class.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New toons

So many places to start from. So many things to do. Hard to decide what to play. But want to create something new for cata.

Sunday, November 21, 2010



Yeah the officiating was a bit heavy but.....

P.s. we're in texas now for thanksgiving.


Friday, November 19, 2010

For those that are curious

Last post isn't as funny as you think it will be. But I had no post ideas and hadn't posted in a while.

It ends with Book losing his bookend and Jess chasing skirts...

[21:24:20][G] [J1:80]: grats again you nuts

[21:24:22][G] [J2:80]: best part

[21:24:24][G] [J1:80]: brb AFK

[21:24:25][G] [J2:80]: you won't even know it's me

[21:24:36][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: lol

[21:24:55][G] [Dampanza:80]: *sigh* this take so long(skinning)

[21:25:11][G] [B1:80]: FLY around with your new bird self, FFS.

[21:25:13][G] [B1:80]: Whiner.

[21:25:14][G] [Dampanza:80]: can't

[21:25:27][G] [Dampanza:80]: skinning level 61

[21:25:28][G] [B1:80]: Oh, right. Noted.

[21:25:30][G] [B1:80]: Enjoy.

[21:25:31][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: lol you're taking the words out of my mouth

[21:25:32][G] [J2:80]: muahahaha

[21:25:41][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: love you Damm.

[21:26:03][G] [B1:80]: I love all my mates. But it's the best to take the piss out on them.

[21:26:29][G] [Dampanza:80]: nah on them isn't as effective as in their cheerios

[21:26:50][G] [B1:80]: True--but that is just gross.

[21:26:53][G] [J2:80]: you love pissing on your mates?

[21:26:54][G] [J2:80]: dude

[21:27:03][G] [B1:80]: LEARN THE MEANING.

[21:27:37][G] [B1:80]: "pissing on" is much, much different than "taking the piss out"

[21:28:01][G] [B2:80]: (B2): The latter sounds even less sanitary

[21:28:03][G] [Dampanza:80]: bah why bother learning.... just pretend they are the same things

[21:28:15][G] [Dampanza:80]: he wants to take the piss out of his mates

[21:28:18][G] [Dampanza:80]: see!

[21:28:57][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: I'm still having issues with the cheerios thing ... bad mental picture

[21:30:35][G] [B1:80]: Have Frosted Flakes instead, much more sugary.

[21:30:54][G] [Dampanza:80]: white stuff in your pee means cholera

[21:31:05][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: lol if I did my kids would want some and then we'd be knee-high in sugar rushes

[21:31:22][G] [Dampanza:80]: speaking of sugar.. afk snickerdoodle icecream

[21:31:29][G] [J2:80]: that's... good to know damp

[21:31:39][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: I'm not related to him.

[21:32:00][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: :)

[21:32:06][G] [J1:80]: I always knew that

[21:32:08][G] [B1:80]: No, no you're not.

[21:32:17][G] [B1:80]: If you were...I'd worry.

[21:32:31][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: lol

[21:32:39][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: well, his ancestors are from Arkansas ...

[21:32:41][G] [J2:80]: worse, you chose him

[21:32:53][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: lol I'll pass that along:)

[21:32:54][G] [J2:80]: :-|

[21:33:00][G] [B1:80]:

[21:33:26][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: if anyone is from Arkansas it's quite a lovely area of the country

[21:33:40][G] [B1:80]: Yes.
[21:33:56][G] [J2:80]: you saw a butterfly

[21:33:59][G] [J1:80]: it does not mean cholera it means drink more water:P

[21:34:08][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: hehe

[21:34:17][G] [B1:80]: Water is lame.

[21:34:20][G] [J1:80]: *makes note never scroll back*

[21:34:43][G] [J1:80]: Ugh I thought so too, then I got my system used to drinking enough

[21:34:56][G] [J1:80]: now if I don't drink hurts

[21:35:07][G] [J1:80]: grats again

[21:35:10][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: congrats to all once again

[21:35:14][G] [B1:80]: I have you covered J1. In theory.

[21:35:15][G] [Dampanza:80]: I've been told... that if you drink enough food coloring... before a drug test...

[21:35:21][G] [K:80][F]: thanks

[21:35:24][G] [Dampanza:80]: you can pick your color of results :P

[21:35:27][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: ack

[21:35:38][G] [J1:80]: lol

[21:36:22][G] [B1:80]: CrazyGradGirl is in the living room again. I made dinner again...but I am nearing my limit.

[21:36:59][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: so today our daughter was watching Damm play Call of Duty and suddenly bursts out with "Yay killing!"

[21:37:23][G] [B1:80]: I will begin producing children in the hopes they meet.

[21:37:47][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: not sure CrazyGradGirl would be in the mood if she's banished you to the kitchen.

[21:38:11][G] [B1:80]: CGG sleeps a lot...

[21:38:21][G] [Dampanza:80]: thats just WRONG

[21:38:35][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: dude you'd be sleeping on the couch for years to come

[21:38:37][G] [B1:80]: Not when you're married?! Right?!

[21:38:45][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: hahahahahahahahaha

[21:39:04][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: when are her finals?

[21:39:04][G] [B1:80]: Good God. Are you kidding? I know what is going on. I'd be dead before thinking that.

[21:39:20][G] [Dampanza:80]: before thinking about finals?

[21:39:32][G] [B1:80]: I don't think about Finals. I eliminated them.

[21:39:37][G] [J2:80]: I'm so lost in guild chat

[21:39:40][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: lol

[21:39:44][G] [J2:80]: bookley's having kids

[21:39:50][G] [B1:80]: Hers are around the 15th of Dec. or so Wulfa.

[21:39:55][G] [J2:80]: dammy's sleeping on the couch?

[21:39:55][G] [B1:80]: No--I am not.

[21:40:02][G] [K:80]: lol

[21:40:03][G] [Dampanza:80]: possibly

[21:40:09][G] [B1:80]: I would--if they could meet Dammy/Wulfa's kids and play CoD.

[21:40:10][G] [J2:80]: and J1 punched a general?

[21:40:12][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: ouch that's a ways to go

[21:40:32][G] [J2:80]: or seduced

[21:40:34][G] [Dampanza:80]: no J1 is paying a general 100$ a quarter for grades

[21:40:40][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: hehe my daughter is going to lead any boy quite a song and dance.

[21:41:08][G] [B1:80]: I kinda want daughters. *IF we do the kid thing.

[21:41:09][G] [J1:80]: hey hey what wait!!

[21:41:28][G] [J1:80]: I do NOT sleep with a GENERAL my man WORKS for a living

[21:41:36][G] [Dampanza:80]: *cough*

[21:41:38][G] [B1:80]:

[21:41:38][G] [Dampanza:80]: ouch

[21:41:42][G] [J1:80]: *runs*

[21:41:44][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: it's got a tough entrance examination ... but once you pass it it's great

[21:41:53][G] [B1:80]: Now I'm* lost.

[21:41:55][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: lol J1

[21:41:59][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: kids

[21:42:05][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: you have to give birth ...

[21:42:09][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: entrance exam!

[21:42:18][G] [Dampanza:80]: hey I'M learning how to tell working guys "yeah thats good sarge lets do that"

[21:42:21][G] [J1:80]: finals = birth

[21:42:21][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: I'm way to immersed in school, aren't I?

[21:42:49][G] [B1:80]: Good God. Ok. No worries. No kids. I will not reproduce.

[21:42:56][G] [Dampanza:80]: nah kids are FUN

[21:43:08][G] [J1:80]: thats the part that cracks me up, it's the enlisted that tell the officers what works, THEN the officers say "hey go do this!"

[21:43:14][G] [B1:80]: Yeah, YOUR kids are...but these guys know me. It's a bad idea.

[21:43:16][G] [Dampanza:80]: they stick their hands deep into their diaper and THEN into your mouth to wake you up

[21:43:26][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: and hit you over the head

[21:43:40][G] [Dampanza:80]: and rack you

[21:43:47][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: and pull your shirt down

[21:43:49][G] [Dampanza:80]: and pee in your pillow

[21:44:03][G] [B1:80]: Sounds awesome. Can you get clipped online?

[21:44:10][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: lol

[21:44:17][G] [Dampanza:80]: I could mail you scissors

[21:44:22][G] [B1:80]: I have some.

[21:44:29][G] [J1:80]: rubber bands

[21:44:39][G] [J1:80]: you know how the castrate bulls right?

[21:44:42][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: hehe

[21:44:51][G] [Dampanza:80]: cool... take a big long swig of your choice.... tighten a few rubber bands on...and CHOP go the scissors.

[21:44:56][G] [B1:80]: Well...sometimes J1. We just cut 'em.

[21:45:06][G] [Dampanza:80]: just make sure they aren't child safety....because you'll have to saw a bit

[21:45:13][G] [J1:80]: you take all the fun out of my life bookend

[21:45:18][G] [B1:80]: My teeth just grit.

[21:45:24][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: rofl

[21:45:31][G] [B1:80]: BOOKEND?!?

[21:45:38][G] [B1:80]: If you tell Ruune that, I'll stab you.

[21:45:40][G] [J1:80]: *looks innocent* wha?

[21:45:55][G] [Dampanza:80]: you can't bee bookend... you are chopping bookend off....

[21:46:00][G] [J1:80]: rofls

[21:46:04][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: hehe

[21:46:09][G] [B1:80]: Hate. AoE hate.

[21:46:20][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: I bet Ruune would love a pair of bookends for Christmas ...

[21:46:20][G] [J1:80]: *scratches the ears*

[21:46:55][G] [B1:80]: The worst part is my wife and Ruune are BFFs now.

[21:46:59][G] [J1:80]: I realize...I have no idea how college works

[21:47:04][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: haha that's awesome

[21:47:14][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: College: old dudes and dudettes talking

[21:47:16][G] [J1:80]: I start spring semester, but classes end in may...then what?

[21:47:17][G] [B1:80]: You get drunk, go to class, chase girls, get drunk--write a paper. Go.

[21:47:34][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: I don't think J1 wants to be chasing girls ...

[21:47:36][G] [B1:80]: Oh--sorry--that's Saturday.

[21:47:41][G] [J1:80]: uhh yeah no:P

[21:47:48][G] [K:80][F]: if she does i want to see a paper on it

[21:47:54][G] [J1:80]: you would

[21:47:56][G] [J1:80]: :P

[21:47:56][G] [B1:80]: HA

[21:48:02][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: hehe

[21:48:05][G] [J1:80]: blog posts count?

[21:48:07][G] [B1:80]: No.

[21:48:11][G] [J1:80]: dammit

And let the gorging begin.

Finally, finally, time for the Thanksgiving break. It isn't a total break-I'm bringing along two research papers-but still, it's a kind of break. And Damm ordered pizza tonight so our holiday eating has begun. (Not really. I have no desire to put on 5 pounds:)

Tomorrow we leave for Texas. We'll be spending Thanksgiving with my family and some of our friends, and then I shall cry when we have to leave and mentally cuss the day I let myself contemplate the suggestion to move to NM. The holidays are wonderful, ain't they?

And far more important, I got to see Harry Potter 7 today, by myself. It was heaven-sitting in the dark theater, alone, watching the pre-previews show. Then a group of dudes came in and sat right next to me. Right next to me. They weren't obnoxious, and I liked my seat, so I stayed, but the theater wasn't full. They had to sit right next to me and interrupt my reverie? Anyway. It was awesome and left me hungering for the 2nd installment. The makeout scene betwixt Hermoine and Harry was surprising but totally in keeping with what a teenage boy would imagine, in my opinion.

And that's that. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and Wulfa is out until school is back in session.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


That would be me. I'm easy to scam, which is funny because I'm suspicious by nature and you'd think I'd see through scams. But no, I don't, and I'm pretty sure I got scammed by someone calling themselves Facebook.

See, my account got locked, and they said I needed to send in a photo ID to verify my identity. I thought at the time that I was at the actual Facebook site, but now I look back at it I'm not sure. Did I go through the fishy message I received? I can't remember, and that's got me worried.

So Damm will be calling our lawyer group to see what we might need to do. He can't think of ways one could use a Driver's License, but I can-see, that suspicious nature. That does me absolutely no good when confronting an actual scam.

I should just stop using the Internet. It is evil. Evil evil evil.

Now I understand all those old people who refuse to use the internet. It's just too easy to accidentally give away vital information. And if you know that you're easily susceptible that's even more reason to stay far, far away.

Or just be more careful. Take Internet safety classes.

I still feel sick from this. Bah.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wrecking Crew

first time since 2007 that the aggies have shut out an opponent in the first half, in 2007 it was Kansas, the aggies went on to lose that game 19-11, it was also the first time since 2007 that the sooners have been shut out in the first half that was against Iowa state OU went on to win 17-7.

The aggies had 222 yards in the first half compared to OU's 111; the offensive production was well balanced at 100 on the ground and 122 in the air.

OU’s offense is ranked 16th in the nation with an average of 460 yards per game.

The aggies limited the sooners to their second lowest offensive output 362 their season low was in their win against Texas 360.

It was the lowest point total by OU however on the year.

The aggies held OU to 72 yards rushing with an average per rush of 1.6.

They held OU to a total of 362 yards on 104 offensive plays with an average of 3.5 per play.

The aggies had 4 sacks on the day for a total of 32 yards, one forced fumble and one interception.

The aggies Michael Hodges had a career day with 19 tackles 8 solo 2 tackles for a loss, and 2 sacks, this was the most tackles posted by an aggies player since Dat Nguyen notched 20 against UCLA in 1998.

Von miller also had a stout day with 8 tackles 3 solo, 3 tackles for a loss, and 1.5 sacks, 1 qb hurry.

Sean porter had a solid day as well getting 7 tackles 2 solo, 2 tackles for a loss, and 3 pass break ups, 1 qb hurry.

Note these are 3 out of four of our starting linebackers; the fourth Garrick Williams had 7 tackles 4 solo, and 1 tackle for a loss.

Huge production out of the linebacking core on Saturday.

OU’s 3rd possession they had a first and goal from the 10 yard line, the aggies forced a 4th down however on the 3rd an goal from the 10 the aggies were penalized for roughing the passer giving OU a 1st and goal from the 4 yard line. Then the aggies held OU out of the endzone for four consecutive plays including two from the one yard line to force a turnover on downs.

In the second quarter with a first and 10 on the aggies 24yd line OU looked like they were about to score before Garrick Williams tackled DeMarco Murrey for a 6 yard loss out to the 30 followed on the next play by Eddie brown and von miller sacking Landry jones for 9 yards out to the 39 putting OU out of field goal range and facing a 4th and 25 to go.

The aggies started the third quarter off by returning the kickoff for a touchdown.

In the 4th quarter at the aggies 32yd line OU attempted a fake field goal but were unable to complete the pass and turned the ball over on downs.

4th qtr. OU gets a 1st and goal at the aggies 10 yard line they rush to the 5 then to the 1 but are held out of the endzone on consecutive plays from the 1 yard line to turn the ball over on downs.

4th qtr. OU has a first and goal at the aggies 4 yard line but are held on 4 consecutive plays short of the end zone to turn the ball over on downs for the final time.

Marking 3 times in the game that OU had a first and goal and could not score, also three times that they had a 3rd and goal from the one or better yet could not get the ball into the end zone.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


To level herbalism from zero to cap?

To get from level 71 to 80?

RAMBLY Political Responses.


On monday, I had about 80% of this written as a reply to your comment before I figured I should just drop it into a post. Yay for thought spam from simple commentary.

To be clear: I'm not anti-our-current-president. I didn't like his solution for the recession(the bailout(which was started by our previous president)) but I'm certainly not blaming the recession on him. I understand that it was my dear party that thought you could spend AND cut taxes at the same time.

I'm not really in favor of the way in which the other party wants to extend the tax cuts(cutting some and not others). I would rather we let all of the tax cuts expire and everyone equally paid a little bit more. BUT I'm really not happy with the idea that we can extend all of them when we are in record levels of national debt, which is what my party espouses.

No our current president didn't have much time to fix the economy...and any good/harm he did probably won't be evident until about 2 years after this next election.

The things I don't like about him is that he doesn't seem decisive any more and I'm not really sure what he wants to get done.

Now my traditional party hasn't helped at all. They've been so busy trying to make him fail that they probably have blocked many good things while trying to block bad things(I'm not really for universal health care without strings(aka Tri-Care is kinda universal but you have to be serving)).

I'm kind of using this election as a sheepskin(referring to choice making device of Gideon). I'm watching my party to see if they can get over the "anything the other party isn't" position and if they can show that they are actively working towards a goal that isn't defined by the other party.

I agree that no matter which party is in power the people will be overly critical any time the people are suffering even the most minor of inconveniences.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Something about Daylight Savings Time awakens my inner grump. My inner meloncholia. There should not be daylight streaming in through my window at 6 a.m. It's just wrong. Why do we do this again?

I'm also grumpy because we're going down to Houston for Thanksgiving. Happiness, right? Well yes, but then I have to come back. There is a little voice inside me that shrieks bloody murder every time we make that drive back to New Mexico. And every visit I seriously contemplate just staying. I change my mind once I contemplate the absolute chaos that would ensue were I to do that. But then I think how nice it would be. And the inner scream commences.

I am also grumpy because Miniorc has to be positioned just right to fall asleep. He doesn't like having the covers on his legs, he has to be snuggled up a certain way, and if anything is not to his liking he throws a fit. So this morning I put him on the floor after being thoroughly woken up by his antics. I lasted 15 seconds and then picked him up, but he proceeded to fall right back asleep. Apparently he wasn't prepared for Momma to go on the offensive and succumbed to my tactics.

I am also grumpy because NMSU requires student advising every semester. One more thing that I have to make time for. Who needs advising more than once a year? Overload, people, overload. You are being Big Brother. And I don't need a big brother. I like being the oldest.

Bah. Enough with the grumpy. What am I happy about? Thinking.

Still Thinking.


Can't think of anything. But at least I tried, right? I acknowledged my grumpiness and the need to shift focus onto happy matters. It is not my fault if I can't think of something happy.

Ooh-coffee. That's happy. But then I also think of my chocolate habit, which I have kicked, but which makes me sad. No more chocolate in the morning. Ok, grumpy again.

I just can't win this morning.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election thoughts.

Staring at an election in which my knee-jerk party of choice has just been very extremely clearly been given a mandate to fix things I can only wonder at what the next few years will bring.

My worries are that despite the extremely positive message for my party that this election has brought that the party will not remedy the economy and will be so focused on "keeping Obama to one term" that they do nothing good for the nation.

I'm all for gamesmanship and "winning" but if you do nothing with your victory but crow about it then you don't deserve to win. Republicans need to sit down and get their asses to work. They need to ignore the political games and work on fixing things. If they don't then I imagine that before my kids are able to vote there will be a new party that will.....

At long last the promised recipes.

All recipes I'm about to tell you about are from the "Daffodil Festival Cookbook", printed by Jumbo Jack's Cookbooks. If for some reason you want their info, just let me know and I'll get it for you.

My famous pumpkin bread, reworked and made fantastic.

(Preheat oven to 350 degrees F)
3 cups flour (I use whole wheat)
1/2 tsp. baking soda, 1 1/2 tsp. baking powder (note: in different climates I've had to use different amounts of baking soda, so use what works for your area)
1 1/2 tsp. salt
Big dash of cinnamon (I don't measure, I go by how I feel that day)
Medium dash of nutmeg
Small dashes of pumpkin pie spice, cloves, and allspice
1/2 cup sugar (You can increase this to 3/4 cup as 1/2 cup makes a good but very unsweet loaf)
1 scoop protein powder
******* Yadda yadda, mix dry ingredients together before adding wet ingredients.
1/2 cup applesauce
1/2 cup oil
4 large eggs
2/3 cup brewed pumpkin spice coffee (this is what makes my bread fantastic)
1 can pumpkin (I use Libby's, other brands taste weird to me)
******* Mix together, pour into greased bread pans (I use ... oh bother ... haha I don't know the dimensions)
Bake at 350 for 45-55 minutes, depending on your oven.
(Entire batch, assuming 1/2 cup sugar: est. 2815 calories; 2 loaves, 24 slices total: 117 calories/slice)

Another recipe that I just tried today and am going to make for Christmas gifts is a variation on Chocolate Chip Cookies (I can't help myself, I always have to tweak). Same book.

(Preheat oven to 375 degrees F)
1 cup butter
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
2 T. hot water
2 tsp. vanilla
3 cups flour
1 1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. baking soda, 1 1/2 tsp. baking powder (the recipe actually calls for 1 Tbs. baking soda, but that has to be a misprint.)

Mix dry, mix wet, combine, make it look fluffy, add 1 cup mint chocolate baking chips. Arrange by teaspoonfuls onto greased cookie sheets, bake at 375 for 8-10 minutes.

Notes: I think I could make them larger and they would still look adorable. Next time I'm going to sprinkle them with green sprinkles to make them look festive. And I don't know how many calories these cookies contain. Not sure I want to know.

And there you go. These two recipes will be my staple holiday fare this year since they're easy and fun to do. Enjoy!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Song, Cadence, Chant, whatever.

When I was in the army...
they gave me lots of food...
When I was in the army...
they told me sleep was good...
but my dear old sergeant...
was having non of that.
Food will make you sleepy...
Sleep will make you fat.

When I was in the army...
they told me get some gear...
When I was in the army...
they told me have no fear...
but my dear old sergeant...
issued me nothing...
and said I'd better tremble...
when I hear his name...

When I was in the army...
they told me I was smart...
When I was in the army...
they said I'd learn a lot...
but my dear old sergeant...
call-ed me stu-pid...
said I'd never learn...
only end up dead.

So I can thank the army....
for a dollar a day...
but I thank my sergeant...
for making me this way...

To me this is sung to the tune of that really addictive song from the animated version of "The Hobbit". The one that they sing every time they do a travel sequence. Anyways it all rhymes if you say the words the way I do.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

MM vs BM

I have been a solid fan of Beast Mastery for years now. Never tried Marksmanship or Survival, never really wanted to. But a couple weeks ago I was invited to go along on a 10-man with our guild and I noticed some glaring differences in the damage meters betwixt me and the other hunters. This bothered me, because that means I'm not optimizing my character and I like to optimize everything I do. So I cogitated a bit on the problem.

Problem #1 is that my gear is mainly from 5-mans, and their's was substantially better. I did get to take home two nice pieces, so I'm slowly closing the gap (and of course in a month or so that won't matter anyway), but there was a great disparity.

Problem #2 was my pet. For some reason I couldn't call my level 80 wolf, only my level 77 pet. I visited the stable master and fixed that problem afterwards, but I wonder what difference having a level 80 out would have made, seeing as I went in BM.

Problem #3 was my glyphs. I think I had two. That problem is now solved as well.

Problem #4 was unfamiliarity with the new playing style. I didn't know that Steady Shot refilled the focus tank, and I wasn't sure what the optimum rotation was. I've done a bit of reading and I think I have a better idea of what to do now, but that was quite an experience not knowing what all my little buttons were for.

Problem #5. I know at least one of the hunters was MM, not sure about the other one. And they have that chimera shot thingy.

And so I finally bought Dual Spec and went MM. Bought the appropriate glyphs, looked up a basic shot rotation, and went hunting.

Serpent Sting (at least I think it's Serpent Sting, it's the one that the Chimera Shot replenishes. I really don't have room in my brain to remember right now:), Chimera Shot, and if they were still alive Arcane Shot. Two or three shots per mob-I could grow to like that. So I kept MM, and have been playing with that spec since. I haven't gone up against more than two mobs, and I suspect that in that situation I would want to be BM, but that's not a crucial concern.

I think I will stick with BM for soloing, however. I like having the ability to have exotic pets, and I like having an equal partner in the field. But for raiding I'll pull out the MM spec, at least until they change everything again.

Here's hoping we have time to play this weekend.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our washer broke. :(

I think this bit is the actual engine. The grime made identification hard. But yeah the belt caught fire.

Discovering picasa and google's web albums..

It makes uploading pictures so much easier. We may have to start actually using that camera of ours.

The mountains that overlook our place.

Before the haircut making a weird face.
Isn't she a smoking hot mom?

I love this photo.

She's "smiling".

After the hair cut.

During the hair cut.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Follow the link.

It is a series of interesting articles on well... self pity among the wealthy and the wealth gap in america.


I have one 3-5 page midterm, two 8-10 page research papers, and then one 15-20 page paper that serves as the final yet to write. That's in addition to the three weekly papers I've been writing every week. Sounds fun, no?

And just last week I saw some of my spinning classmates hard at work running and lifting weights before class. I remember thinking that they were crazy and that I would never do that. Somehow, over the weekend, I decided I was going to get to the gym early so I could fit in a short run. Why? I'm not sure. It's the competitor in me, I guess.

Around this time of year-every year-I get the urge to bake. I have finally perfected my pumpkin bread recipe. It's not really mine-I used as a basis a recipe from a cookbook and then tweaked and prodded and turned it upside down in the quest for the perfect pumpkin bread. Damm thinks it needs to be more like cake, but we eat this bread every day and that would pile on the pounds. Instead it's low-sugar, low-fat, I add protein powder, and spice the canoodle out of it. I also found (in the same cookbook) a recipe that uses bran cereal, raisins, applesauce, and very little sugar to make a dense, fantastic bread. No tweaking necessary, aside from adding protein powder and spices other than cinnamon. I also have added cornbread to the list, but cornbread is cornbread. I don't tweak it. And for those of you who are now hungry and want the recipes, just wait. I'm going to post them later, when I have time to type them out and properly cite everything.

Right now I have to go walk my dog, because he is bouncy. And if he doesn't get a walk, he gets even more bouncy, and then he knocks over the Orclette and Miniorc, and that just won't do. So, after running one mile, lifting weights, and Spinning class, I'm going to go for a walk. Which is why I have to get up insanely early to workout-my brain hasn't kicked on yet and isn't able to protest the craziness.

Til laters ya'll.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

So ... I guess my keys are off-limits?

I got an email from Blizzard today, saying they were locking my account because of suspicious activity. This would have thrown me for a loop, except yesterday Miniorc was playing with my keys and I caught him turning the Authenticator on and off ... my keys are off limits now:)

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Tell me if you get the joke.
Same story here.

This enormous cloud was over the the mountains and the moon was peeking from over it and it changed a bit when I was able to get my camera out and my camera is a crappy phone but lemme tell you it was about three times more amazing than this.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A new menace.

Just a side note: there is something incredibly beautiful watching a steaming cup of coffee. Not to mention the glorious smell. Ok.

We have a new menace. It's black with a little red hourglass on the back. That's right-black widows! We found the first ones in the garage, which is understandable because we weren't careful boxing up everything and there were plenty of places to hide. But then we found one out on our deck. And another one on our porch (I almost stepped in it). And then we cleaned out the kids play equipment, which had been left to fend for itself after we declared the backyard off-limits after momma nearly stepped into the spider. We brushed it off, sprayed it with bug spray, left it for a while. Damm and the kids went out to play later, and as the Orclette gets off her tricycle to head inside, a black widow crawls out of the foot pedal (it's a plastic Dora tricycle, not a metal one). That was all sorts of creepy.

And before you ask, yes, they are black widows. Myself, my mother, his mother, have all asked Damm where the hourglass was because there's an imitation spider out there. He won't answer that question anymore. He knows what a black widow looks like.

We are going to call our landlady. I'm a bit concerned about her response. Our neighbors, who don't have kids and are not dirty, called for the annual bug spray that was usually provided. They were told that their house was probably dirty and that's why they have bugs, and no she wasn't going to spray their house. Yeah, I'm shocked too, and worried that somehow we'll get the same response. But in that case, we're just going to call our lawyers. Don't you love that? I can actually say that now, thanks to the National Guard. I have a lawyer.

We haven't seen any in the house, and we have begun taking precautions. No piles of clothes on the floor, shoes have been moved onto a shoe rack, no open boxes. But still-to a healthy adult the bite isn't fatal, but to my kids? Can't be allowed to happen.

Anyway, that's the menace that has taken over our backyard and garage. Hopefully soon we'll be able to report that offensive action has been taken and those areas reclaimed.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hey I learned something new.

After years of being immersed in the fitness and nutrition world, after years of battling body image and eating disorders, after years of fighting an OCD mentality, and after a few years of relatively normal behavior, I found out something really cool this morning.

I am a mesomorph. A body type to be envied.

I never knew that. I had heard of the three body types: ectomorph, the thin, tall person who never seems to gain weight; the endomorph, the person who gains muscle quite easily and is big-boned but also gains fat by looking at food; and then there's me, the mesomorph, who has an athletic build, easily gains muscle and just as easily loses excess fat. Every article I read proclaimed the greatness of the mesomorph.

I had never done much research into this subject, apparently. Or I classified myself as an endomorph, thinking that mesomorphic awesomeness was too good for me (hey, eating disorders can do that to one's psyche). It's just really cool to hear I actually have something that other people wish they had, after years of being bombarded with the ectomorphic body image parade that goes on with our starlets and models.

Of course, if you are an ectomorph or endomorph you can also look awesome. You just require a different approach. Here and here are two random sites that I looked at and found informative and interesting.

While I'm on the subject of fitness, go check out this site. Spark it up! It's actually a neat site, and once Damm and I get our phones of awesomeness next semester (some type of Droid, probably) it'll be even cooler since I'll be able to update from my phone. You can choose how involved you want to be; I get on in the mornings and read articles and spin the wheel for extra spark points. My mom found the site. Figures she'd find facebook completely boring and go searching for something else:)

I'll update you on my fitness regime as well, although I'm not sure anyone but me finds it interesting:) Spinning has been going well-I love my instructor and actually look forward to class. I've been going twice a week. I have one long run per week; so far it's 4 miles. One day I do an active recovery day, and the other two I usually run and do some strength training. And on the seventh day I rest. No clue what my weight is or measurements are; the next time I do a weigh-in I'll post 'em here.

And I am now typing this with one hand because Miniorc needed my other one. Adios.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The self proclaimed pirate and the head bob dance.

She was dancing around saying "I'm a pirate I'm a pirate."

His head bobs were so serious I had to stop right after taking the picture and put him to bed. Poor bugger.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


So I got my homework moderately under control and was able to play with the Wulfa last night. Found out that my guildies are absolute raiding BEASTS as they rofl stomped bits of ICC while I watched in awe and while wulfa was busy running back and forth keeping miniorc asleep.

So now that we've been playing again I've done 17 battlegrounds on my druid. 2-15 is my record. I gained about 250 honor in two games... and about 250 honor in fifteen games... feel free to speculate which were which. Part of that is the losing games were lost so badly that they were over in easily a quarter of the time that the winning games were played. Part of that is my life span as a healer is higher than that as a dps.... usually because I'm either the only healer or one of two healers so when I'm dps there simply isn't anyone healing me because I'm not there as a healer.

Healing as druid has a lot of fun now(still), let me say that first. I'm back healing again and mostly loving it in bg's. I like it in raids too but that has more to do with my guildies being amazing than with my love of healing.... I really don't like raid healing due to stress levels. I don't like how lifebloom only lets you pick one target(p.s. I didn't even bother with treeform. I'm a pvp healer and adding one more thing to make me stickout isn't happening). I do like how much more rejuv does. I don't especially like the long cooldown on wild growth but considering i used it like rejuv before it probably needed it. I really really really don't like the crazy long cast time on nourish. Maybe I had it glyphed before or something but now it feels twice as long. I like the new thorns when i remember to use it.

Boomkin is so much fun that I stayed uglychicken for 15 games of pvp(*cough*). I absolutely adore the new eclipse mechanic and thing blizz hit a homerun with that. GG bliz GG.

I've been burning honor as fast as possible and almost have a complete set of purples now. I'm hoping to have a complete pvp set soon.... provided I get some wins.

Speaking of healing in bg's. If you are doing it right it feels like you have 5-10 minions/pets that you control who walk out and kill things for you. You burn through areas... send a minion to go smack that guy over there... and demand a minion come protect this flag over here... and generally control the game simply by your presence. Because where you aren't..... they die. So they stop just randomly being stupid.

oh... wow.... I almost said that with a straight face.... it is like having minions... but the rest... hahahahahahhahaahahahah.

Anyways... I really want to get my complete pvp set and then the heirloom pvp staff/shoulders(cloth). But I'm having a blast getting them as opposed to feeling like I'm endlessly grinding quests(I'm looking at you crusader).

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Timing is everything.

The patch hitting in the middle of the semester is driving me bonkers. I want nothing more than to log in and play all night but I can't.

Initial impressions though from me go like this:


I love new changes to things.

Paladin retribution was the only class I had a chance to really experiment with but I like the changes(in terms of how they play not in terms of over all dps... I'm not really a cutting edge dps person so I can't comment on lower dps totals for guys who were doing nuts things).

Haven't touched my hunter yet but being able to track two things at once and no ammo sounds awesome.

My mage having a squiggly made me estatic(water elemental) as thats why I created a mage in the first place.

My druid... well I'm hearing all sorts of cool things from Malcik so this gets a plus. I never really really liked the tree form's art but liked being in tree form so I'm kinda meh on that side. The cat changes he described were shiny though.

My warlock's talents kinda turned me further away from the class ... mostly because nothing really struck me as awesome. Thats cool though someone probably loves the changes.

My shaman was the same story as my lock... I just didn't see enough fun stuff to cause me to invest time further looking at it. I've never liked lava lash and that being the free gift for enhance was ick.

My warrior.... we'll see. The talents were both interesting/awesome and boring. I think it may be a mood thing.

I don't really have a priest, DK or a rogue so no dice there.


Just found out how much homework I have this weekend. Sigh. So even less playing/posting than I thought I would be getting. :(

Monday, October 11, 2010


The library is closed for happy pro-slavery, mass-murdering inquisitor day....


The current theme is a test until Wulfa gets home to tell me to change it.

Hold them captive.

I should totally kidnap all my guildies and make them reroll horde. I mean heck... in two months they're gonna have TROLL DRUIDS AND TAUREN PALADINS AND FORSAKEN HUNTERS. I'm so envious.... I mean alliance get worgen who kick the butt of the horde's new race BUT: TAUREN PALADINS

Yeah I know where I want to be.

If you are in parallel and reading this I expect a full reroll of all your toons starting immediantly! :P

Crusader is going well though in other news. Stormwind and Darnassus down. The other three still to go.

Mini-orc has this sly smile now. He's deffinately a little man now. He's all grunty and yelly at movies and grunty and bouncy to songs.

Orclette has been potty training so well she's wearing big girl panties now. Which is a huge big for us. Still with the pullups at night though.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Adjective much?

{post edited by Dammerung}

I shouldn't write whiny posts when I'm tired and or fussy. It really isn't a good practice mentally.

The truth is I've been tired and whiny a lot lately and need to start working on my mental discipline. Whining about how miserable or sad or tired or etc you are only encourages other people to whine and very shortly you have a bunch of friends/coworkers who do nothing but complain. I know better and shall begin to stop this bad habit.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Who knew chocolate milk was so dangerous.

Five stiches and a splint to keep me from moving the stitches too much. My knife slipped while poking a hole for a straw in a chocolate milk bottle for orclette.

Monday, October 4, 2010


It's no secret I don't like New Mexico. No green. No rain. Most importantly, my family doesn't live here. And the original reasons for moving here-Damm's parents helping watch the kids, staying with them, etc.-no longer apply. I still regret being persuaded to move here based on those reasons-I should've stuck to my guns and insisted we find another way to go back to school. Preferably near my parents, back in Houston, near our friends there. Not out in the goshdarn desert. (To those friends we've made here who read this blog-we love you. You make this place bearable. I'm just ranting.)

So on days when ROTC decides at the last minute to have another event and screw with my plans for the week and my homework is piling up and the house is trashed again ... I wish I could leave it all. Take my kids and run back to TX, where the sky is blue and the grass is green and it actually rains (it's God's land, after all;).

Many people wonder how we do it. Both of us full-time in college with two kids and a household to run. Most days I'm fine-everything is scheduled and there isn't much down time but we manage. But on other days I have complete meltdowns and frequently come close to calling it quits. If there were any way to redo this whole going-back-to-college thing in favor of a more relaxed pace and no financial worries I'd do it. But there isn't, and in a way that makes it worse. There is no escape. We have to continue.

And so we will keep trudging on. It's what I do best. My brothers inherited the creative and talented genes of the family. I inherited the ability to do monotonous activities day after day without end. It's why I'm able to run marathons, it's why I was any good with music, and it's why I make good grades. A high tolerance for drudgery.

Tonight I have a spinning class. After an hour being pushed and prodded by my favorite instructor of all time I will feel loads better. My homework load will feel easy, the house won't look so bad, and the desert with it's icky creatures doesn't seem too horrible. Still butt-ugly, but not the end of the world. To those of you who wonder how I do it, here's your answer. You've now read about Wulfa at her lowest. And because I have kids, because they must be fed, I'll snap out of it.

But every once in a great while it's enough to make me write about it.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Money Machine

Damm heard me comment that I don't like the dailies in Icecrown. There are many reasons for this, not all of them logical. I just miss the isle from BC. Lots of quests grouped in one spot and many of them overlapped.

So he suggested I get myself on friendly terms with the Sons of Hodir. Took me a while, but I managed to accomplish that, and now I'm doing several dailies, all in one spot, and many overlap. I am a happy Wulfa.

So I've been refilling my battered and bruised coffers. Not at an incredible rate-I only get to play a couple/few hours a week-but it's steady. And I don't have auctioneer yet (the addon) so I don't know what people want on Kael'Thas but I've been collecting a lot of the primal (is it called primal? like crystallized earth and the fire one etc.) goodies doing my dailies for the Sons of Hodir. So there is potential for income from the auction house as well.

Beowulfa is in Dragonblight, having just finished the Borean Tundra. She has fast flight (gah don't ever come to me for technical terms ... "fast flight" ... "primal goodies" ...) decent gear (I think) so she's ready to roll.

My other toons are not high enough level to be concerned about. And they shall all be forgotten when I create my Worgen hunter. Bless Blizzard for releasing the expansion after our finals. I'll actually be able to play.

So .... yeah. That's the rundown of what I've been up to in WoW.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wulfa is sick.

So I stayed home to help watch the kids so she can at least do her history homework.

I bombed my Diff Eq test today. Bombed it so hard that all my previous bad grades clustered together in fear of this new monster. I'm dropping that class and taking a long look at my grasp of calculus. At least I -can- drop it. Still don't know how I did on my AC/DC Circuits test.

Good old Pike posted a list of hunter pets. Which made me want to play a hunter. Yay and stuff.

Currently have 62 of the emblem things needed to buy heirlooms after I get crusader. 6 of 100 of the emblem things to get crusader. Way more jousting in my future I'm afraid.

Wulfa hasn't really gotten to play because of her heavy workload. I've played for about 3 hours of this week(non consecutive). My /played time shows longer because I walked away afk a few times without logging off. I'm probably going to play tonight. I checked and double checked and have no homework posted yet for any of my classes. I really wish I understood why I'm doing poorly in DiffEq. I feel positive I understand the subject and my workload is NOT heavy. Bah.

Here is a copy of our week showing times from about 4am to 6pm. The red circles are Diff Eq and are probably going to be open after this week. The black X's are open. The green square is a time when my mom helps with the kiddos.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trying for crusader.

I think I'm going to start pushing for crusader on Talmmerung. He's already exalted with everyone so all I need is to complete the 4 other faction Valiant of - series. So 20 days if I was a hard core ranger-boot-wearing player but more like 30 most likely for me.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Congrats Pat.

Wish my team was 3-0. Statistically that means you've got like an 70% chance now of playoffs.

My DK is 59 now on Cenarion Circle. Also I went through all my alts on Kael'thas and deleted most of the chaff(deleted 2 of 10 toons.... have two others on the maybe list).

Studying Differential Equations for a test on Thursday. The teacher has really pounded details into us, and I think I'm finally adjusting to catching "honest mistakes". Are any mistakes really honest? I mean if you mess up a calculation then you mess it up.... the answer is still wrong regardless of your overall knowledge of the math behind it. Maybe it is a matter of degrees. I wish my previous math professors had been this strict.

I really like the forsaken's posture and stride. I like how they move and how they feel like they are scuttling at great speed over the ground. Their animation is one of my favorite things about the horde.

Speaking of Horde. I'm liking how realID has freed me from having to play alliance to chat with my friends who are allies. It is nice to be able to play whatever faction I want and still talk to my buddies when they get on.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Real ID

We use it.

If you are one of our old guildies who I haven't run into in ages or any of our friends who played with us throw me a line/email and lets add eachother. I've decided that being able to keep intouch was worth more to me than the possibility of keeping my endless level 10 alts secret.

The Truth of the what?

Orclette: "momma, I'm not putting on my makeup again and again. I'm not doing that, ok?"

Me: "Ok ... why are you telling me that?" (I'm thinking she wants permission to keep her sparkly lip gloss; usually we take it away because she reapplies constantly)

Orclette: "The truth of my body is that it hurts and I'm not going to go poopy."

Me: laughter

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Questions for you guys:

1) How do you become a more detail oriented person? Pay Attention To Detail has become the mantra of why I messed things up in the past 6 months.

2) What horde class/race combo should I play? DK seems un-inspiring as a class to come back to.

3) How many wins will the Texans get this season? We're finally looking like the playoffs might happen and I'm practically frothing at the mouth. Especially as my Texas A&M Aggies are looking pretty weak after their last game.

4) Who all reads this blog anymore? I'm pretty sure Wulfa has effectively become the main poster in my extended absence and our collective withdrawal from WoW.

5)Any thoughts on handling a pretty packed schedule and still being good parents to two amazing munchkins who deserve so much more than "Daddy is studying right now..."

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dun Dun Dun

Dammerung(DK) and Beowulfa(Hunter) on Cenarion Circle.

If you see us around say hi.

We picked CC because well.... *I* wanted to play horde and we kinda know some of the guys there from our old guild that collapsed spitting and dying in drama. We're probably also going to drop in on the Parallel peeps who so very kindly have let us hang in the guild despite our many long -walk aways- from wow. Although I'm not sure if you get auto kicked by the game when you unsubscribe.

Thats aboooot as informy as I get today. I'm still tired from the mix of classes and ROTC that happened yesterday.