Friday, November 19, 2010

And let the gorging begin.

Finally, finally, time for the Thanksgiving break. It isn't a total break-I'm bringing along two research papers-but still, it's a kind of break. And Damm ordered pizza tonight so our holiday eating has begun. (Not really. I have no desire to put on 5 pounds:)

Tomorrow we leave for Texas. We'll be spending Thanksgiving with my family and some of our friends, and then I shall cry when we have to leave and mentally cuss the day I let myself contemplate the suggestion to move to NM. The holidays are wonderful, ain't they?

And far more important, I got to see Harry Potter 7 today, by myself. It was heaven-sitting in the dark theater, alone, watching the pre-previews show. Then a group of dudes came in and sat right next to me. Right next to me. They weren't obnoxious, and I liked my seat, so I stayed, but the theater wasn't full. They had to sit right next to me and interrupt my reverie? Anyway. It was awesome and left me hungering for the 2nd installment. The makeout scene betwixt Hermoine and Harry was surprising but totally in keeping with what a teenage boy would imagine, in my opinion.

And that's that. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and Wulfa is out until school is back in session.

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Dawn said...

Hope to catch you while you're in H-town.