Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Cat is Out of the Bag

I wonder where that expression comes from? There is this fabulous book that can tell you, only I forgot the name of it. Next time I come across it I think I'm going to have to buy it.

Anyway. I was going to wait. A long time. Maybe forever. I don't like people coming up and hugging me, smiling and saying congratulations, or asking me questions. But Damm was talking to his recruiter about insurance. And he mentioned something that he should've told the recruiter was non-repeatable, because 5 minutes later the recruiter told Damm's mother (I have no earthly idea why he's talking to her-I keep forgetting to ask). After that I had to tell my mother. We haven't told any extended family members because there are quite a few here celebrating Damm's mother's graduation and that would be the worst form of torture I can imagine.

So yeah, I'm knocked up again :P And this time I'm getting the t-shirt.

"It" is due August 11. I have not been to a doctor yet because I loathe them (as a profession, not individually) and we don't have insurance yet (hence Damm talking to the recruiter). My plan is to be knocked out for the entire end process thing (translation=epidural). I'm trying not to think about the in-between. Those 9 months. Which is actually more like 10. The fat months. The I-can't-breath-months. The haha-it's-kicking-you!-months. I am not a person who likes pregnancy. Unlike Angelina Jolie and all the other Hollywood mothers who seemed to glow and couldn't stop talking about it. I prefer to ignore it as long as possible. And then grudgingly accept that there are some things I can no longer do. Like tie my own shoes. BUT I can get a chuckle out of rearranging all the furniture at 9 months along because I felt bored (I got yelled at for that one-it was so much fun :) And I do like the end result. Which is why I'm doing this again :D

I think both Damm and I want another girl. Obviously we would both adore a little boy but that would just be weird (I do things very earth-mothery and feed the kid, sleep with the kid, and take said kid EVERYWHERE I go and with a boy that would just be weird. And how did I become any sort of earth-mothery? It's a huge mystery). And I like the girl's name we have picked out better. Which brings me to a question ... I don't mind sharing the names. But we've referenced our little girl as Orclette for so long-would you like to know the names? Or if not, come up with a suitable WoW-ish name :D

Just in case you couldn't tell, I am excited. Damm is excited. I just have some very weird and very real hang-ups about the process. I'm like the pre-teen boy confronted by "women stuff" for the first time. Totally gross, right? And not having my own house to get "fat" in is going to be very difficult for me (I know it's not fat, but it feels like fat, so that's what I call it). And I won't bite your head off if you leave a congratulatory note in the comments section :P (that does not mean I'm fishing for them .. I was just concerned that my previous comments about people congratulating would be applied here and that's just not the case) That only happens in person.

Oh, almost forgot. My mom almost cried she's so thrilled. She's taking me shopping when she gets here. But not to the mall. No no no. Not my mother. We're going to the thrift-store. You see, God lets her know when something she wants/needs is there. I am totally serious. It's happened more than once. And you can find really good stuff there. You just have to dig. I think Damm's mother is excited .... but you see she found out the wrong way. And Damm was really upset. Because he thought I would be upset. (I wasn't, actually-this way I didn't have to be the one telling :) So she's being cautious. My brothers laughed at me, because I was never ever going to have kids, and now I'm going to have 2. That's brothers AND brothers-in-law. But you try dealing with a super-fertility body. I'm serious. I know the conception dates for both. I merely have to think, "it would be fun to have 2 kids" and it happens. I wish I could give that ability to all the other women who actually want lots of kids, because it would be better appreciated. But I'm totally talking too much.



Isisxotic said...

Wooo, congratulations!

Barrhona said...

Awesome, Wulfa! Congratulations!

And same to Dammy, though in a less gushy and more in a "goodluckyou'regoingtoneedit father-to-father" type way.

Softi said...

Gratz! Two kids is tough, but it's ohso worth it!

I'd love to hear the name choices you have - and if you ever want to bitch n moan about being preggers there's a shoulder here for ya - I HATE pregnancy with a vengeance! (also super-fertile... damn us!).
Take care!

Ess said...

Hehe, congrats, you two! (Er... three... no, four!!)


Anonymous said...

Congratz! That is awesome. Tell the baby to go into hiding until August 18th, thats my bday. :)

If you get a boy, the WoW-name would be Orcster, another girl, it would be Orclily. :)

Again, congratz! One day I hope to have my own Nelfette or Nelfster.... hmmmm I play a BElf too, this could get confusing.

Squirrelz said...

Congrats to the both of you! I'm glad to hear that you're excited about it. Have you told the Orclette yet?
/target the "orcs"

Nasirah said...

So is it now going to be Three Orcs? (2 + .5 + .5) Or is Orclette getting big enough that she's maybe like .55 or .6 of an Orc, and we're going to have to get into really weird fractions to count the family now?

As for what to call them? Orclette #1 and Orclette #2? Or maybe this time you guys adopt a troll? Or you've been playing Alliance for too long that this one comes out Night Elf?

Anyways, congratulations!!!

papersmith said...


I also vote for Orcster...

Leiandra said...

Congratulations, you guys. Be warned though, 2 is almost totally different than 1. And 3 (not that you're thinking about it now) goes way different. Take it from me... we have 4. :)

(Wife also super-fertile, hates pregnancy, and even the first few years (which we're smack dab in the middle of atm) kinda suck, but then they grow out of it.)

Haelix said... insurance and a surprise...sounds like my life. Joke was that because my wife is Puerto Rican, she would get pregnant any time I brushed up against her in the hallway...well, I brushed 3 times and have 3 girls...ahhhhhhh! Girls are least at a young age!

Nighthawque said...

Woot! Grats Wulfa and Dammy.

Anonymous said...

Congrats you two ^_^

What about the blog title though?!

2 and a half 1 noobie to life?!


or it could be "2+Orclette+Littler Orclette = 3"

Anonymous said...

ZOMG grats Wulfa and Dammy and Orclette!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! - thats awesome news :P

Captain The First said...

I have a feeling this is going to aversely affect the blog title...

Still... congratulations :P

Sugars said...

Grats!even though you don't like grats!

Eustashius said...

This is good news :-). Can't wait to see you in-game to jabber at you more!

Kelmar said...

OMG!!! Gratsss!!!!

I want 2 >.<

Can you please talk to Sederasha about that?!

I haves a boy and other than him pointing at his mom and saying "boobies" and laughing, there isn't much we don't do with him.

I am very happy for you both. Are we going to get progress pics?

Dawn said...

Congratulations Kerry and Becca! I'd love to know what names you've picked out for this one.