Friday, July 17, 2009

Interwebs.... uhm.... how does this thing work again...

So yeah!

Tada I'm gradiated. I am now fully and officially a soldier in the US Army. 16 weeks of Advanced Individual Training ahead.

AIT is at Ft. Gordon, GA. I'm hoping to have interwebs there. We'll see when I report to the post tomorrow. If I do then yay I'm back. We'll see.

Well I guess that is it for now. The rest of my time shall be spent talking with the Orclette who I've been missing very badly. And with Wulfa who I've been missing on a whole different level.

Family Day

Ft. Jackson graduates around 50% of the Army's basic training program. One would think that they'd have more to do for the families on family day given that fact. But no, there's almost nothing. The refrain from almost every soldier we talked to was "Did you find anything interesting to do?" "No, we just wandered around the ____ for awhile." Almost every soldier did eat WAY too much. Damm certainly did :D We walked into the commissary and he stopped in awe at the sight of their little cake aisle.

But before all that: There was a little demonstration beginning at 9am. Around 9:25 am they released us to go find our soldiers. Damm looks sooo different. I won't say that I didn't recognize him because I did, but it almost felt like that. The Orclette recognized him right away although it took her a couple of hours to warm up to him. By the end of the day she only wanted her daddy to hold her :D

I was in pain all day yesterday. I haven't been able to sleep and I think I got maybe 8 hours of sleep the two days before Family Day. So I woke up yesterday with the worst headache I have EVER had. Obviously I was also exhausted. And the lower back has joined with the legs to rebel against me and they are pretty much sore all the time now. I didn't let any of that stop me, although I did cut the day short when it got too bad. Thank God, and I say that sincerely and heartfeltfully, that I got a full nights sleep tonight. All pains except for lower back and legs have gone away, and the soreness is nothing I can't handle.

Today we watch Damm graduate and then he gets to come off base. We're planning on taking a nice long nap in an AC'd room. Bliss.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

And we have arrived

Sooooo sore. Only 5 hours of driving today and we arrived in Columbia early this afternoon. Damm got his cellphone back and we started texting, then he called. This is still not technically allowed but the drill sergeants were turning a blind eye-every single person in his platoon was on the phone. So we've been talking on and off all afternoon. It's rather weird-he's changed so much. In my opinion it's all for the better, but still, he's not the same person he was 10 weeks ago. So it's almost as if it's the first date all over again. I guess deployment (or basic + AIT) is one way to keep the spark in your marriage ...

Tomorrow we'll be arriving a full 2 hours before Family Day events begin. Because the base will be swarming with family members we have planned to spend most of our time in the shade sitting on blankets. Friday I get briefed and sign Damm out. Actually his mother will have to sign him out since I'm not driving at all at this point :D Damm and I have lots of doing-absolutely-nothing planned. Things like going out to lunch, taking a nap in the nicely AC'd hotel room, going out to IHOP because he's been dreaming about it. Well, I guess that's doing stuff. I'll revise my statement to we're not doing exciting stuff. All of this including the Orclette, of course. Damm has declared that she won't leave his possession the entirety of our time here :D

I wish there were a way of flying back to NM. I'll make it through the drive but I will be SO done with traveling. I think the relatives will be so done with traveling with me: I like it cold, they like it hot. Last night we had one hotel unit with two rooms. Mine felt like it was properly AC'd. When I ventured into their room it felt like I was stepping outside. Tonight it's only one room with 2 queens. Guess who won the temperature war? The pregnant lady of course. Both of them are currently huddled into their blankets. It's seriously not THAT cold ...

And now I'm waiting for Damm's freetime to begin and him to call me again. I had forgotten how fun it is to talk to one's spouse :D

Monday, July 13, 2009


Sometimes I wonder if I was wise to reproduce. I like my kids. I don't like other kids. But most of the time the Orclette and I hang out around adults so I don't have to deal with other people's offspring. (I feel the need to clarify that if you are a friend of mine with kids I will make extra efforts to be nice to your kid and would never tell you I didn't like them.)

This trip has caused me to ruminate on the issue, however. On our way to Waco from Houston we stopped at MacDonalds. As we were leaving another little child, possibly 4 or 5, tried to follow us out the door sans parents. I held it open for her, as it seemed to be the polite thing to do. Mother-in-law had quite a different reaction: she prevented the child (by position, not by touching the child) from leaving MacDonalds and inquired where the child's parents were. A somewhat harrassed looking father was not far behind the child and was very grateful to mother-in-law for not letting his daughter saunter out of MacDonalds. I felt rather bad because apparently I have no mothering instincts unless it concerns my own child.

The other incident occurred later that night. The Orclette and I went along with mother-in-law to eat dinner with friends of hers. The friends had two small girls and m-i-l warned me that they were very expressive. This did not prepare me for the little 5 year old running up to me and hugging me. Cute, right? At least to normal people. I, however, did not think "Cute" but "get this child off of me." And the Orclette, once she warmed up to the girls, loved them. That was fine, and I was fine supervising their play to make sure nothing happened, but the little girls tried to talk to me. I don't like talking to children. They tried to show me their books, they wanted to demonstrate their guitar-playing ability ... this arouses the deepest dread. Whereas m-i-l ADORES children and will listen to them for hours. My mother gets along very well with almost all children and doesn't mind interacting with them.

I think I inherited my dad's approach to children. Which is pretty much to pretend they don't exist until they hit the teenage-years (except for his own children, of course). But anytime I have misgivings and doubts I remember that God knew what he was doing when he gave the Orclette and child #2 to me and that perhaps they need a mother like me. One who only likes them. (And a select and very small number of other people's children. But then most of my friends don't have children) This makes me feel somewhat better.

Trip update: we're currently in Waco but will be leaving for SC tomorrow. Damm is done with basic and he and his platoon are utterly bored sitting around waiting for their graduation. He has requested I bring him diet coke and that I take him to IHOP. Apparently they've been inflitrating his dreams of late. I am still in perfect health, still doing my yoga, and have been told by numerous people that I'm a tiny pregnant person. This is hard for me to believe as I KNOW I've gotten bigger this past week. Certain things that were easy last week are difficult to do this week. I can tell we're coming to the end :D