Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yay for healing again.

So my account is now active once more. People can see my armory page again. I played one EotS game. I was top on healing. We lost despite being up by more than 100 points for the vast duration of the game.... I was too busy healing to really know what went wrong.

I'm sure that once I get used to the game again I'll be able to do more than just wander around and heal heal heal.

As for healing I'm going to have to adjust my buttons a bit. I have all my keybindings so that at least 15 if not more of my spells are simply a button press for my left hand. Shift/ctrl add to that number. However the choices of spells for those keys are NOT optimaized and that will simply take a few more battlegrounds. For example I had completely not used lifebloom because it wasn't keybound at all just sitting in my spellbook. Same with swiftmend?(the spell that burns the duration of regrowth and other hots to instantly heal someone).

Getting xp for the battleground was a dream come true. I've always wanted that. Always.

My talent choices... I logged in and just sped through the tree picking what looked great. And some like Improved Barkskin I picked because uhm I dunno. Looking back at my talents I wince slightly.

Wulfa hasn't played yet so her impressions are still forthcoming.

No glyphs... I know... apparently when I quit I had no clue about those things.

Lacking in professions... yeah... same story.. I'll just hide now.

And now Wulfa is requiring me. More stuff later.

PS. PVP Healer input help wanted. Gear suggestions/talents/thought patterns/spell choices.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Lazy blogger.

I feel kinda sick still and am tired from sitting at the airport ALL DAY yesterday.


Anyways this post is about my utter fail at redesign of blog. I was going to actually come up with colors that matched and swirly design things and stuff like that. Instead. Well you have the blue.

I hate the blue but am not going to try and fix it on this computer so it will wait until Wulfa gives me back the laptop. Which is never.

But that is okay because we are GOING ON A DATE tonight. Yeah we really are. I'm excited and stuff.

Uhm thats all.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I did not just say that.

(Orclette. Or Elflette since we are now Alliance): "Mama I need salad."

(Me): "I don't think you'll eat it so I'm not going to give you any."

(After a moment's thought by me): "You know what? I'll give you vegetables. Since you're actually asking for them."

And of course she eats it.

I'm having guilt thoughts that I almost deprived my child of nutrients.

It's hard being a mother.

Some people find me funny.

I've read many books about personalities over the years. Well, read is maybe too strong of a word. Perused would be better. And I've taken the tests to determine what mine was and also went through those checklists to determine what my family was.

For those of you who haven't spent valuable time on personality research there are four categories (that I've read of anyway):
1. Sanguine: people person, difficulty in keeping focus, they like shinies, etc.
2. Melancholic: pessimistic, sensitive, prone to withdraw, really likes schedules.
3. Choleric: born leaders, tendency to stomp over obstacles, not compassionate, always right.
4. Phlegmatic: easy-going, needs direct motivation, basically is perfectly happy sitting on the sidelines watching life happen.

My hubby is sanguine-melancholic. I am choleric-melancholic. And I was talking to a friend the other day and she was describing her personality. And I said:

"I've got the ability to lead. I'm really good at it. I just don't care enough."

And she laughed. And then I laughed because it's awesome to have a friend who thinks what you say is funny.

And I could go on from here and write a really profound, educational post centering around the different personality profiles. I could label everyone in my family for you (because I am always right).

And I could end this by saying "I just don't care enough," thereby tying in the funny bit of the post to the ending.

But the reality is that Miniorc (I wonder if we're going to stitch to Minipaw?) is talking to me. Yes, talking. He doesn't cry like normal. He looks at you and really tries to communicate. And right now he NEEDS to be held.

There's my flashy ending.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday post the third.

I commented like 5 times this week. So I'm totally a comment-a-teer. Also I've linked someone like every other post.

Seeing as I'm me and sitting in the library on post with wet shoes and no Wulfa I feel obligated to let everyone know.


Okay. So I cannot currently call myself a healer as I haven't played in ages. But when I play, and when I group/pvp healing is what I do. DPS/tanking is never as satisfactory as keeping someone alive to taunt the enemy. And since Bell pointed me at Miss M-------. I saw this thing. And decided to answer it.

Also Miss M. I plan on leveling a holy priest first when I get back thanks to spending my bored library time reading your blog. Well, after I get Dampanza squared away which hopefully won't take that long. Then after that happens(if I don't get stricken by the alt-it-is that is so common to me) I shall move over my Shaman into dwarfness and have THREE HEALIES. What is the world coming to? I dunno. Its not like I'll ever have time to raid. Heck Damp won't even get to 80 until about 3 weeks after cata-mis-im comes out most likely. But THREE HEALIES.

A me can dream.

* What is the name, class, and spec of your primary healer?

Dampanza -----Druid -------Resto.
* What is your primary group healing environment? (i.e. raids, pvp, 5 mans)
PVP(battlefields) and 5 mans. ahahahahhahah this is a joke. I have not healed in the last uhm nearly 12 months. But when I did thats what it was.
* What is your favorite healing spell for your class and why?
Freakin regrowth. Because it used to be all critty and I vaguely recall a heal over time aspect. I'm trying to do this from memory dang it and my memory was flushed recently.
* What healing spell do you use least for your class and why?
that big slow casting heal that druids have. The one that Bell said she is barely talking to.
* What do you feel is the biggest strength of your healing class and why?
Mobility and a steady source of heals even when I'm not actually casting at you because I died but at least I put up some freakin hots on you before that loser rogue sapped my ass right?
* What do you feel is the biggest weakness of your healing class and why?
The fact that uhm... we don't uhm... do something that one of those other classes does? I don't know enough anymore.
* In a 25 man raiding environment, what do you feel, in general, is the best healing assignment for you?
Fetcher of potions from town really fast so that no one else has to leave the raid or instance.
* What healing class do you enjoy healing with most and why?
Currently druid although priest has always tempted me. Mobility Mobility Instant cast spells.
* What healing class do you enjoy healing with least and why?
Paladin. Because.
* What is your worst habit as a healer?
Getting distracted by what the DPS is doing. Not paying attention to when the fight starts.
* What is your biggest pet peeve in a group environment while healing?
People who don't pay attention to things. Tanks with low... don't-get-hurt-juice...
* Do you feel that your class/spec is well balanced with other healers for PvE healing?
Sure. Why not?
* What tools do you use to evaluate your own performance as a healer?
-Did anyone die? Good. If someone died did the tank die? Good. If the tank died did we wipe? Good. If we wiped did I ensure that someone stayed alive to rezz us all? Good. If we wiped and had to walk back from where ever the nearest graveyard thingy is why am I even bothering to heal because my tree should be chopped up for firewood.
* What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about your healing class?
That I have enough gear/stats to heal the poor poor fool of a tank who let me heal for him.
* What do you feel is the most difficult thing for new healers of your class to learn?
When to use the emergancy buttons.
* If someone were to try to evaluate your performance as a healer via recount, what sort of patterns would they see (i.e. lots of overhealing, low healing output, etc)?
Massive over healing, probable missuse of mana funds.
* Haste or Crit and why?
Crit. Because the shiny.
* What healing class do you feel you understand least?
* What add-ons or macros do you use, if any, to aid you in healing?
* Do you strive primarily for balance between your healing stats, or do you stack some much higher than others, and why?
I love crit and mana regen of any nature. Because I hate being low on mana and I like the shiny.


It is raining.

Thats all I really have to say :P.

I'm going to go back to waiting for Thursday.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The end result.

I ran all over the post today trying to get my outprocessing done as fast as humanly possible. I was completely done with everything but the very last briefing at 1400 today. At which point I was informed I have to wait until 0700 on Thursday for the briefing. I am not a happy person regarding this news.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Titles are too melodramatic.

I really really want to change up our blog's design and name and am torn about how is best to do this. I want to shift from the Horde based color/name that we have now to a much more druid/wild/night based one. I've mentioned this before in the last couple of weeks and am only coming back to it because I'm getting ready to go home and trying to plan out everything I want to get done.

For those of you who have swapped blogs before or changed major themes any thoughts? Any steps to make it less work? Please pipe up.

As for coming home here is a brief run down of my schedule(posted here for my benefit more than anything else)

Day 1: Hang out with Wulfa, Orclette, and Miniorc. Wait for Orclette to get used to me again so that she'll let me hold her. Try to adjust to Miniorc. Wait for dinner when I get two hours alone with Wulfa.

Day 2: Report to unit?(not sure on exactly when this has to happen but will know before I leave). Clean house and unpack.

Day 3: Sit down with Wulfa and do budget for next month. Make a list of dates and times for major events(moving/christmas/school enrollment/guard dates).

Day 4: Give Wulfa a day off. I watch kids for the majority of the day with her only returning to feed MiniOrc.

Day 5: Work on website/setting up WoW again?

Hmm.. that sounds about right. I'll have to ask Wulfa to check what I've written here and fix it a bit.


"I'm terrified of being an adult while at the same time I really, really want to stop being a dependent." - That rings terribly true to me.

I have 8(19 yay for 15 min extra) min remaining on my computer session at the library here. So I don't really have time to come up with anything deeply interesting. Being at home with infinite computer time(if not infinite free time) will make writing things easier.

I danced around Bell's blogs today which was yay. She's fun reading.

Life here at Basic and AIT has slammed into my soul the need for music. One of my hopes and dreams for my upcoming BIRTHDAY AND CHRISTMAS is a music playing thing that everyone else in the world seems to have. One of the ones with buttons that have headphones.

And that is about it. I'm off to go find something better to do now... like stare boredly at the ceiling and call Wulfa to whine about not being home yet.

Falling in the black, slipping through the cracks
Falling to the depths, can I ever go back?
Dreaming of the way it used to be, can you hear me?
Falling in the black, slipping through the cracks
Falling to the depths, can I ever go back?
Falling inside the black
Falling inside, falling inside,
the black.