Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yay for healing again.

So my account is now active once more. People can see my armory page again. I played one EotS game. I was top on healing. We lost despite being up by more than 100 points for the vast duration of the game.... I was too busy healing to really know what went wrong.

I'm sure that once I get used to the game again I'll be able to do more than just wander around and heal heal heal.

As for healing I'm going to have to adjust my buttons a bit. I have all my keybindings so that at least 15 if not more of my spells are simply a button press for my left hand. Shift/ctrl add to that number. However the choices of spells for those keys are NOT optimaized and that will simply take a few more battlegrounds. For example I had completely not used lifebloom because it wasn't keybound at all just sitting in my spellbook. Same with swiftmend?(the spell that burns the duration of regrowth and other hots to instantly heal someone).

Getting xp for the battleground was a dream come true. I've always wanted that. Always.

My talent choices... I logged in and just sped through the tree picking what looked great. And some like Improved Barkskin I picked because uhm I dunno. Looking back at my talents I wince slightly.

Wulfa hasn't played yet so her impressions are still forthcoming.

No glyphs... I know... apparently when I quit I had no clue about those things.

Lacking in professions... yeah... same story.. I'll just hide now.

And now Wulfa is requiring me. More stuff later.

PS. PVP Healer input help wanted. Gear suggestions/talents/thought patterns/spell choices.

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