Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Some people find me funny.

I've read many books about personalities over the years. Well, read is maybe too strong of a word. Perused would be better. And I've taken the tests to determine what mine was and also went through those checklists to determine what my family was.

For those of you who haven't spent valuable time on personality research there are four categories (that I've read of anyway):
1. Sanguine: people person, difficulty in keeping focus, they like shinies, etc.
2. Melancholic: pessimistic, sensitive, prone to withdraw, really likes schedules.
3. Choleric: born leaders, tendency to stomp over obstacles, not compassionate, always right.
4. Phlegmatic: easy-going, needs direct motivation, basically is perfectly happy sitting on the sidelines watching life happen.

My hubby is sanguine-melancholic. I am choleric-melancholic. And I was talking to a friend the other day and she was describing her personality. And I said:

"I've got the ability to lead. I'm really good at it. I just don't care enough."

And she laughed. And then I laughed because it's awesome to have a friend who thinks what you say is funny.

And I could go on from here and write a really profound, educational post centering around the different personality profiles. I could label everyone in my family for you (because I am always right).

And I could end this by saying "I just don't care enough," thereby tying in the funny bit of the post to the ending.

But the reality is that Miniorc (I wonder if we're going to stitch to Minipaw?) is talking to me. Yes, talking. He doesn't cry like normal. He looks at you and really tries to communicate. And right now he NEEDS to be held.

There's my flashy ending.


Bell said...

Even as a psych student (especially as a psych student?) I try to avoid things that separate people into categories and labels based upon personality types. I just learned that left brain/right brain is total rubbish! In the end they're fun, though. :)

Beowulfa said...

They are fun and after a full day of going over the various categories and putting all my family members/friends into boxes I also decided that people shouldn't be put into boxes :D