Friday, October 10, 2008

Woot 63.

I finally got rid of the last vestments of +str gear. I trade it all out for +int or +agi gear in preperation for the patch. Right now I'm sitting on +733 AP unbuffed. After patch I -believe- it will be over 1k AP. My crit dropped below 20% sadly to something like 19.66. That will be remedied when I find some better gear. My hps are still hovering at 6k...I believe its actually 5990 right now unbuffed, this too I want to work on but nothing has shown up and dropped into my lap.

Well thats it for updates. Today was one of the best days I've had in recent months. Me and wulfa had a blast out on the town :P. Even the Orclette had fun. But that is all Wulfa's story.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Blarg Blarg Blarg

I found THE perfect shoes today. At Walmart, no less. They were black with kitten heels. I never find kitten heels. I can only wear kitten heals-anything higher and the muscles in my calves that tore years ago because I decided to become the next Guiness Record holder for jump roping start hurting again. I fit into a size 7 1/2 in all the shoes surrounding the kitten heels. In the kitten heels, however, I am a size 7. Guess which size they didn't have? I even asked an employee and was brusquely told that no, I was plumb out of luck. /cry.

That wasn't the only blargy thing to happen today. I've been back and forth with my manager trying to get transferred to the Las Cruces store. Soooo, I called the NM store. Asked if "Bob" was there. I was told, "No, he won't be in until later today." BIG PAUSE. Followed by more silence. "Well, what exact time will "Bob" be in?" "Oh, he should be in sometime after 1ish." Joseph Mary and the Camel! Could you be more vague? Why are people incapable of giving me an exact time? Why do I have to dig to get any useful information? (this has happened to me a couple of times this week, hence the annoyance).

Ok, enough blargy. Sidhe Devils went into ZA last night. We downed the bear, and a very nice leather belt dropped. To my surprise and relief, no one else wanted it. So, Wulfa has new gear! /squeal! It's aesthetically and statistically better than my old belt. /score! We took on the eagle boss, made it past the gauntlet, and got the dude down to approx. 35%. We wiped twice, the gauntlet respawned, and we decided to call it a night. Very good first try, though, and totally fun.

Beowulfa shadow priest is 66. Very big thankyou's to Nasirah and Ashi who helped her with the Nagrand group quests and another HUGE thankyou to Ashi for helping/doing the Terokkar group quests. And I have shadowfiend. Haven't tested it out yet because after Beo dinged this morning I switched over to Beowulfa hunter.

Beowulfa hunter is 62 and has Steady Shot and Aimed Shot. She's still in Hellfire. I hate Hellfire. So, this morning I was trying to knock out the last of the quests and, in the course of my travels, meandered past Blackwing the Matriarch's lare. I thought to meself, "I'm a BM hunter. We can take her." So in Twilight and I wandered, to face a 63 elite.


I have to 'plain. I know how to handle multiple mobs. Right before taking on the elite we took down a total of 7 mobs. I understand crowd control, aggro, all that basic good stuff. I'm not, however, very good at thinking outside of the box. I'm not very good at thinking, "oh hey, it's a warlock, what huntery talent do I have that will decimate him?"


I had no idea how much damage the elite did. So I sent Twilight in to see. Slapped a mend pet on, BW, Blood Fury, and started firing. Twilight's health was dipping dangerously low, so I thought, "oh hey, I should ice trap the baddy, get Twilight's health back up." So I did. Ice trap broke, repeated the pattern. I think I got the elite down to 40%. We failed in the end because I didn't start the trapping sequence soon enough AND I didn't have first aid to facilitate the healing process. That seems to be the bane of my hunters' existence-never having FA when I need it. Anyway, I thought it displayed a bit of ingenuity on my part, and I'm very proud of meself.

And that's the roll-call for my toons. All present and accounted for. :D

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Moar Pictures.

I didn't do this one but its awesome. Thanks Phin.

She sent this via email to us like 100000 weeks ago. And then asked if we wanted to give her our address so that she could mail it to us. And did I respond?

Um... I meant to I really did. Instead poor Phin got left out in the cold for YEARS as myself kept forgetting to respond.

So this is me making up for that.

A picture for Wulfa.

On a computer I suck even worse at drawing than I do on a pad of paper. This turned out way better than I expected though, despite the simplicity of the concept. So I figured I would share it.

I am always frustrated at how unclear my mind paints things. If I want to describe a scene that seems so clear as soon as I start I realize I'm missing all of the details. It is like everything I imagine is just out of the corner of my eye.

Below is my first computerized attempt at a crane. I really would like to come up with something more shape based and less like an actual drawing. Something more like a geometric representation of one. Kind of like Pratchet's description of a line drawing that captures the essence of a horse, even if the shape is off.

Shaman talents.

Okay... where to start....


hmm maybe that wasn't the best place.


Wow...way to be objective there. Okay I give up...objectivity out of the window... pure emotional response now:

I'm excited about how there is more synergy now between Ele and Enh. Although right now I'm not certain I'll be spending any points over there just yet. For my purely leveling spec there isn't enough yummy.

Lava lash.... mmmmmmm. Yeah noobed I agree, "they" really want you to off hand flamestrike.

I like having a USE for ancestral knowledge. Even if right now it only means a cruddy 10 more AP(I'm presuming I'll be picking up mental dexterity). +110 AP from 8 talents is crappy, but if I have more int(and I will) then I can see this being awesome.

Anyone able to tell me how much AP I get from AGI now in beta?

Maelstrom weapon looks awesome for raiding. Still debating it.

Right now I can easily spend 71 points in Enh I like everything I see there so much. Really really can't wait until 3.0.2

I haven't done any math and all my responses are simply from glancing at the tree and thinking mmm that will be useful. Heck the only talents I -don't- like are the totem ones, mostly because I -never- use totems when soloing due to the mana drain, and lack of need.

Earthbind how I love the buff's yer getting. Wish you weren't in the same element as tremor.

Yeah so thats it.

Oh wait... DOGGIES... <3

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A fun and busy night.

Wulfa took me out on a baby-date(a date where the kids come along due to no sitter on short notice). It was incredibly nice. We chatted and relaxed and had fun. We need to do that more often. With the move coming up we're both starting to stress. She's worried about making friends and getting along with my folks and I'm worried about making friends, wulfa being happy, getting everything down there and we're both worried about money, school, the drive, and packing. So it was nice to take an evening and -really- forget about everything else.

As opposed to ignoring everything else and still stressing about it. Like when you blow of a test to play a game. Or when you don't do your taxes and instead read a book. The entire time you are subconciously thinking about the thing you are ignoring. Last night's date I don't think either of us did that. I felt like we both actually relaxed.

So I need the pvp trinket badly! A rogue: Gonaga or somesuch on Lightninghoof killed me 6-7 times last night, as I was questing. Twice I quickly came back from the dead and killed him. The other times though I was too far from my graveyard or I was out of reinc so I could not get back in time before he stealthed/vanished on me. Everytime I died it was due to extended periods while stunned. When I could hit him I had no problem making his health vanish. But like a good little rogue he didn't let me do that.

I can think of one mistake I made that would have made that 5-6 deaths and 3 kills. I found him and instead of flame shocking him, I opened with Earth Shock. It was the only time I had the advantage....and I wasted it. He vanished. And I found myself sitting swirlyheaded a few minutes later.


I died a grand total of 9-10 times to pvp kills last night. The rogue and then a Warrior. The warrior was trying to cap the outlook? in hfp. Whatever the one to the south is called. Myself and another hordie were trying to stop him. We died he didn't. I died 3 times before giving up.

You know....until that last death I wasn't annoyed too badly by the rogue. I mean I talked about each death in guild chat but I don't think I sounded annoyed. But that last one I started wondering why this punk was repeat killing me.

Oh I forgot to mention. Sugars stopped in and saved me once. I was sitting their stunned and ding suddly this level 70 warlock with 14 million hps drops outa the air.....the rogue ran away. I don't think sugars even tossed one dot.

As I write this Wulfa is sleeping. I wish I had not been distracted by Gonza-head when she got off. I mean to get off right after her and spend the rest of the evening chatting with her.

Tomorrow night she's doing ZA I think. I'm watching the Orclette and sleepifying her. And I'm probably hanging out with the SD crowd. Thursday night I'm going to push hard for 63. Noobed wants us to be able to do ring of blood by this weekend. Silly noobed. We've got kiddies. Maybe by next weekend though. I'm leveling a lot faster with the shaman than I was with the druid. Part of that is just the pure joy I'm experiancing from playing shaman again. Part of that is high dps(I think) and unending mana(well for the last 300k xp anyways).

Herbalism is pushing 320.... Alchemy is 294 or some such....-almost- 300. I wonder when I can start specializing and when I'll be able to wear the better alchie trinkets. We'll see.

I'm going to get off now and try and sleep and think of ways to kill rogues as an enh shaman when the rogue has the drop on you.

He asked.

Alrighty, Majors first:

Windfury weapon

Flame shock

Frost shock


Renewed Life

Water shield

Ghost wolf

Of course this is only for Enhancement, and Dammerung.

In other news, my dear little allied shaman is going to be getting a lot of love when I'm on alliance. Dang I missed my shaman.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Orcs live again!

So this weekend Damm got the urge to play his horde shammy again. I, being the loving and generous person that I am, transferred his character over to his new guild and decided to come along as well, since he's followed me to numerous different realms/guilds. I think it was a good decision-Herk's guild was overwhelmingly friendly and generous and fun to chat with.

So, what does this mean? Other than that Dogs of War is an awesome guild name? And why am I writing about it?

As for the latter, I'm explaining because I worry. I worry that the Sidhe Devils will read that I brought my horde character out of retirement and think I don't love them. I worry that Herk and his guild will feel slighted that I don't consider my horde hunter my main (I'm not sure why I worry about that, but I do). I worried so much this morning that in my already stressed out, wanting to hide from the world state I nearly drove myself to tears. This obviously is an overreaction, but there it is. Sometimes being a girl is really hard :D

SO. Wulfa and Beowulfa Alliance-side are my main toons, Sidhe Devils my main guild. They will still be getting the bulk of my attention. I will be leveling Beowulfa-horde on the side, however, to play with Damm and Herk and Noobed and the rest (I still don't have names straight). I'm rather excited-I love meeting new people/friends. I'm feeling just a wee bit overwhelmed because I've added a third character to be leveled and the path to 66 for Beowulfa shadow priest is looking really loooong. I am over the moon to be reunited with my white cat, Twilight. I DON'T like not having Steady Shot, Kill Command, etc., thought I'm not far from lvl 62 and Steady Shot goodiness.

Sooooooo. The Orcs are back. In black. With hats. And cats. And I'll stop rhyming now.