Thursday, October 9, 2008

Blarg Blarg Blarg

I found THE perfect shoes today. At Walmart, no less. They were black with kitten heels. I never find kitten heels. I can only wear kitten heals-anything higher and the muscles in my calves that tore years ago because I decided to become the next Guiness Record holder for jump roping start hurting again. I fit into a size 7 1/2 in all the shoes surrounding the kitten heels. In the kitten heels, however, I am a size 7. Guess which size they didn't have? I even asked an employee and was brusquely told that no, I was plumb out of luck. /cry.

That wasn't the only blargy thing to happen today. I've been back and forth with my manager trying to get transferred to the Las Cruces store. Soooo, I called the NM store. Asked if "Bob" was there. I was told, "No, he won't be in until later today." BIG PAUSE. Followed by more silence. "Well, what exact time will "Bob" be in?" "Oh, he should be in sometime after 1ish." Joseph Mary and the Camel! Could you be more vague? Why are people incapable of giving me an exact time? Why do I have to dig to get any useful information? (this has happened to me a couple of times this week, hence the annoyance).

Ok, enough blargy. Sidhe Devils went into ZA last night. We downed the bear, and a very nice leather belt dropped. To my surprise and relief, no one else wanted it. So, Wulfa has new gear! /squeal! It's aesthetically and statistically better than my old belt. /score! We took on the eagle boss, made it past the gauntlet, and got the dude down to approx. 35%. We wiped twice, the gauntlet respawned, and we decided to call it a night. Very good first try, though, and totally fun.

Beowulfa shadow priest is 66. Very big thankyou's to Nasirah and Ashi who helped her with the Nagrand group quests and another HUGE thankyou to Ashi for helping/doing the Terokkar group quests. And I have shadowfiend. Haven't tested it out yet because after Beo dinged this morning I switched over to Beowulfa hunter.

Beowulfa hunter is 62 and has Steady Shot and Aimed Shot. She's still in Hellfire. I hate Hellfire. So, this morning I was trying to knock out the last of the quests and, in the course of my travels, meandered past Blackwing the Matriarch's lare. I thought to meself, "I'm a BM hunter. We can take her." So in Twilight and I wandered, to face a 63 elite.


I have to 'plain. I know how to handle multiple mobs. Right before taking on the elite we took down a total of 7 mobs. I understand crowd control, aggro, all that basic good stuff. I'm not, however, very good at thinking outside of the box. I'm not very good at thinking, "oh hey, it's a warlock, what huntery talent do I have that will decimate him?"


I had no idea how much damage the elite did. So I sent Twilight in to see. Slapped a mend pet on, BW, Blood Fury, and started firing. Twilight's health was dipping dangerously low, so I thought, "oh hey, I should ice trap the baddy, get Twilight's health back up." So I did. Ice trap broke, repeated the pattern. I think I got the elite down to 40%. We failed in the end because I didn't start the trapping sequence soon enough AND I didn't have first aid to facilitate the healing process. That seems to be the bane of my hunters' existence-never having FA when I need it. Anyway, I thought it displayed a bit of ingenuity on my part, and I'm very proud of meself.

And that's the roll-call for my toons. All present and accounted for. :D


Scott said...

Your shoes are made from kittens?

ASH said...

Yeah, what Scott said! Kitty shoes?

Always glad to help, maybe the two of us'll hit 70 together? How's about coordinating dings?

Capn John said...

Seems like it's just the heels made out of kittens, not the whole shoe...which is sort of okay...I guess.

Dammerung said...

Apparently they are simply short heeled shoes. I had to ask myself. The examples she pointed at in the shoe store didn't help. Something to do with being short but not that short and not wide like those ones or tapered like those ones.