Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shaman talents.

Okay... where to start....


hmm maybe that wasn't the best place.


Wow...way to be objective there. Okay I give up...objectivity out of the window... pure emotional response now:

I'm excited about how there is more synergy now between Ele and Enh. Although right now I'm not certain I'll be spending any points over there just yet. For my purely leveling spec there isn't enough yummy.

Lava lash.... mmmmmmm. Yeah noobed I agree, "they" really want you to off hand flamestrike.

I like having a USE for ancestral knowledge. Even if right now it only means a cruddy 10 more AP(I'm presuming I'll be picking up mental dexterity). +110 AP from 8 talents is crappy, but if I have more int(and I will) then I can see this being awesome.

Anyone able to tell me how much AP I get from AGI now in beta?

Maelstrom weapon looks awesome for raiding. Still debating it.

Right now I can easily spend 71 points in Enh I like everything I see there so much. Really really can't wait until 3.0.2

I haven't done any math and all my responses are simply from glancing at the tree and thinking mmm that will be useful. Heck the only talents I -don't- like are the totem ones, mostly because I -never- use totems when soloing due to the mana drain, and lack of need.

Earthbind how I love the buff's yer getting. Wish you weren't in the same element as tremor.

Yeah so thats it.

Oh wait... DOGGIES... <3

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Dagashai said...

1 agil = 1 ap
1 int = 1 ap (assuming ya have talent)
1 str = 1 ap

40 agil = 1% crit (at level 70)
40 int = 1% spell crit (at level 70)

itemization is gonna get freaking weird.