Friday, January 8, 2010

A poll!

Two topics today:


2) Thoughts about perceptions and tranquil gardens at midnight.


Which dps class do you consider the easiest in terms of maintaining *decent* dps... nothing chart topping but none of this sub 1k crap?

Based on a bad pug of my brother's yesterday and the silly statements by the priest who intentionally wiped them towards the end... I'm going to go with
RET pally!... I have no clue as you can see from my previous post and Bar's awesome response :P


So I know I'm not the only one that does this:
I find that after a few pugs I start to have expectations towards classes based on the previous experiences:

Rogues: Horrible dps, gonna pull agro and die a lot, doesn't know how to stealth, likes to stand in green and purple death stuff.

Paladins: Buffs me. Yay mana. Doesn't die much. Average dps.

Warriors: Helpful. Good DPS. Doesn't die much. Doesn't pull agro.

Shamans: No Poison Totem. Distracted. Low dps.

Mages: Average dps. Keeps out of trouble. Quiet.

Warlocks: Good dps. Talks smack. Pulls agro. Lets pet pull adds. Dies a lot. Causes wipes.

Hunters: Good dps. doesn't talk much. Doesn't die much. Keeps out of green and purple death stuff.

Druids: don't pug ever. Never seen one. Only exist in guild.

Death Knights: Good dps. Stays alive. Keeps adds off healer. Doesn't pull agro unless protecting healer.

I think that is everyone.

Oh and games that have awesome names for zones like Tranquil Garden of Peaceful Undeath are awesome.

PS: Forgot priests oddly so here goes:

Priests: Uhm... very quiet... buffs tank.. I think.... not sure if the pug as they are so very quiet and hard to notice.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


So I've done two instances in Wrath. Low-level, mind you. And that was way back when Wrath had just been released. Then I took a 6-month break. No instances since.

So we've started playing again, I've begun doing dailies on Wulfa and I'm starting to level up Beowulfa, my shadow priest. And today I was thinking I should go ahead and buy flying for Beo. So I switch on over to Wulfa. And in guild chat there had been talk of doing a heroic. I hadn't been paying attention because for so long I hadn't been able to participate. But switching over to Wulfa garnered me an invite and I thought, why not? Damm has been telling me I should do a few groups.

So I'm trying to get Damm's damn new headset plugged into Vent (I hadn't really used it before and it has lots of wires) and trying to figure out where the little green button is and trying to type in party chat that I know absolutely nothing about the instance we're about to do so please tell me what to do. And then we start.

I quickly find out that I need a macro for targeting the target of the tank because no-one, according to Damm, marks targets anymore. They (the things we have to kill) all seem to be pretty easy though so I can see why. I also found out that keeping Thunderclap and Growl on is a definite no-no. I did have my pet on passive. And I only shot at what the tank was hitting on. I didn't cause any wipes. I was completely exhausted at the end of the instance.

I have no idea what heroic I did.

I will never sit on the floor and play because that is the most uncomfy position ever but the kids were asleep so I didn't dare move.

I really need to do another instance just to prove to myself that I still have "it".

And next time I'll pay attention to which instance I volunteered for.


Coming up with new titles for the same old rants is getting difficult.

I have whined a bunch in guild chat about two subjects.

1) Life as a new healer.

2) How much I hate all my attempts at dpsing.

The first subject is a quick fix. I LOVE healing and even like it in parties that are horrible...(I just hate the bit where we all stand around yelling at eachother). I whine too much because I like talking on green channel and don't have anything interesting to say. The solution to this is to whine less I guess. Certainly having more patience will mean I get more badges which is the only reason I queue. Well besides my self love of healing good groups. I'm slowly learning to let dps learn not to pull agro on mobs the tank isn't tanking by letting them die. Good dps in my experiance rarely get hurt(by which I mean pull agro and learn that they can't tank things). I don't mean that DPS don't get hit with AOE's or the stupid poison or the occasional boss sucking on your blood etc. I'm purely talking about getting hurt on trash mobs because you don't know how to /assist or pay attention to markings. OH and I found out that the healer(me) was a retard who was using spells 2 ranks below cap and kept running out of mana forthwith.

The second issue: My suckatude at dps. I've only tried it twice... once as a catdruid and once as a boomkin. The boomkin was marginally better but I still felt like I was utterly wasted as a DPS... I'm downloading recount so I can have numbers to prove me right but I -FEEL- like I'm doing at MOST 200 dps.. not 2k... 200. I -FEEL- like my best use is to spam cast innervate on SOMEONE even that rogue.. surely he needs more mana. *Sigh*. I don't know .

Getting recount will help a bit as I'll have a baseline to figure out if it really is true... but I doubt that somehow I'm rocking huge dps without knowing it.... hahahahahahahah. Yeah right.

There is a whole set of posts based on this feeling versus reality.

People who FEEL like they are God's gift to the raid.... and stand in the fire.
People who FEEL like no one appreciates them.... and are the healer/tank from heaven that everyone considers the CORE part of the guild.

I could go on and on. I would love to read a bunch of other bloggers thoughts on the biggest 'feeling vs facts' in their life.

Wulfa is leveling up her priesty... she has plans to go holy I think. But she is demanding that I finish off her jousting for her so she can continue the Argent tourney.

Been having Elihu(brother 3) tank on his DK for me while I heal Moon in an attempt to get Moon up to 80. Ever since I figured out that I was downranking stupidly I've been enjoying that.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I can't believe the stuff people watch sheesh. People act like Lost was a good show and everyone seems to watch this 24 show but it never looked all that interesting. Sigh. Why can't everyone just watch Stargate and Burn Notice and NCIS like I do. These people are probably the same ones that killed Firefly before it had a chance to be the BEST SHOW EVER. And their kids probably suck.*

Little hangups:
1) People coming into my room. This room? yeah its my room. The door is a big sign that maybe you shouldn't come in. Only Wulfa and Orclette and Miniorc have free passes. Everyone else... knock.
2) People watching me play silently waiting for a moment to talk to me. I'm really in my own world here. I might possibly be extremely frustrated by the stupid jousting thing in Icecrown and how the dumb retarded idiotic champion keeps getting further and further away from the circle until ding he quits and says I suck because I didn't wait in the circle for him to stupid charge me. And maybe I might yell at you for standing there silently JUDGING ME while I fail at this for a 3rd time.
3) That Argent turney guy. I hate him. He sucks.

Myself, Moon and our third usually unmentioned brother(the one older than ish but younger than me and moon) partied last night. And I suddenly found myself in this situation:

Me: level 80 druid healer
Moon: level 74? hunter dps thing. dunno.
KH(my brother we're talking about): level 75 druid tank
Two random dps.

A level 74 or lower random dungeon.

And the two random dps KEPT getting hurt. And dying. No poison... just beating on. I tried my best to keep them alive. But they kept dying.

This was something new to me.... I have not to this point run across dps who took damage. Even melee dps. Generally only the tank takes damage... right?

Thoughts filter through my head about this vaguely while I try and keep the green bars green.

Then someone asks for recount. And it gets posted..... and the top dps? Moon.... who hasn't been getting hurt. Or dying... or needing my attention at all. So it can't be that the tank isn't able to hold hate.

*Sigh* Recount also shows that a great deal of their damage taken isn't AOE or environmental(don't stand in the fire). No a great deal of their damage is melee.. from trash mobs.


And thats it for todays post.

*I figured that because I am sometimes not a fully effective communicator I should let someone know that this is possibly me being silly because of something I read recently.

** I have a good idea of why.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On play time.

We are gearing up for the school semester. A semester that will see Wulfa waking up at 4am every day and me at 5am. A semester where the weekdays have been planned in advance down to the half hour.

So our playtime is going to be very limited. Wulfa hasn't seen more than two instances in Wrath. I've seen 5 now thanks to a 2hour playtime on Saturday. We are going to try and juggle the whole school and game thing but when it comes down to it we've already committed to RL and the game will go away.

Fortunately we are in a guild that understands this and won't mind if we go away for a while.

Anyways just wanted to give everyone a heads up in advance.

In other news I'm boomkin specced so that I can dps for my guildies on times when one of our other healers is already healing for the evenings heroics run. Which is yay. Turns out that I hate melee dps because I'm always chasing mobs and it makes me cry. :(

But if someone could glance at my boomkin spec over there ----> I would appreciate it. I also need a decent spell rotation to get me by the first few fights. I'm doing my own research as well but always love it when people can give me helpful advice(like Bar with his lovely keep Savage roar and mangle up and then shred 5 times and rip).

And thats it for a Tuesday post.

Monday, January 4, 2010


Technical Specification

This quote is for the turnkey installation of a grid-tied 9.5 kw photovoltaic power system utilizing an array of 54 175 watt PV modules. The modules will feed DC power to 2 SB-4000 inverters, which will connect to the existing power supply through a Renewable Energy Credit (REC) meter and AC disconnect. The array will be mounted directly to the roof.

Estimated Specifications
Energy Production:
16,520 kwh/year
Offset of Annual kwh Usage:
92 %

Estimated First Year Benefits
Utility Cost Avoided (@10 ¢/kwh)*:

REC Earnings (@12 ¢/kwh):


Total Savings*:


Return On Investment:


CO2 Emmissions Reduction:

34,196 lbs/year

Water Saved in Power Plants:

9,912 gal/year
* as energy costs rise, annual saving increase


Installed Price:
Federal Tax Credit (30%, no cap):

State Tax Credit (10%, $9,000 cap):

Total Tax Credit:
Cost After Tax Credits:

Performance estimates are based on solar radiation data in your area gathered by the National
Renewable Energy Laboratory. However, actual solar radiation at your system may vary along with actual power production.
Tax incentives are a key factor that make owning a renewable energy system economically positive. To ensure you are taking full advantage of the incentives available to you, please see your tax advisor.
This estimate is valid through Wednesday, February 03, 2010.
See that bit above?

I wanted that so bad so very bad. I -love- the idea of generating my own power and being fully self supporting. I love it bad. I shake with happy thoughts when I read about wind generators or home made steam engines or solar power etc.

So being in a state where we get SUN LIGHT ALL THE FREAKIN TIME LITERALLY EVEN AT NIGHT I SWEAR. I thought it would be amazing to use my army bonus to buy an array for my parents house. Right? Okay? See how this would be one) awesome because of my love for the stuff and two) awesome because then I would have set my parents up with free electricity for the life of their house and doubled their house value*.

And what happens? I call and ask for an estimate of a professional installing one... and he tells me the above.



Thats like a million as far as I am able to even remotely pay for it.**

I want to cry.

Except orcs don't. Army guys don't. And seriously... crying because you can't get ... your ...own... solar pan-(sniffle)...nel ... of (sniffle) your very....(full fledged water works)... OWWWN....SOB WHY ME.....

*says me.

**P.S. I am still investigating the costs of setting up my array myself without having to pay labor for them. And things

Orclette and Miniorc this morning.

The purple is medicine. It stains everything. Yay for us.
We LOVE washing dishes with mommy and daddy.

Scott has a camera. I have a macbook laptop phone. Even if I had a camera I would not be as awesome as him. I am full of envy at his awesome.

District 9 review

Review curtesy of comment by Capn John.

This movie is a race movie. Just incase you didn't know to start.

Which means it is dealing with a lot of much more emotional issues than mine and wulfa's usual shootemup style fare.

As an example:
There is violence and animals die in PLENTY of African safari movies and no one cries because well you aren't attached and they aren't killing babies.

And then there is bambi and old yeller and people get teary eyed.

The point is that some violence is more than others. D9 is full of the stupid kind... people abusing other sentients because they have no representation and no way of really defending themselves. It intentionally echoes the South African story of District 6 back in the 60's(I know very little about this episode other than wikipedia would be interesting research for someone somewhere). There are scenes of people* being shot, of kids* being threatened, and of babies* being aborted. We just had a baby and some of us(her) are WAY WAY WAY unable to do harm to kids in our fiction at the moment. Also if you care about such things... there is a bit of language(the main character loses his grasp on english as soon as anything goes bad and all you hear is F--- this and F------ that.

*I mean aliens.... aka "prawns".

And I guess for us who wanted to watch a ... terminator or an independance day and instead found ourselves watching a sci-fi version of ... I don't know... Hotel Rwanda?... Schindlers List? bah those are serious movies please forgive the comparison but I DON'T watch emotionally charged movies and there was too much of that in this movie.

Yeah so we stopped halfway and then wiki'd the ending. If it had just been me I would have stuck it out. It is possible that the later bits make up for the first bits who knows(we had 40 min left in the moview when we stopped... so we watched about an hour and 10 min of it.

I had several friends at AIT tell me they liked it, and it is very very possible that if my life stress meter was a little lower and I was a little more zen I would enjoy the movie.... instead it was simply too much.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

"Gasp!" My dad was right.

My parents know some things.

Have you ever had that revelation? I never claimed that they didn't know anything or didn't know me (though I think there may have been a period where I could have honestly said that ... anyway). But wow, they're right!

Specifically my dad was spot on about checking out movies before you see them. He's always been strict about what we could or could not watch, something I appreciate now that I have an impressionable 2 1/2 year old. And though he couldn't tell us not to see a particular movie once we children hit the venerable age of 18, he still advised us to research the movie to find out what's in it, i.e. language, nude scenes, violence, etc.

I haven't been doing that.

And the last two movies Damm and I have seen have upset one or both of us (in case you were wondering, Avatar and District 9.). There's just not enough time for me to watch something that doesn't add positives to my/our life. I don't need to see horrifying or scary things. I might make an exception for a movie such as Schindler's List ... but by the same reasoning I should have made an exception for District 9 ... sigh.

After stopping our movie midway last night I made the decision that we're not watching any new movie without researching it first. Took me 25 years to find out what my dad already knew.