Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sore. Still Sore. Yep, I'm sorer.

I don't think sorer is a word, but it suited my purpose. You see, lately I've been surrounded by college athletes and ROTC cadets who are constantly running, weight lifting, and other fun exercises. And I've really wanted to join them but at this point I plod, not run. And not even that-it's been too hot when I normally run and there really isn't any other time for me to run. (This summer we're buying a treadmill.) So I've been walking. And watching the beautiful athletes zip by me. And I was getting frustrated and somewhat depressed that I still have 5 months left before that beautiful freedom.

So, since I'm trying to focus on positive things (esp. about Las Cruces, since I'm here for 4 years. So far I've come with "I like going to school." At least it's a start :) I decided that I would start working weight lifting since it's something I still can do without much hindrance. And I pulled out my Cathe Friedrich videos. In case you've never heard of her, she is the hardest instructor around that makes DVDs. In my marathoning prime I had a hard time keeping up with some of her high-intensity workouts. Anyway, I pulled out her "Butts&Guts" DVD. Can't do the gut part but I did the butt part. That was Tuesday. This is Thursday. Sitting down still hurts-and I didn't even use weights.

But this actually cheers me up. It's been a looong while since I've done a workout that made me work that hard. And left me sore afterwards. I guess if you're a non-exercising person you'll be thinking I'm crazy, but if you're a runner/any type of athlete perhaps you'll understand.

And in our previous post it was said that I did not look pregnant :D Dearest T.J., next time I will turn sideways for you so that you can see how truly pregnant I am. (I know I don't look pregnant from the front-same way with the Orclette until the last couple of months) And Damm doesn't look pregnant because of all the workouts he's been doing. I can no longer tease him about having a "love child" along with me. I poke him in the stomach region and it's hard rather than squishy. Aww, I've lost my squishy (Nemo reference, for those of you without kids).

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pictures from the formal

I(Dammerung) am the ugly guy in green :P. Wulfa looks pretty hot though.

AFPT today.

Pushups 26 reps score of 46
Situps 27 reps score of 41
Run 18:44 score of 41

Total score: 128.... last time was a 77

I'm pleased. The run was actually faster but both my shoelaces came undone and I had to stop and tie them. Pushups didn't improve almost at all. I really need to work on that.

Thanks everyone who has given me moral support over the last few months. It really cheers me.

Hope things are going well in Azeroth.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This is the race Wulfa is talking about. Both of us plan on doing this next year. The NMSU ROTC host this every year.

I plan on posting pictures of me and Wulfa wearing our formal gear as soon as I get them emailed from my mother.

PT test wednesday. So I'll give updated stats on my 2mile run speed and the rest of my PT things. For those who care.

Bataan Society Dinner

This past Saturday Damm's ROTC group held their semi-annual Bataan Society Dinner. All the cadets get suited up in their formal military outfit-still green, they haven't gotten the new army blues-and their dates do likewise. I had my Angelina-Jolie-whilst-pregnant-outfit on, i.e. the flowing style. Can wear the dress while skinny or enormously pregnant. I think my mother-in-law has a picture somewhere .....

Anyway, MIL let me borrow her fur jacket. Real fur jacket. She didn't actually buy it, it was a gift from a rather wealthy old lady. I was a bit worried about wearing it because the dinner was at the college campus and college kids are usually the idealistic ones AND the ones willing to throw ketchup on you for wearing dead animals, but nothing untoward occurred. That coat was really, really soft, in case you wanted to know. I couldn't stop petting it. I guess that sounds kind of weird. Really warm, too. I don't think I've ever worn a better-insulated coat.

Ever onwards. We arrived and got to see all the pretty people, mostly ladies but some gentleman dates as well, all dressed up in their finest. I think, by virtue of my dress being black, that I was among the more elegantly dressed ladies there. Except perhaps for the red dress, worn by the girlfriend of one of Damm's friends. It was pretty stunning. We milled around for a while, socializing and letting my feet get really numb and sore from the high heels I was wearing. Finally got to go inside the dining hall and stand some more. I guess I could have seated myself but the cadets had to wait for the colonel to sit down and everyone else was doing the same, so I followed suit.

Colonel sits down, colors are presented, and the Grog bowl is brought out. The Grog bowl is a toilet bowl. Multi-colored, bright toilet bowl. The cadets proceeded to pour all manner of edible but combined nasty stuff into the bowl. You see, if you messed up on one of the many rules for formal dining you had to take a drink out of the Grog bowl (the cadets had scoured that thing clean at least 3 times that week :). It was pretty gross. Thankfully Damm never got called out so I didn't have to smell it.

After that the food was served. I think it would've been good had it been fresh, but it tasted like it had been cooked several hours previously. Even the chocolate cake was dry. /sniff. But we didn't pay for it, so I can't really complain. The salad was excellent :) During that time we were regaled by a cadet known for his cowboy-style poetry, really more ballad. When he writes his poems down I'm buying all family members one for Christmas. There were skits, parodies of the cadets and cadre. It was funny, but I imagine it would've been even funnier if I had known all the people being parodied.

After that a brief speech by the Colonel Gavly? Gatly? something like that. Apparently tanks can fly if you hit the bank just right. He got off the hook for that one because his immediate superior was also guilty of trying out the flying thing. He regaled us with more stories of young men acting stupid and also of the moments that made him proud to be a soldier. It was pretty good.

After that was dancing. I had wanted to stay but 3 hours of sitting in a hard chair wiped out my reserves. I don't know about other pregnant ladies but for this one that's a feat worthy of a poem. So Damm asked permission to leave early and I gratefully hobbled out. Well, I think the hobbling didn't start til we were in the parking lot and out of sight. We drove to the in-laws, shed our glamorous look, and became once again parents of an almost 2-year old who was not happy about being moved from the warm bed.

All in all a fun evening, and I look forward to more occasions like this one, especially since the next one won't be til I'm unpregnified. Thank the Lord. Hallelujah. Heehee. There are too many athletes around campus. I see them running and want to join in, and then remember I can't, not really. 5 more months. That's not that long. I can totally do it. And then the Bataan Death March will be calling (marathon run mostly in sand, considered one of the top 5 hardest marathons in the US).