Friday, December 26, 2008


1st mile: 12:43. 2 mile total: 28:00

Very happy.

Mage is level 23 and awesome.

Orclette has had almost too much attention. Screaming is to be had often and squeely.

Lungs are less of a problem this run. Legs felt REALLY tight. Need to stretch more.

For all those who tagged me.. I read it I'm just sucky about posting right now. See you guys later.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Starting about 2 weeks ago I began running... hah. Stumbling I mean.

My first mile completed was at 14:35. Yeah... I'm that slow. And after that first time I took almost an hour to catch my breath.

As a reminder to blog I decided today to log here all my times and how I feel afterwards every time I run.

My overall goal is three 7 min miles in one smooth go before basic(May 5th).

My three month goal is three 8 min miles.

My 6 week goal is 3 10 min miles.

The biggest drawback I'm having right now is lung capacity. My knees, leg muscles and feet are not complaining as long as I take care in how I put my feet down and don't pound the asphalt.

Today's run was: 1 mile 13:30, 2 miles 29:45.

I'm improving incrementally. Yay.


So I expected that after signing all the documents and getting sworn in I would be relaxed.

Instead I'm so nervous I can not sleep.

This is incredibly frustrating.