Friday, July 11, 2008

This is why I don't raid ....

So we're in the MgT, about to down Mr. Big Dude (was his name Kael'Thas? that's the name of our server-maybe that's not it). TripleB is explaining the fight, I'm wishing I had practiced kiting a bit more, and then Dammy busts into the room with that look. The look that says "I've had the child for hours now AND I JUST CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE". Turns out the Orclette had been up and crying for awhile. So I left right before the big boss. /cry. Sorry Cass, TripleB, Doozie, and Graim. I know that any one of you would've done the same if it were your kid, but still, I don't like to leave like that. There seems to be a pattern to these wake-ups of Orclette's. Around 11 she'll notice that mommy's not around and start whimpering, which turns into full-out crying when Dammy does not produce me immediately. This continues on until he finally calls me for help, at which point the Orclette gets really paranoid about me leaving her. That means I can't move once I've assumed possession of the Orclette. She'll wake up out of a deep sleep if I so much as twitch. Suffice it to say, neither of us got much sleep last night. So I'm gonna have to start either taking a break at 11, or just making sure my run ends around that time.

Anyway, MgT. I had never been there, so was fairly excited about seeing it. And then the blue square came up over a mob's head and I realized that I wasn't with a pally tank. And guys, my trapping skills were sooooooo rusty. /hangs head. I think as the run went on I improved, though, so that makes me happy. And Dax, you need to stop being so awesome.

"Dax did this, it was awesome, you wanna try it?"
me: "Sure!" (with oh craps circling through my head).

Basically it was set a trap out of LOS, misdirect onto your pet, and then start in on skull, ready to chain trap your blue square. Not too difficult on paper but it does require a bunch of button mashing on my part and I'm not that fast. But it went ok the first time, better the second time, and then I decided to just be the target myself because it's a few less buttons and would enable me to get back to DPS'ing more quickly. But now I can add that cool little maneuver to my resume .....

I'm sure my readers already know all the bosses in the instance and don't need me to recap everything. We wiped a few times but eventually got to what my fellow party members called the most difficult pull in the game.

We one-shotted it.

We are awesome =)

And right after that I pulled Orclette aggro and so I didn't get the chance to kite a dangerous fiery phoenix who's trying to kill me instantly.

I had lots of fun, TripleB! I really did! You see, I'm really quiet when grouping with a new set-up of people. I'd partied with all of them before but not frequently, so it still felt new. Ishvi, Nas, and Squirrelz on the other hand I have no problems chatting with. In fact, there needs to be a filter in my brain when I'm writing my emotes around them. Water elemental=water=if you stand too close you get wet, right? So I said Wulfa got all wet. And then realized there was a double meaning. My face got soooo red ...... And my face got red again when I realized Graim had read my write-up of Kara and knew I said he walked on water and that he was my healadin hero ..........

Ok, the Orclette is using me as a jungle gym and I can't concentrate. Wulfa out.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

PbP and how to do it.

Stale: I simply pointed Wulfa at the S2 gear. For a better idea of starting pvp gear try:

He'll have more to come later. As you'll see a large portion of your starting gear is the same regardless of class... either: S2 or the rep gear you can get at honored. Since all of this gear is class specific you just get the rep/honor and walk in and buy your gear ding! instant resiliance.

But make sure you get the fear breaking trinket FIRST.

Wulfa was asking me which battle ground she should play. My thought was AV as she needs the marks for her S2 xbow and honestly AV seems to be the closest to PVE.

So here is my ultra n00b guide to AV-Alliance:

You start at the yellow circle. If the match is in progress already take the time to pull up your map and see where your team-mates are. Then run to them and do what your class does to help others. As a hunter you are amazing defense. You have flare(for stealth classes), traps and tracking. If you can heal... HEAL. I cannot count the number of times I've been in battlegrounds and seen that a tiny bit of healing turns the tide. If you can't heal....KILL THE HEALIES...*cough* sorry.. I mean try and take out the enemy healers. Use your pet to harass casters. Try to kite warriors/rogues/melee types. Fight near other players/objectives. Use your traps. Use your animal fear on other player pets and druids.

The green circles are choke points. These are places where the horde are going to pretty much have to come through. Feel free to defend them if there are any horde nearby. If the horde are this deep I expect that a lot of your teammates will already be there....I hope.

The purple circles are some of the first objectives. The pretty castle inside the purple circle is where the Horde captain guy is. He is basically like a boss mob....the horde players are his trash. Killing him is a good thing but you will probably need help(aka a tank/healer combo). I think...

If you capture graveyards the enemy players can't ress there they have to ress at the next nearest one. It is always helpful if you see an undefended graveyard to make sure that it has your flag on it.

There I'm done! Now go play about 10 matches and get a feel for the place. Then go ask someone who has done it for 'real' strategy. I told you it was ultra-n00b.

As requested by Sephrenia :P. This map is also available for printing in its original form here.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

For Bony Fingers!

Yay for another blog to read:

She's been added to my reader now. Although someone... could have posted about her earlier so I didn't have to go back and read through the PA archives :P.

Not that I'm lazily accusing people right before I go home... I'd never do that.


So I'm late to the party but Phaelie's regen math is awesome. Just awesome.

In other news... when work is slow I get bored out of my skull. I've tried reading up on Robert Sedgewick's Algorithms in C++ but well my job doesn't use almost any of what he talks about and we don't use C++ so its a bit heavy for reading while work is slow. I need a quiet room and a huge pad of paper.

I've already printed off a list of pvp gear for Wulfa so that she knows which battle grounds she'll need to do to get marks/honor for S2 stuff.

I've spent a lot of time repeating work Phaelia has already done....and then went and read her blog in more depth(last time these posts posted I wasn't a druid)....she's done a lot more than I have and I'm not going to repeat anymore work.

I'm caught up on my cases at work...I keep checking just incase.

I'm not comfortable writing my exploritory new home emails while at work.

I have 120 blogs/comics I'm subscribed to and zero unread.

I have zero emails in gmail or work inbox.

I've also checked my usual rounds of Wow insider and web comics and google news.


I'm not sure if its my problem for having issues with paying attention to just one thing or my jobs problem for not having enough work.

What do you think?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I tried to work this out and it turned into a blog post.

I'm comparing "Living Spirit" to "Dreamstate". And wondering which one gives me more juice.

Lets pretend I have 323 int and 372 spirit. I just made these numbers up but they seemed appropriate for a new resto druid in greens.

Before 2.4 regen(level 70) seems to be based on this:

5 * square root of int * spirit * .009327

Dreamstate gives me 32.3 mp5 and mp5SR.

Living spirit gives me 46.76 mp5sr and 14mp5.

At this point it takes 26.51 spirit to get me 1 mp5. I'm a druid I imagine I'll be inside the 5sr all of the time.

long slow time

spirit/(5 * square root of int * spirit * .009327)*.15*.30 = mp5 gain using living spirit.

For the mp5 gained per point of spirit from Living Spirit to be equal to the mp5 gained per point of intellect from Dreamstate you will need to have 2270.654 intellect. Something that will not happen at level 70.

So my end ruling? For mp5 I'll want a dreamstate build.

Of course I may not ever want mp5 but yeah... I did all of this just because I was curious if it was possible for Living spirit to give more mp5 than dreamstate.

I think my math is right.

Also I'm thinking roughly that as long as I'm not treeform it will always be worth it to have dreamstate. Not sure at what point +healing is better than mp5 for a druid. But I'm not one of you crazy awesome theory crafters... I'm just an amature who needed something to waste an hour on.


What do you do when you can't call someone because you accidently took their cellphone with you to work?

You blog and hope they check their email.

I has shinies ..... =)

So I was minding my own business, questing in Blade's Edge, when this thing dropped. I finished killing the second dude that had decided he didn't like me and inspected the thing. It was a depleted badge. My first impulse was to label it "vendor trash", but I immediately thought better of that, since there are quite a few cool things I don't know about being 70 and the drops that happen. So I asked my fellow guildies, and the response was something like this:

"I'll give you 500! err, how much would you want for it?"
me: "Umm, what is it again?"
"The Badge of Tenacity!"
me: "!!!! Are you serious?!"

Yeppers, the Badge of Tenacity dropped for me. Now, it was on BRK's shopping list for getting geared for Kara without running instances, so I was planning on equipping it. I'm still gonna equip it. But I had second thoughts because the first thing anyone said after I excitedly told them what had dropped was "You're gonna let your guildie droods bid on that right? It's one of the best trinkets they can get!"

So, if anyone has opinions, let me hear 'em. If BRK was wrong and it isn't the holy-moly of trinkets for hunters as well, well, I'd like to know.

Things that happened this weekend.

Someone keeps making me want to play a warrior

The Orclette had cake. She wasn't very enthused. However, the phone her Great Grandma got her rocked her world. Sigh aka. Moonsongdown aka her ungle(ugly uncle) isn't very enthused but we dont' care because annoying him is joy. And Orclette repeatedly mashing the play the sing-a-song-about-phone-calls button brings me joy.

Wulfa did kara.

Me and Ishvi had this long drawn out discussion about paladin tanking. I've concluded he might have a clue what he's doing. Which is a scary new thing. Oh and he went and got uncrushable after telling me yesterday that he wasn't. I was all prepped to argue with him about it too. He claims he told me yesterday he was but hadn't been for kara...but I think we all know he's younger than me and thus not as trustworthy about things.

We got linked! I'm jazzed.

I got to 44 on my druid. My new 2nd highest ever toon. I ranted and raved about how I want to play a level 50+ shaman more than my druid. Then I went back to Boomkin-ing.

I got lucky. In 2 runs of mara(one was an hour pug that wiped twice and only killed 3 bosses). I got the following:

oh and this dropped while farming inbetween the two runs:

Life is fairly happy. Tonight I write up some RL papers and apply for some things. Yay and joy.

Oh this was written on monday but will post Tuesday.

Monday, July 7, 2008


I went to Kara I went to Kara I went to Kara I went to Kara!

Not that I'm excited about it or anything.

I deny that the entire afternoon before the event butterflies took over my stomach and wreaked havoc. I will also deny that by the time we got to Midnight and Attumen I was beginning to hyperventilate and that my hands were shaking so badly I could barely manipulate my mouse & keyboard. I will 'fess up to making a few noob huntard mistakes, however. Dammy wrote my pet attack/hunter's mark macro and it worked fine outside of Kara but inside it wasn't working, so 50% of the run absolutely no hunter's mark on anything. And you know what? I can't remember what other hunter mistakes I made. They were there, however.

So after Attumen I began to settle down a bit, although I was still extremely paranoid that THE ENTIRE RAID WOULD DIE A HORRIBLE AND PAINFUL DEATH because of me. So I was being extra cautious. Moroes was fun-and this brings me to a question. Trapping as a hunter when you have a paladin tank. Most of my runs have been with a pally (Ishvi) and frankly he doesn't need me to trap. Ever. So it was with a sinking feeling that I saw the blue square above a mob's head. Unless I shoot first it is impossible to take aggro from the pally within any reasonable length of time. And I did ask if that's what I should do, and they said yes, but it was Moroes and his 4 henchmen. I was terrified I'd shoot too early or aggro them all on myself so I took too long, the pally started the fight, and no trap. Do you hunters out there have any suggestions? I'm especially hoping that Pike will answer, otherwise I'm gonna have to email you =)

We wiped twice on Maiden, once because she wasn't in the correct position when we started dps'ing and the second because a certain priest that shall remain unnamed decided that he was fully capable of tanking her all by his lonesome =) Other than that no trouble, she went down, we moved on. I think opera was next. We got the Wolf. I thought it was awesome-like Duck Duck Goose, although I never got Robinified so maybe I should withhold my opinion. No epic gun, and I was slightly relieved, because even though I really don't like guns I don't know that I could've resisted a purple shiny. The next dude went down easily (Carburator or something like that? Big metal dude). And Ishvi got his first purple! T4, I believe. Very exciting. We went on to Shade, and I'm very proud to report that I didn't move at all ever when the fire-explosive-thing was up. After him my orclette woke up screaming so I had to leave the party (sorry guys) and my first Kara run was over. 10 badges, a few greens, and a good chunk of the way to being honored with the Violet Eye. It was awesome. I have no idea what my damage was like but I don't imagine I was anywhere near the top 'cause there were 3 rogues, one of them the epic Cassie. I'm looking forward to my next Kara run, and I actually think (hint hint) that the Sidhe Devils should do Kara again (hint hint).

And I'd just like to mention that Blood for Blood, the other guild we ran with, was simply awesome. The healadin Graimerin (I don't think that's how you spell his name) walks on water, in my humble opinion. Good explanations of the fights, his voice was lovely, and he got hit a few times by a hard-pounding mob and didn't die. He's my healadin hero.

So, awesomeness all around, be sure to check out the orclette photos. She had an awesome B-day, got all sugared up, was the life of the party. Thank you all for your happy birthday wishes!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Just the three

We had roughly 1 million pictures. Half of which were too blurry to see anything.

But here are my favorite three.