Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I has shinies ..... =)

So I was minding my own business, questing in Blade's Edge, when this thing dropped. I finished killing the second dude that had decided he didn't like me and inspected the thing. It was a depleted badge. My first impulse was to label it "vendor trash", but I immediately thought better of that, since there are quite a few cool things I don't know about being 70 and the drops that happen. So I asked my fellow guildies, and the response was something like this:

"I'll give you 500! err, how much would you want for it?"
me: "Umm, what is it again?"
"The Badge of Tenacity!"
me: "!!!! Are you serious?!"

Yeppers, the Badge of Tenacity dropped for me. Now, it was on BRK's shopping list for getting geared for Kara without running instances, so I was planning on equipping it. I'm still gonna equip it. But I had second thoughts because the first thing anyone said after I excitedly told them what had dropped was "You're gonna let your guildie droods bid on that right? It's one of the best trinkets they can get!"

So, if anyone has opinions, let me hear 'em. If BRK was wrong and it isn't the holy-moly of trinkets for hunters as well, well, I'd like to know.


Anonymous said...

Badge of Tenacity I would call marginally hunter loot only because it's BOE and has agility. It's really meant to be a fantastic feral tanking trinket, and is one of the few feral tanking trinkets that they can get before Kara.

In the comments on that pre-Kara WoWInsider post, someone listed a bunch of quest-able trinkets that I would argue are equal or *better* for a hunter than Badge of Tenacity:

Bladefist's Breadth, Ancient Draenei War Talisman, Core of Ar'kelos, Ogre Mauler's Badge, Terokkar Tablet of Precision


Anonymous said...


I'd suggest that you supplement BRK's list with these guides. These guides include instance drops, but also the quest-rewards which BRK's guide lacks.



Anonymous said...

Augh, I wish blogger comments would wrap text!


-Frustrated Taueth

klaki said...

It's an starting bear tank trinket. I have one and use it with my DMF card. They are good for Hunters for starters, but there are better ones that ain't that bad to get. I would give/sell it to a druid tank. It will last them quite a while.

Oh, here are the guides Taueth was trying to link:

Guide 1: HERE
Guide 2: HERE

Delos (Dave) said...

The badge is much much better served on a feral druid. Check out this list. As you can see, for a bear druid it's the second best trinket in the game.

At level 70, for a hunter, 150 agility is equal to 150/40 = 3.75 crit for 20 seconds every 2 minutes.

At level 70, a druid bear tank gets 1694 armor from this trinket all the time (check comments here for math). In addition, they get 150/14.7 = 10% dodge every 2 minutes.

As others have noted there are far better trinkets for hunters. The armor is lost on a hunter if they are standing in the back doing pew pew. All that being said, it's still yours. You still found it, and you can do what you like with it :) It's only a game after all.

Formulas for crit and dodge were derived from here.

Anonymous said...

That's a tough one Wulfa. I'm a bit biased because I play a feral druid, but I've never actually heard of that refered to as a hunter trinket before. Until a feral druid hits the armor cap, that's one of the best trinkets they can have. Squirrelz uses it, I believe BBB uses it.

Ok, biased part over. I'd take a look at what you have and compare that to the badge. The hourglass of the unraveler is by far a better DPS trinket, and a really easy upgrade to the Ancient Draenei War Talisman is Bladefist's Breadth as someone mentioned above.

I'm no expert hunter, but I'm pretty sure that the constant crit rating and the higher on use AP is better for you than a constant 350 armor and on use 150 agi.

Oh, and gratz on the drop. Either as a trinket to use or a nice potential payoff. I bought mine from a guildie way back for 750g and it was a steal.


Andy C. said...

Grats on the trinket. I've gotten one on my hunter before, and I tossed it on the AH as I didn't know any feral druids personally. I'd say give a guildy drood a shot at it before tossing it on the AH. But I wouldn't equip it.

Pike said...

I'm a fan of Bladefist's Breadth (quest in Hellfire), Abacus of Violent Odds (Mechanar drop) and Hourglass of the Unraveller (Black Morass) myself, but then again, I haven't done too much trinket-hunting...