Saturday, November 10, 2007


Yay for guilds. This is the first time ever that I've been part of one and I already see the many benefits to being in one. Guild members are passing along cool shinies, helping with quests, making armor or other stuff for guild members, etc. This will not come as a shock to those of you who have played video games or rpg's before but i am relatively new to the gaming world. Up until recently I did not know that a hunter's pet could learn Claw, Bite, and Dash. Is that sufficient to show my newbyness? Anyway, I have now posted as requested by my orcish hubby and have forgotten to pretend through my writing that I am also an orc. I look like an orc, all shortish and stockyish rather than long and leanish like the elves. Next time I'll try and talk like one.


(when she says she recently learned about bite dash and claw... let me give some perspective: She had already leveled 2 hunters to 38 and 35 and another to 21 and tons of level 10ish ones....but she never really knew to read sites like BRK and petopia. I showed her these sites and suddenly her already BM pet was killing way faster.)

[yeah... our guildies are awesome]

Friday, November 9, 2007

Some level 12 thoughts.

Wow. The first two 'rounds' of every fight I own. Lots of boom. Hopefully it dies before round 3 though. Thats when my damage drops, mostly due to my mana all going away.

This is how all my fights from level 11 to level 12 went:

1) Target mob and start melee autoswing attack(mob is about 25yds? away at this point)
2) Toss up stoneskin(mob is level 13+)... Toss up str+totem(mob is level 12 or less)
3) If I don't forget cast lighting shield. If I do then cast lighting strikespellthingy.
4) Do whatever 3 did not do.
4.5) Cast fire instacast spell.
5) Toss up fire totem that repeatedly blasts the mob.
6) If racial fury skill is up use it.
7) End round 1.
8) Watch all those things hit the mob a 2nd time.
8.5) If have mana cast earth instacast spell.
9) End round 2.
10) If mob is not dead then at this point my lightning balls are gone, my mana is tappedish, and I've lost about 1/2 my hps.

Ideas to fix this before playing next:

1) GET A FREAKIN SHIELD.... I swear I cannot find any right now and its frusteratin.

2) Double check that all my leather armor is up to date.

3) Possibly swap fire totems to the AoE one for more burst damage.

4) Currently i'm using the earth weapon buff. I think maybe the flamestrike buff will do more damage.

5) Mostly this is just tweaking. The only mobs I had issues with were level 14 zebra's, and they would go down pretty quickly. I just worried because I'd have low hps and no mana at the end of the fight.

Well thats it for a status update:
Level 12 now.
Cooking 80
Fishing 51
Skinning ??(more but I don't know how much more)
Mining 35(yeah I dumped tailoring after I comparing some prices).

Night folks.


Kill command?

Yeah I'm not a bow wielding, animal feeding, nature lover. So excuse my ignorance.

But what is this "kill command" I keep seeing hunter guides talking about.

Music? Don't got no stinkin music!

Now I'm not opposed to a good warchant. And I absolutely love Bryan Boru's March when Beowulfa plays it on her warpipes. But seriously, I don't listen to music.

Heck when I'm out fishin' off Durotar's coast... there is no noise other than the ticking of some imaginary clock. I can't even hear the noise a voodootroll makes when I bop it with my rockstick.

So I've compiled my own list of things I like to hear that have nothing to do with the music I don't get to listen to.

Orclette's laugh.

Orclette's burp.

A ticking clock in an otherwise soundless room.

Three blind gnomes.

Good food frying in a pan.

The thunk of a dart hitting the dartboard.

Keys on a keyboard as someone is typing not to fast, not to slow but just right.

Beowulfa's laugh.


A cat purring.

A rotating fan on a hot day, with an engine running in the distance.

The squeak/creak of a hammock hung on a chain as you swing back and forth.

The sound of a tennis/baseball/golfball bouncing off the floor and off the wall and back to you.

The music(OOO I do listen to music) in The Great Escape.

Well thats about it for now.


(humming) Three blind gnomes... three blind gnomes... see how they run... see how they run.... my orcish wife she cut out their eyes with her hunting knife... three blind gnomes...

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Yay some psuedo dings.

Level 9.1 now. Yay...this time it wasn't the orclette's agro bustin chops method that slowed me down. Instead of getting smarter and bigger as fast as I can... I did this


Fishing 48
Skinning 58?(i can't remember how much but it was between 40 and 60.)

Also that smexy green lady with the tight leather shirt that bounces when she's filling trolls with sharp pointy death managed to slaughter enough tigers and raptors to get to 10 and qualify herself for a pet. Not yet sure what she'll get but hopefully it will be something suitably a raptor.

Well I'm going to stop for now.

Think green and mean.


I also managed to get myself some spiffy level 2ish pants pulled right outa the water in a box. Who puts pants in a box? This is obviously some Troll's idea of a good idea. "YAARR I BE TROOOOLL. I NO WEAR PANTS. MAYBE I SHOULD PUT THEM IN A BOX. OH NOES MY PANTS ARE IN A BOX. WHAT SHOULD I DO? I WILL THROW IT INTO THE OCEAN FOR AN ORC TO FISH UP."

Poor confused trolls. Now I'm wearing their pants.

Yay someone to learn from.

Yeah he's a bluecow but his thread is crazy relavent. I've been trying to work out how to specc my enh shammy and here we go a guide. A well written guide. Bluecow shammy's are like mages I guess... all smart and bookish and stuff. They probably don't even drink.

But wow boy do they write. Good thing I spent my level 6 talent point in learning to read.

When I grow up I wanna be just like -him- except different and more like me and more greenish and with bigger teeth and tougher(cus orcs just are) and obviously more smexy, cus orc wife likes my tight tailess butt.

Ooo its almost 5pm. Time to gear up and draw some Orclette agro.

Eeep. I should read the archives before I make assumptions.

This druid wrote a song/poem about a lock that didn't get the gloves he/she wanted. I had just finished reading about this OTHER lock(who now must hate me) and somehow got them confused in my mind.

Turns out TJ isn't a gnome.... she's a human... I think... I believe I have unrefutable evidence here. Of course I'm a shaman so what do I know. I mean us shaman... we drink 'special drinks' that let us see elementals and talk to them. AND WE DO WHAT THEY SAY. We're not exactly mages here. Learnin? WARRIORS have more learnin. At least they don't obey things you can only see while drunk.


Yay for slow days at work.

Thinking Thoughts on a Thursday

I wish shoulder plates were toggleable like helmets and capes. All these poor level 70's with shoulders so tall that no one can see their face unless they are flying directly over head.

This morning I woke up and expressed my shock that someone had ACTUALLY READ what I wrote. My younger brother(a female blood elf hunter) said sarcasticly "They are BLOGGERS. This is what they do." I suppose. But my inner 10 year old is still estatic that someone on the interweb noticed me.

Bags!... Bags! How I hate not having bags. Yer out killin the boarpigs and the pinkskins and the scorpids....and you kill like HALF of one and you have no more space. I swapped to this server because my youngest brother(a female blood elf paladin) wanted to play with some friends of ours who already have an established guild. BUT WHERE ARE THE BAGS?

I feel like a pirate without rum.

I did find a bag off of a wild icky near that cave where all us wittle orclings start at, but then my wife stopped killing boarpigs, and looked over at me all cutelike with boar guts on her axe and grunted sweetly and OH CRAP SHE TOOK MY BAG.(okay so I gave it to her but if she looks like that it might as well be stealing for all the power I have).

Now I'm back to beatin on things with my rockstick and wishing I had a bag.

At least I have shoes now.

Well thats all for now.


p.s. How the heck do you appease an enranged demon using blogger? Maybe I should ask the awesome squishy who wrote this. Now thats someone who knows how to handle people.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

There are PEOPLE! on this here interweb.

Okay so I guess I knew that eventually someone -might- come along and read one of my posts. But ijustcreatedthisbloganhourago

I am just not specced for this. I don't have shadow resistance and there is no way in God's Brown Barrens that I can out run someone who probably has an epic mount and 100,000 times the mana I do.


Btw. Nice site update. It is a lot prettier. You know who you are.

Last minute realizations - nonWoW related.

I was on my way to bed when I suddenly realized that 90% of the places I would currently link are videogame or webcomic related.

Now this isn't a bad thing. Nosiree I'm not saying that. But it disturbs me? It unsettles me. I like my WoW. I like my spacemercenaries. But I don't want to just be that. I also like my Kipling and my Snark hunting. I like my hymns and I like worship. I like my history.

BUT. I don't do any of those things on the web. The internet, a large tool for so many people, is purely a place of leisure for me.

Maybe this blog will help change that. I am a procrastinator pure and simple. But right now... an hour after my usual bedtime I have the odd hope that if I steadily and consistantly blog, then I will want to design my own website. And if I design my own website, then I will want to learn pearl, .net, and other PC based langauges. Heck I might even slowly slide towards starting my own business... or at least going back to college to finish my degree.

Well...thats the vague dream. Honestly my actual goals are much smaller:
1) Get the **** out of debt.
9) Get my shaman to level 40.
2) Spend plenty of time and energy with my orclette.
1.5) Spend more time and energy with my OOOMAMA smexy brunette Orc hunter.
3) Keep the house clean.
4) Stay physically active
5) Don't eat too much sugar.
6) Don't get lazy at work.
7) Level fishing to that number that is the max for things like fishing.
8) Help my wife be the best Mother, Hunter, Runner, Student, and Woman she can be.
10) Make new friends....keep in touch with old ones.

yeah I could go on more....but thats it for now.


An Orc, A Plan, A Totem....and the fishing pole that ruined it all.

Hello to all new reader types! If there are any :P

My name is D--------. I currently play an Orc Shaman in World of Warcraft. My wife also plays an Orc(as always hunter). Our little half orc isn't quite yet crawling so for her to be playing anything would be a stretch. But she is an attention hog so she'll probably play a warrior.... she's already good at holding agro.

Why shaman? Well... I needed to be hybrid because well... it fits my play style. I like to be able to heal a fellow if they need it but I -way- prefer to melee dps. But what about Paladin you say? Let me tell you:

Yes your dear little platewearing undead hating psychopaths can almost not be killed...and wow yes they do have nice buffs for all the little people around you but... who likes not doing damage? Not I. Yeah yeah I know that some retrib paladins will tell me they do damage....but I played one to 32 and just can't do that anymore.

If you haven't noticed by now I have a bad habit of using a series of "." as commas/periods. Not just elipsis but any time I want to pause, I use them. Hopefully this will fix that.

Oh and I ramble... now back to my subject. Shaman yes, Paladin no. Druid? Let me quote my wife: "Yer big bear butt gets in the way." I tried to tell her about this cool bear druid I had read about but she was having none of it. If I'm going to play a druid I'll have to do so solo and on my own time.

Non-hybrid classes: Mage(tempting but no), Priest(I like healing... I hate the squishy), Rogue(maybe one of these days when I have a dedicated tan---nah who am I kidding...too intense for me), Warrior(If I want to play a tank I would go druidbear..if I want to do damage I'll go rogue...thats it), Hunter(PETSRULE... BOWS/GUNS STINK). I think thats it. If I forgot a horrible icky nasty class that makes my skin crawl you can't blame me :p.

Why blog? Because I found a ton of blogsites.... for druids... for hunters... a warrior or two... a priest... an icky... but no shamans.

So hopefully this will be a nice consistant place for me to post my WoW ramblings. And other comments.

Also I used to use/update but I lost my password, and a bad experiance with AT&T lost me my yahoo email that I signed up for the blog with, so I now have no way of signing in. So I've made copies of everything and am swapping over to here. Specially now that I'm turning this into a WoW based blog.

Oh and if you are one of the three people on the planet that I have not yet told.... my baby orclette can now hold her own bottle and can creep a good 5 feet(2 feet off her blanket) before crying!

Yay! She's leveling so fast :P.

Dear Mr. CoolerOrcThanI. Thank you for getting me started on fishing. Your descriptions of it made me hungry for trout from a muddy pond in the Barrens and now I have something ELSE to help keep me from ever reaching 70.

Well its well past my orclette imposed bedtime so I'm turning off Rockbiter and putting down my totems and crashing.

See you guys on the flip side.