Friday, November 9, 2007

Kill command?

Yeah I'm not a bow wielding, animal feeding, nature lover. So excuse my ignorance.

But what is this "kill command" I keep seeing hunter guides talking about.


Wildhermit said...

You poke your pet with a stick and say "Chopper, sick balls!" He/she then gets upset and rushes your target sicking said... um... you know...

You get it later :)

BRK said...

Kill Command:

Give the command to kill, causing your pet to instantly attack for an additional 127 damage. Can only be used after the Hunter lands a critical strike on the target.

KCs are one of the reasons Beastmaster hunters love Crits. We don't crit as much as a MM hunter or as often as a SV, but our crits cause our pets to gain Focus with the Go For The Throat talent, and they spawn Kill Commands.



Wildhermit said...

Now... true BRKs answer is correct... I think mind is better :P