Monday, June 30, 2008

Werewolves are always better.

The question answering post will come tomorrow. Sunday was too busy.

I just finished reading Twilight and New Moon. When I first started Twilight I wasn't impressed, it seemed slow and bleh and very teen dating girl story.

Last night I got home at about midnight... I picked up New Moon. I was only going to read the ending to the scene that starts in the back of Twilight....

I didn't get much sleep last night(due to finishing New Moon). I'm loving the series.

Although, wow these vamps scare me. Why? Because they are harder to kill. After reading the first book I spent 20 min thinking of counters. For a counter to be valid it has to be balanced. I can't just say "I'm superman and Vampires are deathly allergic to me and I heal like wolverine and have a robot army." (although when I ran into the aliens from Alien/Aliens/AvP for the first time, my counter at the time was almost exactly that.)

I came up with the Dancer. He's a completely normal human. However he hears music every so often(nothing he can control), when he hears the music...if he immediantly stops what he's doing and follows takes over and amazing things happen. As an example if a Vampire came into his store while he was ringing someone up he might suddenly hear the music.... he'd jump the counter, dance over to the Vampire, and sweep her up into an awesome corieographed dance that drops her(against her will) outside the store, then he'd dance back to the counter and the music would stop.....but all of this would happen at Flash like speeds, no one but him and the vampire would even notice...

He's balanced because he is simply an Agent for a Power. If he accepts the dance he cannot control it. It happens, he watches, it ends.

Anyways, this was a valid counter for me. I actually found it odd that these vampires scared me. Normally I don't react like that to books, but last night my only thoughts there really isn't a way to kill them.

Anyways wanted to share.


klaki said...

Dancer?! O.o

Dammerung said...


I like the idea. Sides thats not his name or psuedonym or anything. I just like the idea of someone who hears divine music and when he acts on it superhero level stuff happens but its not something he controls.

Jensyth said...

But, then what would be the counter for the dancer? It would imply that as long as the 'divine music' wanted something to happen, he could do it. But wouldn't there then be a counterpart of divine evil music....dancer against dancer? What happens then?

Dammerung said...

There wasn't a counter to the Divine Music.

So I guess its not balanced. But at the time I figured as long as the Dancer doesn't have control over this then he cannot abuse it. He can chose to go along with it or not. It cannot act except through him.

Maybe there is a set of unknown rules that the Music abides by? I don't know about this but I dislike the "Divine Evil" bit.

Hmm. Yay for something to while away my afternoon with.

Stephi said...

After reading this I couldn't in good conscious read those books.

I was laughing pretty hard though.

I must admit too Dam, Werewolves are much better.

You should read Kitty and the Midnight Hour. Funny stuff. XD

ArmsandFury said...

Gonna go out on a limb here...

I am dork enough to have played Werewolf and Vampire: The Masquerade at one time.

The thing I like best was the werewolf/vampire dynamic which I think Weisman pimped for the movie Underworld.

It breaks down like this...

Werewolf > Young vampire

Werewolf = Middle vampire

Werewolf < Master Vampire

I enjoyed that playing a werewolf you could morph and kick the crap outta vampires because most everyone plays vampires as snobby seducers. However, I have read a few good vampire novels out there that dispense with the silliness.

I probably couldn't read these tho...

klaki said...

"The question answering post will come tomorrow. Sunday was too busy."


hehe, jk