Friday, September 14, 2012

Cutting out eggs. Adding Cetaphil.

Would you like to read my supplement list? Yes? Ok, here goes:

In the morning:

Alive multi-vitamin (this doesn't make me want to throw up after taking it)
Fish Oil

In the evening:

A complete vitamin-B
Fish Oil (for both the fish oil and probiotic I am taking the recommended dosage just spread out over the course of the day, not doubling up)
Evening Primrose Oil

I also have been drinking/eating Diatomaceous Earth (the non pool-grade kind of course) (yes, it's gross). I've thought about adding in some other acne-fighting supplements (because my face still doesn't look like it used to) but I'm leery of adding more without consulting a naturalist/naturopath/whatever they're called.

Have I seen a difference? Yes I have, but I have these little, I mean tiny, flesh-colored bumps on my face. They just stay there. And I have no idea how to get rid of them. I don't think they're milia, although they could be, and nobody seems to have any other suggestions as to what they might be and how to get rid of them.

So, I'm going to start experimenting again. Before I decided to do that, however, I decided that I really needed to stop stressing about my face and that maybe I should try a very not-natural product. It was weird, thinking about that. It's like I was betraying a cause. I even compared it to my experience with Miniorc during the mastitis and thrush-I sooooo wanted to stop, to use formula, to end the pain, but I couldn't. I knew that was not the right choice for me or for him so I soldiered on and eventually it stopped hurting. That's when I decided I was taking this whole natural skin care journey way too seriously. So I bought some Cetaphil. And yes, it works. Most of the flare-ups I had disappeared, although scarring remains. Deep sigh.

So, experimentation: when perusing Google it seemed to be a consistent thing that dairy and sugar cause acne. It was also mentioned that in some people caffeine, yeast, gluten and eggs exacerbated acne. I've cut out dairy, most sugar, some caffeine, gluten and yeast but I'm still eating a lot of eggs. Could that be my issue? I'm inclined to think that maybe it is, and I'm hoping it isn't just wishful thinking. My issues did appear around the time that my egg consumption increased dramatically; I went from eating none to four per day. I had also attempted washing my face with honey and that also might have done it (that's when the little bumps began to appear and my face went wacko). So, who knows? But I'm burned out on eggs (they've been my breakfast staple for two, three months now?) so it won't hurt me to cut them out. It will hurt me to cut out caffeine but I'm going to try it. For two weeks. I have some decaf coffee so I can simulate my morning ritual and I have a well-established tea drinking habit now. Still, things might get ugly.

And how is my vacation going you ask? Very well! We've gone to the zoo and to our local agricultural museum and I've spent a LOT of time cuddling with them and reading (mostly to myself, but some to them). Tomorrow I plan on cleaning (because I haven't done anything, really), and then who knows? I'll probably be lazy the last three days of my vacation.

Happy Friday!