Friday, November 16, 2007

The story.

So last night my wife and I tried Ragefire Chasm. It went pretty well. I only died 3 times

1: Solo I accidently pulled two elementals at once,
2: Susan our pet lizardthing agroed 5 trogg elites at once yay, 4 of which sprinted after PrettyOrc, when I made my presence known they screamed in horror at my face and hit it repeatedly with stone axes,
3: "So do you want to drop down and kill square, x and skull?" "Sure that sounds good" "Okay! CHARGE!" "Baaaabe... why are you leaving me down here to die to these three cavemen?" "Oh! One second!... bah their just inside my no arrow zone... I'll just bac--" <lava blurps>

At this point a Troll hunter and a high ranking member of the Blood Knights wandered by and offered us a chance to go kill some moonelf druids. I think the Bloodknight only wanted us there to carry the loot. He certainly didn't need our help.

But that is okay because I picked up this VERY SMEXY jacket off of one of the jerkface druggies in the caverns. I also found out that if you bribe moocow druid people with gems they'll give you awesome staff weapons and say they like you alot.

And PrettyOrc found this bow that automatically poisons people every so often. Its handy. Like a scorpid you can carry around that shoots people.

Oh wait... I died another time last night too. I'm just walking to Camp Cow-ro-who and this jerkface(my new favorite word) moonelf(may have been human) with silver dragon wrapped around her face attacked me. I'm pretty tough for an Orc in his 16th(at the time) season but I can't take out a 24th season warrior. Oh and she brought at least 1 possibly two friends so they could dance on my corpse. I hate them longeared freaks. They should stay outa my barrens.

I think we're going to try Ragefire again next time we're on. Those stoneaxe dummies shoved PrettyOrc into the lava and well... there are some things an orc just doesn't take.

Thats all for now folks.


p.s. I'm trying to come up with a good set of rules to live by with regards to looting. For example [Awesome] [Don't you want me?!] and [Cool] drop. Now I am a shammy and only shammy's have the skill (Be Awesome) so obviously for me [Awesome] is a must have, so I choose (need) . This is a no brainer. But [Don't you want me?!] is something I can use and so can a hunter but its not a bow or nothing. Infact its a two handed weapon. Should I chose (need) or (greed)? I'm thinking as long as it isn't something that obviously belongs to another class(like a bow to a hunter) I can chose (need) if I want it and will use it. BUT [Cool] is just something I want. I might use it sometimes but I just as likely might sell it. I think chosing (greed) is okay in this case but I thought maybe I should just pass since its not something I will deffinitly use. Anyways... thoughts appreciated.

Oh and because this is green its an edit :p.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Very late. I should be sleeping as I type this.

Remind me tomorrow to talk about: This and this and this. Thanks to an awesome guildy me and PrettyOrc got hooked up. She has the bow of course.

Good night.

Maybe tomorrow morning she'll tell you what her impression of WC and of partying was like.


TJ is my hero. Go to her site. Click on the link.

Also yeah... I usually have about 5% of me and Pretty-Orcs combined gold, and thats only when I ask her real nicely and show exactly what I'll be spending it on.


I have discovered the greatest way ever to fast leveling: plunk your character in the midst of a nice & big, frequently respawning, relatively high level mob (although I have been told that a mob is one monster, I mean mob as in lots of milling around monsters) and turn on your t.v. I have progressed from level 14 to 18 this way without really noticing and caught up with my favorite t.v. shows (yay 7th Heaven and A Baby Story!)

So I have more gold than my orc hubby. This is due to him sending me any auctionable stuff he picks up 'cause he doesn't like going to the auction house and I do. I like the gold plunking into my bags. It pains me to see it go. I have become Ebenezer Scrooge. Buying bags for my Blood Elf brother-in-law (hey little did I know that orc hubby had a multi-ethnic family) is too much to ask even though my other brother-in-law, also a Blood Elf (hee hee I got the brawny, good lookin' brother) supplied me with my bags and asked if I could help out by sending first b-i-l bags. Sigh. It is not gold that is sinful but the love of gold . . .

I have no more thoughts on the game of WOW for now.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Newly modified and also with more links today.

Kestrel at somepoint asked people to change some things. I have recently done so. Hopefully this will help you wordpress people out.

On 2.3:
I like the new map. Pretty-orc hates the fact that yellow dots don't mean finished quests anymore.
Both me and Pretty-Orc ADORE the multi-item mails. This makes life easier.

Not yet sure what the guild bank repair button does. I think it means that you use guild gold to repair your stuff. My brother thinks it means you spend your gold to repair guild stuff in the bank.

He likes the guild bank thing though, it makes sharing resources so much easier.

I've already mentioned my love for BIGBEATSTICKAXES.

Time management:
A paladin with a very awesomly informative blog posted an article about this and a link to an article showing that the best-raiding guilds spend less time playing then other raiding guilds. This made me think about how I play. I tend to be very obsessive about any game I play. I think about it all day long and its all I talk about. However I'm -very- much devoted to spending time with Pretty-Orc outside of the game and spending time cuddling Orclette. Not to mention normal social activities.
So I think I shall begin making a list of things to do before I actually sign in. Sort of a check list. This lets me maximize what I get done during the time that I'm on and it allows me to carry over goals from one session to another without having to spend 20 min remembering what I was doing last time I was on. Hopefully this means I will be more productive when on the game so that I don't fret over how I'm not level yet or doing yet when I'm NOT ACTUALLY LOGGED IN.

A question or two:
What can low level people do to help their guild? Any thoughts? Currently I feel like I'm just a leech. None of my gatherables are usable by the others and a level 16 person is almost useless to level 30ish people.

I'm looking for a place to take a screenshot of so that me and Pretty-Orc can say: "This is where our house would be if we lived in Kalamidor" So if you have any suggestions just let me know the zone and a spot and a direction to face and I'll see if I can get it and if Pretty-Orc agrees. Ie: something pretty and not too lonesome looking.

Also I need to find mobs that drop wool. I know they start dropping wool about my level but I can't seem to find any and my other brother finds TONS, and has since he was level 15 or so.

I hate snooty blood elves. 1) they are living on demon magics, 2) they have all these really rich areas with awesome quests.

I'm so jealous I'm turning green. Oh wait thats normal.

Hah! At least *I* thought that was funny.

Well I'm out for now.



So I was walking around Crossroads the other day. Yeah that town out in the middle of nowhere where you get your last supplies before spending days walking to Camp Taurajo, or whatever the Tauren call it. Anyways I was there shopping for leather and things for my Most-Beautiful-Green-One and I heard this rumor that the weaponmaster in Ogrimmar had made a change in policy. A huge change.

He was accepting Shaman into his BIGBEATSTICKAXES classes at ANY AGE. You no longer had to wait till your 20'th season(longer for some) any Shaman at any age could learn to use BIGBEATSTICKAXES. Now needless to say this excited me a lot because I've always wanted a BIGBEATSTICKAXE like PrettyOrc.

I couldn't remember why I was in this town but -BIGBEATSTICKAXES!-

Next thing I knew I was talking to Mr. BIGBEATSTICKAXES guy in the city that let me train
BIGBEATSTICKAXES and ....(drool)

(shakes himeslf and wakes up)
Gah! Sorry. My mind has been going recently. So now I have a new skill so I went out to test out my BIGBEATSTICKAXE and WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I love it. Oh how I love it. I am so glad that Mr. BIGBEATSTICKAXES guy changed his mind and let Shaman learn BIGBEATSTICKAXES.

yeah so thats it.

Who am I kidding let me say it again


yeah so see you guys when I get off work.


p.s. That number in the title is my highest white damage ever on this character. Guess what it came from :P

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Some changes.

I temporarily added just the pictures of our signatures to the top of the page. Thanks to all who helped me find out how. When I get home and can actually -see- the results of the html I will add the links that autorefresh. (This means thanks to kakalaki and MBB)

I also changed how many posts show up. I post a lot more than I thought I would and only showing 3 means that by evening my morning posts are gone. And since I know that -noone- in their right mind would read my gibberish more than a daily basis(yeah I'm fishing) I need to show more of it. I figure the more I show the more braincells I kill which means more Orcs!

When I do get home and get a chance to run ALL THE WAY to oggrimar.. /newbishsigh then I will be using the big axesticks. Now... which is better... 1 onehanded weapon with a shield? or a two handed weapon?... seeing how I'm all about damage output(contrary to my post 3 days ago regarding respeccing[which I don't regret because 5% more mana wasn't really helping all that much in the damage department]) I'm going to be using the BIG beatstick.

Until I get TWO at level 40.

Aww crap a priest knows more about my ghostwolfness than I do. Dang it.


I need to add this noob and this psycho to my blogroll.

The noob is the least noobish noob I've ever read even if he's been renoobed, also he's carrying on a mighty and valiant struggle against an all powerful oppressor of renoobery.

And psycho is fun to read and stuff.

Well I was going to write more but work got busy. Adios for now.


The whole point of this is two questions I get to at the end.

I respecced and wooo I likes it. Less tearing my lovely leather jacket gifted to me from PrettyOrc.

Also! Thanks BBB for listing out the patch. I started downloading it right before ducking out to work and didn't get a chance to read it. I don't have to spend talents to use big axes yayayayayayayay dear blizzard I love you. I like everything about this patch. Everything.

More xp yay!

Less needed yay!

Sadly I won't get to enjoy/test this bounty until tomorrow night probably. Tonight my half-orc Druid has to help a group of rag-tag adventures saved the world with the aid of our SHINY PELORIAN MEN.

Now for the questions:

1) Someone please give me detailed instructions into how I get a shiny bar like BRK, BBB, renoobed? You know the one... it has a picture of your race and your name and your latest stats of importance to you?

2) How often does the Armory update and what do you need to do to get it to log your character's stats? Because I'm not seeing my spiffy awesome new magic shield.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Talents and things.

I've been thinking fairly hard about respeccin' to Shield Specilization from Ancestral Knowledge. 5% more block seems huge compared to 5% more mana. Now... later on, when I'm grouping and using 2 axes or something I can see that the blocking will be pointless. But right here right now... yeah I love me shield.

And right after that I've already started doing: Thundering Strikes. I'm enhancement for the beatin with the axesticks. And more crits is more yummy.

But after I get that done... what to spend on until I get access to flurry....hmm....
Yeah so I looked again and smacked myself. Hard. With a rock. I mean 90% of the time I'm soloing or I'm 'tanking' for PrettyOrc. So the 5% dodge is what I'm wanting. I think. /whine I want to be level 40 so badly. Two axes. TWICE THE BEATSTICKERY. I cannot wait.

Anyways... thoughts are appreciated.

The Green stuff is edit. incase you thought it was a bunch of weee bitty orcs running around on your screen. Not that that wouldn't be cool. Cus who doesn't want more orcs.

Rambling thoughts on early morning holidays.

Yay for days you get to spend grinding at the office on a 'holiday'.

So I'm incredibly fortunate to work at a company where Veterans day is officially a holiday. And unfortunate enough that I had to work that day(well I guess since I had to work -one- of these days its as good as any). Also this morning I'm the lucky guy who gets to come in two hours early to cover the gap in night support. Which isn't a problem it just means a 6am-5pm work shift.

Now as I'm writing this from my lovely climate controlled cubical with its plush chair 100 meeeellions of retail/hospital/construction etc. workers are taking a deep intake of breath to tell me to get over it and suck it up because they work 12 hrs a day NORMALLY and people don't deserve more than one holiday a year anyways and that one is optional.

Now back to Emerald Dream......

Not sure if the amory is showing it yet but I finally traided in my grey shield for an AWESOME green shield that Beowulfa purchased for me. She also made me a bunch of custom made leather gear and I bought boots of agi from this shoppy over there ------>{insert link to the shoppy in the barrens south west of crossroads and north of camp taurenname}.

So I think I have a +19 bonus to agi after the boots... I didn't look before logging out. And my armor is almost breaking 1k. I no longer leave fights with 10% hps and no mana. For example, now me(15) and beowulfa(14) can take two 'red' mobs(18 hyena and 19 lightning lizard) without real fear of dying.{not sure of the hyena was red to me}. Of course the 2nd time we tried this I drew Orclette agro and had to hearthstone and she had to abandon Susan-the-yellow-raptor to the sad but noble fate of dying to give her time to escape.

Pretty-orc to Ugly-orc regarding a recent post by a bear who has a butt: "{something I can't remember}, and they are all in these huge guilds and do all these things and they raid all the time... I didn't know about raiding... {some more stuff I can't remember}".

The point of that quote is to be able to talk about how since I've never-ever-ever been able to avoid alt-disease(thank you to Mana Battery Babe for the diagnosis) I have never-ever-ever been to the endgame of any MMORPG. So its sort of odd reading raiding woes/triumphs and guild issues by people... because I understand it... but I've never experianced it. So I wonder what I'm missing due to never having done it... maybe the jokes would be funnier.



Go look at Mana Battery Babe's site today. Its FUNNY. I'd link it but I already did(infact the reason I found out how funny it was this early was because I needed to remindmyself of her url).

Well thats it.