Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Newly modified and also with more links today.

Kestrel at somepoint asked people to change some things. I have recently done so. Hopefully this will help you wordpress people out.

On 2.3:
I like the new map. Pretty-orc hates the fact that yellow dots don't mean finished quests anymore.
Both me and Pretty-Orc ADORE the multi-item mails. This makes life easier.

Not yet sure what the guild bank repair button does. I think it means that you use guild gold to repair your stuff. My brother thinks it means you spend your gold to repair guild stuff in the bank.

He likes the guild bank thing though, it makes sharing resources so much easier.

I've already mentioned my love for BIGBEATSTICKAXES.

Time management:
A paladin with a very awesomly informative blog posted an article about this and a link to an article showing that the best-raiding guilds spend less time playing then other raiding guilds. This made me think about how I play. I tend to be very obsessive about any game I play. I think about it all day long and its all I talk about. However I'm -very- much devoted to spending time with Pretty-Orc outside of the game and spending time cuddling Orclette. Not to mention normal social activities.
So I think I shall begin making a list of things to do before I actually sign in. Sort of a check list. This lets me maximize what I get done during the time that I'm on and it allows me to carry over goals from one session to another without having to spend 20 min remembering what I was doing last time I was on. Hopefully this means I will be more productive when on the game so that I don't fret over how I'm not level yet or doing yet when I'm NOT ACTUALLY LOGGED IN.

A question or two:
What can low level people do to help their guild? Any thoughts? Currently I feel like I'm just a leech. None of my gatherables are usable by the others and a level 16 person is almost useless to level 30ish people.

I'm looking for a place to take a screenshot of so that me and Pretty-Orc can say: "This is where our house would be if we lived in Kalamidor" So if you have any suggestions just let me know the zone and a spot and a direction to face and I'll see if I can get it and if Pretty-Orc agrees. Ie: something pretty and not too lonesome looking.

Also I need to find mobs that drop wool. I know they start dropping wool about my level but I can't seem to find any and my other brother finds TONS, and has since he was level 15 or so.

I hate snooty blood elves. 1) they are living on demon magics, 2) they have all these really rich areas with awesome quests.

I'm so jealous I'm turning green. Oh wait thats normal.

Hah! At least *I* thought that was funny.

Well I'm out for now.



Stale said...

Wool can be gathered from WC the instance in the barrens (AKA Wailing Caverns.) Also, I think you can get some from the lvl 16ish quillboars that are everywhere...

If your profession is Tailoring, then having tons of cloth is important but if you are only using it for first aid (WHICH EVERYONE SHOULD BE MAXED LVL AT 70 (Yes, even priests and pallies)) then don't sweat cause you will get a ton of the stuff :)

I have to say that your blog is nice and if you ever need any help in wow, just ask cause i am sure there is someone who can help.

P.S. Please visit my new blog at

BigBearButt said...

One thing lower level players can do to help a guild is to save and donate your low level cloth and farmed crafting mats to the guild bank instead of selling at AH or vendor. But my advice is for you to sell it on the AH yourself. Odds are high you have much greater need for the cash than higher level guildies do.

The key to remember is that, if your guild friends are level 60 - 70, then they have the means to make massive cash... and since your mains are still in the 10 - 20 range, you don't.

Everyone has been where you are at, and if you save every scrap of everything you get to make money, people will be grateful you are responsible enough to try and make it on your own without begging for handouts. No one will be wondering why the level 18 hunter isn't donating anything to the bank.

Just don't be like some of the folks I see joining our guild, that instantly start begging for gold to help them save for their 'first ever mount!', or for run throughs of an instance over and over, thinking they'll get to keep all the drops to sell on AH for mad cash.

It's funny the things I see people get torqued about in guild. If you have worked to get all the quests for an instance, and you say that you have all the quests for umptyfrats and you wonder if anyone has the time to group with you to work your way through it, you'll usually find that there are plenty of folks willing to help.

Heck, I've seen normally grumpy and curmudgeonly level 70s fight each other in Teamspeak over who got to run a 40 warrior through Uldaman, and eventually a whole group of 70's FORCED the poor guy to have a full group run through the whole thing. I think they cleared it in 20 minutes, competing to see who could wipe everything out fastest...

But when the cry goes out, "can a 70 run me through SM library plz k thx", then you can hear crickets cheep all the way to Org.

Worried about finding stuff to donate? Don't. You'll find plenty to help folks with when you reach around 40+. In the meantime... have fun, and remember everyone else suffered through the early game, broke and confused. At least you don't seem confused.

Oh yeah, one other thing... as you reach 20, the gear at AH reaches STUPID prices... because of PvP twinks willing to pay 500g for a stupid ring or armor piece.

Chances are, anything worth having is going to be ridiculously overpriced. The closer you get to items equipped at 17-19, or 27-29, or 37-39, the prices go through the roof. Your best bet is run Deadmines a few times, or wait till you can use level 20+ gear for cheaper prices.

Kestrel said...

First, thanks for the linkage. :)

Second...I can't add a thing to what BBB said. He's a wise bear.

I can appreciate the desire to give back to the guild in some way, but that will come in time.

Meanwhile, the Egotistical Priest had an excellent series on joining a new guild (geared mostly to much higher levels) that should also have some good insight for you two.

Dammerung said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

I appreciate it.