Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Some changes.

I temporarily added just the pictures of our signatures to the top of the page. Thanks to all who helped me find out how. When I get home and can actually -see- the results of the html I will add the links that autorefresh. (This means thanks to kakalaki and MBB)

I also changed how many posts show up. I post a lot more than I thought I would and only showing 3 means that by evening my morning posts are gone. And since I know that -noone- in their right mind would read my gibberish more than a daily basis(yeah I'm fishing) I need to show more of it. I figure the more I show the more braincells I kill which means more Orcs!

When I do get home and get a chance to run ALL THE WAY to oggrimar.. /newbishsigh then I will be using the big axesticks. Now... which is better... 1 onehanded weapon with a shield? or a two handed weapon?... seeing how I'm all about damage output(contrary to my post 3 days ago regarding respeccing[which I don't regret because 5% more mana wasn't really helping all that much in the damage department]) I'm going to be using the BIG beatstick.

Until I get TWO at level 40.

Aww crap a priest knows more about my ghostwolfness than I do. Dang it.


I need to add this noob and this psycho to my blogroll.

The noob is the least noobish noob I've ever read even if he's been renoobed, also he's carrying on a mighty and valiant struggle against an all powerful oppressor of renoobery.

And psycho is fun to read and stuff.

Well I was going to write more but work got busy. Adios for now.



TJ said...

Did you just call me... an oppressor?

Dammerung said...

/start letter

Deer Teej,

Found some tracks dat go to dis here interwebsite:


Dere, dis orc found arcane writings that were hard to read due to PrettyOrc using an axe to teach me not to say certain things. Also due to a VERY dark background.

Dese writings said you oppressed poor renoob and dat he was only fighting to defend himself or somfin from a curse or somefin.

I'm just a poor orc, its not like I can be held responsible for what I read and then badly missinterpret.

Thank you,


Dammerung said...


Seriously how the heck do you know when I link you? You can't be just lurking watching my site waiting for me to link you so that you can pop and and ask me what I just called you.

/boggling and confused


kakalaki said...

As far as using a sword and board or a 2hd weapon, it depends on the situation for me. If I'm going for one mob (or two if they are low enough lvl) I will wield the 2hd as to punish them for ever meeting me. If I take on the multiple mobs I S+B it. Plus also look at DPS with each set on.