Saturday, January 22, 2011

On life. Rambling out loud. Expect nothing great.

Life passes so slowly it seems. You want to be XYZ and it takes ages just to get there. This is my biggest fundamental problem with RPG's. They set an idea for how long it takes to get to your XYZ that is completely unrealistic. And yes I realize how stupid it sounds to complain that a game's goals are unrealistically quick to achieve when compared with life goals.

Bear with me. I'm thinking out loud here.

It just seems wrong to expect goal-attaining so quickly. In the short period of life where I've been trying to seriously improve myself(say in the last 4 years), nothing ever comes quickly and when it does arrive it seems such a small goal in retrospect.

What is it about mountains that makes them seem so much smaller once you have reached their tops?

Running a mile huge. Running two? Crazy. Passing a PT test? There was no way.

Going to Basic and AIT. Looking back if I knew then what I know now....I would have had so much fun. It really really isn't a big deal.

And now? My impossibly huge problems now? Learning passable Spanish by July. And getting 80 in every AFPT catagory for my age group(27-31).

It is the mind that is the issue maybe? When I don't think about things I do great and achieve many things. When I think too much about issues I talk myself down and fail. Well not just thinking really. More of moods.

I am either extremely positive about my chances of success and current situation or extremely negative. The negative times I've taught myself to argue with(with limited success) but I try not to accept the negative attitude/approach. Still when the swings land on tests... I struggle.

And its time for me to take Wulfa to work so I'll end this ramble here.

Friday and Saturday workouts.

Friday morning was an hour of FM 21-20(I think thats the right FM). We took a long time explaining to everyone what exactly CD 1, CD 2 and the warm up/cool down consist of.

Friday afternoon I did 80 push ups and was prepared to do more when Wulfa decided it was pizza and ice cream night.

Saturday(this) Morning I went swimming for 45 min. 10 laps on what I believe is a 25m pool. 2 laps with just me. 4 laps with a foam board just kicking with my legs. 4 laps with a foam float under my legs using my arms to move.

Swimming is still weird. I still get out of a the pool completely exhausted but not quite feeling like I got a good workout.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

On Swimming and other things including comma abuse.

I am what is classified as a "weak" swimmer. I can just barely... with patience... do that frog like swim from one end to the other of a 25 meter pool. Then I have to rest before I try to go back.

In ACU's(the army camo uniform) I get to change it from the frog like swim to the dog paddle... and I have to stop every so often to control my breathing.

So today after our training I stayed a bit extra to put in 20 min doing laps. This consisted of a grand total of ... get ready... 4 laps. I did 2 laps(100m) with a floaty thing holding up my chest/arms and using my legs only. Then I did 2 more with a floaty thingy holding up my legs and just using my arms. Then I got out.... and tried not to throw up. Then I walked around campus and ate breakfast with Wulfa and explained loudly and repeatedly that I was very tired now and wanted to go sleepy.

My buddy, who is an experienced medic and working on his nursing degree, which I don't suppose you really needed to know but it helps paint him, oh and he's ESL but his last name really isn't and it always surprises me when he speaks Spanish, on and ESL isn't me dogging him its to explain that he's ridiculously fluent in both, and anyways... he was doing 210-220 like me before last semester and in combination with his other workouts he added two days swimming laps and was up at 270 before he tried to wreck a moving car with his chest, he's okay though don't worry, the car drove off though, yeah anyways....

The point is SWIMMING IS HARD.

The other point is... its fun and you don't stink like sweat afterwards.

The other other point is... you don't feel like you are killing yourself because you are too distracted by the copious amounts of chlorine water that you are trying to breath because you can't efficiently keep your mouth up high.

I haven't played WoW this week at all. Too much to do. Spent this last weekend getting my passport updated and doing online training for stuff. Now I'm slightly behind on homework because I also spent all day tuesday skipping class on the passport stuff. Fortunately one of my classes was just a review of binary, hex, octal in preperation for machine level junk later. My other class the teacher hates computers so I really don't know what I missed.


But not as urgent as my letters made it seem.

I need/want to pick a masters degree to start doing in 2014... it has to be doable completely online and needs to complement an Electrical Engineering degree. The reason for this is that I plan to go career army and expect that like most army types I'll be moving at least every two years with deployments regularly. So I don't imagine I will really have an opportunity to get my masters via regular classes. And I don't want to just swap over to a non-engineering field. Anyways, its a bit early but I like to plan way ahead so I can change my mind a few times before hand. The only thoughts I had for this was a Masters in Mathmatics or a place like this but I know a few of you are engineers and might have better suggestions.

Right now I'm not far enough along to really pick a specialty that I'm interested(aka Power, or optics or what have you).

Thursday Jan 20th Morning && Wednesday Jan 19th Evening

Wednesday Jan 19th Evening
Didn't work out. The xbox died and I spent the evening getting a new one for Wulfa to watch netflix on. Three red lights in a pretty little ring. Had to wakeup early or would have done a very late run.

Thursday Jan 20th Morning
Doing water training/swimming today with ROTC. Yay for swimming in ACU's.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tuesday Jan 18th Evening && Wednesday Jan 19th Morning

Tuesday Jan 18th Evening
Half mile walk. Resting for PT test next morning.

Wednesday Jan 19th Morning
PT Test. 48 pushups 49 situps 16:30? 2mile run. Haven't verified time yet.

I just thought you should know.

This morning the Miniwolf undid his poopy diaper and sat down on me.

That is all.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday, Jan 18th, Morning

20 min. Walking at a 3.0-4.0 pace with five pound weights while doing arm exercises on an 8-10% incline.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Jan 17th Evening

A 20 min run at 6.0 speed. Slow but happy.


So starting this semester we debated... like we do every semester about how to make this school thing -faster-, -easier-, -cheeper-.

One of the things I really failed at last semester was improving on my PT score(started at 206...ended at 213....but that was actually a fluke kinda compared with a pt test I took -right- before the semester started).

Basically I didn't get better. /end story/ So now I am going to. We worked out that 90% of our gymn workouts were just a treadmill. So this year instead of spending 33$ a month each on the gymn we bought a treadmill. Which should save us money.

And I'm going to be using it in addition to my regular PT with ROTC and in conjunction with my own pushup/situp routine.

210 = 70% = C grade. I want to improve to a B grade. 240-270 = B = 80%....... we're pretending this has nothing to do with all the people who have poked, prodded, or patted my belly over the break. Or the woman who has puffed her face up and waved her hand out around an imaginary santa belly every time I think about snacks.

So I'm going to post my boring annoying workouts(like the awesome Rusty...who hasn't posted much recently... or my reader is broken or the other).

And this morning's:

A 20 min run/walk mixing weights and incline. Light but lasted at least 20 min and left me sweating and high heartbeat.

If I complete a workout twice a day every day M-F then I'm allowed to play WoW once on the weekend. Otherwise I'm not.

If I get to 240+ on my record afpt(some time in march I think) then I'm going to treat myself to something...not sure yet trying to find something appropriate.