Thursday, March 25, 2010

Druid heals are just better.

So for some unknown reason Tuesday I logged into my druid and healed a tiny bit. I think it was because the druid had more emblems.** After just one heroic I realized what my problem had been. I've been trying to run away from my druid healer. I've been trying to find an alternative. And they all failed.

Boomkin failed

Cat failed.

Bear passed....but with a D.

Shaman retry failed.


And then I tried my resto druid again and remembered how much I loved him. Oh how much I love him.

The healing is so easy. I am untappable. I love it.

Since I went back I've farmed about 57 emblems on my druid. Life is great.

Working on a level 18 warlock(for battlegrounds with Mal and Moon), a level 26 mage(for battlegrounds with Mal and Moon) and a level 18 paladin(for battlegrounds with Mal and Moon) and a level 6 rogue(for battlegrounds with....) and a level 6 hunter(for hanging out with Wulfa).

So far the heirlooms I've got are:
PVP plate melee shoulders
PVP 2handed sword
PVE plate melee chest
PVP trinket
PVE cloth shoulders
PVE cloth chest
PVE melee dagger
PVE melee dagger the second!
PVE bow

My next few purchases will be:
PVE/PVP melee leather shoulders
PVE melee leather chest
PVE caster staff

My guild has been extremely great about all this. Despite my lack of coming to raid or even being on(RTW still has its hooks in me) I get invited still and people are still cheerful and friendly and chatty etc.

Heck we killed patchface last night and that other nax boss. I have the achievements for them. Yay.

And... I think that is it. I wanted to write a post about wow and state where my toons were etc. I'm excited about the BG changes but have been too busy farming emblems play that bit. I guess I'll have to go back.

Oh yeah one last thing: Dear blizz please allow heirlooms to be purchased with honor. PLZ PLZ PLZ.

**Frost and Triumph emblems are being converted purely into Heroic Emblems for heirlooms.

***Supposedly Paladin's don't run out of mana... thats crazy. My pally taps all the time so fast on things my druid wouldn't even blink about. And he's got about 4k more mana I think.

Pictures to come tomorrow. Maybe.

Long and short of our tale is that we're moving. Again. It was mutually decided that for the benefit of the parental and childrenal relationship we should move out. And so we are. To a gorgeous little duplex one mile from the university. It's swamp cooler which I really did not want to deal with again but everything with refrigerated air was pretty much out of our price range. And this place has tile floors, high ceilings, and shade. So hopefully it won't be too bad.

I kept most of our stuff from the apartment. I think I had the sense that the sojourn at Damm's parents' place wouldn't last long. So a few small things and a buying of all things belonging in my pantry and we're set. And I keep on saying this, but hopefully this time THIS WILL BE THE LAST MOVE. At least until we're done with school. It's possible. We were very impressed with the rental company that owns the duplex and the duplex itself is in top condition, though it is an older model.

I can't remember the last time I was this excited. Perhaps when Damm came home from training. I love duplexes-it feels like a house. I'm also hopeful that we can steer clear of apartments for the duration of our lives. A bit dramatic but seriously, I dislike apartments.

As the title says, perhaps pictures tomorrow if the cable company is able to switch over our internet promptly.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Life hit us so hard this week I've got a residual headache.

My brother likened it to: "life is like that ... it beats you down until you can't get up... and then offers you a candy".

Hard to even think.

Posts will be scarce as its springbreak and life changes are atoe*.

*they would be afoot but we stepped on a drama grenade.