Saturday, December 22, 2007

Newest high damage: 353! I think

Level 28... still need about 25k to get to 29. Shaman is fun again, but such a complete change from warlock. I've been frustrated with how careful I have to be. No more dot dot dot, while my pet holds agro. Warlock and Hunter are indeed easy mode. I critted for 353 last night. I think thats my highest ever. Flurry is loverly.

Played a lot of HALO... went from bad: 1 kill - 12 deaths on average to "good" 6kills 8 deaths on average. My brother complains about having to carry the team. Of the roughly 50 games I've played this weekend we've won about 48. These numbers are all estimates but I can only recall losing 2 games. He's level 50? and a general. I don't play halo so I don't know how good that is. I asked him if he has the season three gear and he looked at me like I was stupid.

Trying to explain WoW to someone who has never played an rpg... is difficult. I was asked about 10 times today "So how do you win?".

Ooo they are back from shopping.... got to go... dinner with Prettyorc while grandma watches Orclette!

Kestrel asked "What got you into WoW?"

Starcraft...which led to Warcraft III. I stopped playing WC3 and was spending a good deal of time with FFXI and FFX when I heard about it. At first I dismissed it as bleh. Then I started reading about the blue xp bar and the rogue combat system... coming from the relatively sparse FFXI guild abilities I was intrigued by the immense number of options. The final kicker was the ability to solo and a weekend of HORRIBLE parties in FFXI.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Late post.

Sorry for the late post. Our cave has recently been a lot more crowded than I'm used to. My warrior brother is up visiting us, and also Beowulfa's clan. Her father is a very numbers oriented magical engineer who works for Thrall and helps audit/estimate the safety of the D.C.R.O.P.(Drenai Cityship Replication Otherworlds Project). His coworks talk about silly things like visits to the moon. Her mother is a no-nonsense Warrior who works at the local Y.O.T.A.(Young Orcs Training Association) and guards the swimming pool. Because I guess warlocks in ogrimar are too lazy to cast Unending Breath on kids swimming. Her brother is a thin Orc who is -very- good with a Kodo Bone Guitar and wants to be a lead singer in Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftain. Well not really, he backup sings for a band that sounds sorta like certain paladins who like body-to-body combat.

Her other brother is my kinda Orc. He plays goalee for his local Gnome-kicking-game and also likes to beat things with sticks. He's one mean drummer.

I'd write more but I'm tired and distracted.

Orclette has mastered the rocking horse scoot. She can get off a bearskin blanket faster than you can blink accross Arathi Basin as a mage. She's on the verge of getting a -real- movement spell and is leveling so fast you swear she's on permanent blue bar.


Going to start playing Dammerung again. I finally got approval for his 10g respec back into Enh. and got him some bags(Zujoo stole his.). Zujoo is level 32, and will deffinitly level, but Beowulfa prefers Dammerung and well.... I need a break from leveling a clothie. They will probably swap back and forth a few more times but for now... no competition.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Shadowfang Keep

So Dammy suggested that myself and brother-in-law Honestbear (he really should have gone for Honeybear-it woulda been soooo cute!) do Shadowfang Keep. Apparently it dropped plentiful greens and some blues and Honeybear (I think I'll call him that for my own amusement) would be getting xp since he's still way young in seasons. We get there, I go in and the music starts playing. It was awesome! So I get all set up for a great run. And then I notice how shut in and close everything was. Stairs and turns galore. But that's ok, we'll survive. But then Orclette draws major aggro from Dammy and suddenly I'm the leader, with no clue about where to go and feeling more and more claustrophobic. But I can easily handle everything in here, so we forge ahead. The first couple of bosses were fairly easy so I gained confidence in my leadership abilities. Then we get to the large wolf boss (no clue what his name was) and we kill him, no problem. Then I notice Hnoeybear's lifeforce is slowly being sapped away so I turn around and there are all these little minions rushing around! So I kill them and save his hide and we move on. I wish I could say that with the next boss I was more cautious but I'm a hunter, my pet is total BM, and I had uber-confidence. And it was only the boss and two little wolves with him. So I send Susan in, kill the boss, and find myself and Honeybear surrounded by six little wolfies. I ice trap one, start helping Susan out, and then five aggroed me and my health bar was a bit low, I had already used a healing potion while fighting the boss because I had several little doggies beating on me willy-nilly, so I feigned death. Considered staying there but Susan is just sooo hoss. She was almost done killing one so I got back up, made sure she had major threat, and helped her finish off the little wolfies. Honeybear had died almost immediately since the elite wolfies were his level. Bah. Complete failure as guide and mentor to this young Tauren. But I really only saw three mobs in that room. Blame it on tight corners. But Honeybear returns, we progress, and I let him decide how to handle the last boss (I figured since I had totally let him get beat on that this was fair) and it went smoothly. No problems whatsoever.

My impressions of SFK? I AM NEVER GOING BACK THERE AGAIN. It was built to keep out enemies with the twisting stairs and tight corridors. It was not built for the ease and comfort of ranged attackers. I couldn't see a dang thing. And I came out of it feeling like I do when forced to get one of those cat-scan thingymajigs. The saving grace was the theme music, which I really enjoyed. But yeah, never coming back.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Random Babblings...

Edited adding stuff down at the bottom.

Googled myself to see if I could find the wordpress site I've been playing around with...

I couldn't find it but here it is:

I also found out about Technorati:

It is sort of cool looking your self up.

Beowulfa this lady has a nice site AND has a guide for leveling LW. Since you had mentioned it.

I -really- like TJ's random text posts on the upper right of her page, so I've been poking at Wordpress thinking how I want to get something like that.

I am a procrastonater, I am lazy, and I tend to think "ooo I wish I knew how to" instead of "Okay I'm going to read and learn how to". I've started more projects then I can remember and finished... one?

This said there are several projects I -really- plan and am working on completing.

In RL:
1) Get a character to 40(and then to 70). Even if its boring and feels like work sometimes.

2) Keep up with my work at work where they pay me real money. Enjoy my job as it really isn't bad and it pays the bills.(this isn't a project but I list it because it is something I have to make certain I pay attention to).

3) Learn enough about webpages/webhosting/httml/css and other words that are just words but don't mean anything to me(yet). Eventually I'd like to FULLY design my own website, handle all the code for the archives, have a forum(even if empty), have two columns of blog posting(so that me and her can update indepentantly of eachother and not cover up what the otherone writes), have a calender of -events- not of posts that we can update.

4) Learn Spanish, transfer to an EU server and play WoW in spanish to facilitate learning more spanish. This one is going to happen as soon as we take a spanish 1 and 2 class.

5) Learn another programming lanuage other than RPG. This one is a pipe dream most likely because of my other projects.

6) Finish getting my Bachelors. I have my associates and I have a lot of hours logged in school and I had good grades(if you remove 2 semesters I have about a 3.8), but I haven't finished it because I quit school for 3 years, then I got married and had to get a real job(one that would pay for another person and let us live in something other than an 30 year old 1 bedroom apartment).

In WoW:
A) Like I said above get a character to 40.(at 31 yay)

B) Make 200g(at 160 now so this should be easy.... ie: one night)

B.5) Make 1kg(enough for both of our level 60 mounts)

C) Get a character to 70.

D) Make a lot of gold and decide if I really want to play warlock at 70 or not.

E) If not, then level 2nd character, this time with the benefits of a level 70 alt.

E.5) If yes, then get 7k hps and other things needed for Kara. Also start working on getting a pvp set. Decide which to focus on.


Tonight. Follow the map below. That is where we'll be. This is mostly for Pretty Orc Huntresses who get lost easily :P.

Some more rambling and fodder for a post I hope to do in the future:
Characters I have had:

Felkennen level 32 Derf paladin holy spec on Silvermoon(highest ever)(first character)
???? Level 24 human rogue Silvermoon
Dammerung Level 16 Orc shaman Silvermoon(second character ever)[deleted]
Oddness Level 18 Gnome Warlock Silvermoon
???? Level 12 Tauren Druid Silvermoon
???? Level 19 Undead rogue[deleted] Silvermoon
Foodoo Level 10? Troll Hunter Silvermoon(deleted)
Oddfoo? Level 15 Night Elf Hunter Silvermoon
???? Level 17 Tauren Warrior Silvermoon(deleted)
???? Level 14 Gnome Rogue Silvermoon(deleted)
Dammerung level 27 Orc Shaman Ele specced on Emerald dream
Zujoo level 31 Orc Warlock on Emerald Dream

I did not include the 15 or so toons that never made it to level 10. Or the characters on Etrigg I had that did make it to level 10 but were deleted.

All my toons are/were on silvermoon but we changed servers(and I got a new account) because my wife was/is using my old account and my brother wanted to play on emerald dream and I really had not made any 'ingame' friends on Silvermoon. Due to the desire to have people I know ingame I've been tempted several times to change to a server where I already knew people from: blogging/real life. But just like Ego says this rarely works as often the people you socialize with are not the people you would like to play with.

Why did I add this huge chunk to the bottom of my post about 4 hours after posting? Because like often happens in the IT industry... I'm waiting on emails....and they haven't arrived yet.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Combined We are twice as ORK!

I hate hate hate removing people from my blog roll. But I had too many that I just didn't read often enough.... or who didn't post very often. /sigh. So I cleaned it up and added two new ones who I read a lot, or who post a lot and I want to read more.


He's my new hero. Renoobed will probably pity me.

This guy!

Dammy asked me to comment on TJ's posting about triplets, probably because I'm a mom and it was a mom thing so I'm an expert, right? Or so his thought process probably went. I only have one little orc so I really have no perspective on what it would be like to have triplets or twins but my thought is that with multiples you have twice/triple as much non-existent time to do things and it's twice/triple as hard BUT you only go through the pregnancy process once, the infancy stage once, the toddler stage once, and then they go off to school and YOU NEVER EVER HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN. I thought it would be wonderful, when we found out about Orclette, if it could have been Orclette & Orclette or Orclette & Orcson (I knew I was having an Orclette so Orcson & Orcson wasn't an option).

Some thoughts:

I like doing events. I like "Okay Friday night we're doing ". I like "dang it we need cash lets go farm 10 stacks of: ". So raiding and premade BG/arenas... oooo yummy. PUG? Why?

Me and Beowulfa need to make friends ingame, and out of game. We're new to both communities and suffering from the lack of friends. Our guild is nice and helpful but... well we are a guild made up of: solo warlock, solo warlock, duo warlock/paladin, solo hunter, solo druid, guild leader, solo warlock, myself(mostly solo), Beowulfa(mostly solo), my brother(99% solo). And when I say solo I don't mean chatty people who solo play but talk on channel... I mean soloers who like to listen to music and quietly farm. I like them but more and more I find myself wishing for a chattier guild. And one where I actually have friends. We joined this server/guild because my brother(Udacha, Emerald Dream) wanted to play on the same server as his friends.... except now he only plays FFXI and while they are friendly they aren't friends.

Anyways enough with the sob story... if I was serious I would be spending more time trying to get a PUG to meet others in game. Instead of planning on turning on '24 hours' and grinding to 40 solo in Desolace.

But since I'm day dreaming: I want a guild that has weekly PvP action, one to two raids or instances, and a LOT of talking on channel. Oh and I want this on both Etrigg(Kangee) and Emerald Dream(Zujoo, Dammerung)

Hmm, what I would like from a guild. Female guildies who have kids and can commiserate and celebrate all things hot-WOW-mama-ish. People who are fun to group with and can handle crazy hours and me having to pop off if Orclette wakes up. One with a really knowledgeable hunter who would think it was too cool to have me, really still a novice, pester him/her with questions and not think I was a noob (Wulfa got called that recently. Asked Dammy what it meant and was post-name calling really mad at that dude).

Some things I wish WoW had:

1) On the guild screen a little button labled: "Calender" Where an officer could add an event and request signatures from people who are going to participate. Or one next to each name where a guildie like myself could say: available days at time.(ooo I could use the info screen for this).

2) A personal logbook type thingy where you could write your goals for the day/week/month. Insert a few appointments that occur outside WOW. Write down random thoughts, or a snippet of a thought that, once expounded and enhanced, would make a really cool post.

3) A chat last feature. I would love to be able to log in and type: /g [last] and see the last 10 comments on my guild channel. Especially when changing characters a lot when moving items around.

4) Faster birds.


Wulfa & Dammy


I'm rich! Oh, wait . . .

Darn it, Zujoo needs money again and Dammy wants to respec his shaman. There goes another 10 gold. Bah. Yeah, I'm richer than I ever have been in this lovely game but I'm also the financial provider to two needy orcs. It's true they supply me with most of my auctionable stuff but they don't have to work very hard to get it. I, on the other hand, have started having dreams about playing the AH. This is not a sign of overplay, anything I've done that day is fair game for my brain that night, but it was rather weird to wake up and remember dreaming about soul dust. So, to get back to what I was saying. I wake up and scan the AH. I check my mail, put the stuff Zujoo sent me on auction, and then an hour later check back to scan again. Put the stuff that expired on at a slightly lower price that what it was before (unless prices recently skyrocketed) so it will sell. I try not to undersell too much. It's a good way to have the bottom drop out from under you. This process, even with our awesome Mac with its high speeds, takes a while. I also am the banker for our extended orc family. I currently have 4 total bank slots and need bigger bags for 3 of them. To top it all off I don't have an alt doing my banking and auction house stuff. I seriously considered it, I even made a warrior name "Bankerchic." But then I never made it to Orgrimmar because I liked playing warrior too much. I'm concerned that if I make a bank alt I'll end up liking that character and stop playing Beowulfa. I like doing all my duties as Beowulfa. Talk about roleplaying-it makes me feel like The Matriarch for the entire Dammerung clan. So I decided to keep things the way they are. It means more travel for Beowulfa and more time looking at the backside of the flying things than I wanted, but hey, that's life.

To continue on with AH, I had an awesome thought. I'm just beginning to read up on how to play the AH and make serious gold and so far it seems quite laborious. So, my thought was that some entrepen. soul would start a brokerage firm within WOW. I don't know if this would be legal but they do sell WOW gold in-game so perhaps it would be. It would take away the necessity of having a bank alt (or spending serious non-exciting-playing-time with your main character, like me), do away with having to regularly scan the AH to make sure you were putting your sellables on for competitive amounts, and you would regularly receive tidy sums of gold in the mail. No mess, no fuss. And the brokers would be rich. Probably outside the game of WOW as well. If you put that much effort into organizing a brokerage firm I think it would be wise to charge in US dollars as well as WOW gold. Unfortunately I have neither the time nor know-how to pull something like that off. My little Orclette draws far too much aggro and I don't see that changing anytime soon. She's going to be a very active little orc. Also a very vocal one.

On that note I have a gripe to share with all the orc mamas (and tauren, undead, troll, blood elf, night elf, etc. mamas). Especially those who rely on their own bodies to supply food for their little darlings. Caffeine, according to the books, should be limited to no more than 1-2 cups of coffee a day. Obviously the writers never had the experience of waking up at 2 a.m. to a screaming baby who, when comforted, decided that RIGHT NOW was an excellent time to take a look-see around and see what was going on. They never had a 5-month little orclette, on the verge of crawling, who is so very excited by everything she sees and wants to touch and grab EVERYTHING in sight and is just too cool to take a nap. We haven't gotten farther than this stage but the signs of an over-active toddler who gets herself sooo worked up that she has to let off a little steam by falling into hysterics are all there. /gripeoff. Whew. Apologies to all you Wow dudes who don't have kids and have no interest in them. But you try going without your coffee ritual and see how you feel (I love coffee soo much that orclette might just be an only orc child. That was the hardest period of my life).

Monday, December 17, 2007

On turning 30

We've been messin' around Arathi Basin, Susan and I. Having fun, beating the snot out of the Alliance. But I'd been thinking that it's about time we go into the outside world again and sharpen up our skills. Breathe the fresh air, flex our wings, that type of thing. Susan completely agreed with me (no, I can't speak raptor but we got that spirit bond thingy that lets us communicate). So we left Orgrimmar and the Arathi Basin and took a good look at our quests. Nothin' seemed too exciting but we traveled to a Thousand Needles and messed around a bit. Dinged 30. Felt sad about that. Gettin' old. Still felt a bit lost but we were starting to get the feel of huntin' again. Dammy suggested we go to Ashenvale so we trotted up there and started knocking out green quests. Come up against a lvl 35 warlock and for some reason I saw 55. Dang nabbit, I thought, I'm a gonner. So I played dead. It didn't work. That warlock came up and started immolatin' and all sorts of other curses on me. Remember I thought he was lvl 55ish so I didn't even try to fight back. Right 'round the time when he finished me off I realized that he was only 4 seasons older than me (we'd reached lvl 31). Felt a bit foolish for not fightin' back at that point. But life goes on. Got to 32. Almost killed myself trying to take on 5 lvl 26-28 beasts at once. Angie had inspired me, you see. Yeah, I know she's a Night Elf but we go back a long way. Anyway, Angie had been regaling me with tales of taking on 4-5 mobs at once and I thought I'd try it. Only thing is I had forgotten she has bestial wrath for Boru and some other skills I don't have. Plus she has this really cool tiger mount. Jealous. I need to get myself to 40 fast. Already got my wolf picked out. Going with the Dire one.

I would elaborate more on Susan and myself's adventures but my little Orclette is firing some screamin' arrows at me so I got to attend her.



Character burnout(a survivors story).

Level 29 how I hate thee. Level 28 was great, lots of pvp victories and milestones. Lots of NEW and SHINEY. Level 28 was a blink. Level 29... dragged on and on. Level 28 we did WC and never died(our warlock Zujoo is awesome at CC) and got lots of loot. Level 29, we did Razorfen Kraul and died 3 times(our warlock Zujoo sucks at CC) and got 2 greens(one from the escort the goblin quest). Level 28 the allies I ran accross would /salute or /laugh. Level 29 I never even saw the stupid hunter or the rogue, I did see the paladin and his level 70 friend and tried to make them feel bad by not even fighting back, the mage I never saw either. Level 28 I played with smart horde and we won a lot in BG. Level 29 I was told that Having huge zerg fights over the farm was more fun then trying to control anything else.....

I spent most of yesterday planning my Nightelf/Drenai hunter/druid/warrior/rogue/paladin on Etrigg(the server Angharad is on). Zujoo wasn't fun... Zujoo was frustration.

I mentioned this to Wulfa and she said that what she does when this happens is put headphones on and find a quiet spot and grind until it all goes away. Oooo rabbittrail. I am COMPLETELY envious of nightelf druids who have awesome irish/scottish music on their computer, I ended up going to BBB's site over and over and clicking on the music and dancing to Ramblin' Rover with Orclette in my arms.

Anyways, so last night I hunted down a cd-player and some headsets and put Jem in and slaughtered Demons to the tune of "who made up all the rules... we follow them like fools... who are they?... where are they?...". And suddenly DING! It was over. I had Siphon Life(how I love thee). I had a long quest that dragged me all over the map(would have been a LOT shorter but "the coast west of Southshore" does not mean the coast between Southshore and the Arathi Highlands. I killed 11k xp worth of Naga before I looked at the map and slapped myself. At somepoint my brother started downloading WoW for his laptop and life got -really- laggy. So I did not complete the quest. I have both halves of the Tome and am on my way to the Wetlands to kill dragonmaws for some wands I think.

Music. Is. So. Underated. By. Me.

I am going to have to get a good solid solution. Maybe some non-half-broken headsets, and a iPod or something like that instead of an archaic walkman style cdplayer.

Not sure if Wulfa is going to post today or not. We'll pretend I wrote this sunday.