Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Random Babblings...

Edited adding stuff down at the bottom.

Googled myself to see if I could find the wordpress site I've been playing around with...

I couldn't find it but here it is:

I also found out about Technorati:

It is sort of cool looking your self up.

Beowulfa this lady has a nice site AND has a guide for leveling LW. Since you had mentioned it.

I -really- like TJ's random text posts on the upper right of her page, so I've been poking at Wordpress thinking how I want to get something like that.

I am a procrastonater, I am lazy, and I tend to think "ooo I wish I knew how to" instead of "Okay I'm going to read and learn how to". I've started more projects then I can remember and finished... one?

This said there are several projects I -really- plan and am working on completing.

In RL:
1) Get a character to 40(and then to 70). Even if its boring and feels like work sometimes.

2) Keep up with my work at work where they pay me real money. Enjoy my job as it really isn't bad and it pays the bills.(this isn't a project but I list it because it is something I have to make certain I pay attention to).

3) Learn enough about webpages/webhosting/httml/css and other words that are just words but don't mean anything to me(yet). Eventually I'd like to FULLY design my own website, handle all the code for the archives, have a forum(even if empty), have two columns of blog posting(so that me and her can update indepentantly of eachother and not cover up what the otherone writes), have a calender of -events- not of posts that we can update.

4) Learn Spanish, transfer to an EU server and play WoW in spanish to facilitate learning more spanish. This one is going to happen as soon as we take a spanish 1 and 2 class.

5) Learn another programming lanuage other than RPG. This one is a pipe dream most likely because of my other projects.

6) Finish getting my Bachelors. I have my associates and I have a lot of hours logged in school and I had good grades(if you remove 2 semesters I have about a 3.8), but I haven't finished it because I quit school for 3 years, then I got married and had to get a real job(one that would pay for another person and let us live in something other than an 30 year old 1 bedroom apartment).

In WoW:
A) Like I said above get a character to 40.(at 31 yay)

B) Make 200g(at 160 now so this should be easy.... ie: one night)

B.5) Make 1kg(enough for both of our level 60 mounts)

C) Get a character to 70.

D) Make a lot of gold and decide if I really want to play warlock at 70 or not.

E) If not, then level 2nd character, this time with the benefits of a level 70 alt.

E.5) If yes, then get 7k hps and other things needed for Kara. Also start working on getting a pvp set. Decide which to focus on.


Tonight. Follow the map below. That is where we'll be. This is mostly for Pretty Orc Huntresses who get lost easily :P.

Some more rambling and fodder for a post I hope to do in the future:
Characters I have had:

Felkennen level 32 Derf paladin holy spec on Silvermoon(highest ever)(first character)
???? Level 24 human rogue Silvermoon
Dammerung Level 16 Orc shaman Silvermoon(second character ever)[deleted]
Oddness Level 18 Gnome Warlock Silvermoon
???? Level 12 Tauren Druid Silvermoon
???? Level 19 Undead rogue[deleted] Silvermoon
Foodoo Level 10? Troll Hunter Silvermoon(deleted)
Oddfoo? Level 15 Night Elf Hunter Silvermoon
???? Level 17 Tauren Warrior Silvermoon(deleted)
???? Level 14 Gnome Rogue Silvermoon(deleted)
Dammerung level 27 Orc Shaman Ele specced on Emerald dream
Zujoo level 31 Orc Warlock on Emerald Dream

I did not include the 15 or so toons that never made it to level 10. Or the characters on Etrigg I had that did make it to level 10 but were deleted.

All my toons are/were on silvermoon but we changed servers(and I got a new account) because my wife was/is using my old account and my brother wanted to play on emerald dream and I really had not made any 'ingame' friends on Silvermoon. Due to the desire to have people I know ingame I've been tempted several times to change to a server where I already knew people from: blogging/real life. But just like Ego says this rarely works as often the people you socialize with are not the people you would like to play with.

Why did I add this huge chunk to the bottom of my post about 4 hours after posting? Because like often happens in the IT industry... I'm waiting on emails....and they haven't arrived yet.


Lance said...

Oh man me and a couple of my buddies just rolled and transferred to silvermoon Ally side so that we could get in an actual raiding guild. You can read about some of the Silvermoon stuff at Gitr is the Guy who transferred to Silvermoon.

Dammerung said...


Too bad Wulfa has the account all my alliance toons are on. Or I'd wander over and say hi.