Monday, December 17, 2007

On turning 30

We've been messin' around Arathi Basin, Susan and I. Having fun, beating the snot out of the Alliance. But I'd been thinking that it's about time we go into the outside world again and sharpen up our skills. Breathe the fresh air, flex our wings, that type of thing. Susan completely agreed with me (no, I can't speak raptor but we got that spirit bond thingy that lets us communicate). So we left Orgrimmar and the Arathi Basin and took a good look at our quests. Nothin' seemed too exciting but we traveled to a Thousand Needles and messed around a bit. Dinged 30. Felt sad about that. Gettin' old. Still felt a bit lost but we were starting to get the feel of huntin' again. Dammy suggested we go to Ashenvale so we trotted up there and started knocking out green quests. Come up against a lvl 35 warlock and for some reason I saw 55. Dang nabbit, I thought, I'm a gonner. So I played dead. It didn't work. That warlock came up and started immolatin' and all sorts of other curses on me. Remember I thought he was lvl 55ish so I didn't even try to fight back. Right 'round the time when he finished me off I realized that he was only 4 seasons older than me (we'd reached lvl 31). Felt a bit foolish for not fightin' back at that point. But life goes on. Got to 32. Almost killed myself trying to take on 5 lvl 26-28 beasts at once. Angie had inspired me, you see. Yeah, I know she's a Night Elf but we go back a long way. Anyway, Angie had been regaling me with tales of taking on 4-5 mobs at once and I thought I'd try it. Only thing is I had forgotten she has bestial wrath for Boru and some other skills I don't have. Plus she has this really cool tiger mount. Jealous. I need to get myself to 40 fast. Already got my wolf picked out. Going with the Dire one.

I would elaborate more on Susan and myself's adventures but my little Orclette is firing some screamin' arrows at me so I got to attend her.




Dammerung said...


What she didn't tell you is that she's RICH!

Or that she's becoming an AH hound!

She should write about those things!

I have found a new found love for "!"!


Baila said...

LoL, yea, getting beat to death by a mistaken age group. I've done that. Then I decided to just go ahead and fight those who really were at higher levels.. try to at least cause some damage - it's more fun, especially if you're gonna die anyway.

Now I run into a 70 and go, "Oh no, gonna get beat up!...Wait, they're not attacking...why not?...Oh yea...I'm 70 too!

For the Horde!