Saturday, August 22, 2009


I guess I can call him miniorc. He's much cuter than any orc, however. Pictures -might- be forthcoming but I'm currently using a dinosaur of a PC and I'm not sure how to upload pictures (I'm a computer-know-nothing of the worst order).

He was born at 8:57 p.m. Tuesday. 7 pds 12 oz: I was expecting a 9 pd baby and was somewhat surprised at his small size. Perfectly healthy, seems to be more placid than the Orclette ever was (thank God). First few nights have been rather rough-he is a breastfed baby and at first could not seem to keep his tummy full so he was up every hour to eat (it takes a couple days for the supply to come in to meet the demand). And I don't care what the books tell you, breastfeeding hurts for at least a little bit. So the every-hour feeding took its toll on me. And the Orclette, who sleeps in the same room, was at first waking up everytime Miniorc did and crying just as loudly as he. Last night, however, Miniorc slept from 9pm-12, was awake and eating every half hour from 1230-230, and then slept from 230-730. So I got 7 hours. (Heavenly choirs singing)

My mom is here for another week. Damm is coming to visit the weekend after she leaves. After that it's meself, Orclette, and Miniorc flying solo for about 2 months. I've got a routine ready to be implemented, people that I can call on to go to Walmart with me (I don't think I can go by myself just yet) and people I can hang out with. It's still a little scary to think about and I catch myself thinking "you are absolutely nuts to have thunk you could handle this" but I think we'll do handsomely. In my happier moments at least :D

And WoW is planning another expansion. Or so Damm tells me. I wish I could play .... but I have a huge computer that really doesn't fit into the bedroom. And until I find out Miniorc's sleep schedule (which will probably take a few weeks) I daren't stay awake at night while he's sleeping. Anyway, the game is calling to me. Once Damm gets back ...

Now there are two.

Miniorc. is now floating around. Wulfa will probably make a longer post later. My battle is whining about me being on the computer too long because he wants a cigarette or something like that.

Back later maybe.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Brendan must be just like Damm

Still pregnant. Fortunately everyone we know is calling/texting my mom everyday to find out the status and not me. I think I would've hit a few of them, if I could reach into the cell phone to do that. Anyway, I think the little boy must be just like Damm. You see, Damm is rarely in a hurry. I am. I'm ready to go and out the door and-oh wait-Damm doesn't even have his shoes on yet. He probably is still on the internet with just one more site to check.

The Orclette knows something is up. You see, I did go into labor early Saturday morning. Labor-not Braxton Hicks. And then it stopped 6 hours later. Since then I've been having intermintent contractions-again, not Braxton Hicks (I'm talking painful, this-is-what-drove-me to ask for pain meds with the Orclette contractions). So this has been one weird experience so far. I googled to see if anyone else had similar experiences and yep, they have. Some have even had odder stories than mine. They don't ever tell you these stories in the baby books.

I have another non-stress test tomorrow morning. I've decided that I'll let them schedule an inducement for next Monday the 24th (this is assuming nothing happens in-between now and the doctor's appointment). That's pretty close to the 42-week date so that should make them happy. Scares me-I remember what those pitocin induced contractions feel like and I don't think I can handle them without an epidural. So we'd be going from natural to full medical involvement. But I think it won't go that far-then again so far what I've thought has not seemed to matter to child#2. So we'll see,

Oh, the Orclette. Her other grandma came to get her when the labor started. And then she spent the next night with her grandma because we thought the same thing might happen again. And the Orclette likes to be really, really close. And that's just not fun when you're trying to relax. So her schedule has been entirely thrown off and she's being extremely clingy. Just a foretaste of things to come, I guess ...

And that's it. My brain really hasn't been thinking about anything else other than "is today/tonight the time?" So I don't have anything else interesting to write about. Hopefully soon I'll have more exciting news to report :D