Friday, June 13, 2008

Looking into Cat Talents.

So I'm about to start slamming down druid levels as I try to level my druid as fast as possible.

In the meantime today is slow at work so I'm researching Kitty Talents. Here is what I'm thinking in the order that I intend to get them:

5/5 Ferocity
3/3 Thick Hide
2/2 Brutal Impact
2/2 Feral Swiftness
3/3 Sharpened Claws
2/2 Primal Fury
3/3 Predatory Strikes
1/1 Faerie Fire (Feral)
2/2 Savage Fury
2/2 Shredding attacks
5/5 Heart of the Wild
1/1 Leader of the Pack
2/2 Improved Leader of the Pack
3/3 Survival of the Fittest
5/5 Predatory Instincts
1/1 Mangle

At this point I've spent 42 points in Feral. Then I spend:

Restoration (14 points)
5/5 Furor
5/5 Naturalist
3/3 Natural Shape Shifter(powershiftin baby)
1/1 Omen of Clarity

I've now spent 56 points and am level 65. At this point I'm sorta lost. I was thinking:

1/1 Feral Charge
2/3 Feral Instinct
2/2 Nurturing Instinct

As I' should have a ton of AGI at this point and I like N.I.

But I'm not fully sure. Anyways I wanted input if you've got it. I'm currently level 18 and waiting on someone to get TWO more levels before I start power leveling.

This is for wulfa.'s_Key/In-Depth

The key can be obtained by completing the following questline (Starts just outside Karazhan, with Archmage Alturus, an Archmage of the The Violet Eye (46,75)):
[70] Archmage Alturus: Lower City; optional talk to NPC, 5 rep with Violet Eye
[70] Arcane Disturbances: Deadwind Pass; standard soloable exploration quest
[70] Restless Activity: Deadwind Pass; standard soloable kill quest, can be done at the same time as above
[70] Contact from Dalaran: Dalaran; talk to NPC
[70] Khadgar: Talk with Khadgar in Shattrath City
[70] Entry Into Karazhan: Dungeon; first key part to be found in the Shadow Labyrinth, Auchindoun
[70] The Second and Third Fragments: Two dungeons; the second key part is found in The Steamvault and the third key part is found in Arcatraz
[70] The Master's Touch: Dungeon; Talk with Medivh in the Opening the Dark Portal (Black Morass) instance in Caverns of Time. He'll give you his own key.
[70] Return to Khadgar: Soloable; just return to Khadgar
The whole questline rewards 2100 reputation with the Violet Eye. Before patch 2.4, that fact could be used to look up if someone has The Master's Key in the Armory. Now that a player can enter Karazhan without the key, it can't be used anymore.

She's my new hero.

Wyn: interesting trivia: if you read the lore, the horde are the "good guys," if anyone is


Orc & Tauren easily.

Trolls...hmm they are such a sidekick race its hard to tell... certainly they've stopped some bad evils(hakkar and the Aqir)...but they also started some(hakkar and other crappy voodoo). Neutral like any good mercs.

Undead... solid resistance fighters/good guys in my books. Sure they want more people to be undead but thats practically a biological directive to reproduce. I mark them as 75% good.

Blood Elves.... Misguided but good at heart. The moody teens gangsters of WoW. And now that Sunwell has happened they are on the path to redemption.

Almost there ....

This is where Wulfa scowls at her RL avatar because she's typing not questing ... and then she turns that fierce scowl on you, the reader, and tells you not to talk to her because she's almost there ...... (there being 70)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Night Green Poxo died.

"The best time in PVE is…losing. I’m dead serious. There is absolutely nothing better in PVE than wiping on a progression boss, short of finally killing it. That’s what makes raiding worth it: the trial, toil, and learning that goes into finally defeating any boss you’re stuck on. Farming a boss you’ve killed for months is rather boring. It can be and still is fun for most people, mostly because of gear and the people you’re raiding with, but as any raider knows, it’s just not quite as fun as working on a new boss. People literally get excited to go get the crap beaten out of them for four hours a night."

The author of the above statement is Fate of I have to agree with him. If you aren't losing then its boring. Odd that people view PvP in a different light.

Anyways his paragraph reminded me of how last nights Pox run went.

Starting a few bubbles into level 28 we stormed into Scarlet Monastery. Graveyard was so pitfully easy we got bored and had 'CC' practice. I'd have Wulfa shackle a mob repeatedly while we killed group after group. Kitzen went all ice blocky and stuff. We even used Sap(which we rarely use because the druid tank is a punk and likes to mark and pull in one swift mistake after mistake). But we didn't need any CC....because unlike normal fun instances Graveyard is full of crappy non-elite mobs. We cleared it...and didn't go back.

Instead at 75% of the way to 29 we marched into the library. Hmm level 33-35 elites every where... lets see how this goes...okay I"ve got two...this is doable....GAAAAH WE JUST LINKED 5 MORE...(and we all start dying). Three of the five of us made it out of the door 10 yds away thats how fast they killed us. So we regrouped... the tank was more careful about where and how he pulled and we began our slow but steady destruction of elites 5-7 levels higher than us.

We got into the courtyard with the hunter mobs when the hallway started respawning. So we cleared most of the hallway again(and dinged 29 one and all). After dinging 29 it was -instantly- easier...way way easier. The biggest problem we had been having was resists and misses. That one level made a world of differences. We saw that we were running out of time and sprinted for the hunter boss(the one with the three doggies).

Our plan of attack was everyone in the room with him... burn down the doggies then take him. Wulfa would help Raaksi heal(both of them have about 2400 mana) and Abuto(rogue) and Kitzen(hunter) and Meep(ninja la awesome hunter pet) would burn them down.

Wow did they hit hard. 2 level 33 doggie elites, 1 level 34 doggie elite and the hunter guy who was level 36? or 35. Skull died. X died. Triangle(doggie) was 85% down when Raaksi tapped. At this point a patrol wandering past the doorway saw wulfa(who was standing on the half-wall) The hunter in the patroll started shooting and his pet charged her. I got the doggie off of her but she died a couple seconds later. With no healing I died about 1 second after that. Then Raaksi died..... I'm not sure how long it took them to finish off the DPS but it wasn't very long.

We decided that it was late but we were going to call it anyways. All in all it had been a BLAST. We would have killed the hunter boss at level 29 but for a small mistep. And next time we will just go straight back into there and hopefully kill fast enough to get to Doan before our time is up.

This is when its fun....when its hard enough that mistakes cause wipes. We had a blast.


Me and someone had an interesting conversation yesterday. Prompting this short question post:

Who do you put on a pedestel?

Who do you look down on?

Don't answer either of these please. I don't really want to know. I just did a personal inventory and realized there are an awful lot of people that I either elevate or disparage for reasons that are not really valid reasons.

I know there are people I've thought horrible things about who were really just normal regular joes who were smart in other areas but inexperianced in the arena I knew them in.

I know there are people I've thought of as amazing self assured genius specimens of physical perfection....who were really insecure, incompetant, losers who wanted more from life.

Anways this is just serious thoughts from the Orc.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fear of storytelling.

Everytime I go for a long walk with just Orclette and myself I come up with what I feel are great scenes for this story I'm writing*. But when I come back and start trying to actually write the scenes I feel.... silly.

Really silly. Like I'm giving a speech.

I'm trying to get around this and am not quite sure how to. I know I'm not the only one who feels very vernerable and exposed when writing.

Anyways ideas wanted.

*by writing I mean I have a written outline I know all the major characters and if asked I could describe each scene/person/event but I don't have any dialog/descriptions actually written and my characters don't have names. I know the beginning and the end just haven't been able to force myself to actually write it. This is the 2nd such story**

**ie: the second complete story I've come up with that has never been written or told***

***beyond short synopsis' to Wulfa and telling it to Orclette

Ramble Pox

Green Pox plays tonight as far as I know. Our plan is to start on SM, do the graveyard and see how it goes. Fortunately for horde Scarlet M. is an easy walk. No overly long flights to crazy far away places. I'm really looking forwards to it.

Last night I meant to play my shaman but really I don't think I will be able to play him until wulfa is able/willing to play Beowulfa. I just really don't like leveling by myself while my wife and brothers are playing at the same time on a different server. So I instead spent the evening getting from level 15 to level 18 on Dampanza. Only two more levels to cat form. Yay!

I hear people saying in my reader feed how 'old' wow's graphics are and they compare the graphics with new games coming out. I want to laugh. WoW's graphics even on my comp with all off the settings turned all the way down(even after the video card) are still better than any of the screen shots I've seen for AoC. I'm serious. I really think that the unique art and the change from 'realistic' makes a huge difference. (ps. I'm not trying to say that AoC's graphics aren't technically better.... I just like WoW's look better)

Also I like what Rohan mentioned about this. I think I will always chose "100% of older graphics". So in 15 years when I have a comp that can actually run WoW at 100% like Dagashai has.... I'll most likely still be found trying to get to 70 for the first time and enjoying the simple but clear graphics.

I've added my shared items from my reader to my blog and I will be trying to 'share' anything and everything I enjoyed more than normal.

You will likely see a lot of XKCD.

Oh and I wanted to give a large shout out to the baby brother of mine. He recently started his very own blog at This is the brother who has a level 68 paladin named .... tada Ishvi.... in Sidhe Devils. This is also the brother who insinuated that Orclette might not be cute/smart. AND the brother who said that Wulfa wasn't hot because she was married. We had a lot of fun with that last silly statement last he kept digging deeper and deeper trying futilely to defend his statement to the various married guys who wanted to know why he was saying their Lady wasn't hot. I'm teasing. He's cool and an up and coming blogger/paladin tank.

Well guys I think thats it. I've got to get back to work and I've run out of things to say.

Real Life Conversation

Yesterday, at the wonderful cafeteria run by Dammy's workplace, contemplating the Reese's Peanut Butter Pie/Cake thingamajiggy:

Dammy: "I want to experiment. Let's eat the pie today and see if our weight goes up tomorrow."
(note: the day before we had had burgers, fries, and the same kind of pie and our weight had gone down)
Me: "Um, okay." (note: who can resist Reese's? I sure can't.)

Today, after the weighing:

Me: "I'm up a pound."
Dammy: "Yeah, that experiment didn't work."

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This is a title this is a title woo wooo wooo title title tilte woo woo woo

Outlands is fun! I was able to farm up enough gold to buy an entire set of low level(61) junky greens for healing purposes. I'm pondering the resto shaman more than ever but need to spend 15-30 min getting myself about 40g or so I can respec and respec back if I don't like it.

Unfortunately Wulfa picked up "The Host" yesterday. So while she was being mind controlled by the book I held Orclette in my lap and chatted on vent. Very little playing. Again I'm glad outlands is so very nice about the gold so little playing was all I needed.

Her cuteness wants to be constantly picked up and put back down and picked back up. And then she'll sit in your lap and stare at what you are doing and then stare up at you and keep swapping back and forth overwhelming you with the cute. We are so blessed. She is so awesome.

I'm thinking shaman again tonight. Sorta torn though. I know that enh kills faster. Oh GOSH I kill faster. I laughed at this rogue that came by...he took twice as long as me to kill hellboars and he was level 62 and I was 61. Maybe he was healing specced'. But I wanna brainheal!(or just heal in general)....well I think I do. Actually I have a small voice inside saying I'll hate resto and wanna be enhancement in 1.3 seconds.

Anyways thats the update.

See you later people.

This is only temporary.

More to come later. I haven't had a chance to post recently due to work and things of that nature.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Just too cute .....

Orclette and I had our very first jam session today. I had rhythm with my epic drum set (i.e. hands and a handy set of legs to beat them upon), Orclette had piano (it's the cutest little piano). vocals (rather high-pitched and off-key a bit but we're working on that) and the tambourine (i.e. making cute little spitting noises in between choruses).

It was so cute I just had to share it.

I Am Not a Huntard.

Yep, that's right, I haz mad huntering skillz. I can wear my t-shirt with pride. How do I know this? TripleB AND Squirrelz told me so. So there.

TripleB, Cassie, Squirrelz, and Nas went with me into Sethekk and Shadow Labs. I've been informed that at that level it is not longer a "run-through." My mind has not wrapped around the fact that I am fast approaching 70 and will be one of the Big Boys who take other people through instances, rather than the other way around.

So, instance run. First time, really, for me to party as a hunter. Running your hubby and brother through when you are the OP hunter and several levels higher than the instance doesn't count, in my opinion. I was fairly nervous-biggest concern being that I would make A HUGE GIGANTIC MISTAKE AND CAUSE EVERYBODY TO DIE A HORRIBLE AND NASTY DEATH. This didn't happen (as far as I know). And it was the most fun I've had since New Year's 3 years ago. And since that sounds bad, let me elaborate:
1. I was with a party of people via Vent and WoW. Since our move to Missoury this really hasn't happened as we still haven't made any friends.
2. I forgot that I had an Orclette. And that is an incredible thing-I usually have a very hard time focusing on the whatever it is we're doing rather than thinking about The Orclette.
3. It required immense concentration on my part. I don't think I've had to do that since my awesome and never-to-be repeated final soccer game of my youth career. It was 0-0, I was playing stopper (right in front of the sweeper/middle fullback, sort of like a center midfielder) and making a run towards the goal. A girl trips me in the box, which means penalty kick. I normally don't take those because I am not the most accurate person but that day I knew it was mine. Didn't even look at the coach to see if he agreed. Me and the goalie, I stare at her, trying to do everything just like my brother, who makes every pk shot, would do. Shoot, score, and I just scored The Winning Goal. Very big moment, and a great way to signal the end. Ok, that was a rabbit trail.
4. The rabbit trail made me forget.

On to what I learned from going through the instances. I won't describe bosses/mobs/etc. because many other people do that exceedingly well on their blogs, and I'm not going to try and one-up them.

#1. I knew what all the raid symbols meant. Huge thank you to Dammy, who took the time to figure out what the most comment symbols were to use them in our Pox runs.
#2. I can successfully ice trap my blue square. My heart stopped for a bit when I saw it go up for the first time because I had only read about doing this in an instance. But it worked, I set another trap down for the mob once the other one broke, and I was pretty happy with myself.
#3. If your trap breaks, run to the tank. Everyone else probably knew this, but in my only partying experience (Pox) Dammy will run to us if we get aggro. And as a priestie I pop fade on. So my trap broke, and I just stood there, looking for a fade button and wondering if I should sic my pet on, but I felt that that would be a bad idea. So I died. Asked Dammy why he doesn't have us run to him, and he said that right now it didn't really matter but later on, with the higher-end bosses, tank location is crucial, and if you want to live you get your butt on over to the tank.
#4. Bosses are fun. TripleB gave me a run-down of every boss we came across. I didn't really like the one who mind-controls you (and I can't remember-is he in Sethekk or Shadow Labs? Must research). He made me kill my pet. It was a very sad moment. I was looking forward to the one who teleports you but he didn't seem to be all that hard. Cries of "He's been nerfed" were heard. My favorite was Murmur. He looked so big and scary. And you had to run into a tent so you didn't go BOOM up to the ceiling.
#5. If your pet dies, go right on shootin'. I was unsure about this, although stopping to rez your pet didn't seem like the right thing to do. so I asked. And that was my answer.
#6. Kill Command=LOVE LOVE LOVE. I've never had kill command before. It's the most wonderful thing and I'm still incredibly excited about it.
#7. 70's can wipe. Yeppers, we wiped 3 times on Murmur. Not him, but the dudes who are trying to control him. The sapped dude seemed to be pulling the other mobs behind him resulting in major wipeage. And this is where you laugh at me: 70's aren't supposed to wipe, because, well, they're 70's. So it was with the greatest surprise that I saw everyone die. I know, I know, people wipe in raids all the time. But I haven't been there yet, remember, and a 70 is still invincible in my mind.
#8. I will party with any of these people again. I don't do pugs because I had a rather bad experience back when I was a newcomer, Pox being the exception. So even though I knew that TripleB, Cass, Squirrelz, and Nas were unlikely to yell at me or call me a noob, I was still a bit leery. But any comments/suggestions were very nicely given, and in fact sometimes whispered to me. So yeah, I will party with any of these people again, and in fact TripleB has promised to go with me into Shadow Labs again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again ...........
#9. I want to do Kara. At first I just wanted to see inside so I knew what everyone was talking about, but now, seeing how much fun a party can be at higher levels, I want to go and take down all the bad dudes.
#10. I got the most awesomest, hottest polearm out there. It's black and pink and looks like it has intricate scrollwork on it. Having an insane amount of agility on it makes it even prettier.

So that's my write-up. I wish that my brain could pen my posts because it always sounds better when it's coming straight from my brain rather than being filtered through my fingers. My fingers get tired and start to complain, my brain gets bored with how slow they go and stops sending them the juicy stuff in tiny spats of spite. And I don't save and edit posts later because right now, with Orclette the age she is, I know that it's unlikely I'll ever get back to it. Why I can still find time to write new posts and not just edit nice, well-thought out ones I don't know, but it is what it is. And I'm going to hit Dax for getting that phrase stuck in my head.

Later homies! (did me saying that freak you out? It did me. I said "homies." It just doesn't sound right coming out of my mouth.)