Tuesday, June 10, 2008

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Outlands is fun! I was able to farm up enough gold to buy an entire set of low level(61) junky greens for healing purposes. I'm pondering the resto shaman more than ever but need to spend 15-30 min getting myself about 40g or so I can respec and respec back if I don't like it.

Unfortunately Wulfa picked up "The Host" yesterday. So while she was being mind controlled by the book I held Orclette in my lap and chatted on vent. Very little playing. Again I'm glad outlands is so very nice about the gold so little playing was all I needed.

Her cuteness wants to be constantly picked up and put back down and picked back up. And then she'll sit in your lap and stare at what you are doing and then stare up at you and keep swapping back and forth overwhelming you with the cute. We are so blessed. She is so awesome.

I'm thinking shaman again tonight. Sorta torn though. I know that enh kills faster. Oh GOSH I kill faster. I laughed at this rogue that came by...he took twice as long as me to kill hellboars and he was level 62 and I was 61. Maybe he was healing specced'. But I wanna brainheal!(or just heal in general)....well I think I do. Actually I have a small voice inside saying I'll hate resto and wanna be enhancement in 1.3 seconds.

Anyways thats the update.

See you later people.


klaki said...

I would recommend staying enhancement and just pick up a healing piece here and there. Unless you plan on running a lot of instances, lvling will be quicker as an enhance. At least thats my experience. Healing is fun, but be warned! It can be very stressful. Its a big responsibility to make sure nobody dies :)

Dammerung said...

Pfft I've tanked thats real stress....healing is easy peasy you just blame the tank and cast brain heal! I know cus its brain heal and it fixes everything :P

[Warning sarcasm quota is very high in this comment]

Nasirah said...

I love healing, but unless you plan on doing all your leveling in instances, I'd suggest staying DPS-spec-of-your-choice until you hit 70. When I was leveling Nas, I had a kind of feral/resto hybrid thing going (except I'm sure it wasn't a good one 'cause I was still a complete noob at that point) since I was the only possible healer in my very small guild, but kitty form was so much faster for killing things. Probably not as fast as if I were completely feral specc'd, but still better than being completely resto specc'd. And I could heal instances when needed just fine.

Just another possibility for ya.

Nasirah said...

Oh, and I loved "mind controlled by the book." Just FYI.

Anonymous said...

Staying with the recommendation of many, what I did was stay Enhancement until I was 70. I gathered my healing gear as I went. At 70, I respec'd resto and started healing instances and Kara. Every resto shaman that I have spoken with has agreed with this being one of the better approaches. Good luck in what ever you decide.
Gunsnbutter/Mealltach on Uther

rummy said...

I went partial resto in my early 60's and gradually rearranged my talents until I was full resto at about 65. It's much more fun and quicker being enhancement. As a Resto Shaman the "Hypnotists Watch" from one of the early quests is a good trinket to have if you're going to be Pugging, it reduces aggro which is good if your tank is not as hot as they should be.