Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ramble Pox

Green Pox plays tonight as far as I know. Our plan is to start on SM, do the graveyard and see how it goes. Fortunately for horde Scarlet M. is an easy walk. No overly long flights to crazy far away places. I'm really looking forwards to it.

Last night I meant to play my shaman but really I don't think I will be able to play him until wulfa is able/willing to play Beowulfa. I just really don't like leveling by myself while my wife and brothers are playing at the same time on a different server. So I instead spent the evening getting from level 15 to level 18 on Dampanza. Only two more levels to cat form. Yay!

I hear people saying in my reader feed how 'old' wow's graphics are and they compare the graphics with new games coming out. I want to laugh. WoW's graphics even on my comp with all off the settings turned all the way down(even after the video card) are still better than any of the screen shots I've seen for AoC. I'm serious. I really think that the unique art and the change from 'realistic' makes a huge difference. (ps. I'm not trying to say that AoC's graphics aren't technically better.... I just like WoW's look better)

Also I like what Rohan mentioned about this. I think I will always chose "100% of older graphics". So in 15 years when I have a comp that can actually run WoW at 100% like Dagashai has.... I'll most likely still be found trying to get to 70 for the first time and enjoying the simple but clear graphics.

I've added my shared items from my reader to my blog and I will be trying to 'share' anything and everything I enjoyed more than normal.

You will likely see a lot of XKCD.

Oh and I wanted to give a large shout out to the baby brother of mine. He recently started his very own blog at This is the brother who has a level 68 paladin named .... tada Ishvi.... in Sidhe Devils. This is also the brother who insinuated that Orclette might not be cute/smart. AND the brother who said that Wulfa wasn't hot because she was married. We had a lot of fun with that last silly statement last he kept digging deeper and deeper trying futilely to defend his statement to the various married guys who wanted to know why he was saying their Lady wasn't hot. I'm teasing. He's cool and an up and coming blogger/paladin tank.

Well guys I think thats it. I've got to get back to work and I've run out of things to say.


Daxenos said...

So who's the "dumb brother" now!!

Fauxpas said...

Hey Dammy!
Are you and Ish brothers in RL? Just wanting to keep myself oriented in time, space and guild relationships :-).
- e

Dammerung said...

Dammerung(oldest brother)
Wulfa(dammerung's wife)
Orclette(Dammerung's baby girl)
Moonsongdown(2nd brother of four)
Ishvi(4th brother of four)

Dammerung said...

Dumbbrother = Ishvi
Uglybrother = Moonsongdown

My third brother doesn't play wow so we don't have a disparaging name for him currently.