Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cilantro blues and hey, guess what? I'm odd and weird..

Did you know that it is possible to have a bad reaction to cilantro? I didn't. I knew it was a taste you either loved or hated, and for years I have avoided the stuff. I don't like the smell, and I can't get past the taste. I don't think I've eaten anything, past a bite or two, that had cilantro in it.

Until last night. I was hungry, I was tired and I was at work with limited choices. I chose one of the healthier sandwiches our cafe offers and took a big bite, only to recoil. It tasted like cilantro, although it was only supposed to be spinach. I ate the whole thing, though, because surely cilantro was healthy, even if it tasted like diapers. Plus I had paid for the sandwich; might as well eat it.

Pretty much immediately following my break, though, I felt nauseous. I could still taste the cilantro. As the night wore on the feeling got worse until I felt like a walking throw-up time bomb. I managed to hold everything together, though, and got home without making a scene.

Did you know I'm odd? ("My daughter? Odd? What gave you an idea like that!?" from Beauty and the Beast). Statistically, apparently, students who sit in the back of the classroom get lower grades than those who sit in the front. I like to sit in the back and my grades have never suffered. This semester I have a teacher who likes us all to be up close and personal, though, so I'm having to sit farther forward than I usually do. It's very stressful. I explained that to Damm and he said I was totally weird. The whole conversation came about because I was wondering why engineering students and professors, male and female, look so frumpy. I don't think they should look like fashion models, and it's totally their own business what they wear, but it looks like no one ever taught them how to make good choices when it comes to clothing. I think Damm took umbrage at this point because he relates to the frumpy engineering students. Being a nerd, though, shouldn't preclude wearing semi-decent clothing. I'm a nerd and I dress somewhat fashionably. It has already been established, though, that I am weird. 

I blame it all on my mom:)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Superbowl? Oh. Who's playing?

I'm not a big football fan. I'll watch a game if Damm is interested, and I know the basic mechanics of the game, but that's it. I do enjoy the parties but this year we decided not to do anything so I didn't request off of work, which is fine. It means the employees who are true football fans don't have to suffer.

But the Superbowl was Sunday. I had an interesting weekend before we got to that part: On Friday I did my usual close-followed by six hours sleep-followed by opening on Saturday. We had pizza, I almost ate an entire pizza, took a shower and then cuddled with the Miniorc. I was out, but not fully asleep. Have you ever experienced it when your body goes into a coma-like state? Aware, but not able (without some serious willpower) to move? That's what happened to me for about two hours. Then we put the kiddos to bed and I stayed up with Damm a bit, then we both went to bed.

Two hours later we were up again because the Miniorc has had the type of cough that shows up only at night. We did the routine: humid shower, humidifier, the only type of cough syrup safe for two-year old. It wasn't working so we went into the living room to watch t.v. Two and a half hours later Miniorc was calm and cough-free enough to go to bed.

And so we're up to Sunday. I only had two cups of coffee before heading into work (the weekends are my long days). I felt barely human: couldn't smile, couldn't retain more than two words in my head. I finally remembered that I could buy caffeine and did so. The change was immediate: I could smile, I could remember and oh yeah I can totally move faster than a snail!

All hail the cup of coffee.

I got home from work (the place deadified around 6 p.m., which is when I suspect halftime was happening and who wants to miss Madonna?) to watch the final exciting seconds. Someone wasn't sure he was supposed to score and another person missed a Kodak moment to catch the ball and one of the coaches looked really, really mad. If I thought really hard about it I could tell you who the teams were that were playing, but I'm not doing that. You probably know already.

Maybe next year we'll have a party, and I could give you an entire games-worth of "that player did that! and he had a purple jersey! and then this dude did this crazy thing, and I think he was wearing orange ..." I'm sure you would have a blast reading that, right?