Friday, April 30, 2010

INSANITY. Measurements.

Last Week:

My measurements: 36" chest, 32" waist, 35" hips. Who knew that I was an hourglass shape? I didn't. Weight on Day 1: 130.6 pds.

Damm's measurements: 39.5" chest, 37" waist. Different from the secret numbers he posted because I decided it would be better to measure when we weigh ourselves, which happens to be in the morning. Weight on Day 1: 180.4.


Weight: 131.0
Measurements: Chest 37" (different clothing, not different size), Waist 31.5" (Whoopee!), Hip 35.5".

Weight: 180.8
Measurements: Chest 39", Waist 37.5".

So not a lot of change yet. And yeah, my waist measurement is smaller, but we're doing the measurements by hand so there is room for error. I hope we'll see a bigger difference next week.

Today and tomorrow we're off, and we'll be starting back up on Sunday.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today we repeated Plyometric Cardio Circuit. Here's what I said about this workout the first time I went through it:

My floor has never looked so appealing. And I never thought I'd be one of the "yellers." In exercise lingo (not another lingo!:) that means you yell when things get hard. Oh bother. Another pun. Anyway, Shaun T's Basketball Drills had me yelling. And grunting as good as those humongo body builders do. And as good as Tim the Tool Man Taylor:)

This time? Still incredibly hard, but there was the possibility of completing all the exercises. Does that make sense? I'll put it another way. I had to take breaks, but I can foresee not having to take breaks. Last time the thought of completing it was INSANE.

Tomorrow is our weigh-in and measurement day. After that we have a 2-day break, not 1, because Damm has Guard Drill and I'm not getting up at 3 a.m. to do a workout. Only crazy people do that. Which makes my teenage self absolutely, completely crazy. She thought nothing of getting up way before the sun and running in cold, sleeting rain but she had way more time and, lets face it, she was younger than I am now.

Back to topic: if Damm gets back early enough Sunday we'll resume our training regimen then. If not it'll be Monday.

Positive and uplifting discovery of the day? I inspected my abs this morning. Same amount of padding, at least it seems that way to me, but when I felt my abs, I discovered MUSCLE. Honest-to-goodness muscle. That's exciting.

And Damm's thoughts of today's workout? Here's what he said last time:

Damm's thoughts were that he didn't push as hard as he could've BUT this time he was standing at the end of the workout. And as soon as he actually sat down he couldn't get back up:)

And today: I'm pretty sure he glared at me when I asked him what he thought as he was busy doing Heismann drills. And then he said, "Where the heck are the water breaks during the warmup?" I have to agree-at the moment the warmup don't feel a whole lot different from the actual workout.

And that's Day 6. We made it a whole week!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Its her STAR its for her eye.


Day 5 is Pure Cardio.

My little brother Alden has also been doing the INSANITY thing and we've been corresponding about our experiences via that great invention-texting. And he asked me if we had done Pure Cardio yet. I texted back no, I hadn't, and why was he asking? He texted back: Hahahahaha. (or something to that effect) Of course that sent warning signals.

And this morning I discovered why he had laughed. Pure Cardio was hard. Same warm-up and stretch but instead of 3 minutes hard 30 second break it was 13-14 minutes non-stop. Of course I had to stop. Several times. And by the end I was gasping on the floor, trying not to throw up. There might be another contributing factor to that, though. You see, yesterday was ice cream day. I firmly believe in the concept of a "splurge" or "cheat" something once a week. Or once every two weeks, however you decide you want to do it. And yesterday was my day.

This morning I was wishing I had waited until Thursday, because Friday is an off-day. Nothing like wanting to throw up to have the importance of good nutrition hammered into one, is there?

Due to scheduling mishaps Damm is going to experience Pure Cardio later today. One disadvantage of not doing this at the same time is that the one who goes first can come back and say "haha, you're gonna throw up!" How's that for motivation?

And that was Day 5 of INSANITY.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Today is Cardio Recovery Day. I gotta tell ya, I like this day.

What I find interesting is how my previous training is helping/not helping during this series. Plyometrics? Never did it. Too hard to motivate myself to do it solo. And I wasn't convinced that it could benefit me in my running. Hahahahaha. As we get older we get wiser. But leg work? I've done massive amounts of leg work. So many of the resistance moves Shaun T. employs I've done before. That's not to say they're easy, but I have an easier time doing them. Upper body? Yeah I trained with weights but only recently did I start to incorporate pushups. I want to start doing pullups at some point as well BECAUSE I have come to a groundbreaking realization:

For practical upper body strength, pushups and pullups are all you need. All the other stuff is a great addition but it's like flowers on the cake. Gorgeous, and if they're made with sugar tasty, but not actually vital to the cake's existence. Another example: I thought I was strong and buff lifting weights. And I was, to an extent. But when I added pushups my ability to carry, push, and pull (necessary when you have two kids and a husband away for basic training) increased exponentially.

Damm's thoughts on Cardio Recovery Day? A lot more muscle burn than the other days and he thinks he should include more yoga workouts because he's finding out how inflexible he is. Me too, actually.

And that's Day 4.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Day 3 and we're both beginning to hobble around like old arthritic persons. BUT. We see improvement. Today was Cardio Power Resistance. The warmup felt like a workout but the rest of the workout I was-almost-able to keep up. Same thing with Damm. That left us both concerned that we weren't pushing hard enough but once the post-workout glow faded and the soreness set in we decided that we had, in fact, worked hard enough.

Did you know that there was such a thing as Moving Pushups? I didn't. Or globe jumps? Or V-pushups? There is a whole world out there that involves pain and lots of it but it's totally ok to subject someone to it because it's exercise. And people volunteer for it. And come back for more. I'm sure there's an entire essay/paper/book on pain and why we inflict it on ourselves that I could write. But who am I to complain about pain? I've run 2 marathons, 2 half-marathons, and at one point really really wanted to become an ultra-marathoner. I obviously can't get enough of the stuff.

BUT more importantly I need to express my outrage at my scale. 2 WHOLE DAYS of working out and it went, not down, oh no, but up. At one point the gaining of one pound would've set the tone for my entire day. I was totally fat and NONE of my clothes would fit. Of course all my clothes still fit and it was not possible to even see the one pound the scale showed I had gained, but that didn't matter. I was HUMONGOUS and GIGANTIC and was larger than a whale.

I fortunately don't think that way anymore although the tendency is still there. I have a list of reasons for why your scale varies from day to day. I go through this list anytime my scale wants to poke fun at me and usually I talk myself out of thinking I'm a huge gigantic whale. Here goes:

1. You ate 3,500 calories. That's what it takes for a pound of fat to be deposited on your body. Most of us don't eat that much extra in a single day so most likely your temporary weight gain is NOT due to sudden fat gain. Of course, if you've been eating more than usual you might gain some weight over a period of days.

2. You ate something salty. I can gain 3-4 scale pounds in one evening of eating pizza. Next day I'm back at the usual weight. Salt can do nasty things if you eat too much of it. And what is up with Domino's making their pizza even more saltier? Am I the only one to notice?

3. Your new exercise program is temporarily making you gain weight. It's true. Go here: to read more about it.

4. Hormonal imbalances. That time of the month anybody? Not sure this can happen for guys but for us females sudden weight gain can mean the beginning of our lovely fertility cycle.

5. Muscle gain. If your clothes are looser yet the scale number is slowly going up that actually could be muscle. But usually that gain is slow and you'll notice it more in the way your clothes fit than the number on the scale.

And there you go-Wulfa's Reasons For Why You Are Now A Huge Whale. WRFWYANAHW for short. Hehe.

What I'm supposed to be doing

Physics 216L lab final study guide

It is important to study for the lab final! As a reminder, it counts as 20% of your overall lab course grade. It is closed books and notes. You will have up to 2 hours to complete it. You should bring a calculator.

The lab final is comprehensive, covering material from all 11 labs. There will be about 30 – 35 questions or about 3 questions per lab. It is primarily multiple-choice with some short answer. It will be conceptual in nature, similar to the in-lab material and homework assignments. Study the homework, if you can do the homework problems and are comfortable with the lab work, you will be in good shape for the final!

It is important that you know the basic formulas and how to apply them. These would include, but are not limited to:
  • Coulomb’s Law, F=kqq/r^2
  • Electric Field, E=F/q. The electric field points in the direction a positive charge will go.
  • Electric potential difference, dV = -W/q . The electric potential difference, dV, is the work done by the field on the charge q, as it travels from point a to point b.
  • Know what an equipotential line or surface is; all points along this line or surface are at the same electric potential. The electric field E, is always perpendicular to an equipotential surface. Thus, if the net work done on the particle by the field is zero, the particle is traveling along an equipotential surface.
  • Know Ohm’s Law, V = IR and how to analyze simple circuits. For resistors in series the equivalent resistance is Req = R1+R2+…, for resistors in parallel the equivalent resistance is 1/R = 1/r + 1/r
  • Know Kirkoff’s Rules, the junction rule states the sum of the currents meeting at a junction in a circuit must be zero and the loop rule states the sum of all potential differences around a closed loop in a circuit must be zero.
  • Know the basic principles about magnets and the direction of a magnetic field; that a current carrying wire will produce a magnetic field and how to determine that direction.
  • Know the right-hand rules.
  • Lorentz Force, F = qv x b and F = il x b.
  • You will be given the more complicated formulas, such as the equation for the charge-to-mass ratio (e/m) of an electron.
  • Know how the different experimental parameters such as B, V, r, and e/m are related and how changing one will affect another and that the ratio, e/m, is a constant!
  • Lenz’ Law, if an induced current flows, it will be in such a direction that the magnetic field it produces tends to counteract the change in flux that induced the emf.
  • Faraday’s Law : emf, epsilon = - dflux/dt, or the average emf induced in a loop is epsilon = - dflux/dt, where dflux is the change in flux through one loop and dt is the time interval during which the change occurs. Flux, = BA cos. The negative sign in Faraday’s Law is given by Lenz’ Law.
  • Know how to ray trace; to find an image of an object produced from a plane mirror, curved mirror and convex lens and what type of image is formed – real or virtual.
  • Know how light is refracted when it travels from one media into another – when light travels from a media with a lower index of refraction to one with a higher index of refraction it bends toward the normal to the surface and vice-versa (traveling from higher to lower index it bends away from the normal).

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pictures from the Farmers Market from Saturday.

You might not be able to make it out but the girl... playing the cello.... SHE HAS A BABY ON HER BACK.
Aithne was entranced by the lady juggling here.
Wulfa pushing Miniorc.
She's weaving the clothes right there. It was cool. Yes I know other people make stuff all the time but I thought it was cool.
Another secretly taken picture of Wulfa.
That dog... looked so tired. Pictures cannot convey his tiredness.
Miniorc was... very attentive as you can see here.
The baloons were air-spinny-things and spun. They were cool.
There were dogs everywhere. Most of them cute.
Just a random shot.
Another random shot.

All in all I think we had fun. Wulfa will have to write a bigger post later explaining.

Why sisters are dangerous.

About 20 seconds before this picture was taken... there was a fat 8-9 month old sitting in the MIDDLE of that broken glass bottle that his sister so kindly dropped near him. He was very shocked to be suddenly jerked straight up and dropped unceremoniously onto the couch.
All he had was a slight prick on his right leg.


My thoughts on the Plyometric Cardio Circuit?

My floor has never looked so appealing. And I never thought I'd be one of the "yellers." In exercise lingo (not another lingo!:) that means you yell when things get hard. Oh bother. Another pun. Anyway, Shaun T's Basketball Drills had me yelling. And grunting as good as those humongo body builders do. And as good as Tim the Tool Man Taylor:)

Damm's thoughts were that he didn't push as hard as he could've BUT this time he was standing at the end of the workout. And as soon as he actually sat down he couldn't get back up:)

We aren't going to change what we eat yet. We were already ingesting good-for-you foods. According to the caloric needs calculater Damm should be eating around 3,000 calories working out 6 days a week and I should be at 2,400. I'm already at 2,000-2,200 because I'm still the main food source of the Little Man. Not sure where Damm falls on the calorie count. Anyway, not upping our calories because we're still reeling from the shock of the insane workouts and haven't ramped up the intensity enough. We'll be keeping an eye on weight and measurements though (and posting those here) and will make adjustments as necessary.

And now to stand up. Right now that's the same as running a marathon. /ouchies.


The insanity workout isn't insanity... it -is- very hard. Well relatively hard... its hard if you are doing it at the videoman's pace. It is hard for me when I'm stopping to ... you know... breathe. I now have the beginnings of a rather special blister on my foot thanks to that workout. And everytime I sit or walk my legs complain.

I felt like I should have pushed a little bit harder as I felt fine about 5 min after the workout. But during the workout I was dripping sweat and out of breath and my heart rate was up(not sure where but up.... I suck at checking it on my wrist and we don't have a monitor yet.)

All in all the workout is 40 min in the morning that I wasn't doing previously. Wulfa's wrap up on the thing to come.