Friday, April 30, 2010

INSANITY. Measurements.

Last Week:

My measurements: 36" chest, 32" waist, 35" hips. Who knew that I was an hourglass shape? I didn't. Weight on Day 1: 130.6 pds.

Damm's measurements: 39.5" chest, 37" waist. Different from the secret numbers he posted because I decided it would be better to measure when we weigh ourselves, which happens to be in the morning. Weight on Day 1: 180.4.


Weight: 131.0
Measurements: Chest 37" (different clothing, not different size), Waist 31.5" (Whoopee!), Hip 35.5".

Weight: 180.8
Measurements: Chest 39", Waist 37.5".

So not a lot of change yet. And yeah, my waist measurement is smaller, but we're doing the measurements by hand so there is room for error. I hope we'll see a bigger difference next week.

Today and tomorrow we're off, and we'll be starting back up on Sunday.

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