Monday, April 26, 2010


Day 3 and we're both beginning to hobble around like old arthritic persons. BUT. We see improvement. Today was Cardio Power Resistance. The warmup felt like a workout but the rest of the workout I was-almost-able to keep up. Same thing with Damm. That left us both concerned that we weren't pushing hard enough but once the post-workout glow faded and the soreness set in we decided that we had, in fact, worked hard enough.

Did you know that there was such a thing as Moving Pushups? I didn't. Or globe jumps? Or V-pushups? There is a whole world out there that involves pain and lots of it but it's totally ok to subject someone to it because it's exercise. And people volunteer for it. And come back for more. I'm sure there's an entire essay/paper/book on pain and why we inflict it on ourselves that I could write. But who am I to complain about pain? I've run 2 marathons, 2 half-marathons, and at one point really really wanted to become an ultra-marathoner. I obviously can't get enough of the stuff.

BUT more importantly I need to express my outrage at my scale. 2 WHOLE DAYS of working out and it went, not down, oh no, but up. At one point the gaining of one pound would've set the tone for my entire day. I was totally fat and NONE of my clothes would fit. Of course all my clothes still fit and it was not possible to even see the one pound the scale showed I had gained, but that didn't matter. I was HUMONGOUS and GIGANTIC and was larger than a whale.

I fortunately don't think that way anymore although the tendency is still there. I have a list of reasons for why your scale varies from day to day. I go through this list anytime my scale wants to poke fun at me and usually I talk myself out of thinking I'm a huge gigantic whale. Here goes:

1. You ate 3,500 calories. That's what it takes for a pound of fat to be deposited on your body. Most of us don't eat that much extra in a single day so most likely your temporary weight gain is NOT due to sudden fat gain. Of course, if you've been eating more than usual you might gain some weight over a period of days.

2. You ate something salty. I can gain 3-4 scale pounds in one evening of eating pizza. Next day I'm back at the usual weight. Salt can do nasty things if you eat too much of it. And what is up with Domino's making their pizza even more saltier? Am I the only one to notice?

3. Your new exercise program is temporarily making you gain weight. It's true. Go here: to read more about it.

4. Hormonal imbalances. That time of the month anybody? Not sure this can happen for guys but for us females sudden weight gain can mean the beginning of our lovely fertility cycle.

5. Muscle gain. If your clothes are looser yet the scale number is slowly going up that actually could be muscle. But usually that gain is slow and you'll notice it more in the way your clothes fit than the number on the scale.

And there you go-Wulfa's Reasons For Why You Are Now A Huge Whale. WRFWYANAHW for short. Hehe.


MamaWau said...

I love the achronym ... hehe. Yeah and you SO haven't gained any real weight ... it's the scales!

Mizliz said...

Hey, after a really hard workout your whole body swells up and hangs onto water till you recover. I have the same experience when I do a 50 mile bike ride. Weight goes up!!!