Sunday, April 25, 2010


The insanity workout isn't insanity... it -is- very hard. Well relatively hard... its hard if you are doing it at the videoman's pace. It is hard for me when I'm stopping to ... you know... breathe. I now have the beginnings of a rather special blister on my foot thanks to that workout. And everytime I sit or walk my legs complain.

I felt like I should have pushed a little bit harder as I felt fine about 5 min after the workout. But during the workout I was dripping sweat and out of breath and my heart rate was up(not sure where but up.... I suck at checking it on my wrist and we don't have a monitor yet.)

All in all the workout is 40 min in the morning that I wasn't doing previously. Wulfa's wrap up on the thing to come.

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