Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today we repeated Plyometric Cardio Circuit. Here's what I said about this workout the first time I went through it:

My floor has never looked so appealing. And I never thought I'd be one of the "yellers." In exercise lingo (not another lingo!:) that means you yell when things get hard. Oh bother. Another pun. Anyway, Shaun T's Basketball Drills had me yelling. And grunting as good as those humongo body builders do. And as good as Tim the Tool Man Taylor:)

This time? Still incredibly hard, but there was the possibility of completing all the exercises. Does that make sense? I'll put it another way. I had to take breaks, but I can foresee not having to take breaks. Last time the thought of completing it was INSANE.

Tomorrow is our weigh-in and measurement day. After that we have a 2-day break, not 1, because Damm has Guard Drill and I'm not getting up at 3 a.m. to do a workout. Only crazy people do that. Which makes my teenage self absolutely, completely crazy. She thought nothing of getting up way before the sun and running in cold, sleeting rain but she had way more time and, lets face it, she was younger than I am now.

Back to topic: if Damm gets back early enough Sunday we'll resume our training regimen then. If not it'll be Monday.

Positive and uplifting discovery of the day? I inspected my abs this morning. Same amount of padding, at least it seems that way to me, but when I felt my abs, I discovered MUSCLE. Honest-to-goodness muscle. That's exciting.

And Damm's thoughts of today's workout? Here's what he said last time:

Damm's thoughts were that he didn't push as hard as he could've BUT this time he was standing at the end of the workout. And as soon as he actually sat down he couldn't get back up:)

And today: I'm pretty sure he glared at me when I asked him what he thought as he was busy doing Heismann drills. And then he said, "Where the heck are the water breaks during the warmup?" I have to agree-at the moment the warmup don't feel a whole lot different from the actual workout.

And that's Day 6. We made it a whole week!

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