Thursday, October 16, 2008


Druid builds

My SD guildies may have already seen this but I'm reposting here because I'm short on content for today:

My take on the 11/0/50.

I think replenish will be more valuable than Living spirit at first and I like Living Seed -way- more than tranquil spirit. Regrowth is my main healing spell normally not Healing Touch and with the extra crit I think living seed will more than be awesome.

At level 71 I'll grab wild growth and then finish up Living spirit.I want to play around with Replenish and plan to be 11/0/50 for the most part while finishing leveling to 70. If that isn't horrible for soloing then I will probably stay that and pick up Natures Grace 3/3 and Brambles 3/3 on my way to 80. Not sure where to put the last talent point.

For a non-soloing build I'll get Empowered Touch and Tranquil Spirit on my way to 80.

I'm ignoring Gift of the Earthmother. Global Cooldowns so far have not been a problem for me in 5 mans and I do not plan to do 10 mans. Maybe I'm doing it wrong but no one has complained about my healing yet.

Still haven't tested -any- of this due to RL and leveling my shaman.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hunter Mage

Not sure if you noticed but today was a slow day at work.

Due to not playing last night and frothing at the mouth about the patch changes I'm incredibly wired. The kicker? I don't get to play tonight, or tomorrow night or Friday or Saturday and probably not Sunday.

Tonight Wulfa has to go into town, I"m going with her. No interweb.

Tomorrow I have to pack my van as full as I can of things to move.

Friday I drive approximately 1k miles to Las Cruces. Give or take a 100.

Saturday I sleep, unload everything, eat a meal with my parents, and start back.

At somepoint Sunday I get home. If its early then maybe after a nap I'll be awake enough to explore. Of course at that point Wulfa will have been the sole provider for teh Orclette for the last 48 hours. So maybe I won't.

So Monday night better be one awesome night of gameplay.

In the meantime, I've decide on my classes to play in the upcoming months:

Shaman horde side(enhance for leveling...tempted by resto)... Currently 64... MMMM DOGGIES
Druid alliance side(resto) Currently 68.... mmmmm wild growth.
Hunter alliance side(BM) Currently level 50. Can't stop browsing petopia.
Mage alliance side?(frost) Currently level 16. I'm tempted to end her and reroll a horde mage.

The classes I won't play:
Warlock... love the style hate the rp.
Warrior... Sorry herk but the 30's made me hate warrior as much as I loved it in the teens. Haven't been able to even look at the class since.
Priest... yeah just say no. We're not friends.

The classes I want to play kinda....
Rogue.... Just can't get one off the ground. I've got a level 24 rogue on Silvermoon that I've been tempted to kick once or twice. I'd really like to have a high level rogue but when I'm honest all I'd use it for is gankin lowbies. Which isn't nice.
Paladin.... mmm Holy Protector. Ick...the gameplay every time.
Death Knight... Blood spec... unending health while soloing. Ick being shady evil.

I wonder if any of the "make me look different" glyphs for druid feral spec have been discovered yet by someone I know on Kael'thas. Solo bear is so fun.

Options and thoughts on them.

Has the option to only show the latest spell rank always been there? Because its awesome. I hate scrolling through 15 ranks of spells I don't need to find the one spell I'm looking for when adjusting my buttons.

As a shaman who doesn't ever use totems while soloing, I find having space for them on my bars a tedious thing. I need to sit down and work on a solution for this at some point.

Druidy druid druid. I'm pondering going feral again and if I'll hate it. I was completely thrilled when Nas refered to me as her pocket healer in a forum post. That statement alone almost made me play my druid that night. And it was a night where I was really excited about playing my shaman. I wish Balance allowed you to have all the yummy goodness of moonkin without looking like one.

Shaman enh talents. There are too many I want. So currently I've ignored all of the totem talents except the one that lets earthbind cleanse you of movement pinning effects. And I'm not sad about this. Totems are really only useful in groups. Whenever I use them I find myself slowing down and regening more. :(

Alts: My hunter is stabbing me asking for play time. My mage is screaming that I was going to make a twink out of her.

The calender is amazing. I love it. I'm always asking when blizz holidays end/start. Achievements is something I've wanted for so long, a list of things to do and check off..... YAY. The next person I see complaining that this isn't an enhancement I'm gonna sick my doggies on. This makes the game more fun for people with my temperment. We won't do it....until you give us a list...then we we'll think its crazy fun.

Pets? We have pets? I'm going to have to run around and collect a bunch of vanity pet spells....that I'll never use :P (not complaining just laughing that I'll spend the money for the achievement but I'll never pull them out).

I'm still not going to do the Brewfest event. Not even for the achievements. I HATE the ingame drunkenness effect. I blame that stupid warrior quest for the shield thingy.

I think the white corehound is the prettiest one. It almost makes me want one.

I can't think of anything else from my brief playtime that I noted as being great. I think I'm going to go poke druid talents. Nas left me a great selection of premade builds and I'll probably just pick one of hers but I want to have an idea what talents there are.

Relationships. Regrets.

I have a bad habit. I will make friends, be extremely happy with my friends, move somewhere else, and completely forget to talk or call or visit. I just drop them.

By bad habit I didn't mean a quirky silly thing. This is a BAD thing. It is a distressing thing. I hate this aspect of myself. But I still find myself not wanting to stay on the phone and chat or to reply to emails. "I have nothing to say" is usually the reason I give.

And as a result I do not have any lasting friendships. I keep contact with a few people(Dawn, Amy) but mostly because they are the WONDERFUL types that know everyone's birthdays and all of their emails/phones and they call you and things of that nature. Not because I succeeded in anyway at keeping the lines of communication open.

I feel like I've hurt some wonderful people by my treatment of them(Ian, the Kelly's, Bonnie). And I've seen this continue in my online relationships. My first WoW guild I left without even saying goodbye... I just transferred. Now we weren't really connected in that guild but that isn't a reason for not saying goodbye.

When you leave friends, a job, a guild, family you should take the time to say goodbye. You should; even if its difficult or they don't care. Because this is what is polite and caring. It shows a degree of respect for the person you are leaving that you will take the time to let them know where you are going and why. And if you will be back.

And for friends and family you should also take the time to give them updates about your new life. Even if it is only a yearly/monthly note saying what you have been up to. This mundane information lets them share a part of your life and keeps them involved. And you get to keep your friends.

I have decided very recently to work on this. I hope I do better this move then my previous ones. It really sucks to have people be part of a key portion of your life and then to lose them and never be able to say "remember when?". I don't want it to happen again.

If you are one of the people I hurt by my actions, I'm sorry. Please drop me a line and I'll gladly pick it up and make amends.

Look at all the Doggies.

6am, Orc household. Orclette wakes up fussy, supremely upset that Damm isn't feeding specced.

6:15am. Damm realizes that Wulfa isn't around, gets up stumbles through the house until he finds her and whines about Orclette being awake.


7:00am Damm gives up trying to fight it and gets his butt out of bed. Wulfa did not stop the joy about this patch the entire morning :p. Blizz will get her vote this november.
So I played for roughly 30 seconds last night, before everything locked up mid-cast. So forgive me if I don't have detailed details of what I like.

The doggies... ooo they have a pet bar!...and a stun! ...and an AOE voke! ....and they LOVE ME.

9 lighting charges makes lightning shield crazy mana efficient. I love this.

Maelstrom.... I skipped. Sue me but it doesn't match how I solo.

I'm poking flamestrike because I like the extra color on my weapons and I want to make lava lash more shiney. Lava lash is awesome.

Up to 1k+ AP again now.

Oh in that 60 seconds I killed ONE mob....and ding 64. Yay for lower xp requirements.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Do you ever wake up and feel heavy? Feel like you ate/drank/etc. too much? Well, that's how I feel this morning. It was a fun weekend :D

Friday started with a gorgeous, beautiful run of 4 miles. I didn't feel like I had actually done anything. We then decided to drive into Joplin, an hour westish, to try out a restaurant that we had heard raves about the entire time we've lived here but never tried. Pizza by Stout. Remember that, if you're ever in the Joplin area. Best pizza I've ever tasted. And they have an entire long big humungo menu devoted to beer. I tried a Belgian White Lager thingamajiggy. It was ok, better after a few sips. I think I finished half and then the Orclette tipped it onto Moon's pants, which was a much better use for it, imo :D I then tried a chocolate beer. Yummy yummy yummy. I lurves my chocolate in any shape and form. After that I was done-I was feeling warm and toasty and very witty and I took that as a signal to stop. We wobbled out (I actually did wobble, but I'm blaming that on my shoes) and went shopping. I had actual money to spend on said shopping so it was fun :D That night I healed through my first instance with Beowulfa shadow-priest. I'm withholding judgement on the whole healing-thing until I get healbot going and an actual healer set of gear. I'd also love to see how healing was being properly specced for it. Anyway, the entire day was awesome, fun, and can I have a repeat please?

Saturday Damm invited the cousins over to play Call of Duty. I decided that it would be a perfect time to go see a movie. I had really really wanted to see The Duchess but my little movie theater wasn't showing that particular one. So I opted for Nights in Rodanthe. And I'm never going to see a Nicholas Sparks' movie again without reading what happens first. And yes, a tear escaped. Maybe two. I really hate it when movies make me cry. I can't remember what we did the rest of the day .... oh, that's right. Moon ordered pizza. Without being prompted/asked. It was a lovely gesture but one I would've skipped since we had had loads of pizza the previous day ..... but I can't resist a pepperoni pizza being plunked down in front of me.

Sunday I ran 6 miles. And discovered that listening to music only distracts me up to miles 4-5 of a run. After that I have to start using my mind-tricks to run the longer distances. My favorite is to imagine that you have a giant rubber band around you. You pick an object in the distance and shoot the rubber band around it and let it reel you in. I had to make my rubber band insta-cast because I was wasting too much energy on imagining it flying through the air, sometimes missing it's intended target, etc. Another good technique to get you through longer runs is to carry several sticks of gum/chocolate/gummy bears with you. Every mile you complete you get one. I use that on half and full marathons, although chocolate only works during the cold part of the year. And to top off my impromptu mini-lesson in distance running: change your thinking. You can't start by thinking "6 miles is horribly long and I'm never going to make it." I simply dredge up memories of running 26.2 miles with a huge gigantic blood blister on my foot. After that 6 miles seems like cake. Use whatever memories seem right to you :D

Sunday was also my last day at the Springfield B&N. It was a rather odd leave-taking. I simply didn't work enough/didn't know enough people. Compare that to my going-away party that was thrown at my Houston store. My dept. manager bought a huge gigantic cake. There were tears, there was laughter, I didn't get any work done (that's a rare thing, actually-I'm usually an energizer bunny). Oh well.

Monday we planned on doing some cleaning/packing.throwing away stuff. Then Moon woke up around 11 am wondering when we were gonna leave for Pizza by Stout. Apparently Damm had told him that we were gonna make that jaunt again. We had no money left after our wild weekend but Moon decided that he had to have pizza so he offered to bankroll gas/restaurant. So we had pizza again. By this time I was feeling a wee bit overindulged. The feeling lasted throughout the day-it was like post-Thanksgiving dinner. We lounged around the house and watched t.v. No work was done. Oh well-we work best under pressure anyway :D

Have you seen the movie Hero with Jet-Li? If you haven't, you should. I caught the last bit of it Monday night. BTW, don't watch movies on Spike. They have a commercial break every 5 minutes, or so it seemed. Anyway, the movie is breathtakingly beautiful. The story is compelling, the fighting fun to watch. The ending might make you cry. Not me, fortunately-I already knew how it ended. It's on my list of movies to buy now. After I finish up buying every season of the Gilmore Girls ... I tell you, there's nothing worse than to watch the 2 seasons you do own and to be left on a cliffhanger and not own the 3rd (and the 4th-7th seasons ...) one. Even if I've seen every episode at least two times and know how everything ends.

And so, beloved guildies/fellow bloggers/those who read but do not write, see you after The Patch!