Thursday, October 16, 2008

Druid builds

My SD guildies may have already seen this but I'm reposting here because I'm short on content for today:

My take on the 11/0/50.

I think replenish will be more valuable than Living spirit at first and I like Living Seed -way- more than tranquil spirit. Regrowth is my main healing spell normally not Healing Touch and with the extra crit I think living seed will more than be awesome.

At level 71 I'll grab wild growth and then finish up Living spirit.I want to play around with Replenish and plan to be 11/0/50 for the most part while finishing leveling to 70. If that isn't horrible for soloing then I will probably stay that and pick up Natures Grace 3/3 and Brambles 3/3 on my way to 80. Not sure where to put the last talent point.

For a non-soloing build I'll get Empowered Touch and Tranquil Spirit on my way to 80.

I'm ignoring Gift of the Earthmother. Global Cooldowns so far have not been a problem for me in 5 mans and I do not plan to do 10 mans. Maybe I'm doing it wrong but no one has complained about my healing yet.

Still haven't tested -any- of this due to RL and leveling my shaman.


ArmsandFury said...

I just finished Aerthson's healing PvE spec. I went with 8/0/53

Dammerung said...

Silly cowperson, teh armory hasn't kept your spec so I don't know how you spent your 53 points!. Spend them again and send me the link to a talent calculator.