Saturday, July 26, 2008

How do I feel about...

BBB meandered into Vent last night while we were prepping for a Ramparts run and while we were chatting he asked me how I feel about Wulfa being 70 and raiding. And being a very successful raider at that. While I still didn't have a 70.

I can fairly honestly say that it really hasn't ever really crossed my mind. I never looked at raiding and thought "that is where I want to be". I never really looked at 70 and thought "that is where I want to be". Now don't get me wrong. I have many many many times wished I was 70. But a lot of those times it was because you only get access to 'x' spell at 70. A lot of times it was because if I was 70 then I would no longer have that slight external pressure to be 70. But never have I thought "I want to be 70 because thats where I want to be". I guess it is sort of like being exalted with a faction. You want it for the loot but rarely for the simple fact of being exalted.

If I could sit down and pick and chose all the factors involved in WoW? I would have a level 70 lock for soloing, and a level 70 death knight for soloing....and a level 70 shaman for raiding...and a level 70 resto druid for 5 man healing and pvp. Oh and WoW would be turn based. And I'd have a paladin tank. And I'd control all of them at my World of Final Warcraft Fantasy Tactics. Act II: The dawn of Disgaea.

But I'm off track. The thing is I don't want to swap places with Wulfa. I enjoy what I do(make endless alts). I enjoy seeing her do "progression" of a sort. I enjoy watching her look more and more like a raider(her gear has that funky raider glow now). We've talked about what will happen when I hit 70. And mostly it consists of endless 5 mans with Ishvi, Wulfa, Mooncadence, and another. Oh and a lot of battlegrounds. And more alts. I -MIGHT- see Kara once.... if they need a healer and Wulfa isn't going.

I love partying with wulfa don't get me wrong but neither of us want to do kara in the bedroom while orclette sleeps. And seeing how our household runs that is what would be required.

Sides all that Kara is, is a longer 5 man with more difficult bosses and more people. I want deeper 5 man progression myself. Maybe a long series of keyed 5man dungeons where you had to do them in order -each- time and you had one week to complete each one or it would reset you back to the beginning? Or no resetting...just they wouldn't respawn unless you beat them all in order or reset the instance? Who knows.

I do know that I like and prefer the smaller teams. Less scheduling hassle and less drama. More people = more drama.

Gah this post rambles. So lets get onto the less introspective stuff.

I'm in outlands now. I picked up treeform and I don't plan on respeccing until never. The next instance I run should ding me. To level 56.

I -really- enjoy healing. Always have....but tree healing is perfect for me. I cannot wait until I get lifebloom. When is that anyways?

I applied somewhere.... got accepted...and now have to figure out whether or not it really is feasible.

To: Shrinnpoof, Funbuns, Barrona, Mooncadence, Shrinn's alt, Athelsomething, Alsomething, Bikerpally, Wulfa, Waldorph, and Team Ninja of AV.

Thanks for the awesome saturday. I gained 1700 honor+. I gained 10 av marks in 4 AV's and rocked the healing charts for #1 in three of those. #3 in the one where I joined and we were 200 points down and never made that difference up.

Thanks for the two rampart runs and the one sunken temple run. Ramparts was great fun healing and learning what draws too much agro. At least I only died twice the 2nd run. ST was fun all around :p.....even DPS'ing as a 0/0/44 druid.

All in all I had a blast.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Victorian Age

Heck I don't know if this was an age or not.

But take the clothing from League of Extrodinary Gentlemen, My fair Lady, and Arcanum and you have the age I'm talking about.

Okay now throw in a HUGE helping of gears and steam and grease.

Now add just about -anything- and you have awesome.

I just felt the need to say this.

Rambles brambles.

The people who keep complaining about how bad WoW does this or that but won't just stop playing the game.

I have theories on why they do this.

#1 They are bored of or completed WoW but when they tried to go find another game they can't find a game that was as fun or as polished as WoW. So they are stuck... not able to find something to replace their once favorite game but tired of it.

#2 They want to quit but they want their friends to quit with them and their friends are having a blast and don't want to quit.

$3 They are jerkface whiners who just like to complain a lot and even if WoW was the most perfect game ever they would continue to complain.

I am one level from respeccing resto healer and cajoling guild members to run ramparts with me for all eternity(ie: until level 60 or so).
At 55 I'll be able to get a port to shatt and walk down to ramparts and actually enter the instance. I plan to get at least one level just running this instance before I go back to questing on my own. If it is fun enough for everyone involved I'll run instances the rest of my druid life.

Dwarven women are cool.
And I don't need yer stinky money. Sides with Wulfa playing Felkenenn I need someone to make us a pair.

I love hearing about Wrath talents.
But keep any pictures of the area or instances or mobs outa my reading screen. Starting now I'm going to intentionally skip any posts that tell me about plot or instances. I like seeing the place for the first time...the first time I go to it.

I usually read Relmstine and Tobald etc.
But I'm very tempted to remove them and a few others from my reader. All they talk about now is WAR and honestly I couldn't care less. Its a game that I won't be able to play, wouldn't want to play, and it is in the same niche as WOW. Bleargh. Gimme space marines and aliens and I'll gladly daydream all day long. Fantasy is just *sigh*. I only play WoW because WoS doesn't exist yet.

and finally:

But I would walk 500 miles
And I would walk 500 more
To be the man who walked that thousand miles
To fall down at your door


You know who you are!

When are you getting back in town?

A Beautiful Thing ....

Fal, Xiliah, Eustace, and Gaddrick (oh and me!) went through SL. First time for Eustace, second time for me (first time through as a 70 for me). We wiped twice (and don't let Fal tell you it was his fault-it wasn't-there were 5 of us out there!) but all in all it was a beautiful run. AND the Sonic Spear dropped. *Claps hands* I shall now be bankrupting myself to get it enchanted. The spear actually hit caps me-and I didn't think I'd be saying that anytime soon. Through a combo of gems, the Felstalker set + hit rating, a head enchant from the CE, and now this spear, I'm actually 8 over. Woot! And because I'm a curious person I asked Fal to show the damage meter. I'm pleased to report that Wulfa was #1 with Xiliah and Eust following close behind. And *sniff* Boru was 5th! I'm so proud! *wipes tear from eye* The most exciting thing of the evening (apart from the spear) was that I successfully chain trapped. I've been feeling a bit shaky and it was great to have my confidence restored-although those Kara mobs break the trap way too early. But there's not a whole lot I can do about that (aside from speccing survival and getting the Beast Lord set). And I really need to sleep more. I'm coming up on a week of getting 6.5 hours which is not enough for me. I blame my brain-once that alarm goes off it starts thinking, and it's all downhill from there.

To extend the length of this post which was supposed to be much longer but was shortened because I'm short on sleep and I'm already looking forward to the nap I'm taking this afternoon so I won't fall asleep in the middle of Kara (sorry Nas for the run-on sentence), I'm going to share a cute Orclette story:

Orclette's great-grandmother bought her this very bright, very loud toy phone. There is no off button unlike some of her other toys :( and there are different settings-i.e. a song setting, counting, and animal. She really likes the phone (me, not so much). So I was playing with the phone alongside her, talking into the reciever and then handing it to her, trying to get her to say hi. It wasn't working, or at least I thought it wasn't. She would periodically grab the phone and chatter into it. Eventually I realized that she was mimicking me-because I was doing this over and over and over and over I was repeating "Hello!" and "What are you doing?" And the Orclette was saying "Hawoo" and something that sounded like "What are you doing" but I'm not sure what exactly she said. I squealed in excitement, she looked at me like I was nuts, and grabbed the phone away again, put it near to her ear, and once again said "Hawoo." Is that not cute? :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I'm currently determined to get to 55 on my druid this weekend so I can start doing Ramparts runs for rep.

I'm also absolutely certain I will be creating a female dwarf death knight when Wrath comes out if I am still playing WoW at that point and the world hasn't ended.

No-one will let me pay for anything ...

So I know nothing about gems or JC. And I have this helm that needs a meta gem. So I go to my personal wowwiki (i.e. the Sidhe Devils) and start asking questions. Turns out I needed an earthstorm diamond. I write down the mats and figure a couple weeks down the road I'll have assembled everything. And then Kinney whispers me and says that he (dangnabbit-I'm assuming he but I forgot to ask-if I'm wrong please don't take offense) has one and would I like it? Of course I would! And I ask how much he would like for it, and the answer is nothing. That's where the title comes in-nobody lets me pay them. 'Course, I don't take payment either but that's beside the point. And not only did this kind person answer my questions but crafted new and better gems for me. So this is a huge thank you to Kinney who completely blew me away by his generosity and completely made my day.

And while I'm on that track, let me also thank Nasirah, who has patiently answered all of my questions and is usually the first person I go to if I have a question. Squirrelz also.

Dammerung, who researches everything for me and dumps the data into my brain.

Cassie, for opening all my lockboxes.

Doozie, for enchanting me :)

TripleB, for explaining all the boss fights and then resaying what he said. Frankly I need all the repetition I can get. Stays in my head better that way :)

And everyone else in the Sidhe Devils-I ask and it is answered, and that is just awesome.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Shicam is someone I know. He's a fairly bright guy, but very shallow. He had solid grades in school due to his brightness but he never had to study. This became a problem later in life as he hated taking the time to sit with a book and actually work at learning. He wanted people to easily describe things in terms he could quickly grasp. When they wouldn't he would get frustrated and basically stop paying attention.

This applies to how he works currently. He is -very- willing to do any task he already knows how to do. And he's also willing to pickup new tasks if they can be easily explained. But anything complex where he has to stop and take a moment to grasp it, and he wants to go do something else. Or he'll procrastinate until he has no other options.

The only exception that I know of to this is that if he's really curious about something I've seen him tinker around with it for days until he gets it. But this is really really freakin rare. Usually he just gets "bored" and hands it off or searches for a quick fix.

I think he gets his cases done very quickly most of the time but then again I've seen him take a case that only required a little bit of research and stall on it for three months. He seems to know what he's doing when he's solving a case but when he's stuck he asks all sorts of retarted questions that could easily be solved by taking the time to make sure you have all the facts first.

I'm trying to decide if he's lazy or just spoiled.

Why you double check your stuff before posting:

As of 10:04 am Central Time this tooltip was still popping up when I went to Yahoo.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I would like to take a moment to share with you one of my new favorite authors. I've found that I really enjoy her writing style and her characters. Especially Tayt.

Her most recent story is here.

A list of her stories should be here. The link wasn't working for me this morning.

I highly encourage you to go and read it up. Also go lobby for more Tayt stories! Yay Bessie!

This game is getting to me ...

So yesterday I started the quest train to do the Netherwing dailies. If you haven't done them, rest assured that they are incredibly annoying, especially the later ones. I had died 3 times gathering the crystals from the ledge (yes I had track dragonkin on-I just don't watch my tracker all the time). I cleared an area, started over to the crystal to gather it, and some BE swoops in and gets it before me.

And I emote spit on him. I was that annoyed.

But my reaction surprised me and I hope it doesn't happen again. BFF had a really good suggestion-blow raspberries!

Huge thank you to Squirrelz, Nas, Doozie, and Shrinn for helping me down the big bad dude at the end of the quest train. And being an orc is fun! I always said I was an orc in disguise!

P.S. So I've been feeling guilty/disappointed in myself all day because of my reaction to the crystal-stealer and decided that I needed to do something really nice for the BE's to make up for it. So, for a few days, anytime I see a BE I will hug and wave at them. And say that their hair looks nice.

So you do know that green is like my color? and you like stole it? Like, thats just not cool yo!(Dammerung)

Also while I appreciatte that being hateful isn't nice... spitting on Horde is a time honored Alliance tradition. Next thing you know someone will be planning a /hug campaign instead of ganking the n00bs. Sigh what ever is this world coming too.(Dammerung)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Yeah I'm late to the party.


And things of that nature. I probably mispeleld it though.

This was too funny ...

So the Orclette and I were reading Brown Bear Brown Bear this morning and she turns the book over, points at the butt of the bear on the back, and says something that sounds like "What's this?" I reply, "A Big Bear Butt," realize what I said, and then start laughing.

I'm tired, so this might be rambly ....

I'm back! Who missed me? :D Before I get started, I'd like to mention that I have an addendum (I think that's the right word) to my name. Henceforth, I shall be known as "Wulfa, the little cashier person." That's what the group of good-looking young men called me as they did the posing/showing off routine (not sure I'm using the right phrase but hopefully you know what I'm talking about). Well, not the Wulfa part. And I was rather excited that apparently I'm still cute!

As you probably know, the Orclette and I were at a conference all last week. Solo tanking was exhausting. My mom would've helped but as long as I was within eyeshot the Orclette threw fits if anyone but me was holding her. We had a tense first night in the cry/toddler/nursing mother's room when the Orclette walked up to the other little tykes, belly to belly, then took their toy. She settled down after that and played quite nicely the rest of the week. My mom noticed that she was saying "thankyou," or rather, "da-doo" when she would give or take a toy, so all my efforts of being polite so she would be polite have paid off! I stood out all week as the conference, thrown by Answers In Genesis, i.e. Intelligent Design rather than evolution/theistic evolution/etc., was attended mainly by homeschooler/church types and 75% were strictly in skirts and jumpers. I was the ONLY one with visible tattoos and apparently that means I'm going tribal (at least that's what one of the speakers said about tattoos-I didn't take to him at all). Moving on .....

Kara! I am so spoiled. This past week we one-shotted everything up until Prince, on whom we downed the third try, and Nightbane, who we conquered on the 2nd try. I would like to take this opportunity to thank TripleB and Cassie, who have organized some really great runs that I will now use to measure any other Kara runs I do. We love you! AND I got new purple shinies, two of which were absolute upgrades and two which could be, I think, when I get them enchanted. So a fantastic run for me. Oh-the tips about keeping my pet on the ground when we jumped up onto the pole were spot on. Thanks all! My pet did some bigredkitty damage! And, after all the AoE was done, apparently I was 3rd on the damage charts, behind Cassie and Blu. It is now my ambition to surpass Blusummers :) And I think I'm going to have to get geeky, because the TCG (Trading Card Game, for those of you like me who still don't know what all the acronyms mean) gives codes for pet biscuits which make your little companions all big. An enlarged bunny rabbit flopping around is just too cute for words.

I'm famous! I had a whisper from someone I didn't know a couple days ago. I asked if I knew them, and they said no, but they read my blog. I blushed, ran out of the room to tell Dammy, and it just generally made my day.

Ok, I have run out of Orclette-will-play-by-herself time. Later!